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3D Translites - next titles Wh2O and AFM

By Pinball-Dreams

4 years ago

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#27 3 years ago
Quoted from mrbillishere:

Dare I ask if you can transfer what you've learned to a replacement CFTBL hologram?

Hi Mr. Bill,

Pinball Dreams did make another run of really nice CFTBL reproduction holograms which were completed in late January of 2016.


I would be surprised if this second run of CFTBL replacement holograms has already completely sold out. Anyone looking for a nice CFTBL reproduction hologram should reach out to Henrik Maurer of Pinball Dreams.


1 month later
#67 3 years ago
Quoted from mayuh:

You're welcome thanks for your help! But
Sorry to disagree: No it doesn't
I'd say the final is 10 times more vibrant and don't get me started on depth...
Hope you enjoy it! And the real one even more so!

I pre-ordered a WH2O 3-D translite on March 30, 2016, through PPS. I am still undecided whether to put it in a frame and hang it in my game room or to install it directly into my WH2O. It will look great either way.

It sounds like we will be getting them within the next month or so from PPS then I would assume.

Thanks for doing these.


1 week later
#101 3 years ago
Quoted from mayuh:

I never wanted to blatantly post it straight at your eyes, but I only have a mere 18 views over there at YouTube...
Get ready for some nice (2d, yet animated) instruction cards.
» YouTube video

Wow, very nice. I ordered a WH2O 3-D translite from PPS back in late March. Do you have a link for the WH2O version?

Oops, never mind, I found this link on YouTube for the WH2O 3-D version.


#113 3 years ago
Quoted from mayuh:

...so, as I own one, I also started working on the next title. I don't want to admit that's a redemption for your patience of delay of AFM and WhiteWater, but basically yes... It is
That big guy will be awesome in 3D along with the droplets in front of him. Very nice for 3D... Now we only need a bunch of people demanding a F14 in 3D

I don't own a FT, but may have to pick up a FT 3-D translite anyway to hang on the wall. I really like the work that you have done on these 3-D translites.


1 week later
#126 3 years ago
Quoted from PPS:

Just got some (not all) of AFM, WH2O, and MM in today and more next week, will be shipping out next week.

Super. Thanks for the update.


#127 3 years ago
Quoted from PPS:

i'm not sure we need to do the pre-order thing for these anymore, given unexpected delays, etc, it's best to sell what we have when we get them ...

Since 'Pinball Dreams' is the vendor I wasn't worried about them delivering the final product as they have a proven track record of producing high quality products (CFTBL hologram reproduction). I don't mind pre-ordering with a proven and dependable vendor, but I completely understand not wanting to do pre-orders after the 'Twisted Pins' ordeal.


1 week later
#155 3 years ago

I got my tracking number this afternoon and my tracking number is a USPS number (Priority Mail 2-Day). The package departed Sparks, NV, this afternoon and expected delivery is Monday, July 11.


#165 3 years ago

I received my WH2O 3-D translite today via USPS today and I just installed it in my game. It looks awesome. The 3-D translite has to be seen in person to be truly appreciated.

The overall quality on this 3-D translite is simply amazing. Pinball Dreams did a great job with this project as they did with their CFTBL reproduction hologram project. I would not hesitate to purchase anything that is created by Pinball Dreams (How about reproducing the WH2O Waterfall Topper?). I would love to see Pinball Dreams do a 3-D translite for CFTBL as that translite actually says '3-D' right on the translite.

PPS packed this item very well and shipped it out via Priority Mail 2-Day on Friday and I received it today (Monday). I am very pleased with the overall experience of pre-ordering this great product as it has been well worth the wait.

I see that Fish Tales is next in the queue for a 3-D translite as it is already underway. I don't own a FT, but am seriously considering purchasing a FT 3-D translite when it becomes available to use as a wall hanger because the quality of these 3-D translites is so good.


#186 3 years ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

does this 3D translite get some thickness or is it as thin as a normal translite? sorry for the question that can be silly.

I just installed my WH2O 3-D translite yesterday and it was no different than swapping out any WPC translite. The WH2O 3-D translite is slightly thicker than the normal WPC translite (do NOT roll the 3-D translites up in a tube), but it still fit perfectly using the standard backbox trim for WPC games.


#195 3 years ago

The 3-D translites are shipped with the following instruction sheet which details how to take care of and install the translite.



#240 3 years ago
Quoted from mayuh:

..so, for the weekend, let's fly through it:
» YouTube video

Very nicely done. I love the video that you created to showcase this 3-D translite. I don't own a FT, but am seriously considering picking up this 3-D translite to use as wall art in my game room.


2 months later
#336 3 years ago
Quoted from PPS:

The FT translites are shipping to us anyday, we are trying to have a few at Expo but otherwise would certainly have them here in the US for sale the following week.
TOM will be coming next, then I believe RFM.

TOM looks really nice in 3-D. Let us know when they are in stock and available to order.


1 week later
#364 3 years ago
Quoted from mayuh:

No, we didn't and even worse, we couldn't. That's just how the lenticular technique works. Stuff in the background is a little blurry, stuff in the foreground too. To have it razor sharp, everything has to be in the middle, which is obviously totally against all 3D.
Just think you look at a rafting boat 3 feet away from you, and you'd expect the hills/rock walls 2 miles away to be in focus too. It unfortunately doesn't work. You can however in real life concentrate (focus) on one and then the other, but we have to decide (aka dictate) what you see in focus. I'm sorry about that, but that's physics ) quote: science, yeah! (BrakingBad)
Bottom line is, that your very personal 3D perception depends heavily upon the motive. FT and ToM will be far superior compared to let's say Highspeed II. We 'only' have 15 inches of depth (regular/common depth for lenticular is 3-5 inches) and when you see a road like in HS II and it should be 10 yards in depth, but you'd see only the max of 15 inches, you probably gonna be disappointed. Yet the Lamborghini would look freaking fantastic. And the helicopter... same with F14. That will be amazing. And ToM - hell, even demoman... hehehe...
Well, too much 3D psychology... but I think you'll understand what I try to explain. The more that is in the foreground (area wise/biiiiig) and the less you see from a background, the cooler it looks. Technically it'll be the same, but subjective impression is totally different...

Thanks for the education in 3-D translites 101. I appreciate it and I have a WH2O 3-D translite that I think looks great. I am looking forward to adding a 3-D translite to my TOM when they are available for purchase.


2 weeks later
#399 3 years ago

All of the 3-D translites produced to date have been games with unlicensed themes so I am guessing that Monster Bash is not on the docket for producing at this time.


1 year later
#639 2 years ago
Quoted from mayuh:

That would be a recreational title for me... I'll keep asking for it. Getaway too
I'm not quite sure I can't finish TOTAN before xmas. I think, we will release a few titles at once early next year.
My best excuse is that it is too cold and temperature fluctuation is to high to guarantee accurate printing. Believe it or not, that actually true, plus the current titles are quite complex and need a lot of work and love.

I am guessing that you will not be tackling any licensed titles? If you ever do create 3-D translites for a licensed title CFTBL seems like a natural choice as it contains '3-D' on the current translite.


cr2 (resized).jpg

2 months later
#668 2 years ago
Quoted from ccbiggsoo7:

so the white water one is not that good, ......basically is what I'm reading?

I have a WH2O 3-D translite and I really like it. Some have commented that the some of the far background objects are not as clear as in the original translite, but from what I understand this cannot be helped.

This thread has a lot of information from the OP which explains it much better than I can.


2 weeks later
#670 2 years ago
Quoted from mayuh:

yeah, update
I'm busy as f@#* for no reason at all - I blame it on my RL customers We picked up work on ToTAN again - along with another new title. Looks like it's going to be a busy spring for the 3D translites rather than a calm winter season

Ah, now my interest is piqued. What is the other new title (not TOTAN) that is in the works?


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