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7/18/19 The Real Release

By camcamaro1991

3 months ago

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#25 3 months ago

If they put "Supreme" on the side, they apparently would get >$100K for it.

In all seriousness, they nailed it for 60K. Very impressive.

#33 3 months ago
Quoted from northvibe:

I’m pretty sure this is made in parallel with the current “front engine” vette. This is kind of chevys Ford Gt of sorts

This was a persistent rumor a while ago, but then went by the wayside. There may have a hiccup in the C8 electrical design which supposedly delayed the C8.

#34 3 months ago
Quoted from rai:

I think they’re killing the front engine Vette but I can see if they sold them both or bring back the front engine like Classic Coke. But really probably not enough demand for two such cars plus the Camaro. I think the front engine Vette is over.

They can keep the price low by having good production numbers. That won't happen by running two lines. The logistics alone would be a hinderernce.

#45 3 months ago

They had pushed the front engine , rear tranny/diff to the limit. Just no where to go for more performance.

So it was time for a change. Sure, some aspects of the car are better than others...but as complete package...looks great.

Wonder if it still has a leaf spring? Lol...likely finaly gone..

#52 3 months ago
Quoted from Honch:

Leaf springs are gone, but I don't understand the hatred/criticism for then considering how well vettes perform.

They did refine them to the limit tho (I wasn't bashing them). Got them on my C6. It was really about the comments over the years like "Leaf springs? Really?" I really don't know the how they compare to the other style. I would think weight is a lot less since they are composite.

#53 3 months ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

They could’ve made it AWD. I don’t see Porsche going away from rear engine anytime soon.
This could’ve/should’ve been a “one off” build like the Ford GT or a new model called the Stingray.
It’s not a Corvette. Sorry.

It's been mentioned there's the possibility of electric motor assist (front wheels since there's room up there now?). Plus the C8 has some new wiz-bang electronics capability (don't remember the name). So that might be in part to support AWD?

Don't forget they always reveal the base car first. The the ZO6, ZR1, etc in the following years.

#64 3 months ago
Quoted from rai:

Just wait. It’s not like they’re going to be limited except by how quickly they can make them. There’s only xxx number of people who can buy afford such a car that’s usually a second or third car in most instances.
Plus people will still be buying 911 and higher cars and Mustang/Camaro and lower priced cars. Supra and such will be in the hunt for import buyers.
I do think C8 is great price performance over a Supra or Mustang etc. but not a lot of people dropping $70K on a sports car. I’m saying maybe a few years will be selling for under MSRP.

Bowling Green usually churns out about 35K of them a year when sales are good. Not sure how many they can make now since it retooled for the C8. No doubt demand will be high.

#72 3 months ago
Quoted from Hayfarmer:

Any new vette is a good thing, only thing I dont like is the trans. I'm sure a manual will be available soon. Luv my "14", will have to drive the c8 b4 deciding on one[quoted image][quoted image]

Every single one of my vetts were/are manual. Even my daily drivers are manuals. Right or wrong...the computer controlled trannys are faster, at least on a road course. Mine doesn't have launch control, would be nice to try that.

#79 3 months ago
Quoted from Hayfarmer:

I know, but I like a manual in a sports car

No disagreement there... I guess wait and see what later versions bring. Even the latest version of the Chevy Colorado (I have the original model) didn't have a manual tranny at first but I think it does now. Back to C8...maybe it will show up if the demand is there.

Like it or not, I think the manual tranny's days are numbered - regardless of the platform. I recall even the Corvette's professional driver's (maybe the race team?) say the auto is faster. I suspect with the dual clutch, even more so.

#97 3 months ago
Quoted from Hayfarmer:

True, but a manual is still funner for me to drive, I'm not interested in goin to the track, never have. Any fool can set launch control and let an auto tranny do the work

Oddly enough, the C6 clutch is my least favorite out of all my manuals over the decades. Just the angle of my foot vs the pedal. Just doesn't feel right despite adjusting the seat position.

#105 3 months ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

... By the time you decently option the car, it’ll be $95k at least...

Not sure about that...guessing 70-75K based on my C5 and C6's which were optioned nicely. Vert...maybe pushing higher 70s. I think my C6 vert was 5K higher than my coupe with same options.

#121 3 months ago
Quoted from Jackontherocks:

I still have my black with two tone interior 08 Vette 4LT w/ Z51 performance package bought brand ordered from the dealer with every option...[quoted image]

Back it 2009 I had a '08 black 3LT coupe w/red interior. Even saw it getting built at the factory. Was in storage over the winter and was on the verge of getting it out within a week or two. Long story short...never ending rains showed up and a levee gave way. Flooded with only 3K on the odo. Eventually totaled which was a good thing!

I remember when they were loading it up on the flatbed and seeing water pour out of the exhaust. That's never a good sign.

3 weeks later
#135 87 days ago
Quoted from JoshPA:

...Build a dual motor electric C8, I'll be first to order.

I would think it's a given with the new wiz-bang GM electrical system used on the C8. I wouldn't be surprised if an 'electric assist' is on the plate. Sort of 'all wheel drive on demand' with two electric motors on the front. Likely would help push the handling to the next level and maybe improve MPG by disabling the gas engine at times (i.e. highway).

Just a WAG, but they all (i.e. Porsche, etc.) seem to be on the bandwagon.

1 week later
#149 74 days ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

I have a family member who has been a corvette guy for a long long long time. This car has turned him off big time. Mid engine? No thanks. No stick shift? Also no thanks.
Big miss. His Z06 is safe for now.

I think every generation has people saying the don't like the new style. The big butt on the C5, the fixed headlights on the C6, the Camaro'ish tail lights on the C7 (actually, the entire tailend). GM mentioned they just had pushed the limits of the mid-front engine design to the point the beefy tires in the back couldn't get enough traction. Any wider and they tend to have a 'steam roller' effect. So time to move on. As a manual vert C6 owner, I think it's a hit. Never bought a C7 - my GMS ran out and I started to collect pins (cheaper hobby....maybe ). But no doubt, it is more of a departure.

Any new gen Corvette will won't get GMS or rebates, but they will come in time, but MSRP is not out of the question. I saw a list of dealers that won't markup the price, shouldn't be hard to buy if there's an allotment. If anything, the real issue is Chevy building more of the loaded models, making the base car hard to find (you can always order tho). But that's true for any new car/truck. Just means C7 fans can likely get some killer deals on the 2019 C7. Probably a whopper of a deal if there's any new 2018's still sitting on a lot somewhere. The C7 ZO6 is still a killer car in all regards, wouldn't complain if one was sitting in the garage.

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