A Fish Tales rebuild...PICS UP

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A Fish Tales rebuild...PICS UP

By cosmokramer

1 year ago

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#101 1 year ago

Keep up the good work cosmo! Looking forward to seeing the final result !

#102 1 year ago
Quoted from SUPERBEE:

Keep up the good work cosmo! Looking forward to seeing the final result !

Thanks, I have not been able to make any progress as my back problems have ramped up and its hard to move right now...Im hoping to get back to this project soon.
Once the cab is built it should go back together fairly quickly. However I think it would be a good idea to build the cab, then assemble the game just to make sure everything is cool with the fit and finish. Then I will take the game apart again and paint/decal the cab before final assembly.
Looks like the hardest part of cab construction is about done, I have a pretty dialed in set up for the miter joints now. This pic is the last test that still had a tiny gap, I did not take a pic of the final joint, but will do so when I post pics of the cab...

20171024_112755 (resized).jpg
I will probably start a second thread that will document the cab build so someone can use it without having to root through the other chatter in this thread to do so. Quite a few people have asked for a detailed how-to guide, I will try to outline it as best I can...

#103 1 year ago

Im wondering if it that small gap might be a good thing to allow some wood glue into the joint ?

#104 1 year ago

do how are going to do the 90 degree router cuts? that seems like it would be the hardest part of getting those joints ready.

#105 1 year ago
Quoted from uncivil_engineer:

do how are going to do the 90 degree router cuts? that seems like it would be the hardest part of getting those joints ready.

I will start a seperate cabinet building thread to document the entire process. I have not been able to do any work lately so progress has stalled. As soon as I physically am able to continue, I will...

#106 1 year ago

I hope you feel better soon, and I look forward to the cabinet build thread.

#107 1 year ago

Hope your back on your feet and feeling better soon Cosmo !

#108 1 year ago

Totally...feel better bro, we talked at pinball madness..Took me 2 years to recover from from torn shoulder.
Your tough, youll be good soon

#109 1 year ago

Sorry to read this about your back cosmokramer. I hope u feel better soon, I have had injections in my back and struggled with pain for a long time so I empathize with your discomfort

#110 1 year ago

Herniated disk ? I had that once , it was terrible , surgery fixed me right up though!

#111 1 year ago

Thanks guys, I was diagnosed yesterday with a "displaced nerve" and have to see a neurosurgeon. That sounds like fun.

I should have a bit more done on the cab this weekend. I have been getting the last few pieces of tooling and bought a second router to make things easier.

#112 1 year ago

Was able to spend a short amount of time in the shop today before I had to get off my feet.
I will go into cab construction in detail in a dedicated thread, but I thought I would post a few pics of what was done today, all the tools and methods will be documented later....

20171104_092519 (resized).jpg
Resized_20171103_092643 (resized).jpeg
20171104_094310 (resized).jpg
20171104_104437 (resized).jpg
20171104_123404 (resized).jpg
20171104_124909 (resized).jpg
These are the 4 sides cut and miter edjed...the are not glued, just testing fit...I just need to cut the front and back panel down, they stick up about an inch over the side pieces
20171104_110737 (resized).jpg

#113 1 year ago

This thread is awesome. I wish I had better woodworking skills. You are doing an impressive job so far. Fish tales is quickly becoming one of my favorite games of all time. I picked mine up because I got it for a steal of a deal but I’m not sure if it will ever leave

#114 1 year ago

The craftsmanship here is awesome! cosmokramer

#115 1 year ago

This is a very impressive restoration project...u clearly have some mad skill sets

#116 1 year ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

The craftsmanship here is awesome! cosmokramer

Quoted from PtownPin:

This is a very impressive restoration project...u clearly have some mad skill sets

Everything I'm able to do today is because of the old man in the above photos. My dad started teaching me about tools and craftsmanship at an early age and, luckily for me, I still learn something everytime we work together. Time spent working on these projects with him are more valueable than what I have to show for it at the end...

#117 1 year ago
Quoted from cosmokramer:

Time spent working on these projects with him are more valueable than what I have to show for it at the end...

That's what it's all about man! I'd give ANYTHING for one of them afternoons again! Your old man taught u well tho...your attention to detail is amazing! Great work!

#118 1 year ago

After working on a few other games this week, today I get back to the FT project. Today the cab should be assembled and glued. I bought 2 more sheets of 3/4 " MDO, 2 sheets of 1/4" ply (yes, I bought 1/4" again for the bottom instead of 1/2"...I will explain why in the cabinet build thread) and 1 sheet of 1/2" particle board. I bought all this extra lumber because why build one cabinet when you can build 3!

20171110_134606 (resized).jpg
Also spending time today on the coin door restoration...

20171109_160840 (resized).jpg
More to come...

#119 1 year ago

The top piece has an angle cut so the glass slides easily into the retainer...an easy cut on the table saw after making a new top piece...

20171111_083929 (resized).jpg
20171111_084018 (resized).jpg
Testing dado blade settings...

20171111_092158 (resized).jpg
Cut cab for insertion of bottom and cross brace..

20171111_100217 (resized).jpg
20171111_101358 (resized).jpg
20171111_101354 (resized).jpg
Nice clean new bottom...

20171111_110007 (resized).jpg
Squaring these up can be a bitch, setting up a jig to help...

20171111_085851 (resized).jpg
20171111_084426 (resized).jpg
Lets see how it fits...

20171111_111729 (resized).jpg
20171111_124455 (resized).jpg
20171111_124528 (resized).jpg
20171111_124548 (resized).jpg

All cabinet pieces are cut and tested for fit and finish, so far so good...now its time to cut the back box pieces. I will be using 3/4" MDO again to reduce prep time for decal application, and using 1/2" particle board for the back of the head for an original look..

#120 1 year ago

Lets take a look at the coin door...

Screenshot_20171111-221537 (resized).png

20171111_222329 (resized).png

The coin door is in great shape for the most part, pretty dirty on the backside...

20171111_201858 (resized).jpg
Buy luckily for me the main door skin is in perfect shape, all the texture is there and no dents...

20171111_203310 (resized).jpg
The bezel however shows what thousands of coins can do to the paint. The "tokens only" sticker residue must go as well...

20171111_203450 (resized).jpg
Almost there, Im going to retexture the bezel to match the door skin. Then paint the bezel, skin, frame and mounting bolts...

20171111_210451 (resized).jpg

#121 1 year ago

Looking good!

#122 1 year ago

Whats this part called so I can source one?
Its the metal shroud that attatches to the apron and covers the shooter lane coil. I found the decal, just need the base. I can fabricate one if needed but would prefer not to...

20171112_063017 (resized).jpg

EDIT: I found it...I swear I looked at every FT part Marco has and couldnt find it...then was looking for something else and found this part.

#123 1 year ago

Awesome work cosmo !

#124 1 year ago
Quoted from SUPERBEE:

Awesome work cosmo !

Got the coin door assembly prepped for painting. Since I dont have to do any bodywork, I dont have bead blast the paint off the steel. I just cleaned the parts with simple green, then dried them and wiped down wirh naptha. Nothin fancy here, just some plastic, some foam for the bolts and some custom stands for the coin door...

20171112_122953 (resized).jpg
I like to use a light color primer when I have to do any texturing, it allows me to better monitor the black laquer blobs as I try to match the original pattern. Although the bezel is the only component that I am texturing, I use the same light color primer on all parts. I found out the hard way on another restoration that primer color does change the primary color...starting with a light coat...

20171112_122920 (resized).jpg
And after final coat...I will hit it with some 800 grit and water very lightly to knock down a few pieces of dust...

20171112_122714 (resized).jpg
20171112_122101 (resized).jpg

#125 1 year ago

Are you going to try and replicate the original finish ? If so, whats the plan ?

#126 1 year ago
Quoted from SUPERBEE:

Are you going to try and replicate the original finish ? If so, whats the plan ?

Yes, I use instant drying laquer that I chill in the freezer for about 15 minutes. Then with some practice you learn to just barely depress the nozzle and the laquer "spits" out in small globs, slowly building up the texture until it looks right. Then I paint the whole thing again with a coat of black paint...

1510519880584913624665 (resized).jpg
Heres one I did for my Pinbot 2 years ago...

98b0520d2636dd9bd82e2b48b46b31b3ba9e2ba8-1 (resized).jpg

9ae25daf6c6aaf02c964235cd4babef36a2ba3c8 (resized).jpg

#127 1 year ago

Very cool. Looking forward to seeing the results.

#128 1 year ago

Awesome progress! How much for you to rip me a kit for me to assemble at home?

#129 1 year ago

Getting ready to test fit...

20171112_175328 (resized).jpg

#130 1 year ago

Just some pics for fun...

20171112_082110 (resized).jpg

20171112_163244 (resized).jpg

20171112_164407 (resized).jpg

20171112_164419 (resized).jpg

20171014_145734 (resized).jpg

20171112_172419 (resized).jpg

20171112_174554 (resized).jpg

20171112_175229 (resized).jpg

20171112_182701 (resized).jpg

#131 1 year ago

Fish tales is the best pinball ever made. Anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong.

#132 1 year ago

Good job man!

Quoted from screaminr:

Fish tales is the best pinball ever made.

That's debatable but it's sure a pretty art and sound package

#133 1 year ago

Tight work Cosmo! Love the idea of that weld bracket for support on legs. My Addams could use 2 of those in front.

#134 1 year ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Tight work Cosmo! Love the idea of that weld bracket for support on legs.

Im guessing that he is only using these to support the leg on the cabinet while he drills the holes but actually wouldnt be a bad idea for all legs. Just make them narrower so they dont show on the side.

#135 1 year ago

Wow! this is looking so awesome!! And this game is one of my fav's I love the color, callouts and music, just a fun game

#136 1 year ago

Checking fit and finish, not too bad. I had a bit of worry when I slid the glass in, when I grooved the top of the side panels for the glass channel the blade I used was a bit wider than they used originally. As a result the glass channels are about 1/8" farther apart than they should be. Not a huge deal as the glass would just have a bit of slop but overall would be un-noticed....But, when I put the glass in the channel it was VERY loose, and even sort of fell out of the channel. I measured everything twice comparing my new cab to my original FT cab and to my WH20 cab but just came up with a 1/8" difference and could not figure out why 1/8" would cause so much slop.
As it turns out I finally measured the glass itself and it was only 20 7/8" not a full 21" wide.. so instead of dealing with a 1/8" gap it was really 1/4"...I swapped glass with my WH20 and now it fits pretty good.
Pretty good is, well, pretty good...but Im going to try for better, I think this cab will just be used as a prototype and not get decaled. I will build a new cab to actually use for the project when it comes time to paint and decal...

20171114_154226 (resized).jpg

#137 1 year ago

Quick note on the side rails. After the are removed from the game the two sided tape used to hold the rails to the cabinet needs to be removed. I have tried to heat them up and scrape it off but that doesnt work, the only way I found is to moisten the tape with gasoline and let it break down the adhesive. Then I use a razorblade to remove the gummy mess. It takes 2 or 3 attempts to get it all off. Then I wash with soap and water, dry them off and they will be ready for re-finishing...

20171114_130914 (resized).jpg

20171114_140242 (resized).jpg

20171114_140248 (resized).jpg

20171114_151050 (resized).jpg

#138 1 year ago

Man that's dedication!

What are your plan for the rails? From the pictures they seemed to have a few dings, good enough to powerder coat?

#139 1 year ago
Quoted from Plumonium:

Man that's dedication!
What are your plan for the rails? From the pictures they seemed to have a few dings, good enough to powerder coat?

I really want to powdercoat but I have yet to see a color on FT that doesnt look awful. If anybody has any suggestions I would like to see them.
As far as the dings go, I can usually get them back into shape. They look worse in the pics than they are. After straightening them out they will get regrained back to original finish if I dont powder.

#140 1 year ago

2 days for the primer to dry completely, now its time to put the texture. I'm going to try to replicate the original pattern on the coin slot bezel only....if I do it right it will match the coin door and both will get a finish coat of black. If it doesnt match then I will strip all components down to metal and texture it all.
I use Ace brand instant drying laquer ( pictured in a previous post ) and then chill in the freezer...this was a full can so I had to leave it in the freezer for almost 45 minutes, a partial can takes about 25. Then I practice on some cardboard, lightly pressing down causing the paint to splatter. Once I get the right feel its time to apply it ...

20171115_153748 (resized).jpg
First a light dusting, still working on tecnique. I find each can sprays a bit different, you have to find the sweet spot...

Screenshot_20171115-153859 (resized).png
Second pass. Luckily, Instant drying laquer is, well, lets just say it dries quickly...no time needed between coats...

Screenshot_20171115-153909 (resized).png
Now its starting to look right, the key is to progress slowly. Its easier to add more that to fix a big blob...

20171115_150036 (resized).jpg
I rub my finger on the original texture, then the bezel, when they feel the same I guess I'm done. I wont know if I got it right until I hit it with the black paint...

20171115_154540 (resized).jpg

#141 1 year ago

Very cool. Hopefully it matches.

#142 1 year ago

I've used a similar eraser wheel to remove 2-sided tape with good success and no chemicals:

amazon.com link »

#143 1 year ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

I've used a similar eraser wheel to remove 2-sided tape with good success and no chemicals:
amazon.com link »

I'll give it a try, I dont like using a chemical and would like an alternative...but I tried a sanding wheel and it would clog up instantly.

#144 1 year ago

I ordered an eraser wheel, looking forward to trying it on some other adhesives as well

Since I dont think I have spent enough money on this project, I grabbed a color DMD to put in it....

FTcolorDMD-620x264 (resized).jpg

#145 1 year ago

Nice! How much do they run for in the US?

#146 1 year ago

I love the color DMD in my fishtales

#147 1 year ago

Hey Cosmo, I JUST found this thread cuz I’m thinking of adding a Fish Tales to the lineup. So I’m following for sure. You’re really doing a bang up job! Regarding those cabinet corners, I use this set up block from MLCS to set up my router bits (also from MLCS) And, you’re right, do it in 3 passes or so. Take a little off at a time. Keep up the great work!

AA5772F8-6FAF-4C20-B993-6DD6214A8CC7 (resized).jpeg

#148 1 year ago

Hey Art! Good to hear from you buddy. Thanks for the heads up with the set up block. I kept a few pieces of scrap to reset the fence, but that block will work better. Im going to cut out the pieces for 2 more cabinets this weekend, but I think I'm going back to birch. I found that the MDO has a tendency to chip, I never had that problem when I used MDO for other projects but those didnt involve detailed corners. Its too bad because I was looking forward to not having a lot of bondo and sanding.
If you get the FT, let me know if you need any parts, I have some stuff I wont need.

I should have the coin door done and reassembled this weekend. The proto cabinet seems to be close to what I want, I will knock out 2 more cabs and get one in the gameroom for drilling and fitting. I have a buddy who is quite a bit smarter than me designing and 3D printing some custom jigs to aide in the drilling of the leg bolt holes, insuring the bit penetrates at a 45° angle. I plan on getting as much done before my back surgery but I doubt this project will be completed. If I can get the cab built, painted and decaled at least I can work on small details during recovery.

Again if anyone has any suggestions for powdercoat let me know...

#149 12 months ago

Little to report, got pieces for 2 more cabinets cut, this time out of domestic birch...had to spend a little time perfecting the joint used on the back box. I used a locking miter joint for the lower cab because it is stronger than original and cant be seen once the side rails and lock down bar are on. I wanted to use an original back box joint because you can clearly see it after the game is assembled and it needs to look correct...

Resized_20171121_094543_3769 (resized).jpeg
Test joint ^^

20171121_201736 (resized).jpg
A Williams original back box joint^^


Next is a pic of the playfield hooked up to life support. I've got a weak pulse, condition is currently critical. If I can get the vital signs stabilized I can take care of switch test/adjustments, coil tests, lamp tests, board operations etc so that when the cabinet is done I *should* be able to just simply assemble it and hopefully just fine tune it...

20171121_200751 (resized).jpg

#150 12 months ago

Great stuff! Can't wait to see this baby done! Such a fun game

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