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A few questions for Gottlieb Charlie's Angels Backglass & more

By dgoodspeed

8 years ago

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#1 8 years ago

So I've got a real nice Charlie's Angels and the backglass as most of us know on this machine can go to hell in a handbasket fast...and this one I have does have some MINOR flaking but overall a really nice one. I'd say a 9/10 all considering. I've added some pics to take a look at.

So here goes some general questions-

Best type bulbs to use in the head to reduce any more possible burnout/damage?

Is clear coating the Backglass the best way to stop any potential of more flaking/spidering or is it best to just leave it and use proper bulbs? I did check on some options to touch it up, but in the end it's not a good candidate.

LED's - I've read a few posts about LED on the play field and regular bulbs underneath. Have others seen good results from this type of setup in your older machines?

In the end what really does cause flaking and spidering on back glasses?





#2 8 years ago
Quoted from dgoodspeed:

In the end what really does cause flaking and spidering on back glasses?

The delamination is generally due to rapid heat, and humidity changes. This was a popular theme at arcades so it most likely was left on for 8 to 12 hours each day it was earning money. Also the wrong light bulbs which would produce to much heat, could of been installed at one time.

#3 8 years ago

If it were mine I'd be tempted to use Triple Thick to seal it and use some warm white LED bulbs in the back glass (close to the look incandescent bulbs without the heat).
I have a Charlie's Angels and my back glass is a lot worse than yours, the majority of the red in the sweater has flaked off. While I did touch up mine - its still not great, yours is so close to perfect in comparison that I'd probably leave it as is, until you can find a better one if your that worried about it.

#4 8 years ago

Mine is in pretty good shape too, but I sprayed about six layers of clear on the back before I hung it up on the wall. Same goes for the Close Encounters too. Rather be safe then sorry.

John P. Dayhuff
Battle Creek, Mi.


#5 8 years ago

Your back glass is showing the beginning signs of starting to fake off. Your failure (small puzzle pieces) in my opinion is a good candidate for triple thick. I get worried when the glass is delaminating in large sheet like sections as the triple thick cant attach itself to the glass at many points and you get bubbles.

Read up on doing a triple thick, there is some risk to doing it.

#7 8 years ago

Sealing it is the way to go. My father in law restores antique furniture, has a spray room and a good ventilation system so I can do it indoors so it won't pick up crap flying around outside.

I'm nervous, but optimistic! The best part is that I read that of course if I try and attempt to color match it and it looks like crap I can wipe it off...

Question though about the score windows. Is the best way to attack those is:

Scrape them out first
Cover them up
Seal the glass
Pull the covers
Replace the inserts

Thanks everyone!

#8 8 years ago

John- Didntou ever get your EM Charlie's Angels? I know for at least what 10-5 years I've had your name in my head. We go back to the mailing list days when I first met you and knew you were looking for it!

Wanna sell that EM backglass?

#9 8 years ago

Long story short--During the 12 year search for the game I picked up two NOS backglasses and two NOS playfields all for the EM. version. Once I found the game I never got around to installing the playfield before I sold the game after owning it for 5 years and the reasons I sold it I regret now that i look back at it but whats done is done. I let one playfield go with the game, the other playfield and a backglass went to France and this glass I've hung onto just to hang it on the wall and its NFS. Thanks for asking though.

John P. Dayhuff
Battle Creek, MI.

#10 8 years ago

Awwwwwww man! I'm still looking for one! Let me know of you run across another one or parts, etc. Your name is forever tied to it!

#11 8 years ago

I haven't really found the best approach for colored windows yet, myself.

Some just spray over them, but they will look a bit cloudy.

Some cover them up with carboard or lexan and weigh them down. Cardboard doesn't work well for colored windows, since the triple thick will bleed under it a little bit. Not a problem for clear windows, but for colored widows, it doesn't look great.

Some just scrape the color off, and then just treat the glass as is if it had clear windows. Then, put tinted plastic covers on the displays: http://www.pbresource.com/lampcov.html#dmdc

#12 8 years ago

Also, there is adhesive vinyl option for the score windows. It looks like you can get that material on ebay, since pinballpal is closed.


ebay.com link: Any Color Transparent Vinyl 3 sheets w Adhesive 8x12

[edit]: I found someone who sells them cut to size, though slightly on the pricey side: http://www.actionpinball.com/parts.php?item=PDG377

#13 8 years ago

Awesome. Thanks man! Appreciate it very much!

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