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A question for the creators of Predator and BHZA

By QuickSilverShelb

6 years ago

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#14 6 years ago
Quoted from QuickSilverShelb:

I've been following the creation of these two pins via the threads here on Pinside. I have particularly enjoyed the Predator thread and I have read all 1200+ posts. I am not on the preorder list for either machine. At some point both games will be in the homes of the people who have preordered.
My question is: If these games are deemed a success or even a hit, why wouldn't you all run a second or even a third batch? All your R&D is done so it seems like an easy way to please allot of people and make things a little easier on yourselves from a financial perspective.
I personally am not a huge preorder kinda guy as I like to see the end results before I dive in. This is one thing that I really like about Stern and their willingness to rerun a game that has a demand for it. This is how I ended up with my LOTR LE.
Keep up the good work and I look forward to hearing the final reviews on your machines. I probably will never get to actually play one of your games unless it winds up at the PHOF or you rerun a second batch.
Thanks guys.

Because part of the reason I am willing to risk my money and take the plunge as someone who is pre-ordering is knowing that it will be a rare game. The 'rarity' is part of what they are selling in addition to the game itself, and the rarity has value. If they were to flood the market after the fact, they'd basically be pulling a bait and switch and NO ONE would ever go into a pre-order or limited run of theirs in the future.

#19 6 years ago
Quoted from StevenP:

Fair enough, but I've seen a vid and the recent layout above. Is there a lot more going into it? And no way do I like those 2 center standups!

They're similarly positioned as BSD's 3-bank. I expect this game will rip through newbies pretty good. mwhahahahaha

#23 6 years ago
Quoted from Plungemaster:

Makes me sick people are buying pinballs which only hold their valua because of its rarity.
You should buy a pinball only for fun. Those guys are ruining pinball. If one of these is great, then they should make more of them, if licenses make it possible.
Easy money for the producers and more people get to play a great pin. Those few moneyhunters, go get a job that earns better and leave pinball fo people that like to play instead of earn money on it.

Hopefully the game doesn't hold it's value *only* because of its rarity. Hopefully it's a great game. If it's not a great game, people won't buy the next one, which may in fact be produced in unlimited numbers. If they don't produce a solid game, it's game over for them.

#32 6 years ago

Okay ignore button.

#49 6 years ago
Quoted from sammiesguys:

Im buying Predator to leave it in the box and never play it, ever. Then I'm going to show it to homeless people and tell them how much food it could buy. Then I'm going to kick them in the nuts.
I think a lot of other owners are planning on doing this as well.

I was thinking of getting a really minty MM and dressing it up in bondage gear. Then do a video of me in a gimp suit waving a blow torch in front of it. Then have a girl with long fingernails, a huge belt buckle, chrome bracelets, rings on every finger; start a four player game, play a couple balls, slap the lockdown bar and the coin door a bunch of times, and then leave all the rest un-played. Then have a little kid put a slice of pizza and soda on the glass and flipper chimp it for a few minutes. Finally, take it outside and leave it in the backyard while grey clouds are gathering and lightning is going off in the distance. The whole family piles into the car and goes off to play video games.

I bet some sickos would really get off on that.

#84 6 years ago
Quoted from solarvalue:

What if the first small batch of customers get to have some input into the game during development and also recieve a machine that has a plaque or something on it to distinguish it.

Seriously? I'm risking 5k on Skit-b for: a) something they're already doing (buyer input) and b) a Plaque? (again something they're already doing).

I'm paying 5k because it's a limited run, because it will possibly incorporate some out-of-the-box thinking in the software/rules, because it will use hand-drawn art and because I think the theme is a great choice.

Quoted from solarvalue:

Then, after this group has their games, why not reproduce it in greater numbers (even at the same price point) so that more people can enjoy it and the work that went into developing the game is allowed to have the greatest possible benefit.

The work going into this game *is* having it's greatest possible benefit to the buyers and to the creators: it's their jumping off point to launch a new company.

Quoted from solarvalue:

If the designers themselves aren't interested (or don't have the resources) to produce more of the title, they could outsource the manufacturing of the second run to Spooky, JJP or whoever.

Because there's nothing more a pinball company wants but to help their competitor succeed.


Quoted from solarvalue:

Seems like most of the people that object to these machines being made in greater numbers want to have something rare because they feel their collection is not good enough or they want the machine they buy to increase in value over time. What if we look beyond our own collections and think about what kind of world we want to live in. Do we want only a few of each machine locked away in people's basements, or do we want as many as possible out in the world for everyone to enjoy: to buy and sell in the future, to trade, to swap, to put on location and take to shows?

Ah yes, the "think of pinball's future!" argument. (cue endangered species plea to humanity music).

But then you combo it up with the fragile ego/small penis collector argument. Well played. (I'm starting to think we're being trolled.)

To answer the first, you seem rather naive about what it takes to bring a product to market. You seem to have this perspective that you're the kid and skit-b is the parent, and they could give you candy but just choose not to. Like they've got a whole warehouse full of candy and they just decided to give it to only a few special kids.

On the second, I've heard this "collectors rocking themselves to sleep with their A-list pins" argument so many times... what do haters rock themselves to sleep with? A smug sense of superiority, I guess. (I hear that'll be worth 10k by Christmas.)

Quoted from solarvalue:

Personally, I wish there was a Spirit or a Big Bang Bar, a Magic Girl or a Zombie Adventureland on every street corner...

As they say, "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride."

#101 6 years ago
Quoted from dmesserly:

you think you are entitled to the benefits of other people's risk taking.

This is it in a nutshell. The whole "think of pinball!!" argument is just the false rationalization.

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