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#151 11 months ago

It took me a while to get the spinner done. Its not really that complicated but I still struggled with some pieces, but it came out ok.


G02 Gate Spinner 5b (resized).jpg


bon vorage spinner 1 (resized).jpg

#152 11 months ago

Ok? I think it looks bang-on dude. Nice work!

#153 11 months ago

Very nice, i had a hard time with that part as well and wound up egde modeling it and used sub-division. Use a caliper if you have the part it makes it so much easier to get things like thickness correct. The bent wire looks a bit thin and the bracket looks a tad too thick. Everything else looks spot on. You should apply a raytrace reflection to the playfield too. Once you start have more and more pieces it will look so much better because reflective surfaces like chrome will have more detail in them. I am patiantly waiting for a render to finish i finally figured out the problem with the stops, or at least on my situation. It turned out to be the "noise filthering(spekle reduction) option in the render set-up was turned "off". ugg.. I have no idea why that changed though...

#154 11 months ago

I agree, the bracket is thick (fixable but will be a pain) and the connector wire is thin (should be easy to fix). That was just laziness on my part really, I should have measured them but I guessed it instead. Looking at it again, it also looks like the 2 white washers need to be bigger as well. Dammitttt.

The playfield of course is a jpg map. I haven't tried making that reflective yet, I didn't even think of doing it.

When I made the spinner decal originally I was also going to make a bitmap and map it. But because it is a simple shape, I made it up of 3 geometries as you can see here, colored white and red (plastic material). As you can see, the white part really picks up color bleed from the yellow playfield, much more so than the real-life photo where it looks just plain white. I haven't been able to figure out how to dial that down so the decal will look whiter. Tried all sorts of settings on reflectivity without much change.

bon voyage spinner 2 (resized).jpg

#155 11 months ago

Well for me i usually model everything just like you did and rescale it when its all together so you are right on track. Another thing to consider when doiong photo-realistic modeling is nothing is straight. The computer loves to draw straight line but in the real world nothing is this perfect so i will always bend or twist things ever so slightly to break away from that. And stay away from sharp edges when ever you can put at least a slight bevel on them.

edrtgy (resized).jpg

Untidteygtled (resized).jpg

#156 11 months ago


TOM_R32 (resized).jpg

#157 11 months ago

Another nice one!

#158 11 months ago

It turned out to be pretty easy to fix my mistakes, now it is redone with a thinner bracket and thicker wires. I will be attempting a pop bumper next...

bon voyage spinner 3 (resized).jpg

#159 11 months ago

You should watch this series before you start the pop bumpers. » YouTube video

#160 11 months ago

TOM_R33_out (resized).jpg

#161 11 months ago
Quoted from xsvtoys:

will be attempting a pop bumper next...

Should check out this tutorial as well... » YouTube video

#162 11 months ago

OK I did go through the shower nozzle one, it is interesting but man he flies through it fast, so I'll have to spend some time going through it to understand it all. I'll check this one out too. I got sidetracked tweaking the spinner gate and then dealing with other things in life, so hopefully I will get a pop bumper next. It looks like the key part is the plastic cap itself, as the rest will be mostly hidden. Hopefully these tutorial will help me figure out how to make that shape with the triangles going around.

#163 11 months ago
Quoted from PinBertl:

But what kind of scanner they use when they scan your head and laser them in these glass cubes?
This is popular and cheap, you have them in some shopping malls. It only takes few time and the results are nice.
I think the question is, if they can generate a file which can be used for 3D printers.

I don't know what scanner they use, but I know for sure that they could have used one of Artec 3D-scanners. They are really nice! I think you should visit their website https://www.artec3d.com/.

Good luck!

#164 11 months ago

Preview1 (resized).jpg

Preview2 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#165 10 months ago
Quoted from swinks:

nice work xsvtoys
and again awesome work 3rdaxis, all those parts laid out looks incredible.
can you explain something 3rdaxis for me. when you are modelling your parts are they modeled dimensionally in a cad program and then adding the real life lighting and look?
this is my first game that I started working on in solidworks and a older version so not too realistic. So could I take these cad models into 3ds to get that real 3d look?

Hey Swinks, didn't see this comment. Yes you absolutly can import that into a 3d program like 3dsMax. Nice looking model, looks dead on. Be happy to help if you ever want to try.

#166 10 months ago
Quoted from 3rdaxis:

Hey Swinks, didn't see this comment. Yes you absolutly can import that into a 3d program like 3dsMax. Nice looking model, looks dead on. Be happy to help if you ever want to try.

cheers man, if you need the art work for AFM, I have a illustrator file

#167 10 months ago
Quoted from swinks:

cheers man, if you need the art work for AFM, I have a illustrator fileI'm all good thatnks. Just been busy with work.

3 weeks later
#168 9 months ago


15195974_10207839152761257_2774117351318505787_o (resized).jpg

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