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$299 New Arcade Cabinets-Street Fighter, Centipede, Tempest

By vid1900

10 months ago

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#143 10 months ago

Boy. If they'd so a Simpsons, Xmen, and TMNT one, I'd have to get it. Those are probably the three games I've dumped the most quarters into, for a video game. JP Pinball still probably beats all that.

#265 10 months ago

Ooh. Bed Bath and Beyond will carry these?! That means in 6 months, they'll be in the clearance aisle! Picked up one of those iCades a few years back for like $10 from there.

#286 9 months ago
Quoted from PoMC:

Those laserdisc games are cool to look at for sure, but the "gameplay" is awful and totally not fun. I run the Daphne emu on my cabinet and will keep it in attract mode since it looks fantastic, but I wouldn't pay for a dedicated system that basically plays cartoon clips.

Hah. Yeah. I'd rather just watch a Youtube video of it. I never understood the "game." I put my money in it once, and waited until I was able to play it. Then the game was over before I even knew what happened.

#301 9 months ago

The problem with MAME cabinets is getting the roms. It is for me at least. Have been having a heck of a time getting just the ones I want. I don't want to download 128GB image files. I'm really considering the Street Fighter cabinet, but even for as small as it is, I really don't have any room for it.

#330 9 months ago

Someone's going to have to explain arcade punks to me. I guess I don't understand it. Like I said, I don't want to download gigs worth of image files. I want to download only the games I want.

And I'm putting them on a Raspberry Pi with RetroPie. So I'm not sure what Hyperspin is and if that even works for RetroPie.

#335 9 months ago

I tried to download one of the Raspberry Pi images from Arcade punks the other day. But after 2 days, it didn't download a single bite from the torrent.

#356 9 months ago
Quoted from Thermionic:

It looks like the only way at present to get ROMs fairly easily without risking the dangers of sketchy sources is through archive.org.

Wow. I knew they had arcade games, but didn't realize they had A LOT of them. I thought it was just the basic 80's ones.

#373 9 months ago

Back in the early 2000's I found a bunch of NOS Atari games at a dollar store for $.50 each. Still in the original wrapper. I'm still kicking myself for not buying a single one. At the time, I thought, "I don't have an Atari, what would I do with these?"

#395 9 months ago
Quoted from gmkalos:

Download them individually here, Hyperspin is a front end program that allows you to navigate using the joystick instead of the keyboard.

Emu Paradise has pulled all of their roms and has practically shut down.

#402 9 months ago

Novelty items. Fun ones.

10 years ago Hallmark came out with PacMan and Galaga Christmas Ornaments. They were like $25, and had a push button that lit up the display and played a 20 second sound clip. I wanted to collect them all, and was disappointed that they never made more.

But then just this year, I saw someone is making actual playable cabinets about the same size, with like 4 or 5 different games. Those are like $15 at Walmart. I had to collect them all.

I see these things just as larger versions of those. Novelty collectibles. Just like the American Pickers say about "roached" items. This is for the entry level collector.

#403 9 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

I GET that. I'm just saying that the 2600 was built better than these new toys, which is why it often still works 35 years later. The spec on this new disposable stuff is much cheaper. "Just barely good enough" is good enough these days.

But is there anything today that is made more robust and durable than it was 35 years ago? I've been buying old tools just because the quality on them is much better than what you can get on the shelf today. Like my 100 year old table vice. That things a beast.

#412 9 months ago
Quoted from mattosborn:

Oh... I've got a surprise for you! Head on over to your Hallmark store... they came out with a Donkey Kong this year!

No $#it? I've been bugging them on Twitter for years to bring those back.

#440 9 months ago
Quoted from alveolus:

I like how the dude is playing asteroids with a joystick and trackball.

Taking a closer look at it, something looks off by his right hand. I'd almost guess this was photoshopped. He was probably playing another machine, and they photoshopped in that cabinet. Especially since the photos of the cabinet by itself don't even show joysticks.

2 weeks later
#486 9 months ago
Quoted from Luckydogg420:

The company behind arcade 1 up is the same one as hatchamals

Oh, really? Didn't know that. Interesting. That gives me better hope for the product. I just figured it was just a couple guys who got the licenses together.

So that probably means, somewhat limited run for the rest of the year. Then the next year, all we'll see are these things. I swear, now that I seem Hatchamals all over the place, I almost think I should buy one just because it's what everyone was hunting for a couple Christmas's ago.

#495 8 months ago

Lol. Yeah, cause trading in your ps4 will satisfy your gaming needs. Trade in a state of the art system capable of playing 100s of great games, for a mini arcade that can only play 3, 30 year old games.

But I'm sure Gamestop would gladly sell you back your PS4 for 50% more than what they gave you.

But.....I do have an xbone s that I rarely play and I think I got it during a black Friday deal for $250. I could technically break even.

#498 8 months ago
Quoted from 85vett:

Probably someone like me. I bought a PS4, GTA and Gran Turismo. I missed playing GT and GTA from my college days and wanted to get back into them. They botched GT by not allowing you to customize the cars as you did in the past and I hate the gameplay of the new GTA. Like the story line but hate the controls and how I can't customize them to meet my needs (have to pick from per-determined settings).
So at the end of the day i spent a lot of cash for a console and 2 games that i played 2 weeks and has bend sitting in a cabinet collecting dust for a year now

I'll give you $10 for Gran Turismo. Been waiting for the price to drop on that game because of what I've heard they've done with it, but still hovering around $40.

#503 8 months ago
Quoted from BoJo:

Someone posted a pic on facebook. Thing is so tiny. I imagine most will be adding the riser.
[quoted image]

Would be curious as to what it's still like playing with the riser. It still looks short, but 1Up has shown that the controls are the exact height as most arcade units. But the problem that I saw was, the angle and placement of the monitor is not. So you'd still either be looking down at a steep angle of the monitor, or have to adjust your stance to bend down to get eye level with it.

#537 8 months ago
Quoted from racer_x:

Makes you wonder if anyone actually played these before they started shipping them out.
[quoted image]

Looks like a store display though. That would be the ultimate test of durability though. If it can wear out, it will on display.

#541 8 months ago

So this is the box design? Looks like it belongs at the end of the aisle with the rest of the "As Seen On TV" products.

s-l1600 (resized).jpg
#545 8 months ago
Quoted from Luckydogg420:

Here’s the first video I found with a raspberry pi installed inside. He used the same monitor with adding a lcd controller and new buttons and sticks

*Knows how to identify chips that have had their ID's sanded off.
*Builds a Raspberry Pi into the Arcade1Up
*Replaces the stock joysticks and buttons with higher quality ones.
*Doesn't like the lit up buttons, and doesn't snip the LED out of them?

#600 8 months ago
Quoted from Malenko:

Yeah, that's the bad photshop pic. Does that guy not look shopped into place to you?

He doesn't look photoshopped in. But it does look like there's been a window or something photoshopped out. That wall to his right has obviously been photoshopped.

The tell for him actually being there is the reflection. It's too good for someone to have photoshopped him.

#602 8 months ago
Quoted from Malenko:

Copy, mirror, rotate, and gradient mask with a slight focal blur.
[quoted image]

Sure you can do that if you want to look like an amateur. If you did exactly what you said, he'd be floating in the air. Only the very edge of his foot would be touching the ground. And the fact that his reflection looks so good and the wall does not, means that he was taken in that photo.

The shoe is proof that he's real. They removed a line from his shoe to not use a copyrighted Adidas shoe in their photo. They either didn't notice the stripe in the reflection, or realized it was going to be too hard for the amount that it's shown. Because, if they did what you said, why wouldn't they mirror the photoshopped version of the shoe?

2 weeks later
#662 8 months ago

Saw the display at Walmart today, and they had a couple of them in stock. Disappointing that the display wasn't playable. You could press a button to see a demo video, but there a plastic cover over the controls.

I like it. I have no room for one, but if I did, I'd probably collect them.

#667 7 months ago
Quoted from vid1900:

Donate them to a children's center.
Kids would love you for it, and you can take the tax deduction.

According to my tax professional, tax deductions are pretty much worthless now unless you make over $12k in charitable contributions.

#677 7 months ago

I really want to contact them to design the second batch of box designs. Saw them the other day. They are horrendous. They are not easy to figure out which game it is at a glance if you're seeing them for the first time.

And then there's this.

arcade (resized).jpgarcade2 (resized).jpg
1 month later
#957 6 months ago

Last night local walmart had all of them. But no discount.

*EDIT. But looking at brick seek, looks like a Walmart 30 mins away has them all for $200. (Avon IN 46123)

#981 6 months ago
Quoted from modfather:

I dont think size is an issue , as these cabinets are packed pretty tight and un-assembled in a flat box. They had a pallet with about 20 games stacked in two rows ( 6K in retail ). Sure there are small items that can be expensive, like jewelry, but other things like bicycles take up a lot of room on the retail floor. Yesterday they had a pallet of 3 dollar candles taking up major space.

I feel like these just replaced the Rock Band boxes anyways. So no major loss.

#1031 6 months ago

Thought I'd check local Craigslist to see if anyone has any of these out there. Was curious if anyone was trying to unload it after finding out it's not what they thought it'd be. Found this guy who's hoping no one knows what it is. $650 for the 12-in-1. Plus he'll "Throw in" the riser for another $50. He's even sealed the paint on the control panel so that you can spend hours playing it without chipping it.

Not that I want to see someone spend $650 on it, but would love for someone to buy it and refuse the extra $50 riser, cause what use is it to him after the games gone?

indianapolis.craigslist.org link

1 week later
#1099 6 months ago

Weren't they going to ship the games with a protector already installed? Are they still going through the old inventory?

#1167 5 months ago

I think $150 will be my magic number for the SFII cabinet. $100 for the other ones.

We also have Final Fight to look forward to coming out this Spring. Wonder if it will start at $300, or be lowered to $200.

Just looked up Brickseek, and looks like a Walmart close to me has them all marked at $150. SFII sold out, but looks like they have all the other ones.

#1197 5 months ago

Damn. Walmart 9 miles away has them all for $100.

#1209 5 months ago
Quoted from NimblePin:

Wow! $100?!?
Now that’s worth a 9 mile drive for sure!
I thought I was farting through velvet at $150 on my Pac Man.
Even though I have a Big Blue nestled in the corner, SFII would be snatched up right quick to House my old Pandora’s Box.
Might as well collect them all at $100 Woody.
Anaheim Fry’s had a bunch of SFII cabs left when I was there yesterday. It’s too bad most of the online places went back up to $249.
I’m sure they’ll dump them down again soon after Christmas.
Ho Ho Hadouken!

Drove there this morning. My plan was to get SFII and Rampage. They both showed up in stock on Brickseek this morning. I get there, and the only one on the shelf was Galaga. I asked if they had them anywhere else, and the sales person said no that they had sold them all out yesterday right after they marked them down to $100. I asked if it was possible to order in their store to pick up at another one. All she said was that I had to order Online and pickup in the store, which the online price wasn't the $100.

So I drove back to my closest Walmart and asked if they price matched the other store, and said they can't do that.

Drats. Nothing.

Still showing all of them in stock. Not sure how frequent they update the quantity, but also makes me think there's a pallet of them in the back. They even had the riser on the shelf.

arcade1up (resized).jpg
#1314 5 months ago

Wish me luck. Driving to a neighboring town 30+ miles away to see if I can get some of their cabinets for $100. Listed on Brickseek. I think I'll but anything they have, other than centipede and asteroids. I'd rather have the deluxe cabinet of those.

#1315 5 months ago

Success. Barely. They had everything except Centipede and Rampage was still $300 for some reason. They wouldn't change the price for me.

Picked up SF II and Galaga. I was tempted to also get Pacman, but only two fit in the shopping cart, and boy was I glad I didnt get a third. One fit in my car. Two barely fit.

Now I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them yet. Need to find a place to set them up.

20181228_165153 (resized).jpg20181228_165155 (resized).jpg20181228_165159 (resized).jpg20181228_165526 (resized).jpg20181228_164644 (resized).jpg
#1330 5 months ago

Cleaned up my spare room. Had to remove a table and some junk. Got SFII and Galaga set up. Still need to make a little extra room for Pacman. Man these things are awesome. Just wish I didn't have so much crap in my house.

2019-01-01 16.21.56 (resized).jpg
#1331 5 months ago

Playing Super Street Fighter II Turbo, when I hold jab down, these Zeros pop up during the opening animation. It only shows during Ryu, not during Cami. I've pushed all the buttons and cannot change the numbers.

Does anyone know what the purpose of this is? I'm assuming it was apart of the original cabinet and not specific to 1Up?

49548098_10161385815455654_5304185980931014656_o (resized).jpg
#1335 5 months ago
Quoted from kyle5574:

Whoa! Nice prices. I can't compete with you in pinball, but I might be able to in SF II.

Your house is like a museum of the obscure and interesting. I love walking in there and seeing something I didn't see before. Don't get rid of too much!

Ha. Thanks Kyle. Yeah, my SFII button mashing probably isn't the best strategy. The house just needs better organization. My computer room has been a catch-all for when I need to get stuff out of the way.

#1353 5 months ago

Educated guess on Marvel Vs Capcom, and Streets of Rage. Saw a photo of a bunch of machines with covers over them on the "Official" facebook group, and those two logos were popping out.


#1360 5 months ago
Quoted from vid1900:

Final Fight, Ghost N Goblins, 1944 & Strider cab pics are up![quoted image]

They've been up for a while. They've had 360 view up ever since I knew of the site.

#1363 5 months ago

down, down, left, right.......

#1422 5 months ago

Cocktails have always seemed odd to me. Never been a fan of them. And I honestly don't even know if I've even played one. The local mall has two of them in their food court. Seems there's always someone sitting at them eating their food. Never playing.

#1447 5 months ago

This group has a lot of photos. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1450378475106130/?ref=nf_target&fref=nf

49342126_10155807170017797_4762431892978925568_n (resized).jpg
#1449 5 months ago
Quoted from winteriscoming:

What's the MSRP on the small ones? That puts them in a size range with more competition, I believe.
It'll be interesting to see if the company can keep pumping out new titles. You'd think people would run out of money and room, but I am posting this on a pinball forum...

My guess would be closer to those New Wave ones. $120. These things look kinda fun, but seem like they're right in the middle of being awkward. Too small to really be a full-use machine, and just large enough to take up an awkward amount of space. I wouldn't mind having only one of them, but would need to be the right machine.

#1475 5 months ago

How do you play Bad Dudes with the Karate Champ dual joysticks?

#1476 5 months ago

NBA Jam?

#1493 5 months ago
Quoted from NimblePin:

Technically it’s Instaspam but agree with the sentiment nonetheless.

I think it's Snapspam.

#1495 5 months ago
Quoted from NimblePin:

Is there a difference?
Both of them can get off my damn digital lawn so I can enjoy my outdated B&W Munsters Premium in peace! *shakes LED lucite Zuse cane*

ummm The only difference is..... I use Insta and not Snap. Follow me! www.instagram.com/dustinwoodphoto

#1521 5 months ago

Lunar Lander's always been one of my favorites from those era of games. Would much rather play that then the anxiety inducing Asteroids. The game just feels "authentic."

#1604 5 months ago

I like them, and I actually have been getting more into playing them than on my retropie, or other system. Usually I play a game then I'm done. But on these I've been finding myself actually trying to do better than my previous play on Pacman and Galaga. And I've actually started to notice some patterns with Pacman on my own. Like if you go after the Blue ghost, he seems to always run away from you. I just figured they all acted the same.

#1607 5 months ago
Quoted from winteriscoming:

What's funny is for me installing a retropie in my sf2 cab has resulted in me actually playing my retropie!
I've had it sitting in a NESpi case on my desk for ages without being played.
I've been looking up games I'm interested in and just adding them instead of building out a forever-long list of junk I'll never play.
It has been cool playing the PS1 version of Mr. Driller in the cabinet (I didn't mess with it too long, but didn't get the arcade version working when I tried).
In the end, even the arcade1up boards are emulating the games, so I have no qualms swapping out the hardware to something more feature-rich that is also emulation. I guess there could be a certain appeal to only having a few dedicated games in the cab, but not sure if I could leave one stock.

I've thought about putting a pi in one. But was afraid of the same thing you mentioned with your NESpi. Have the same thing connected to my TV and play it every now and then, but have anxiety trying to figure out what to play.

What I'd like to do is build out purpose built cabinets. Like only fighting games, or only classics. But even at the $100 price tag I got them at, I still can't force myself to dump a perfectly good system. Maybe sometime in the future I'll re-consider.

#1666 4 months ago

Asteroids must have been selling pretty good at Gamestop. Looks like the price is up to $200 now.

#1667 4 months ago
Quoted from konghusker:

Just picked up 4 of these at Walmart for $179/each. Asteroids, rampage, pacman, and street fighter. Going to keep them in box while I decide if I really want to start collecting these things. They look pretty cool, but the purist collector in me still struggles with not getting original cabs. At least I have them at the discount price before they're gone.

I'd think that the removal of the extra zero on the end would be enough for the purists to not care so much.

The one thing that I've had to get over is the crt. Not the scan lines, but the flat screen. I've played some original arcade machines where the monitor had been replaced by a flat screen. And it kinda bugged me that the game was so flat. Never realized how much a curved screen was burned into my mind with these games.

#1686 4 months ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

Crap -- the paint on my Centipede control panel has started to rub off. I've ordered a plastic protector, but I'm still a few weeks away from getting one. I thought I read that the protectors come with reproduction graphics printed on the back side. Is that right? If so, I'll feel a little better.

Just got 2 of 3 yesterday and today. Ordered SF2 and Galaga the same day. Got SF yesterday and Galaga today. Ordered at first of year.

They come with the protective Plexiglas, and a paper-printed control deck artwork. I thought maybe it was going to be a sticker, but it's just a piece of paper that you place over and then put the Plexiglas over. *EDIT* It's heavier cardstock. Not a sheet of paper. But still paper.

#1689 4 months ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

Got it. I assume it still looks ok?
It's amazing how quick the paint wore off. I didn't consider myself as having played a lot, but there is still a white spot under the area where my wrist rests.

I was purposely not really playing mine substantially because of the artwork, so my decks still looked good. I didn't use the artwork sheet. But did lay it over to see what it looks like.

I think it will be "just good enough." Just like the Plexiglas, the button holes are large enough to go around the button, so they'll be a little gap between the button and the artwork. Also, my speaker holes didn't line up at all. So the paper artwork actually covered up the holes of the speaker. So it's not perfect, but as long as you don't do a full inspection of it, you'll never notice.

#1698 4 months ago
Quoted from badblackz:

Did you call or go through the website? I did it through the website on 12/26 and haven't heard back from them. My confirmation email said they would notify me when it ships, but nothing so far....

Through the website on 12/28/18. No other email from 1Up other than the confirmation from the form. I did however get an email from UPS saying that one of the packages was on it's way. I have it set up so that if a label is made with my address, I get an email notification. But since UPS doesn't know what's in the package, it only said the package was from Eagan, MN, United States. So I still had no idea it was from 1Up until I got it.

Still waiting on Pacman.

#1718 4 months ago

Just like Beanie Babies!

#1746 4 months ago
Quoted from vid1900:

It costs the same as a nice dinner for 2

What all are you ordering? Applebee's isn't that expensive.

#1748 4 months ago
Quoted from sawbill:

Vid said a nice dinner. Applebee’s is not in the “nice dinner” restaurant category.

It is where I'm from.

Also, sarcasm.

#1937 4 months ago

Was looking into converting mine to a Retro Pie, and man, to do it right, it's going to be expensive. I was thinking like $30 + the cost of the Pi, which I already have. Looks to me more along the lines of $70-$100 + the Pi.

#1939 4 months ago
Quoted from vid1900:

A lot of guys are using Odroid XU4 instead of a Pi

Well that's no help. $80 vs. already have. I said cheaper, not more expensive. Sheesh.

Kinda hoping that since there's not been a major update to the Pi recently, they're planning something big. Been waiting for the Pi4 before I build any more.

#1943 4 months ago
Quoted from winteriscoming:

What are you finding that costs that much? Assuming you have the RPi, SD card and psu, and use stock controls, minimally you'd only need the LCD driver board (about $35) and 2 usb encoders ($20 for the pair). So maybe $55 extra beyond what you've got on hand?
The existing wiring for the stock controls can plug right into the cheapo usb encoders. The LCD driver board has an onboard speaker amp and comes with wires/connector that are easy to adapt to the stock speaker. Then you just control volume from within the emulation station settings.

I was looking at the cheapest replace everything plan (to do it right). better buttons, joysticks, amp, with stereo speakers.

#1950 4 months ago

Doing more research on converting to a retro pie, I'm sure I'll need to drill a hole for one more button, and while it seems everyone is selling standard size ones, it made me think that I want to go all nostalgia.

How do I go about finding those little red buttons? The ones that it seemed the early 80s machines had for the player select. They were smaller red buttons with a steep black base that made it look like a little volcano . This is coming from my 6 y/o-self memory.

Would love to add those for the select/coin button.

Well no s#it! I guess they are simply called volcano switches. I was searching everything except for that, then figured I'd give it a shot.

#1966 4 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Too bad you've named one of the harder parts to source as those buttons are NLA and demand huge prices

Quoted from vid1900:

Yep, the black cone is $4, but the switch mech is probably $40

Shame. Surprised there aren't any reasonable recreations. Seen some posts where it looks like people have found similar buttons that work with the cones at Lowes

#2020 4 months ago

My guess another 2-3 years. While fun collectibles, they'll take up a lot of space for the people who have to have them all and sales will slow down. My guess is in two years we'll start seeing them combine cabinets, if their license allows. Much like Centipede and Asteroids. But will be SFII, Final Fight, and Mortal Kombat, and something else, just to try and get as much out of them as they can and try to capture the people who've always wanted one, but just couldn't justify it for just a hand full of the same game on a cabinet. They'll go after the 60 in 1 crowd.

Either way, will be interesting to follow.

#2034 4 months ago

Also find it funny that people try to compare the build of these to Ikea in terms of durability. I have a dresser from Ikea that I've been using for 13 years now. Just looks and functions just as good as it did when it was new.

1 week later
#2090 4 months ago

Sold my Pacman and Galaga. Kept Street Fighter. Had them for just over a month and I still played them all. Only thing was I only really had room for 2 machines, but figured I could mod my SFII anyways and have all the game, so I decided I'd rather have the money and space back.

Started the process of the mod, and I like it. I'm only going to put just the arcade games I like on it. I think right now my list is up to about 35 games (plus different version of the games. Only counting all the SF's as one). Also still trying to remember what was good and what I used to play. But I also figured that if I can catch Walmart again with a vertical display game for $100, I may pick up another again, and split my games between horizontal and vertical screens.

Still can't beat'em. Fun little things, and if I had a basement, I'd totally be collecting them all.

#2091 4 months ago

Also, I ordered a couple of those volcano switch bases. My original plan was to drill holes in the upper corners of the control board for them. But when I stripped all the controls out, I realized that these things will fit perfect in the power switch and volume holes. The volcano base covers the hole completely.

The only thing is I'll have to rig up a washer, because the switch itself just isn't wide enough to not slip through the hole if really tightened down.

Really wish they had a light up red version of the switch. But at least Lowes had $6 ones that fit it perfectly. Will also need to come up with a label that looks good and covers the ON/Off and Volume. May do "coin" or may just do one that looks like the texture of the board and hide it.

2019-02-10 18.18.06 (resized).jpg2019-02-10 18.18.28 (resized).jpg
#2094 4 months ago

What he said.

#2096 4 months ago
Quoted from RDReynolds:

Could you tell me where you ordered those? I’m working on a Marble Madness and would like to put those on it. Thx!

Right here http://www.arcadeshop.com/i/568/atari-tall-black-button-cone.htm

#2098 4 months ago
Quoted from xsvtoys:

I got interested in those volcano switches (--nostalgia--) and poked around a bit.
There are different ones. Some are tall and some are short. Some are black and some are aluminum. Some are illuminated and some are not. Mostly they were for Start buttons (usually illuminated I believe) but also sometimes for Fire buttons (Missile Command).
This thread has some information. http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php?topic=11123.0
Someone posted this drawing of the tall cone.
[quoted image]
Looking at those dimensions, I still think this Parts Express lighted switch might work. It is labeled as 1/4 inch for the button and 0.366" for the mounting hole which looks like it will fit.
I might try that for my arcade panel, if I ever get around to building it. These things are cooler than the typical standard arcade pushbutton switch that is used everywhere.

Just ordered 2, so well see if you're correct. Blaming you if they dont work.

#2123 3 months ago
Quoted from xsvtoys:

I got interested in those volcano switches (--nostalgia--) and poked around a bit.
There are different ones. Some are tall and some are short. Some are black and some are aluminum. Some are illuminated and some are not. Mostly they were for Start buttons (usually illuminated I believe) but also sometimes for Fire buttons (Missile Command).
This thread has some information. http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php?topic=11123.0
Someone posted this drawing of the tall cone.
[quoted image]
Looking at those dimensions, I still think this Parts Express lighted switch might work. It is labeled as 1/4 inch for the button and 0.366" for the mounting hole which looks like it will fit.
I might try that for my arcade panel, if I ever get around to building it. These things are cooler than the typical standard arcade pushbutton switch that is used everywhere.

These red light buttons don't work. I couldn't figure out a way to get them inside of the a functioning button with the Volcano base. There was at least no way to secure it in a proper way. Glue I suppose. But I was hopping to merge the lit button with the Lowes one so that I could screw it in. Couldn't figure out a way to do it. So right now I have the base with the black Lowes switch. It works at least.

#2124 3 months ago

Finished converting my SFII into a Raspberry Pi MAME. Things worked out good enough, but ran into some snags along the way.

Even though this is a cheap toy, I figured I'd put quality products in it, and make it as much of real arcade cabinet as I could.

I replaced the panel just underneith the control deck with a speaker grill panel. The problem I ran into was that the buttons hit the speaker. So I had to drill new holes and mount the speakers about an inch lower to make sure there was enough clearance.

The other thing, I had a heck of time drilling the holes for the protective overlay. I couldn't find a bore bit with fine teeth. So there's a few cracks and scrapes in the overlay. But that's ok. It still protects the artwork and it just wasn't worth buying a whole nother sheet of it. But if I had to do it again, I'd drill the holes first, make sure the buttons all fit, THEN drill holes for the screws while the buttons are in place, THEN trim the overlay to size.

For whatever reason, when the buttons were mounted, the overlay rotated about 1/4 inch. So I had to trim the edges and modify some holes.

I also installed official HAPP buttons and Sanwa joysticks. The price difference wasn't that bad, so figured, what the hell. And honestly, the buttons have a spring vibration sound when tapped. And the joystick is really loud with it's clicking.

I played an official Final Fight last night at our local Arcade bar, and loved how that joystick felt. Wish I knew what it was.

But it turned out good. Just figured I'd pass along some of my notes of my build. Maybe it will help someone else who's considering the same thing.

Now I just need to figure out how to make the powering on and off as dummy proof and simple as possible. May use the Gameboy Zero idea of powering it off. Add a battery pack to the Raspberry Pi, and connect everything to one switch.

2019-02-17 17.18.24 (resized).jpg2019-02-17 17.19.19 (resized).jpg2019-02-17 17.19.36 (resized).jpg2019-02-17 17.20.20 (resized).jpg
#2139 3 months ago

Damn. Bought another one today. So after selling my Pacman and Galaga and making a tiny profit, I saw they were back on sale again for $100. So I just picked up Galaga this time. Since I've converted SFII, I'm going to do the same thing for Galaga, but only make it for vertical screen games.

These things are so fun and cute. And now I have 2, which fit perfectly in my space.

#2145 3 months ago
Quoted from nicoga3000:

Where are they on sale around Indy for $100??


#2154 3 months ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Apparently the SF2 one has a missing sound channel.

Correct. There's a simple fix. Just have to bridge a tiny solder point between two points on the board. Apparently, the board can support stereo, they have traces in place, but only added components for mono.

I noticed that the character select noises weren't coming out for the 1st player. I just assumed it was missing something in the software, not an extra speaker as I wasn't even playing with a second player. So the left channel was gone, but the right one worked. Should have been something they should have addressed.

Simple fix for us who like to fix pinball machines, but I'm not sure how Single Mom would handle it.

stock-photo-beautiful-woman-repair-soldering-a-printed-circuit-board-204001492-620x1004 (resized).jpg
#2160 3 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Damn it - every single Store within 30 miles of me is OOS
For both SF2
and Asteroids
How's the height? They seem like they a super short, I know there's the riser as well

I actually like the height without the riser. I have an Ikea chair that I picked up a few years ago that's perfect height. It's an office chair and was like $12. It's adjustable height, but works perfectly for these at the lowest it can go. Has caster wheels so I can scoot between machines.

#2191 3 months ago
Quoted from RDReynolds:

Have we determined if these work/fit in the volcano bases yet?

Nope. Doesnt work. Tried to figure out a way to hack them together, but nothing seemed like it would work.

1 week later
#2236 3 months ago

If anyone is in need of HDMI cables for their RPi or just need them anyways, my local Target had $3 10ft cables in the electronics clearance section. They were marked at $5 but actually rang up $3. I bought 2 at first, then when I saw how cheap they really were, I bought 5 more.

#2247 3 months ago
Quoted from Stal8080:

I basically replicated the ETAPrime set up as well with the Wolfanoz image and love it, had to get riser because of my height but considering I had access to pi and got the cab for $175 this was a no brainer for me. With all that said it is overwhelming the amount of choices a non-arcade savy guest that just wants to play pacman or ninja turtles. Has anyone tried to customize the front end to simplify the navigation of the system? I get that it is pretty straightforward already but for people like my parents or kids they get lost in the menus and have trouble finding and starting games.

You can create custom collections and put only the games you want into it.

#2258 3 months ago
Quoted from Agent_Hero:

Of course, and I'm certainly in for the Mortal Kombat when it is released, but Golden Tee is a game that requires a bit of room on the control panel to play it properly--a cramped control panel will have you gently rolling the trackball with your thumbs rather than a full "swing through" that is done on a panel with more room. If you're looking for cheap Golden Tee, why not get the trackball that plugs into your TV instead?

I noticed the screen on the a1u golden tee is angled back further than the other ones. I figured it was to allow for more flinging room, so that they dont uave people putting their fist through the screen.

#2261 3 months ago
Quoted from RDReynolds:

I have one of those, it’s very nice and you can easily add all 2600 games ever made to it. I’ll have to check my local Menards tomorrow to see if they have it, would get a back up for sure at that price.

I checked the Menards by me. I couldn't find those, but I did find the Atari Flashback console for $30. Still didn't buy it.

#2272 3 months ago

Anyone know where I can buy cheap micro switches for the HAPP style buttons? Just bought some and the switches take WAY too much effort to push. I'd say it's a good 10x stronger than the effort it takes to press the stock ones. I tried to play Galaga and I found myself just tapping the button. Not even depressing it.

I say cheap meaning some place where shipping costs wont be ridiculous.

Or does anyone have 5 that I can buy off you?

#2274 3 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Are you sure it's the switches and not the button assembly rubbing on itself?

Oh yeah. Definitely the switch. Just clicking the switch by itself with my finger I could tell it took way more force.

#2286 3 months ago
Quoted from Breaking_Dad:

woody24....is this what your looking for...?...if so shoot me your address and I’ll send them over.............Joey
[quoted image]

Yep. those would be the ones. will send a pm

#2293 3 months ago
Quoted from Breaking_Dad:

woody24....is this what your looking for...?...if so shoot me your address and I’ll send them over.............Joey
[quoted image]

Got my switches today! Thank you so much! My hand-cramps thank you.

So I did a test to see how much pressure it was taking for the switches that came in my kit, vs. the ones I just got. The ones from Breaking_Dad take roughly 2oz of pressure for them to click. My kit ones, nearly 9oz!

Here's a video for proof. The first ones are the ones from Breaking Dad, second ones are the ones I ordered to Mod my Arcade1up.

#2305 89 days ago
Quoted from Stal8080:

Thanks any idea on how to do this?? I just finished 1st mock up of track ball add on mount so I can play GoldenTee 98-2K which are conveniently included on this image along with Capcom Bowling and some other trackball based games so I want to make collection just of them.

This page has some good info on collections. https://github.com/RetroPie/RetroPie-Setup/wiki/EmulationStation

#2320 88 days ago
Quoted from MotorCityMatt:

Sometime when going through the list of games they seem to get stuck and jump all over the place. Have not looked to see if I need to adjust them somehow.

I think this is a bug. Do you find it going down the list all by itself? It'll do that with all the different controllers I use. 8Bitdo, Xbox360, Arcade1Up joystick

#2337 86 days ago
Quoted from Chosen_S:

Are you a real collector...

Stop right there. Collecting is just that, collecting. There are no real collectors or fake collectors. If you collect something, you're a collector.

Now, there are purist, and those who don't care.

So in conclusion, it doesn't matter what you think about what someone else likes to collect.

#2339 83 days ago
Quoted from Chosen_S:

I have an uncle that collects classic cars,; mustangs, corvettes, and mopar muscle.

When I hit the lottery, a collection of muscle cars will be one of the first things I shop for. But until then, I collect diecast cars. More specifically. 1:18 scale movie versions. Bullitt, Vanishing Point, Gone in 60 Seconds (70's version), Gone in 60 Seconds (2000 version), Back to the Future, Bumble Bee, '89 Batmobile.

Would absolutely love to own the real things, but this gets me a little closer to feeling like I do. Much like how these Arcade1Up's do for a lot of people. I've got 2 A1up's. SFII and Galaga. Modded both of them. One for horizontal game and another for vertical. Would love to own the real ones, but just like cars, I can't afford them, nor do I have the space for them. So this gets me closer to having my own arcade, which does sit right next to my real JP machine. No substitute for that.

#2346 81 days ago
Quoted from xsvtoys:

What brand is good for those model cars? I saw the Greenlight ones, they look pretty nice. I’d like to get some.

I think one or two are Greenlights, but they're made by everyone. Shelby Collectibles makes nice Shelby ones. My '89 Batman is actually Hot Wheels. It's nice too, not cheaply made. Forget who makes the other ones. But the ones I have are specifically movie version, not close replicas, so I'm sure different makers make specific movies.

Edit. Just looked. Ertl made the Vanishing Point and 70's Gone in 60 Seconds.

2019-03-27 13.41.55 (resized).jpg
#2351 75 days ago

Anyone have any obscure arcade titles that may not be mentioned in any "greatest" arcade lists?

Going through the list of arcade titles that came with my retropie build, I've found a few that I've completely forgotten about and hadn't played since the 80's. Brought back a lot of memories and smells of the local Aladdin's Castle.

One was a demolition derby game. Was a 2 player and 4 player. I remember playing the 4 player as it was set up like a cocktail table with steering wheels on each corner. Then there was a monster truck game where there were two big buttons where you'd rapidly tap them to accelerate the truck. Then another one that brought back memories of going to the arcade with my dad was a bull fighting game. Then a gun game where you have to help a person navigate through the woods or town or something like that.

Sorry, not the exact titles probably. Going off memory while here at work. Really cool to see these games again and their sounds still sound familiar.

Anyone else discover titles that they used to play in the arcade, and never seen again since?

#2355 75 days ago
Quoted from swillie:

This one is not 'obscure', but Wizard Of Wor. I remember being at a parade with the family and my brother and I walked to a party store to get a pop and snacks. There it was...and it was in color, and had speech! We played it a few times and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Just played this one tonight at our local barcade. Before my time. Dont remember thos one at all.

2 weeks later
#2378 59 days ago

I know, I know. There's a lot of people saying to just mod a cabinet. I was going to avoid it, but then decided that the value to have the games I wanted in one machine was too great. I was waiting for Final Fight myself, and after modding, I played through the entire story, and now I don't need a Final Fight cabinet. Probably glad I didn't wait for it either, cause really, how many times do I need to play the first couple levels before getting tired?

Just too bad some of the console exclusive games weren't arcade games too. Like the other Final Fights, Streets of Rage, and TMNT games. Those games don't allow for unlimited continues, do they?

#2396 55 days ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

MAMEing ain’t easy!

...But it sure is fun...

#2405 52 days ago
Quoted from mkecasey:

I was going to pick up a Street Fighter because it seemed to have the best button layout for adding a pi down the road. I assume Mortal Kombat would have the same layout? If so, I'd rather pick that one up.

I'd stick with SFII. MK has a slightly different layout that may make some games a bit awkward. Like playing SFII.

#2411 52 days ago

Lebanon IN has 4 SFII's for $100 each according to Brickseek. Brickseek wasn't wrong when I got mine.

3 weeks later
#2470 27 days ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

For what it's worth... I have a Pi with about 600 games on it. No duplicates, EVERY single game I could think of is on it, and hundreds of others I've never played. The games are automatically configured with appropriate button layouts (so I don't have to map them the first time I start a game), and they are rendered with CRT scanlines to make them look appropriate as per their age and original design expectations. The interface plays a screensaver of many of the games on the system, with their names at bottom so you can quickly go try a game you may not have known before.
It STILL takes me 10 minutes sometimes to find a game. Make sure you go through and mark games as "favorites" when you play them,so you don't have to cycle through page after page of names. Waiting to play a game for 3 minutes because the SCROLLING takes too long is very frustrating.

Yeah, I've created a couple custom collections. It'll probably have a few pre-built, or at least one you can turn on, but you'll still benefit by creating your own. It's still nice to have all teh games, so that you can go play a new one you've never heard of. But for the most part, it will be tedious to navigate through them all every time.

Also, don't expect every game to work. Depending on what package they started with, many games aren't even tested. And sometimes they will work, you just need to switch the emulator used.

#2499 25 days ago

Hmm. Very tempting to get an Asteroids for $75, buy the 12 in 1 board and deck from Arcade1up. Cheaper than buying the actual 12 in 1. Would be cool to have a dedicated trackball and spinner.

#2505 24 days ago

I THINK RetroPie has a place designated to put Virtual Pin's into, but I've never seen it work. And with Zen, seems like their software is too integrated into the devices. Like built specifically for iOS, Android, Steam, etc. Don't think there'd really be any way to port those over.

#2509 23 days ago
Quoted from winteriscoming:

I didn't realize they were selling parts separately. I just checked, though, and the 12 in 1 control decks page doesn't seem to provide a link to purchase. Maybe they're out of stock.
Assuming monitor rotation was the same as your starting cab, I'd imagine converting to another game simply involves getting the respective PCB and control deck. I would also bet it's not too difficult to rotate the monitor if needed.
Not sure what the 12 in 1 control deck costs, but I priced out pcb, control deck and deck protector for centipede and came to about $70 total in the cart.
Given that I have the space, it would be more cost effective if I can get a $75 Centipede cab.

Space. Yeah. I have perfect space for 2 machines. 3 machines, I need about 3 more inches to get them to fit beside each other. I haven't seen a 12-in-1 cabinet in person yet, so would be a safe gamble doing it this route.

But I think Centipede is a vertical screen cabinet, and the Astroid (standalone) and the 12 in 1 are horizontal screens. So Asteroid would be the safer bet if going this route.

#2533 21 days ago
Quoted from Robotworkshop:

Is it using all the buttons? It looks like you have a couple extra in the front that some conversions don't have. How are the buttons mapped out?

Ive seen a few people do that and always wondered what they were for. One is obviously the "Start" player button, and one the "Select" coin button. But what does the 1 extra one do? Safe shutdown?

2 weeks later
#2581 4 days ago

Very cool that they'd make this. I've tried playing these on my Rpi conversion and it doesn't play that well.

Either Star Wars or Empire is one of my first memories playing a game at Showbiz Pizza.

#2596 3 days ago
Quoted from Fizz:

OLEDs are susceptible to burn-in, so they are not an ideal choice for a video game system.
At least, this was true a couple years ago, I don't know if they've solved the burn in issues on newer models.

Speaking of burn-in, I have a Plasma TV from 2012, and anymore white text only on the screen for a few seconds will linger for a few minutes. I was looking at OLED online figuring Burn-in was a thing of the past. Was disappointed to find out otherwise.

#2603 3 days ago

OLED's look so beautiful in the store. Blacks are black. And I've had my Galaxy S7 for a few years now, and it has an OLED screen I believe, and I haven't noticed a burn in issue with it.

But I do play a lot of games on my TV, and always hate playing a game with a compass on screen, like GTA. I'll have a circle on screen for a few days.

But watching Chernobyl, I noticed whenever they put the Date, or location on the screen in big bold letters right in the center, they left a mark in just the short time they were up. First time I've noticed it that quickly. At first I thought it was my eyes. Like how you can do an optical illusion by looking at something for a period of time and then looking away. I thought the burn-in was in my eyes. lol

#2615 2 days ago

Fun fact. My parents have owned 3 HD TV's. Their last one that they just got during Black friday last year is 4K. But in the 10 years of having an HDTV, they have yet to have had an HD signal.

They live in such a rural area that there's no HD cable signal. TV service is provided by the local phone company. And they refuse to get Dish or DirectTV. Their internet connection is 2.5mb at best, so they can't even do streaming.

#2628 1 day ago
Quoted from Agent_Hero:

Using an antenna plugged into the coax port gets zero channels?

They're 60 miles plus from the local TV station.

#2632 1 day ago
Quoted from vireland:

It's more important how far they are from the TV station's broadcast ANTENNA.
Unless they're in a valley, a powered roof antenna should let them pick up the signal. We're IN a valley and can pick up the antennas around that are at least 60 miles away. FCC has a map of broadcast towers you can check.
I got a cheap antenna for the roof that I really had my doubts about, powered it to boost the signal and we get all the channels in HD. Fox is kind of iffy, but it comes in unless it's storming. The best thing about it is it's not compressed to oblivion. That's what pushed us off Charter. I couldn't deal with their constantly increasing compression. The pictures looked TERRIBLE for $100+ a month. We're doing antenna+streaming now and it's much better (though consolidation of all the dumb streaming apps HAS to happen at some point).

Pretty sure broadcast station and antenna are the same distance.

Believe me, I've tried to talk them into something. We USED to have one of those large powered rotary antennas. Then we got The Dish in the late 90's. Then we got local TV through the telephone company, so the old antenna came down.

I keep trying to talk them into doing something to get HD, but it's just not a priority for them. They can watch the news, their shows, and sports, and that's all that matters.

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