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A question for the creators of Predator and BHZA

By QuickSilverShelb

6 years ago

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#4 6 years ago

Not to put words into their mouth, but I think, people are on board for BHZA as an example because it is so limited, as in if you want it, order it. There will 3x as many Tron LE for example as BHZA. So people say will if Tron LE is worth $9k when there is also 900 regular Trons as well. It may be worth a chance on a limited edition. 10x as many Tron pins out there, easy to pick one up on the open market, with 124 total BHZA it may be harder to find after the fact.

Now if jpop said we are just going to make as many BHZA as we can sell. Likely a lot of people would have just wait and see and pick one up later.

I think it's remarkable that JJP was able to presell 1000 WoZ LE pinballs. Don't think that is any easy task.

Part of the reason I'm getting Predator, is because it is limited. I could just get a LOTR or SM for the same price and know what I have and resale etc. but the Predator is a chance it may not be great. So at least it will have rarity. So likely it will hold some value even if it's not as good as say SM. I know I can pick up a SM anytime I want since there are thousands made, if on the other hand it turns out Predator is better than SM for example, how likely will it be up for sale? Not as likely.

3 months later
#57 6 years ago

I was concerned about Predator being too basic not having toys, magnets, spinning disc or drop target bank etc..

I view Predator pinball machine as somewhat of a throwback to the 80s like the Predator movie. I mean, going back to 1987 it would almost be possible to have seen a game like Predator pinball. But the guts, meaning the computer and the rules are modern. I was not sure if to would be enough going on, but looking at the gameplay videos and how the sound clips and rules go together it looks very much like a fun game.

As for the limited edition, this is a selling point for me, not that I am viewing it for a huge profit if I sell it, but more that a limited number keeps a floor under the potential loss. If it was unlimited or in production as long as it was able to sell, like WoZ there would be new pins or a lot of used on the market. If there is a huge amount such as WoZ any resale would compete with hundreds and hundreds of other resale as well as new pins off the JJP assemble line. Plus, the need to preorder is greater for a limited production as it may do difficult to source one the secondary market so that is why I preordered.

#94 6 years ago

Predator and BHZA will be sold or resold in the future, it's no different than Tron LE or XM LE or BBB. If someone wants to sell it it will be sold at a profit or loss. Lots of people have lost money on XM LE. Not every game will be like Tron LE or BBB.

If you want a Predator or Tron LE after they are sold out, place a want ad or look out for the for sale threads.

Chances are if you can't afford a BHZA on resale, than likely you can't afford one now. If you want a BHZA get on the wait list someone might drop out, it doesn't sound like people want to buy one, just that they want them to be unlimited production in case it turns out to be the next Tron LE or whatever, it souds like some people are complainig because they can't afford the new game, guess what i cant afford a new Ferrari. i dont hate Ferrari for making expensive cars or i dont hate people that can afford to buy them. Guess what not everyone can afford a $10k pin or even if they can, not everyone will buy one as they think you can get two other pins for the same cost.

I don't hate Tron LE or people that own Tron LE because they are selling for $10k. I can take my $10k and buy a Tron LE or buy a BHZA; or a take $10k and buy a Tron pro and a Predator. Or buy 4 games like T2, BOP etc...

If you miss out on one game there are thousands of others. If I get Predator, than I can't get SM or IM, I've used up that $5000 and the room on Predator so can't get the SM or IM or whatever. Not everyone can buy every game they want. So you miss out on Predator, either get Skit-B next game or get Stern StarTrek or JJP Hobbit or get a used TZ or whatever.

#105 6 years ago

I don't mind this as a discussion, as I like back and forth debate.

First, I don't really understand the whole argument "I will never buy a $5K pin, but they should be unlimited anyway" - to what end? If you won't buy one anyway why do you care? - --- unless you further argue that with unlimited numbers the market will get saturated and HOU sellers will be competing wt hundreds of others as well as the unlimited NIB being made to meet the demand, which will drag the price of resale pins. The argument wants Skit-B to take the extra risk and the pre order people to talk the risk if it turns out to be no good, but the late buyers who wait to see if its good take no risk.

This also is why I don't buy the argument that Sten started charging more money for LE pins, which drove up the price of A list pins which further drove up the price of Stern LE and further drove people like JPOP to sell pins for $16K which is bad for the hobbie because people can't afford $7K for The Avengers LE etc... My reply, is no one is forcing you to buy A listers like AFM or $7K NIB pins. There are still pins like T2 or BOP or South Park for $2K.

anyone wants a Predator pin get on the list. Already just 5% down Payment and people are dropping out. That just about will cover shipping maybe not even shipping. Once people are going to have to come up with the other 95% there will be open slots or slots for sale whatever the case may be.

I would say, someone like Blondetall or Ted or myself, can get Predator, it's not even a sure fire hit, but we can spend $5k on the potential. It may be like Tron LE or it may be like Avatar LE it's a risk. We could accept the risk, or of we want a sure thing, get a nice CFTBL or TZ or IJ or SM or IM or Tron pro etc.... Probably there are 20+ pins that could be in this price range, we could get one already or we can wait on a Predator and take a chance. It might not be very good, it might never even be made, I have no idea, it's a risk - reward situation.

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