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$299 New Arcade Cabinets-Street Fighter, Centipede, Tempest

By vid1900

1 year ago

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#29 1 year ago

My first thought is hacking that, the price is good. This would be assuming it is a playable form factor with riser. I have been trying to figure out a way to make a full MAME setup somewhat on the cheap. Cabinets kits are expensive, such as $750 here: https://gameroomsolutions.com/shop/32-arcade-cabinet-kit/

If the controls are decent quality it would be good, you would have the control panel all done. Seems doubtful though, they probably are cheap ones which would need to be replaced. If the trackball on the one version is actually a good one that would be a bonus.

You could set this up for both vertical and horizontal games, the monitor is basically square.

It appears to me that the black box on the back of the monitor is its power supply. The ribbon cable connects to the control panel box. I am assuming the mini-PC or whatever it is is inside the control panel. Need to get that control panel ripped open and find out whats in there.

#38 1 year ago
Quoted from RonSS:

"A friend of mine " runs a raspberry pi with sd card full of arcade games to a tv and x-arcade tankstick. Pi, card and tankstick total was under $200. Such cards cold be found on a popular auction site so I was told. Even came with the frontend.
Beats having only 4 games.

I have the Pi and the SD card with MAME already. Everything works, but I have been trying to figure out the controls. Wireless Xbox 360 works pretty good for some games, horrible for others. I have thought about the tank stick for some time but never pulled the trigger. Thinking about a custom panel to connect to the TV, OR, building a cabinet.

4 weeks later
#358 1 year ago
Quoted from gmkalos:

[quoted image]

MAME + emulation = unlimited power!

0B92C790-4DC3-4D49-9464-48E4824C50BD (resized).jpeg

#381 1 year ago
Quoted from vid1900:

Wow, that would have been a goldmine!
I only have one still wrapped game, a Pacman with a Sears price sticker of $59.99 on it, got it for $4 at a garage sale.
I only bought a few games for my 2600.
I had an EPROM burner for the pins, so I would just burn the games.
There was a ring of 2600 pirates down the street that were selling "Any game, $15" in totally black cartridges with just a number on them, so they had images for just about anything you had ever heard of.
I'd fix their broken systems and joysticks, they'd keep me supplied with every title.
I bet everyone remembers these carts with the ZIF socket on them:[quoted image]

And now you can get a 20 MB zip file that has every 2600 game ever made and play any of them on a emulator on a PC or a 35$ R Pi. So I have heard.

#385 1 year ago

Right, or, again, there is that nice tasty pie. But I'm not mentioning that here, nope. But going back to a post I made in this thread at the very beginning, my main interest in one of these is in the possibility to hack it a bit. Assuming the controls are good, to be able to get into there and see if you can take over everything with one of the pies. That way you don't have to build or buy a cab, get the controls and screen etc. So, still waiting for hack reports, I'm sure someone somewhere is thinking about this.

1 month later
#596 1 year ago
Quoted from vid1900:

RetroPie step by step installation

Welcome to my post 29 on page 1 of this thread

1 month later
#761 11 months ago
Quoted from klr650:

If you want to go one step further: GroovyGameGear also has buttons that can be used with real leaf switches. They are more expensive but can be fine tuned to hair-trigger sensitivity (if that's your thing)
[quoted image]

I also just recently found out that they have joysticks with the leaf switches like the original PacMan. I’m thinking about getting one of these.


2 weeks later
#868 10 months ago

I've been keeping up with this thread, and I have to say one of the things that impresses me is what appears to be consistent solid customer support as far as fixing issues, updating the product, etc. This of course is good basic business practice, but so many companies fail in this area. Hopefully they can keep that going and have success selling these.

1 month later
#1296 9 months ago
Quoted from vid1900:

That is a Hot Air Rework Station NOT a soldering iron.
There are no through-legs on Surface Mount components, they are soldered on the component side of the motherboard (photo is correct).
Watch this video if you want to see how the components are soldered from the face side of the board:

Note she is holding the hot air wand incorrectly.....

How about the disassembled hard drive that is sitting there with the platter exposed?Yeah, that’ll work.

1 week later
#1469 9 months ago

I found it interesting that some of those have a sign that says “pending licensor approval release date tbd”. Does that mean they are still negotiating the rights and trying to come to an agreement? Did they build one up as a test before even getting official permission?

It would be interesting to know all of the various companies that hold the rights to these popular arcade games, and what they are doing with those rights. Some of them are obvious, others were sold to different players over the years so might be harder to trace. It also would be interesting to know what the licensing price is to sell the game on a platform like this. Is it a one time flat price, or a per-unit price? Or maybe both?

1 week later
#1635 9 months ago

Amazon are not idiots, they are not going to sell everything at the lowest price WITH free shipping forever. They get people hooked and too lazy to try anything else, and then start raising the price. I however am also not an idiot, so just like I check Amazon for pricing I check other places also, and these days there is a lot of stuff that is cheaper elsewhere, particularly as Vid said at local brick and mortars. Sometimes cheaper by an amazingly large margin. Target especially has a lot of better pricing. I admit to buying a lot of stuff at Amazon but I also do as much as I can for local businesses. Because when the day comes that Amazon wipes them all out, guess what, the prices will go up and then there will be no more alternatives.

1 week later
#1848 8 months ago
Quoted from vid1900:

I figured out all the SD card stuff:
SD card 16gig or smaller.
Format SD card to FAT32
Make a folder called "game" in lower case
Put your .bin or .a26 games in the game folder.
Make sure the names of the games don't have spaces or any crazy characters.
You can get 2548 ROM images from the Bay or d/l them one at a time from cool roms.

I think that the 500 or so USA 2600 game roms take up a grand total of about 3 MB of space LOL. I just play them on an emulator every once in a while, nostalgia aside, they just aren't that great. Crap I wish I had all the money back I blew on the game and the cartridges in the 80s though.

#1866 8 months ago
Quoted from Jason43:

Speaking of klov, i don't think I've logged in there since these things have hit the market. I bet those guys are all walking around with full on rage boners over the 1up cabinets.

Here's the thread, gave it skim, it looks pretty similar to this one actually, some good, some bad, some arguing, etc etc.


#1877 8 months ago
Quoted from vid1900:

There are a few games that still hold up today, like Demon Attack and Suicide Mission

Everyone has a bunch of emulators, but I never play them because it's too much work, too many versions, too much to scroll through, lol
Give me the simplicity of just turning it on, and playing with a **real** 2600 joystick....

Its not so bad, I'm a single mom and I can do it! (OK I'm not a single mom). I really haven't spent much time messing with the emulators, they seem to work out of the box OK for the most part. You can get usb controllers for most of the old platforms, but I just play with a Microsoft 360 controller, it works surprisingly well for a lot of games.

2600 home (resized).png

You can even view the manual before you play right on the screen.

2600 frogger manual (resized).png

MAME games are fun, but most of them need a better controller than the gaming pad.

arcade home (resized).png
Asteroids playing on an LCD monitor, oh the humanity Its pretty fun though. I do actually have modifications loaded for this game to emulate the vector monitor, they're in there!

arcade asteroids (resized).png

I'll get in on the MAME thread with more.

#1900 8 months ago

Crap how many VCRs have I thrown out and I didn't take those parts out.

#1904 8 months ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

Be careful with this. I have one that I keep a pachinko machine on. I'm not sure I would consider it stable enough for an Arcade1Up, but you can see for yourself.

Yeah those aren't the most solid thing in the world. I think they are made of corrugated cardboard. You can always skip the whole 1UP and just use the Lack table


#1985 8 months ago
Quoted from docquest:

These momentary switches from lowes (homedepot has similar as well) are the right size to screw right into those repro cone bezels. Unfortunately they do not light up like the Atari player select ones did. However they are a good match for the non light up style used on Missile Command.

I don’t have any measurements so can’t tell if this might work, but it looks sorta right.


#1987 8 months ago

I'm not so sure that emulation itself stinks. But I do agree with everything you said about controls. For the old arcade games, the controls are everything. Its the controls man, its the controls. I still have a belief it can be dealt with on an emulator cabinet, but it takes careful consideration of a lot of factors. That's why I have been stalled for a long time, biding my time and reading up on controls.

1 week later
#2097 8 months ago

I got interested in those volcano switches (--nostalgia--) and poked around a bit.

There are different ones. Some are tall and some are short. Some are black and some are aluminum. Some are illuminated and some are not. Mostly they were for Start buttons (usually illuminated I believe) but also sometimes for Fire buttons (Missile Command).

This thread has some information. http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php?topic=11123.0

Someone posted this drawing of the tall cone.

volcano tall_cone dimensions (resized).jpg

Looking at those dimensions, I still think this Parts Express lighted switch might work. It is labeled as 1/4 inch for the button and 0.366" for the mounting hole which looks like it will fit.


I might try that for my arcade panel, if I ever get around to building it. These things are cooler than the typical standard arcade pushbutton switch that is used everywhere.

#2101 8 months ago
Quoted from woody24:

Just ordered 2, so well see if you're correct. Blaming you if they dont work.

Cool. Can't wait for the report! At least I'm oly on the hook for a few bucks.

1 week later
#2138 7 months ago
Quoted from vid1900:

But, in many (most?) states, if you are caught with a non-family member male living in the house, she loses all her free school breakfast/lunches, child food assistance "food stamps", free after school activities "babysitting till 6pm".
You can always tell when men write the laws, lol.

Unfortunately this is common in CA. The father on the birth certificate is "unknown". You left out the general welfare checks.

#2141 7 months ago
Quoted from vid1900:

I know, there was a just a TV special about that.
Even with all the DNA testing nowadays, in the US, 2% of all children have "Father Unknown".

Our state got rid of General Welfare decades ago.
If you don't have dependent children, you get nothing.
The max with a single mom and 3 children is $900 - that would not pay even for the cheapest apartment around here, lol

Right, something like that, plus add in about $600 or so for the SNAP, and free Medicaid. Rent is less of an issue because 3 to 4 (or even more) families live in a place that is designed for 1 family. Add in some phantom money from ghost dad and under the table work and you're good to go.

EDIT - do you remember what network that show was on or what it was called? I would like to watch that one.

#2144 7 months ago
Quoted from benheck:

I'd like to apologize for making that divorce joke as it triggered politics in this topic.

OK back to topic - where do we get that $100 arcade??

2 weeks later
#2255 7 months ago
Quoted from vid1900:

You can pick and choose from the 6000 ROMs easily.
If you open a torrent file, you can hit CTRL-A to highlight all the ROMs, then rightclick SKIP FILE.
Now just choose the ROMs you want (rightclick DOWNLOAD FILE)
Now the torrent will only dowload the ones you want.

Or just download them all and pick and choose later for your setup. With hard drive capacities these days it’s easy to store them. That way you’ve got them all handy in case you want more or if something happens. If I had downloaded all of the Nintendo packs before Nintendo went nuts on all of the distributors I would be happy.

2 weeks later
#2344 6 months ago
Quoted from woody24:

When I hit the lottery, a collection of muscle cars will be one of the first things I shop for. But until then, I collect diecast cars. More specifically. 1:18 scale movie versions. Bullitt, Vanishing Point, Gone in 60 Seconds (70's version), Gone in 60 Seconds (2000 version), Back to the Future, Bumble Bee, '89 Batmobile.
Would absolutely love to own the real things, but this gets me a little closer to feeling like I do. Much like how these Arcade1Up's do for a lot of people. I've got 2 A1up's. SFII and Galaga. Modded both of them. One for horizontal game and another for vertical. Would love to own the real ones, but just like cars, I can't afford them, nor do I have the space for them. So this gets me closer to having my own arcade, which does sit right next to my real JP machine. No substitute for that.

What brand is good for those model cars? I saw the Greenlight ones, they look pretty nice. I’d like to get some.

#2347 6 months ago

Sweet display!

1 month later
#2454 5 months ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

The four holes in the middle are empty, if that is what you mean. But, yeah, I think I should try reflowing the solder everywhere just to make sure. If that doesn’t work, I’ll probably just have to throw it away.

From the pic none of the solder joints for the 4 wires looks awe-inspiring to me. Especially Tx and Rx. And those presumably are for transmit and receive so if either of those is bad it might make the whole thing dead.

2 weeks later
#2490 4 months ago

I assume the spinner on the Asteroids game is for playing Tempest? You wouldn’t play Asteroids with a spinner I don’t think. That would not be right at all.

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