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7/18/19 The Real Release

By camcamaro1991

6 months ago

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#102 6 months ago

I get the joke about Ferrari wanting its car back, but this is sure is nice. The price point is insane. Game changer.

What's the latest about the rumor of the future hybrid system for the front wheels, and then all electric later?

#114 6 months ago
Quoted from mbwalker:

Not sure about that...guessing 70-75K based on my C5 and C6's which were optioned nicely. Vert...maybe pushing higher 70s. I think my C6 vert was 5K higher than my coupe with same options.

A bare bones build has a LOT to like about it. I don't see much missing from the base vs what you would have gotten in a F458!

#117 6 months ago
Quoted from JoshPA:

A bare bones build has a LOT to like about it. I don't see much missing from the base vs what you would have gotten in a F458!

PS: This is coming from someone who thinks his Tesla P3D is really the performance steal of the year with the new pricing. I'll preorder the all electric vette!

#124 5 months ago
Quoted from rai:

Was looking C&D maybe was taking about the all season tires. These are not just any old all season tires like you’d buy at Pep Boys. These are special design for the car with tread more like summer tires and have better measured grip than old Corvette on summer tires.
I’m not in the camp that says the most grip is always the best when you can have more fun if the car is a bit loose in some conditions. I’m not saying best lap times I’m saying most fun (likely on public roads not race tracks).
I’ll say this, I’m not a race car driver and I don’t track my cars, I don’t need engine oil coolers and such that’s great for hard lap drive but overkill for street use.
Looks like a base C8 will be very competent for street driving.

I used to pull 1.59 60 foot times on crap all season family tires in my diamond star back in 1998. The all-seasons on my Tesla are crap track tires by today's standards, but they are probably better than what the F40 came with stock. I think the Vette with non-summer tires is going to be JUST fine.

2 weeks later
#134 5 months ago
Quoted from rai:

I’m probably the target buyer for the new Corvette. They say the existing Corvette buyers would buy either front or mid engine Corvette this car will bring in new type buyers.
I’ve never seriously considered to buy a Corvette even tho I’ve had the opportunity looked at and drove the original Z06 but not really have got overly excited on any Corvette until this one. I was reading that there was talk about keeping the front engine car alive for the traditionalists but they said once the new car C8 was out it would be impossible to sell the old once people saw what you get with the new car. Plus will such a vast number of used Corvettes on the road it’s not going to be that hard to grab a rent engine Corvette if that’s what you really desire.
IMO it’ll do battle for sales with a wide range of cars from Cayman/Boxster to 911s (++) to the hyper power Mustangs to the exotics such as R8, GTR, NSX even Lambo/Ferrari/McLaren (LFM).
I’m not saying the LFM buyers will be flocking to the Chevy dealers but some guys like me who is on the outside of the LFM price range but always wanted something similar. Heck I’m even looking at 20 year old NSXs that are in the $80k range. Don’t get me wrong, I love the older NSX and the GTR Japanese exotics but if Chevy is going to cost same as a 20 year old NSX or much less than a newer GTR heck I’m seeing 10 year old GTR for $50K or spend a little more to get a C8 that’s not even funny.
I realize other cars I’m listing are more rare not selling 20-30k units a year. So if someone wanted a more rare car like a R8 or wants a more rare and more close to classic car like an NSX more power to them. But for me not really care about how rare it is, this C8 looks to be a real winner on price, performance, utility, looks etc.

I have a buddy who bought a Lambo when he retired. Was always a vette guy. He can't wait to get in to a mid-engine Z06/ZR1.

I don't LOVE the C8 looks - I think it's too much F car from 10+ years ago but I don't care what it looks like. My Tesla is ugly from many angles, but it's the best car I've ever driven. Don't miss my Supra any longer. Build a dual motor electric C8, I'll be first to order.

#136 5 months ago
Quoted from mbwalker:

I would think it's a given with the new wiz-bang GM electrical system used on the C8. I wouldn't be surprised if an 'electric assist' is on the plate. Sort of 'all wheel drive on demand' with two electric motors on the front. Likely would help push the handling to the next level and maybe improve MPG by disabling the gas engine at times (i.e. highway).
Just a WAG, but they all (i.e. Porsche, etc.) seem to be on the bandwagon.

The rumor is a hybrid is coming, V8 in the rear and electric up front for AWD. And that’s soon - like 2020/2021 - followed by all electric after.

1 week later
#144 4 months ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

2020 models, you’re paying MSRP or over.
Doesn’t matter if 2021 has a price increase. Everyone will be paying under MSRP.

I agree but I read that Chevy is going to crush dealers that try to sell over MSRP. Of course the early sales will go to "friends" of the dealer for resale, but I don't think it will last tooooo long.

#148 4 months ago
Quoted from KrustyBurger:

It doesn't appear so. I'm reading more & more articles to the contrary. This has typically been the case no doubt, but the positive attention that the good dealers get appears to be worth their time. It seems as they are finally seeing the bigger picture. (But there will always be some dealers that price gouge for 'high demand' vehicles. It's unfortunate)

Looks like Kerbeck is on that list, who will have about the highest allocation you can get. Gouging won't last long.

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