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    #1 9 years ago

    Call ‘em lazy or call ‘em smart - but some people know how to get the most done with the least effort.
    Just using Novus 2 or Magic Erasers to clean a playfield is doing it the hard way – it works though.
    Spraying liquid cleaners before N-2 also works - but it’s liquid and that can get into things where it shouldn’t.

    I have tried and true experience with two products that are way easier than N2 or M-E and they have never harmed a playfield, plastic or part and the best part is, both are WAY easier and faster.

    (Steve Young told me about this trick years ago - he was right).
    For super cruddy playfields use "GoJo" cream type hand cleaner applied with a toothbrush.
    Let IT do the work by sitting about 5-7 minuets. Then you just wipe all that crap away with clean cloths.
    I had a pinhead over a couple of weeks ago - showed him this - he was blown away - laughed saying "That's cheating man".

    If the playfield is just dirty to really dirty, skip the GoJo and just use this other product that ALSO works easier and better than N2 or M-E . No one seems to mention it out here (maybe folks just don't know about it). It's called "Gel Gloss"- http://gel-gloss.com/index.php?pageId=351
    This stuff will amaze you!
    (I use it after the GoJo step on the super dirty pf’s.)
    Wipe it on and let it sit for 3 or 4 minuets then do the polishing circles like you would w/N2 and BLAMO. (It even shines!!) Got mine from Ace Hardware.
    It’s better than anything I've ever tried (and yes, I still use N-2 on things too).
    It cut's though grunge and layers of old wax right down to the ink and it's only thing I've tried that gets every bit of black crud out of a wooden shooter-lanes and ball arches that doesn’t take forever.
    I'll say it again - this “Gel Gloss” will amaze you!
    See you at The York Show mateys.

    #2 9 years ago

    I've been using Gel Gloss for years to clean my fiberglass bathtubs. Works great, never thought of using on a pinball playfield. Will try on my nely acquired Gorgar. Hope it makes an easy time of removing ball swirls.

    #3 9 years ago
    Quoted from Pinball-Muggle:

    For super cruddy playfields use "GoJo" cream type hand cleaner applied with a toothbrush.

    Thanks for the info. For those of you who do not know Go-Jo is a hand cleaner. RGP had a few threads on this very subject as well.

    I will pick up some Gel -Gloss next time and try it out.



    #4 9 years ago

    Never thought of Gel-Gloss. I had good success with rubbing alcohol and Magic Eraser.

    #5 9 years ago

    Do you wax after the gel gloss?

    #6 9 years ago

    It's definitely a petroleum based product, I need to have the window open/fan on when I use it for the tubs. Comes in a aerosol spray or liquid. I prefer to use the spray. Spray a section, wipe it on, wait a few minutes, wipe it off like a wax. Cuts through the dirt and soap scum and leaves it nice and brand new shiny.

    #7 9 years ago

    I would not use a tooth brush on a playfield unless you test it under the apron first. Depending on how hard the bristles are it can be WAY too aggressive. I spent a long time buffing out scratches that I made in my TZ playfield with a toothbrush once. Had to break out the TC Polishing kit and even that didn't completely remove the scratches...

    #8 9 years ago

    Yes sir - carnauba wax afterward - how ever many coats suit you (two or three coats work fine for me).

    If you scathed your playfield using a plastic bristle toothbrush I'm wondering if there was a fleck of grit stuck in it that did the scratching. I could see that doing it (maybe coupled with heavy pressure- but who knows).
    Again - I've never had any damamge what-so-ever using these techniques (and I DO clean out the brush several time during operation.
    Just and easy time-savers that truly DO work.

    6 years later
    #9 2 years ago

    can you post a link of that gojo ? they have so many products and i dont want t o order the wrong one

    #10 2 years ago

    is that the gel gloss ? amazon.com link »

    1 week later
    #11 2 years ago

    I decided to try these two methods in about the worst place you can - the ball shooter trough.

    First pic is the trough before trying Goop Hand cleaner. The cleaner was applied, worked with a toothbrush, allowed to sit ten minutes, reworked with a toothbrush, then removed. The second picture shows the result.

    The third picture shows the application of Gel Gloss (bottle), it sat for fifteen minutes, then was wiped down, and rubbed as if it were wax. The fourth picture shows the result.

    The fifth picture shows the area after using ME and alcohol - while the luster is gone, it appears to have cleaned better.

    Judge for yourself, but for me, I'll keep using the ME and isopropyl alcohol or Novus 2, followed by caruba wax.

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