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7/18/19 The Real Release

By camcamaro1991

6 months ago

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#27 6 months ago
Quoted from mtp78:

Car looks incredible....base price 59 999.00.wow...overall very impressive

Yea my co worker bought aa Audi R8 was an 09 but looked brand new only 15K miles. Had a supercharger as well very nice car he paid more than that

I love the looks of the new corvette but I had a fast car in the past and find it’s hard to keep the speeding down so now I got a slow car that can drive feels fast but not really fast. C41453F7-3C75-4547-B4E8-D3CD056C5B8E (resized).jpeg

Here is a nice older Vette (not mine)
9BC0E780-0BEC-4B4C-BE44-558194220F0E (resized).jpeg

#31 6 months ago
Quoted from northvibe:

I’m pretty sure this is made in parallel with the current “front engine” vette. This is kind of chevys Ford Gt of sorts

I think they’re killing the front engine Vette but I can see if they sold them both or bring back the front engine like Classic Coke. But really probably not enough demand for two such cars plus the Camaro. I think the front engine Vette is over.

#35 6 months ago

I heard the last model C7 sales number took a steep dive as people waited for this car.

If anyone wants to see a dealer that specializes in Corvette sales have super prices. Can get a 2019 as low as $45k.


#47 6 months ago

RIP the manual transmission.

#60 6 months ago
Quoted from Electrocute:

Just showed the new Vette on local news. Good luck getting one at sticker price. Nice car!

Just wait. It’s not like they’re going to be limited except by how quickly they can make them. There’s only xxx number of people who can buy afford such a car that’s usually a second or third car in most instances.

Plus people will still be buying 911 and higher cars and Mustang/Camaro and lower priced cars. Supra and such will be in the hunt for import buyers.

I do think C8 is great price performance over a Supra or Mustang etc. but not a lot of people dropping $70K on a sports car. I’m saying maybe a few years will be selling for under MSRP.

#83 6 months ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

Spoke to my salesman at Chevy last night (we are friends too). They had a bunch of people contact his dealership yesterday looking to order the Z51.
Chevy rolled the dice on this one...looks like they have themselves a winner here.

I'm happy for this car, may not buy one but it will put some heat on other manufacturers for sure. I mean 911 will still be a status symbol over the Corvette but the Corvette will be on par with a 911 turbo.

Here's a big thing the price is very good (except it'll have big market adjustments yet to be seen how much) but hopefully in time the price will be more close to the MSRP. Lots of cars had market adjustments in the beginning (like the S2000, NSX) but as the early guys got their cars the prices normalized.

Anyway being under $90K is huge, Was just looking at the Audi R8 sales numbers and in 12 years it sold 28K cars worldwide. It's just so darn expensive that people have options like Porsche, Aston, Mclaren, Lambo, Ferrari and there is only so many rich folks. But if a C8 can ever sell for $60K ballpark that's in reach of a lot more people and as I said maybe cheaper than a 10 year old R8. I'd take a modern car with more features and technology over a 10 year old exotic.

Also the new NSX is in the same boat as the R8 being well over $100K not a lot of people are buying it when (potentially) here comes the C8 for half price. just over 1100 total NSX sales in the US in the past 4 years. That'll be like one month sales for the C8.

#84 6 months ago
Quoted from Luckydogg420:

Here ya go guys, jay Leno’s look at it.

I like the basic overall looks but there is a lot of fussy styling like the doors with the huge vents bit over the top. But for sure this is a big hit.

#95 6 months ago
Quoted from Hayfarmer:

True, but a manual is still funner for me to drive, I'm not interested in goin to the track, never have. Any fool can set launch control and let an auto tranny do the work

That’s what I think. Electric cars also don’t thrill me. Sure they accelerate hard but I like the power delivery and interaction you get from a gas engine and manual transmission. Preferred normal aspiration engine like S2000 or e93 M3 like I owned. Drive a turbo M4 now there’s a lot of power turbo but it’s not linear. Also dove a Tesla before was fine but not that engaging or fun to drive. More of a driving pod than enthusiastic driving car. Imo

#99 6 months ago

Here is a good little review.

Was thinking of getting a 911 someday when I have sufficient money but now this looks like the car to beat. heck all it's as cheap as a Cayman S (Cayman or Cayman S is nothing to sneeze at but the Vette will murder it), I think this Vette will give the Ford GT a run for it's money at a fraction of the price.

I'd take this over most cars (GT-R etc,,).

Think it'll be 3600 lbs (idk but estimated so it's not a light weight car more in line with a 911 turbo).

C&D estimated 3600 as well so that's not too much lighter than Mustang or M4 https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a28448822/2020-corvette-mid-engine-size-comparison/

I'll still take the Vette even if it's not that light, still would keep my BRZ for a light weight and MT option (I can't fit in Miata).

#103 6 months ago

Pulls 1G lateral acceleration on all season tires.

#106 6 months ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

All season tires are absolutely laughable at this level.

Can't disagree more. Not sure if you know what you are talking about. All season tires are not laughable any one bit. If you can do 1G on all season tires that just shows how capable it the car is. If you live in an area where it gets cold in the winter you physically can not drive a car on summer tires, it's unsafe and the tires can be damaged.

As ambient temperatures get colder, typically in the 40-45° Fahrenheit range, summer performance tires lose a noticeable percentage of traction as their tread compound rubber properties change from a pliable elastic to inflexible plastic. The tire industry uses the term "glass transition" to describe the temperature where a summer performance tire's grip/slip performance changes dramatically. This means the summer performance tires that provide predictable traction in warm to hot conditions will be found to be very challenging to drive in cold to freezing temperatures.

If ambient temperatures drop to near- or below-freezing, driving or rolling a vehicle equipped with summer performance tires risks the possibility of tread compound cracking. Tread compound cracking is a permanent condition that requires the tires to be replaced. The other condition that can be caused by running summer performance tires in cold temperatures is the possibility of chipping away the edges of the tread blocks.

If you were to drive with summer tires near freezing temps you could damage the tires and the car doesn't handle a bit, its almost like driving in the rain because they summer tires have no grip. So if you had a car and lives in a cold climate you would either put all season tires on at least in the winter months or not be able to drive it for several months out of the year. Also not everyone is a track head and you can drive a car with all season tires they have a bit less grip but they can make the car feel more lively rather than 100% stuck to the road. I have car with summer tires and all season for winter driving the all season tires are great just not as sticky as the summer tires. I am not a track rat I just like spirited driving. A lot of people who buy a Corvette are not track rats and they can very well never need summer tires. There are some very excellent all season tires out there now that perform very well in real world conditions, maybe not race track cred but it's not all about race tracks.

#109 6 months ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

Well here in Socal, all season tires are very unnecessary. Performance cars of this caliber should be equipped with Pilot Sport or Cup tires.
Trust me, some $10k package will have the real tires included in it...

We don't all live in SoCal so all season tires are a necessity. 6 months of the year can get into the 40's and 4 months of th year temps can be in the 30's.

Actually who cares? If you want whatever package you can get it. Not everyone needs Pilot Sport tires it's not all about track numbers and unless you are someone who worries about lap times or a poser who like to brag about whatever name tires you have. Anyone can buy whatever tires they want, not everyone needs the hardest core track package. Some people just want a nice car that handles very well. I'm sure will be track packages but whatever it's not necessary for street use.

Base C8 for less than a fully loaded Camaro.

1 week later
#123 6 months ago

Was looking C&D maybe was taking about the all season tires. These are not just any old all season tires like you’d buy at Pep Boys. These are special design for the car with tread more like summer tires and have better measured grip than old Corvette on summer tires.

I’m not in the camp that says the most grip is always the best when you can have more fun if the car is a bit loose in some conditions. I’m not saying best lap times I’m saying most fun (likely on public roads not race tracks).

I’ll say this, I’m not a race car driver and I don’t track my cars, I don’t need engine oil coolers and such that’s great for hard lap drive but overkill for street use.

Looks like a base C8 will be very competent for street driving.

#125 6 months ago
Quoted from JoshPA:

probably better than what the F40 came with stock. I think the Vette with non-summer tires is going to be JUST fine.

This is what I mean. Time and technology have advanced so that might be a modern Cayman base outperform an older 911 turbo. Not saying the older cars are bad but just today’s cars are bonkers like a Civic R can accelerate quicker than a turbo Supra from the 90s. It’s insane this C8 probably put to shame a F40 in acceleration.

Plus I’ve got a BRZ tS not a race car but comes with summer tires which I replace with all season tires for winter fall time. It’s true the summer tires are grippier but the all season tires are still quite crisp handling. Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3.

#127 5 months ago

nice reveal except the guy doing the presentation is a bit hard to handle

#129 5 months ago
Quoted from mcluvin:

His kneehole doesn't even look right...

trying too hard to be cool.

Anyway he's not wrong about the Supra being a disappointment, $50K for the Supra and then you have this (C8) for $60K they're not even on the same planet 335hp vs nearly 500hp.

#132 5 months ago

I think they’re banking on the Supra name kind of like when Ford sold a SUV called the Taurus. If Toyota called it something else it wouldn’t get as much attention.

I think it’s hard to green light a new sports car that’ll sell low volume when you’re Toyota you want sales volumes in the hundred thousands not ten thousands. So this was a way to get something out kind of like the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ.

I think Honda and Nissan are losing money on the few hundred or thousand NSX and GTR the do sell.

1 week later
#133 5 months ago

I’m probably the target buyer for the new Corvette. They say the existing Corvette buyers would buy either front or mid engine Corvette this car will bring in new type buyers.

I’ve never seriously considered to buy a Corvette even tho I’ve had the opportunity looked at and drove the original Z06 but not really have got overly excited on any Corvette until this one. I was reading that there was talk about keeping the front engine car alive for the traditionalists but they said once the new car C8 was out it would be impossible to sell the old once people saw what you get with the new car. Plus will such a vast number of used Corvettes on the road it’s not going to be that hard to grab a rent engine Corvette if that’s what you really desire.

IMO it’ll do battle for sales with a wide range of cars from Cayman/Boxster to 911s (++) to the hyper power Mustangs to the exotics such as R8, GTR, NSX even Lambo/Ferrari/McLaren (LFM).

I’m not saying the LFM buyers will be flocking to the Chevy dealers but some guys like me who is on the outside of the LFM price range but always wanted something similar. Heck I’m even looking at 20 year old NSXs that are in the $80k range. Don’t get me wrong, I love the older NSX and the GTR Japanese exotics but if Chevy is going to cost same as a 20 year old NSX or much less than a newer GTR heck I’m seeing 10 year old GTR for $50K or spend a little more to get a C8 that’s not even funny.

I realize other cars I’m listing are more rare not selling 20-30k units a year. So if someone wanted a more rare car like a R8 or wants a more rare and more close to classic car like an NSX more power to them. But for me not really care about how rare it is, this C8 looks to be a real winner on price, performance, utility, looks etc.

1 week later
#137 5 months ago

Some tidbits regarding the C8. Estimated acceleration times and curb weight.

Weight 3535 lbs (plus options)

0-100 mph 7.6 seconds

I used to own a M3 which I thought was pretty quick at 0-100 mph 10 seconds (twin clutch transmission).

1/4 mile 11.3 seconds @ 120mph


#139 5 months ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

I have a family member who has been a corvette guy for a long long long time. This car has turned him off big time. Mid engine? No thanks. No stick shift? Also no thanks.
Big miss. His Z06 is safe for now.

That’s fine. But there are just as many people who wouldn’t consider the previous Corvette but will now buy the mid engine car.

Basically a mid engine is better performance no question asked. If you have and doubts about that there’s nothing else to say.

#142 5 months ago

I think it’s funny how people (not you but other web bloggers) saying this is not a $60K car it will cost more than that and Chevy is raising the price in the future (angry man shakes fist at cloud). When let’s be honest the closest car to the C8 costs $200K plus or the closest in price is the 300hp Porsche Cayman $58K ++++++ options.

I have nothing against the front engine and MT Corvette, think they’re great. I’ve always wanted a mid engine (near) exotic car. I think that the C8 will sell like hot cakes. Anyone wanting a front engine MT can simply buy an older generation Corvette there are like a million of them out there. If they want or must have something new they’ll have to make due with a Camaro or Mustang although Camaro might not be here for much longer.

#147 5 months ago

I really don't mind waiting a couple of years for the supply to catch up as well there might be some kinks that are worked out in the first few years and the price deflation as more are on the road and used examples will be for sale.

1 month later
#161 3 months ago

I am eagerly waiting to see the magazine tests of the C8 and see if it will reach 0-60 in 3 seconds.

For conversation the incredible Ford GT does 0-60 in 3 seconds.
Ford GT (647 HP)
Zero to 60 mph: 3.0 sec
Zero to 100 mph: 6.2 sec
Zero to 130 mph: 10.1 sec

2019 Corvette ZR1 (755 HP)
Zero to 60 mph: 3.0 sec
Zero to 100 mph: 6.1 sec
Zero to 130 mph: 9.9 sec

#164 3 months ago

Motor Trend has some nice pictures of the vert. I think I prefer the lines of the coupe as well as the ability to see the engine under glass. But the Very looks nice with the top down and is able to raise/lower the top at speeds up to 30 mph. I have owned 2 convertibles S2000 and Z3 nothing better than a nice warm spring day with the top down. Overall I prefer the coupe a bit better.

2020-Chevrolet-Corvette-Stingray-C8-Convertible-rear-view (resized).jpg

1 week later
#166 3 months ago

Press reviews are out.


C&D test numbers

0-60 2.8s
0-100 7.2s
0-130 13.2s

You can see the horsepower deficit to the Ford GT as the speed picks up but on a short sprint it’ll be very close. They have nearly identical rolling start times 5-60 mph.

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