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a 'protector decal' for my beloved spin out - em purists 'hide your eyes'!

By manitouguy

5 years ago

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spinout after (resized).jpg
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so alt wheel.JPG

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#52 5 years ago

Many many options but as an ex racer I would like to see that dislodged front wheel between the front stub axle and rear wheel to give greater sync but you have done a terrific piece of graphic presentation.

#53 5 years ago

wayner .. that wheel is in the air already almost past the car moving at speed !!

i have chosen one pink and one blue scheme .. and may do one other

just cutting out the last 'paper dolls' now and will post some pics a bit later ... then i can finish up a few other projects on the go and send all over to have some decals made

#54 5 years ago

ok - this one wrapped up

final pink (subtle) and blue (center of attention) versions - for the life of me i cannot get my laser printer to print vivid red like on the playfield - but i am sure the decal printer equip can ...

i tried a blue version with blue tailpipes but they didn't stand out nicely against the yellow and light blue backdrop in my opinion

white gottlieb g was working the best in 'balancing' ... the crunch star worked better in red, if in white gave the car 4 'white corners' (w 3 other wheels) and graphically looked a bit more static

each will like there own but since its going on my machine ..

nick - i'll pm you .. you can let me know which you prefer, or if you really want one with blue pipes i can get that one made up too

cheers, Ron

so final pink.JPG

so final blue.JPG

#55 5 years ago

oh and hadn't mentioned - as the broken wheel is a seperate decal, it can be placed where one likes

i also noticed a 'creative fix' for my cracked right sling plastic - a couple of grommets, one above and below the plastic, where holding the cracked tip 'sandwiched' in place ...

i am going to try some two part epoxy so i can go back to using just the acorn over it too

cheers, Ron

so alt wheel.JPG

#56 5 years ago

Great work Ron!

Way to kick it up a notch. Someone made a center plastic shield for a Spirit of 76/Pioneer and while I do like purity, this was an improvement. Same as your project here - your artwork enhances the playfield.

To me the blue is more pleasing to the eyes and contrasts enough to look cool. JMHO

#57 5 years ago

Again, #4! I prefer the broken wheel between the "5" and the Gottlieb logo.

#58 5 years ago

thanks hoov, it was a fun challenge and more good lessons learned as well

i like the pink but yes most comments are for the blue .. go figure

fifty ... i think every guy who will / would use this decal will have that wheel in a different spot ... mine will likely be waaaay over on the left side up higher between the two cars .. as i noticed i have another minor 'blemish' there on my pf that i can then cover up too!! maybe not, if when re-waxed and glass on it doesn't show up .. we will see


#59 5 years ago

Nice work Ron, can't wait to see it in person!

#60 5 years ago

your welcome to come play pins any time Warren - i still haven't got the actual decals done yet .. that's still just the paper try out


#61 5 years ago

I now prefer the pink!

It just looks like it was there when the game was made.

#62 5 years ago

The pink does look good...........

#63 5 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

It just looks like it was there when the game was made.

Quoted from hoov:

The pink does look good...........

I agree too.

Great job!


3 months later
#64 5 years ago

Here is my Spin Out. I bought it today, it really, needs your awesome artwork, I can't wait!

20141014_222742.jpg IMG_0326.jpg
#65 5 years ago

HI Elvis - i will try to get around to printing the decals, as there are a few others waiting too, just got lazy and distracted with other projects!

did your spin out come from Minniapolis area? just curious as a passed on a really nice one from there a while back

cheers, Ron

#66 5 years ago

It did indeed, it is not the one currently being advertised though. It is, really nice and was reasonably priced. It did have a couple small issues, but I have it running like a champ now. I can't wait for your decal, such a great idea! Thanks, Eric20141016_182307.jpg20141016_181931.jpg

1 year later
#67 3 years ago

Reviving this old thread like my strange world decal thread

Just a heads up I'm back on this and hope to do some decal printing w vinyl soon

More to come

Cheers, Ron

11 months later
#68 2 years ago

How can I get my hands on some of these?

#69 2 years ago

Hi all – ashamed to say – like many of my other projects here, which I truly do intend to finish, this one has lagged for far too long

Life has kicked me sideways again but I'm clawing back some time for my pinball – in small chunks so I will try and complete and get some of these Spinout decals printed first and keep you posted

My other priority is my king pin restoration but that one won't happen as quickly as I had intended - The spin out decal art is done and has been for a long long time – I had planned on printing it once I had four or five other decal projects completed too - but it's time to get things moving again – will keep all posted in the next few weeks and will see how much these spin out the calls will end up costing as well

Cheers Ron

11 months later
#70 1 year ago

And theeeeeennnnnn???????

#71 1 year ago

Believe it ... sent to the printer ... two days ago!!!

Not sure how long he will take but will be a blip compared to my months and months -

I’m excited now

#72 1 year ago

Nice! Looking forward to it.

1 week later
#73 1 year ago

... and ... 3 years later ... oh dear

First print on laser cut vinyl back from printer for a colour check!!

Colours look really good at first pass - may need one more go if I really want to be a perfectionist on the ‘aged white’ to match my play field

F3DE4F88-CD2A-48A8-80A8-BDEDB4CAC94B (resized).jpeg

#74 1 year ago

Nope - almost a perfect color match on first try - yipppeeee!

35D99F26-7A11-442E-8297-73A05B0E2A92 (resized).jpeg

#75 1 year ago

Let’s slap it down!

5F3B2FC5-E0E2-4092-BC94-E8CFB0F99774 (resized).jpeg

#76 1 year ago

And there it is ... errrr ... lets get another 3 year old project done

BDA1BFD7-03A5-4278-8B63-2F3CFF048C25 (resized).jpeg

#77 1 year ago

Looking good!

#78 1 year ago

Thanks Darcy - pretty pleased with how it turned out and I think more pleased I have one project down lol!

#79 1 year ago

Kudos!!! That's a well executed project! Great job, Ron! ...now I just have to get used to your new avatar.

1 week later
#80 1 year ago

outstanding! I would love to get my hands on one. Amazing how well you matched the original artwork... like it was meant to be there. I love how your racer is looking at the leader.

#81 1 year ago

Thanks spinout - I’ll confirm the cost to get a few more printed and let you know

#82 1 year ago
Quoted from manitouguy:

Thanks spinout - I’ll confirm the cost to get a few more printed and let you know

Hey Ron,

Could you let me know about this, too? I might be interested in one as well.


#83 1 year ago

Hey Ron,
That does look awesome! All of them! I just picked up a Spin Out, finally. I would love to get that decal, As my machine has the wear from the kickout as well. Let me know if you have these available to sell, I am interested for sure.

#84 1 year ago

Is there a raincheck on earlier requests Ron?

#85 1 year ago

Hi all - I will get pricing and let you know ... being a perfectionist I want to tweak a colour or two and will get more printed soon - once we know, as long as you’re ok with a fair price for decal and shipping anyone interested is welcome to them

In a couple days I’m off to Hawaii for my first real holiday in years and will update when I’m back if not sooner - cheers

#86 1 year ago

You did a good job, and I speak as a purist.

#87 1 year ago

Thanks very much blacknight

#88 1 year ago
Quoted from manitouguy:

In a couple days I’m off to Hawaii for my first real holiday in years and will update when I’m back if not sooner - cheers

LOL. This is one of the best threads on Pinside!

#89 1 year ago
Quoted from wayner:

Is there a raincheck on earlier requests Ron?

would be up for another to be sent to australia if possible.

#90 1 year ago

Australia is possible too - a bit more patience guys - first I need to pick some snorkeling spots but will try not to let this lag too much longer !

Next I’ll get my buccaneer spinner decal on and test my ideas for my strangeworld decal fix too ...

3 weeks later
#91 1 year ago

Still would love to have this decal. A few actually. How's it going Ron?

#92 1 year ago

Hi guys - back from my holiday and trying to catch up on work - will hopefully have a price on decals next week - sorry ... I’m slooowwww ... just look at how old this thread is !

#93 1 year ago

Don't forget the guy who has been prodding you to get this done!! LOL I would like a blue one and maybe a few more if the price is right.

1 week later
#94 1 year ago

Ok guys - printer got back to me today finally - as you can imagine my ‘small run’ job isn’t much of a priority in his commercial shop

I don’t believe we have too many people on a want list but I’m looking at charging $16 US for a decal plus shipping and handling (which shouldn’t be much packed safely in an envelope - haven’t checked)

If you are still interested please send me a new message and I will see how many to print

Cheers Ron

3 weeks later
#95 1 year ago

This looks GREAT!! Now what did I do with my Spin Out...??? Oh yeah I SOLD IT!!!! Because I suck at life.

#96 1 year ago

Thanks Elvis

Order was placed - for those interested - now waiting again on the printer

2 weeks later
#97 1 year ago

Printer called - and YES - decals were ready

For those of you who requested I will check our direct messages and confirm addresses, confirm shipping and notify so we can get some enroute

Cheers Ron

56C7F9C1-4FE5-40A5-9339-C4AEFE1218FC (resized).jpeg
2 months later
#98 1 year ago

Attached are pictures of before and after. Thanks so much Ron for the awesome work. Certainly worth the wait!

20180925_150006 (resized).jpg20180927_125104 (resized).jpg
#99 1 year ago

Hi Scott - glad you’re happy with it! I know the color match would be impossible to get perfect from machine to machine but it looks pretty good - and the camera seems to emphasize or pick up more too - in person under normal light does it look ok?

And is that plastic in front of your roto from another game? Haven’t seen a blue w stars there before? I like it!

And thanks again for all yr patience - sorry to all that my projects take (took) so long!

Cheers Ron

#100 1 year ago

Yes, the camera enhances the photo quality. You have to find a happy medium with dealing with faded PF's. Looks great with the glass on & when you are playing it. If you didn't know, you couldn't tell. Keep in mind that I just cleaned the PF & touched up the black circles around the inserts. All in all, I'm very happy & thankful to you Ron.
That plastic is from a Bally Freedom. I searched for alternative plastics that would match the Spinout theme. And since I have a Freedom that was an easy find. I think it blends well.

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