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$299 New Arcade Cabinets-Street Fighter, Centipede, Tempest

By vid1900

3 years ago

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#86 3 years ago

I kinda like the look of the whole set together. I wonder if they will have expansion packs of games to add to the cabinets? (I doubt it). Will they make more cabinets eventually? (I’d like golden tee or mortal kombat). What are the internal components? Are the joysticks and buttons custom smaller stuff, or off the shelf common components? If something breaks I want to be able to fix it.

Is this a SoC design that’s emulating the games (well or poorly), or is it something like a raspberry pi that can be hacked and have games added to the cabinet. Just like the nintendo classic; with its ability to play the whole collection.

How are the controls and monitor connected? I highly doubt it will be a Jamma connection, but I wonder if you could connect a pandora’s Box or game elf vertical box.

#104 3 years ago

It sounds like the controls are proprietary, not off the shelf. But they are supposed to feel like the originals. The street fighter cabinets first run has ball top joysticks, but future runs will have bat style joysticks like most North American games.

In the video he shows pics of a couple unannounced cabinets. Mortal Kombat in one. Shinobi and streets of rage in another. Marvel vs capcom in another. So their 2019 lineup looks better then these. IMHO

#110 3 years ago

Here’s a bit more info about their games lineup

#115 3 years ago

I’d love to see a rotational joystick game. With ikari warriors, heavy barrel, and S.A.R search and rescue. In one cab

#118 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Nice! Remember Time Warriors?

Time soldiers? Ya I’ve played it a bit. There was also that 50 cal game that had a rotating joystick

#122 3 years ago
Quoted from shovelhed:

I have an original heavy barrel with a multi splitter. I have ikari warriors, guerrila war, and midnight resitance. Rotary arcade were great.

You should try search out a S.A.R. search and rescue. It’s my favorite game of the bunch.

#124 3 years ago

This is the first review that I’ve came across. It’s the street fighter cab

#127 3 years ago

The company backing 1up arcade is pretty big. I think we’ll be seeing new games for a while and there will be many in stock all over.

#176 3 years ago

I think once you load up the base unit with old barbells and secure it to the cabinet it will be quite sturdy for a mini cab.

I’ve made close to 20 different MAME cabinets in many different configurations, and really like these. The problem with only one MAME cab that has 10000 games in it is that you spend more time looking for a game then playing one; and then the control layout is to far off to be truly enjoyed.

Depending on game grouping I’ll probably get a Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, golden tee, vertical shump, and 4 player cab.

#190 3 years ago

Blake, I gotta ask. Do you sell arcades? Are you an arcade tech? Do you build MAME cabinets?

Just curious, you seem to really have something against people buying these over real cabinets. I get that it’s not for you, but you really seem to be trying to discourage people from getting these.

I don’t get it. What’s your motivation?

#214 3 years ago
Quoted from Blake:

information is power and you like many others here are uninformed

Biggest bull shit I’ve read on pinside in a long while. You just lost credibility with me. You are clearly talking about something that you know kothing about. I don’t even have to read the rest of your post.

You don’t know me. I am an informed consumer that knows the products and services that work best for me. If there is a product or service that I desire I research it and make an informed decision.

I don’t care what your excuse is now, you seem to clearly have a vendetta against these mini cabinets.

Thanks for your snap judgments of me and what I know.

#227 3 years ago
Quoted from Blake:

And you would be hard pressed to sell them a pin made so cheaply as what product we are discussing.

C4AC956C-E832-4B28-807F-B2DA7ED2A4EB (resized).jpeg

Oh shit, I’ve bought those toys too... I guess I’m not a true pinball enthusiast.... Like, I mean, I only have one full sized pin (GoT), two full sized arcades (MAME), and one sit down driving set up (gran tourismo). So, like I don’t even have a valid opinion, right?

#241 3 years ago
Quoted from dtown:

If these are successfu

By all accounts they’ve been a huge success. The company said sales exceeded expectations. Some retailers are already sold out.

#248 3 years ago

I dont understand why the arcade collector would dislike these toys. Wouldn’t it mean more availability of the REAL games for you to have

If real arcades are selling for ~600 currently, then how much would the price sky rocket if 1 or 2 million new people suddenly entered into the hobby? Weve seen the pirice of pinballs more then double in my area in the last decade. What do you think will happen to your cheap games?

If the price of an original arcade (let’s say street fighter) was $2000 because of market demand, would you still say that these toys have no market value?

#252 3 years ago

This guy thinks that we’ll get a delux option for the riser. 18” instead of 13”.

#280 3 years ago

Sorry, fry’s.com had a deluxe version that has all those games? We don’t have frys in Canada I wonder what shipping would be? I think I like that one too.

#284 3 years ago
Quoted from Jgel:

I would pay a lot if they made a Dragons Lair 1 2 and Space Ace version.

Oh, that does sound like a great combo. I’d buy that

#293 3 years ago

In wondering how easy it would be to have a light up marquee mod? When assembling the cabinet change that board for plexi. Add a light, wire it off the switch. Shouldn’t be to difficult

#308 3 years ago
Quoted from Chosen_S:

ok... so you want a lit up marquee...
things to consider and to make happen...
light and power... the cab has a proprietary power source, so you're going to either have to tap into that, or have a power strip in the cab to provide AC to both the cab and light.
plexi / backlight marquee... I don't believe the existing marquee is translucent and the existing marquee is not going to be a standard size, you're going to have to make or order something special, and to do it right where it looks correct is $$

In not an electrical engineer, but this isn't a difficult job. I've created more complex things than this would be. And I know a guy for printing custom marquees.

#311 3 years ago

Here’s a quick update video.

#315 3 years ago
Quoted from Chosen_S:

Other places online that print custom marquees won’t print licensed images... try getting a made to size Centipede backlit marquee from a regular place... the custom guy you know might do it, but most likely not the regular places unless they have the license agreement.
The regular guy wanting to accomplish this task is going to have a hard time. Not trying dissuade anyone from trying, it’s just going to be a challenge

I totally agree. Good luck getting a reputable shop to print a marquee for you. But, you’d be amazed what you can get for cash off Craigslist. With a little searching anyone can find a guy.

#321 3 years ago
Quoted from brad808:

Between this and some of the mame cabs I see in the game room pics thread it blows my mind the quality of vids some of you guys are willing to put next to your $50,000+ pin collection (with an extra $5,000+ in mods). I don't think there is any doubt from anyone that's into vids or been around vids much these are going to be garbage. You will certainly get what you pay for.
Imagine going into someone's game room and seeing immaculately restored vids and then one of these hunks of junk sitting in the lineup. Think about how absurd it would be for someone to sink money into modifying it and trying to upgrade it. The only difference is in this case the real deal or a good quality item is only a few hundred dollars more, not thousands.
Really should be a pic of a zizzle or something but the point remains the same and I can't figure out how to change pictures on mobile

It’s not about money or prestige in my game room. I prefer novelty and fun.

Some people don’t have a problem parking a moped next to their mustang.

#350 3 years ago
Quoted from BoJo:

If these can me moded I'll probably pick one up. Hopefully someone will figure it out like they did on the nes classic.

I doubt that we’ll see a plug and play mod like that. These look pretty locked down. One youtuber took it apart and there’s no usb connection on the board. You’d have to solder a connection to get access first.

I wonder about the screen. It’s connected by a ribbon cable so the video processing might even be on the main board and not on the screen. You might even need an lcd controller to connect it to a raspberry pi.

It looks easy to switch out the buttons and joysticks, but the size might be an issue.

#393 3 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Those still work today. I doubt these things will be working in 10 years, let alone 35.

What specifically gives you doubt? These are just electronics, there’s no reason that I can foresee to make one think that they won’t last a long time.

If your clairvoyant I’d like to know.

#420 3 years ago

These are almost small enough to just have around for the art. You could put a couple on a shelf and have one on a pedestal in front. Then rotate out the active game to keep it fresh.

#444 3 years ago
Quoted from Mad_Dog_Coin_Op:

I don't know what it is but every time I play one of these "Johnny come lately" replicas they are always awful. They all have a slight lag problem which drives me nuts. OEM game boards always play better. I think these new replica arcades are a total waste of cash. Just my 2 cents.

Quoted from vid1900:

Where did you play these at?
I can't find them anywhere yet around here.

Ya, as far as I know, other then a couple popular YouTube reviewers, these are unavailable until September 25th.

2 weeks later
#485 3 years ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

Glad there is such a huge demand. Love to see more of these things.

Yah, even if it’s just a flash in the pan and they’re gone in a couple years time. It will be cool to see how many different ones they make. The initial popularity will cause them to release a second batch, but I wonder how long they’ll be produced.

The company behind arcade 1 up is the same one as hatchamals, so I would expect a multi million dollar add campaign for Christmas.

#488 3 years ago

Here’s the parent company


1 week later
#511 3 years ago

There seems to be some concern that the graphics on the control panel will rub off easily. I wonder how difficult it would be to Mylar the controls before assembling

#533 3 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

^ nice!
So it's an AllWinner A13 CPU @ 1ghz
Interesting idea that all the games are already flashed into memory, and solder blobs are deciding what it boots up into

Quoted from mattosborn:

Highly unlikely.

This method is used for the tiny retrocades that you get at walmart for like 30 bucks. I think its digdug, centipede, q-bert ect. I'd have to dig for the YouTube video. But basically each machine is loaded with all games then the board is switched to match the packaging.

#539 3 years ago

Good thing it looks like an easy job to pull off the buttons and Mylar the artwork out of the box.

#540 3 years ago

Here ya go.

1. They suggest you apply a clear coat if your concerned.
2. This shouldn’t happen. Their 3 month warranty will cover this, if your graphics fade quickly.
3. Spare parts will be available
4. Moving forward their going to put a plastic cover over the controller

#544 3 years ago

Here’s the first video I found with a raspberry pi installed inside. He used the same monitor with adding a lcd controller and new buttons and sticks

#558 3 years ago
Quoted from racer_x:

Not only are these single moms dropping $300-$400 on IKEA arcades, but they're also apparently removing and mylaring control panels.

Have you been following this thread? The games will now have a plastic cover for the control panel. So no Mylar required, unless you get one of the very first models, and even then warranty will cover any issues.

#569 3 years ago
Quoted from Malenko:

Anyfart, I think the first batch of these will expose most of the issues the majority of us have pointed out , and will likely get fixed with small revisions if they are cost effective (like the CPO art plastic cover) I don't think the second batch will sell nearly as well and in a few months we'll be comparing these to the Midway cabs that came out a few years ago. (these are definitely a step up from those midway cabs)

Did you forget whom owns arcade1up?


They have several large franchises that do well. This company doesn’t just do one or two runs of a product. Hatchamals were the #1 toy the other year. A couple years before that do you remember the movie The Secret Life of Pets? Well those toys still sell in the stores. SpyGear, ya there’s a section in the toy isle for that stuff too. How about rock and roll memorabilia? Do you think there could be any money in that? Look at their past products too.

The companies name is taste makers. I think they will be marketing the shit out of these for years.

And bed bath and beyond are one of their main featured retailers. Just have a look at the link.

1 week later
#626 3 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

quantum entanglement.

The future of video games right there folks.

#629 3 years ago

I’ve been watching metal Jesus rocks for a couple years, and I trust his point of view with gaming things.

Basically, the street fighter cab is good. The spinner on the other one was shit. Instead of spinning it was a clicky mess. The good news is that this was a Pre production unit, and the spinner will be fixed for release

#635 3 years ago
Quoted from swillie:

The spinner...is not a spinner. It is a rotary dial

The company knows about this issue, I bet that the second batch will have a spinner, just like the second batch will have bat top sticks for street fighter

1 month later
#837 3 years ago

We got our Black Friday flyers today and Walmart Canada has street fighter listed. image (resized).jpg

1 week later
#972 3 years ago
Quoted from pindel:

I would like to know as well. Here is a wild Guess/Estimate from China
Bare 17" Lcd M170ETN01.1 - 90.00
pcb board -30
game license for Roms and artwork- 25.00
cabinet with artwork 40.00
Control buttons/joystick wire-15.00
power supply-10.00
Total 225.00 Walmart price 240?
This would be China bulk price. For an individual to make this it would be double or triple.

Hahaha. Where did ya come up with those prices? They’re not paying retail price for their parts. My guess is less then 1/2 of your prices.

#1005 3 years ago
Quoted from Daditude:

These are garbage. Do NOT BUY. seriously. Eitherget the games in computer ir a video game system, or just buy an actual arcade. These are cheap and poor quality.

1000 posts into the topic and you think you’ll deter anyone from buying these? Most people that have bought one seem pleased with it. These little machines are not for everyone (we decided that over 750 posts ago) but they’re perfect for some people.

#1007 3 years ago

Mortal Kombat is a great game for these machines. Most MAME cabinets have a 6 button layout, that doesn’t work well with mortal Kombat.

#1058 3 years ago
Quoted from Pinballerchef:

sent them an email with just my mailing address. Pretty trusting!

I wonder if they’d send out a sticker for the marquee if you complain that it’s damaged. Stick it onto some plastic, put some leds behind it and boom, you’ve got a light up marquee.

1 week later
#1172 3 years ago

The 12 in 1 is realistically the one I would get first, (although street fighter is might tempting); unfortunately the 12 in 1 isn’t available in Canada. If mortal Kombat is released I will get that one for sure.

#1183 3 years ago
Quoted from PaulCoff:

All good for the Holidays right here.
[quoted image]

The kid needs a riser, not the arcade. That’s a first

#1185 3 years ago
Quoted from okayestpinballer:

Do today's kids really get excited about 80s video games? I mean I loved 80s games... but I didn't have a smartphone or an XBOX.

You’d be surprised how often my MAME with thousands of games ends up on Tetris or Pac-Man.

#1195 3 years ago

Loosen the trackball assembly a tiny bit from the bottom of the control panel and see if that helps

#1204 3 years ago
Quoted from pinmister:

just trying to save one Pinsider at a time from throwing money away.

Quoted from pinmister:

I could give a shit if people want to waste money.

What one is it? I’m confused

But then again, I’ve owned a zizzle in the past, so clearly I’m no expert on what I like.

#1215 3 years ago
Quoted from ImNotNorm:

Too rich for my blood
Maybe I'll wait for a sale [quoted image]

It’s the same price here in Ontario; also there’s a street fighter cab on that skid. That’s the one that’s selling out the quickest

#1220 3 years ago
Quoted from Pinballerchef:

How do you play a VS fighting game on a cocktail cab

The screen is split so you both have a view of the action. A14D153B-B624-4ED6-A055-4DB612003494 (resized).jpeg

#1234 3 years ago

I still say that because these are made by the same people as hatchamals, that they will be around for a while. Next year they’ll be back, better then before.

The first year that hatchamals came out there were many news reports of them not hatching. These are $50-$100 toys that contain basically a stuffed animal and they still sell. I’ve never bought one (I don’t see the value) but my daughter wants one badly.

Of course they will have a big booth at CES, these guys have a lot invested, and they will be around for a while.

1 week later
#1340 3 years ago

CES show should have new information on this years games

#1349 3 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

I don’t want to be the one to leak stuff :/ I’ll post pics and gameplay stuff when it is public though. Buttttt y’all better get some money ready

I’m just saying if you were to randomly pick someone in this thread and send them pics through private message. They would assume that they belong here, and the pics might just get posted. Just sayin. Wink wink.

#1352 3 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

It’s just 27 ish more hours

No worries just busting your balls.

I'd like to see mortal kombat or. Golden tee

#1374 3 years ago

I wonder if they’ll do Arabian or Pang, those two also took a lot of money from me.

#1415 3 years ago

Damn. Mortal Kombat AND golden tee. Well looks like I’m got to buy 2 of these this year. I’ll also look for sf2 before they’re all gone.

#1417 3 years ago
Quoted from Malenko:

4 versions of golden tee?

Different golf courses, just as much difference as different fighters in street fighter

#1452 3 years ago

There’s some good pics about 2min into this video. Karate champ has 4 joysticks

#1468 3 years ago

The 12 in 1 would have been my choice of the 1st batch, unfortunately they are USA only. Walmart is the exclusive dealer in Canada.

I’m hoping I can find one at Marshall’s here they might get some.

#1477 3 years ago
Quoted from modfather:

Golden Tee looks awesome with an authentic Happ trackball.

It comes with a happ ball. That will be great.

#1499 3 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

How well are they supposed to spin? Felt ok, but not like a super endless spin....

The happ will spin for a good second or two. The real happ balls are easy to take apart and lube up, so even if they’re not the greatest out of the box, you’ll be able to get it rolling like a champ. It’s just a couple screws. You can change the ball colour. Put in a transparent one and add a light under the ball. A real happ ball is a bonus. In my one MAME I use an Ultimarc ball, I would also recommend that one, but Happ is better.

image (resized).jpg

#1508 3 years ago
Quoted from merccat:

Thanks! And bummer, oh well. Centepede was one of the first games I ever bought, don’t know if I would be happy with a non bearing ball.

It might be an easy mod to improve the gameplay

#1518 3 years ago
Quoted from alveolus:

I assembled my 12-in-1 with my 10 year old which FYI is a nice bonding activity. Anyway he was very excited and is begging me to keep it in his room. But most interesting is that his favorite game is Lunar Lander! About as far from Fortnite as you can get! It seems to be a Zen activity for him.
Who knew?!

It’s amazing how many people get sucked into lunar lander. My buddy say me playing and was like “oh, what’s this?” And then he’s there for 30 min trying to hit that landing pad.

#1569 3 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

They should make some of the Konami 4-player games (TMNT, Simpsons and the criminally overlooked Sunset Riders) into 2 player cabinets where you can link them for 4 player.
Like Cadash!

The only problem with this, would be how do decide if the game is co-op or vs. I’d like to have a selector switch on the pass through cable switching between one cab having player 1+2 the other with 3+4, or one cab having 1+3 the other 2+4. It would suck not having the choice available.

#1574 3 years ago
Quoted from Fytr:

Just flame polish it every year.
...might want to take it out in the yard first.

And off the cab too

#1588 3 years ago
Quoted from winteriscoming:

There was a YouTube video of someone recommending how to spray it, and he was saying how well it turned out

Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

I clear coated my control panel, but I *think* I know what I'm doing, so it came out great.

Ya, I trust my abilities more then most youtubers.

#1589 3 years ago

2019 CES interview with dave Macintosh from tastemakers (aka. arcade 1up)

#1618 3 years ago

Taking the plunge. Going to get a SF2 cab today

#1629 3 years ago

Look for these at your local auction/liquidators stores.

There’s one here (k+k auction) that gets Costco returns. So I’m hoping to find a 12 in 1 that’s usually not available in Canada.

#1641 3 years ago
Quoted from Parzival:

Long shot I'm sure, but those of you more familiar with arcades, do you think it's feasible to get a A1U of a shooter style game (area 51, police trainer, etc...)?

Yes it’s possible with a light bar, like a nintendo Wii has. The Ultimarc lightguns work well in MAME when properly calibrated.

So, before I put my SF2 cab together what’s the best option to protect the control panel? Mylar, clear coat spray paint, or an A1U plastic protector?

I might call to got a protector anyways, but don’t know for sure.

#1663 3 years ago

I couldn’t live without I light up marquee; so I fixed it. Here’s a teaser pic. I decided that I’m going to take the control panel apart and clear coat it at work tomorrow.

EC1F79EC-74B1-4365-B2EC-772006A5E07A (resized).jpeg

#1676 3 years ago

I called customer support today asking about getting the bat top joysticks for SF2, since they changed them in later runs of the game. The guy said that once their website is fully designed, they will have replacement parts available for order.

#1678 3 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

amazon.com link »[quoted image]

If only it was that simple. That item doesn’t ship to Canada. I’ll keep looking though

#1680 3 years ago

Hahaha. eBay isn’t that easy either. But now that I know what I’m looking for I’ll hunt them down on AliExpress
D31F9F3D-5644-4A9C-B309-B41B57968915 (resized).png

#1681 3 years ago

AliExpress was no help. But here’s an eBay.ca link that ships to Canada. I should get them by March. (Fml, lol)

ebay.com link: 0

#1683 3 years ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

Damn Canadians!
These? amazon.com link »

Ya, I can get them in 5-8 days, but they’re about $35 more then the eBay.ca ones. I can wait for them to come.
75AA6DD0-2AB4-4D3A-8459-24B16447974A (resized).png

#1699 2 years ago

Here’s an interview with the ceo of arcade1up’s parent company from just the other day

#1701 2 years ago

I like that different art packages will probably be a thing in the future

#1715 2 years ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

It’s the Centipede letters spelled backward the way they look on the side of the cab. I don’t know — my wife and I noticed while sitting on the couch last night, and then I couldn’t get that out of my head.

Yup, give this guy a prize. I agree, it looks an awful lot a like.
3956E5A1-E5B9-4E41-B526-7C4DB8BA1F24 (resized).png

#1716 2 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

No single mom (the typical household), is going to buy a used, smokey, cat piss smelling, phosphor burnt monitor, 300lb arcade game for her kids.
But a brand new, compact, bright LCD monitor game, delivered to her home by UPS for under $200, is ideal.

But negative people, have to thread piss. They can't help themselves.
[quoted image]

In that interview I posted he mentioned that their plan is to take a piece of commercial equipment and reproduce a home model. The quote was something like, these are not for the arcade game collectors these are for the other 98% of people.

He mentioned that the control panel will be made of better material moving forward, and all games will come with a plastic cover from now on.

He also commented of the golden tee trackball, saying that it’s a more robust design, and whenever they find a better product, they will use it going forward with other games. ( I inferred that there are plans for other trackball cabinets.) also it will be a big release for Father’s Day in June.

In May (I think) at E3 they will release their fall lineup of games.

They plan to roll out new games all year long, instead of dropping them all at Christmas time, so that customers have a chance to save funds in between releases.

Each and every retailer that had them last year will be selling them again this year, he mentions that they will have a wider distribution now also.

And the last big thing I heard was that each game will be a “one run and done” release. So when you see it in store get it quick because when they’re sold out, they’re gone for good.

#1727 2 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

It's not necessarily "artificial scarcity", but simply as the market saturates for each title, it does not make sense to keep producing a product that no longer sells.

I agree with this point, but it can be difficult to judge the market per title. I hope they don’t under produce Golden Tee, because I think that will do well for Father’s Day. You also dont want to over produce leaving stock on the shelf longer then needed. I can’t see karate champ doing nearly as well as Mortal Kombat; but I also don’t see those two games selling to the same demographic

10 years of game development between the 80’s - 90’s really changed the target markets. Karate champ is for the 50ish crowd while mortal Kombat, I assume would be more for the 40ish year olds like me. I was in high school for the release of mortal Kombat, and have no interest in karate champ.

By continuously releasing a couple older games and newer games each year, they could really stretch out the wave of popularity for a number of years. Let’s say these remain popular for 5 years, if they release 8 cabinets a year (4 announced at CES, more at E3). That’s 40 different cabinets, each with ~3 games. So give or take we could be looking at 100 to 150 of the best games divided into these machines. Now add in the possibility to buy cabinet artwork for your favorite ones and a lot of people will be having basement arcades in the next decade.

Maybe 1% or 2% or those people want to add a pinball to their game room...and this hobby could be fine for a very long time. In part because of these cheap little cabinets. How often do you hear new people to this hobby say they “found pinball through an app on their phone”. Well if phone apps can sell pinball machines, then a wave of new arcade collectors can’t hurt things.

#1749 2 years ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

99% of the market for these doesn’t understand what your saying.

Hahaha. I envision some upset confused customer ar Walmart.

“ all I wanted was to get little jimmy a street fighter arcade and the guy at the store kept saying! I don’t want to get this thing, I should really be buying a plug and play ja-mama, whatever that thing is, anyways I asked the guy, well; where do you sell the ja-mama thing, I’ll buy that. Then the jerk off says they don’t even sell them at Walmart!”

#1761 2 years ago
Quoted from girloveswaffles:

On a side note, IU'm going to throw this out there:
If you have a decent cabinet (minus a monitor maybe), would it be practical to take the electronics from a 1Up Arcade and mount them in the cabinet?

your-scientists-were-so-preoccupied-with-whether-or-not-they-28462485 (resized).png
#1764 2 years ago
Quoted from Malenko:

then you cement my point

I dont even know what your point is?

That you dont like arcade1up cabs? or that you can build something better; therefore everyone should build something better? or that only real arcades are worthwhile and magically there will he enough old stock for everyone to get a real arcade like you have?

We get it, you dont like them, but what's your point?

#1772 2 years ago

I just shot mine with some clear coat, it Looks alright.

73BED7A8-BB02-416B-9C3C-4A32BC42AA20 (resized).jpeg
#1776 2 years ago
Quoted from brad808:

That's not true though. You can run the exact resolution, exact horizontal sync frequency, and exact vertical refresh frequency of the original boards on CRTs.

I'm sure there's got to be some odd game that wont display properly, like any arcade that came with a vector monitor or LCD monitor.

CRT might be ideal for most games but even having it in the cab as 4:3 vs 3:4 will make games look wrong.

#1795 2 years ago
Quoted from brad808:

And I will say it again you are wrong. There is no arguing against playing vector games etc because that technology isn't the same at all. That we can of course agree on. When it comes to a normal raster CRT based game designed to run at 15k, 24k, 31k etc you can play them exactly without compromise. You can recreate the exact same video output signal from a computer that you can as the original board. The size of the Mon you display it on is completely irrelevant. It doesn't change the signal based on what size it is, 19" 25" etc it's all the exact same...
As an example. I can have two CRT cabinets with trisync monitors, one vertical and one horizontal. And play every single raster based game without compromise and have them display exactly as they would from the original board
I have two LCD cabs side by side one vertical, one horizontal. And I cannot. They simply cannot sync to the original signal forcing conversion and artifacts like screen tearing)
The one exception to this is configuring multiple freesync LCDs... And even at that point unfortunately you are still left with a system which costs substantially more, looks worse and is stuck with other issues that simply can't be overcome due to the nature of LCD technology. Lag, lack of phosphur glow etc.
PS yes I know people in here don't care, just simply correcting something that was said that's just incorrect. I'm fully aware I'm nerd.

I think the confusion and debate here is that (at least I thought) your point of view was for someone having ONE mame cabinet. With ONE mame cabinet you can run everything all at once; true. But with ONE mame cabinet you would need to compromise (vertical vs horizontal) in some way to play everything all at once.

It is true. You are correct. It you have 6 arcade cabs (vector vert, vector, hor, CRT vert, CRT hor, LCD vert, LCD hor) you dont need to compromise with picture quality.

I was under the assumption that your argument was for JUST ONE cabinet. But then were back at the space saving argument. Its ciclicle, arcade 1up games are not trying to compete with real cabinets. Your the 2% of the market that these are not marketed for, sorry.

#1799 2 years ago

I have 1 CRT TV that I use for retro consoles, but i dont have the space for full arcade cabinets. I have space for 4 or 5 full size games, I'd like to keep that for pins.

#1825 2 years ago

brad808 do you think that it would be wise to put the arcade1up hardware into a gutted crt cabinet? Yes or no.

That is the basis for this whole monitor discussion. I think your so backed up into a corner defending how great crt monitors are, that you don’t see the forest through the trees and that your missing the debate entirely. Like it’s gone over your head.

No one disputes that crt monitors are a good thing. They’re just not practical for each situation, like in this case, putting arcade1up hardware into a crt cab.

And to answer my own question. No, I don’t think it’s worth hooking up arcade1up hardware to a crt cabinet

#1826 2 years ago

vid1900 maybe time to change the title of the thread. Looks like this is turning into some sort of club

#1839 2 years ago

I don’t want this to become a MAME thread.

This is the Arcade1up fans and owners club. The games in the title are “like so 2018”. It’s tile for mortal Kombat and golden tee.

#1915 2 years ago

I’ve been following the sales of these used on kijiji (like Craigslist) around me.

New in store in Canada, we only saw them in Walmart for $399cdn +13% tax. I didn’t see any get marked down in store.

Used sales in the classified adds are currently going for $310 - $360, and it looks like they’re selling. There are not many adds that last more then a couple weeks before they’re taken down. So I assume they are selling and not just sitting on the market.

I don’t think these will drop below $250-$300 for quite a while.

#1976 2 years ago

I prefer the game elf vs the Pandora’s box. I currently have a game elf 412 vertical running in a cab. About 100 of the games are worth it. It works well for shumps and Pac-Man

#1982 2 years ago
Quoted from tjmac55:

Are they making NBA Jam?

Not yet, but their response is always “we’re listening to our customers”. AND there was a leaked pic of one from CES; I hope to hear it announced at E3 for a Christmas release.

Quoted from girloveswaffles:

That's only about less than a quarter of the games that are "Worth it".

That’s “worth it” to me. Some are great games you just need the right controls. Ikari warriors needs a rotating joystick, Arkanoid is fun, but not without a spinner. Pac-Man, Faster Pac-Man, or puck man; they’re all the same to me. There’s a bunch of early 80’s games that I have no nostalgia for.

I have it for 1942, dodonpachi, raiden, digdug.... there’s enough to keep me happy. It’s easy to edit the game list, so I only cycle through the stuff I play, not the other 300 filler ones. The games I play are emulated well enough to keep me happy. The Pandora’s box vertical is called “The king of air” but only has 51 games.

#1991 2 years ago
Quoted from jkleinnd:

I have a repurposed Zaxxon cab with a rotatable CRT monitor and various swappable control panels (one devoted to Defender alone) to match my favorite JAMMA and non-JAMMA boards. The only games I'm missing out on are the Vectors. This is as close to original as I get without leasing a warehouse.

Sounds like a lot of work.

#1995 2 years ago
Quoted from modfather:

I am what they call a Stargate Specialist. Logging hundreds of hours of Stargate Flight School, I can tell you its all in the button configuration on this game. Nothing else works , no emulation , no multi williams cabinet.....nothing but the original on this one.

What does button placement have to do with computing hardware?

If its "all button configuration" how can this matter on original hardware or mame? I'm not familiar with that game, does it have some special controls that can't be recreated?

#2003 2 years ago

I’d like to make my own riser, one that looks like the arcade1up ones. I found the instructions online and some dimensions off reddit. The only measurement that I’m not sure on is how far the inner supports are from the outer edge, I assume 4 or 5 inches in should work well, just make sure that the top strips sit on top of the inner supports. Everything should be made from 1/2” material. I’d suggest melamine board with edge strips glued on, or cabinet quality plywood.

7D6F9B2B-A12C-4C24-89F0-21824AA312C2 (resized).jpeg5B8104BC-0D5E-4D2A-9FE1-9F48DFE7C934 (resized).jpeg
#2006 2 years ago

There’s a store here called Treasure Chest, I believe they sell product returns from a couple major stores. The other day my buddy saw that they had a couple in store. Everything there is open box, sold as is, but the arcade1up cab were built and tested for $160.

There’s been lots in the second hand classified ads. Most are asking 3/4 retail price still. ~$300

#2015 2 years ago
Quoted from JimB:

When are the wall units going to be available?

No idea. I guess summer or Q3.

Quoted from modfather:

I cant wait for the MKII and Golden Tee cabinets to come out

Golden tee for Father’s Day; brilliant. MkII for the fall.

Quoted from pinkid:

Super curious about the dedicated Defender

The only dedicated defender game That I’ve seen in the CES videos, is a wall unit. But it looked good, and if they have the license they might build it into a full dedicated cab. I wouldn’t hold my breath though.

#2019 2 years ago
Quoted from Fytr:

I’m calling it right now, this whole thing is going to end badly, with thousands of these shoddy toys available for pennies on the $ on Craigslist or even put out to the curb.
By next Xmas the whole 1Up product line will be extinct once the thin novelty of these games wears off on the “single mom” crowd and they become just another piece of unused junk taking up space in their living rooms.

I already put my guess in at 5 years. The reason thatI give them this long is because of the parent company that owns Arcade1up, already has several other successful toy brands; so I feel that they will invest in a multi year strategy from the get go.

Next Christmas will be huge. With mortal Kombat and final fight already announced for the fall and the expectation that more titles will be announced in June at E3, I doubt they’ll be “extinct” by Xmas.

#2025 2 years ago

I know a guy that got his wife a Pac-Man cab. She played that game as a kid and has been wanting a full pac man for years. She even tried to convince my friend to build her a full sized MAME for just Pac-Man.

This is the perfect solution for them. It’s cheap, she gets her Pac-Man fill and when it’s no longer being used he just plans to toss it. Less then 1/4 the investment to keep your wife happy. Sounds like a win win situation for him.

#2029 2 years ago
Quoted from mcclad:

Or when its no longer being used they can sell it, and it can keep another family happy. I am sure that someone would not mind having a second hand one, especially if they missed out on getting a certain title when they were in the stores.

He's not a "sell it off" kind of guy. In reality I bet it will get dropped off at goodwill before it gets tossed out. The point is that he doesn't think it's anything more then a toy to enjoy for a couple months. He's also in a higher tax bracket then I am. I plan to get a couple of these and keep them for a long time. Who knows maybe I'll end up buying buying it off him when they're done with it.

#2042 2 years ago
Quoted from woody24:

Also find it funny that people try to compare the build of these to Ikea in terms of durability. I have a dresser from Ikea that I've been using for 13 years now. Just looks and functions just as good as it did when it was new.

I found the secret with IKEA type construction is to use wood glue on the joints before you cam tighten them in place, this just add a little bit of stability to their furniture. We have ikea stuff that’s easily 15 years old and looking/working great.

Quoted from iloveplywood:

That's weird, I had a Mame version of Punch Out running a couple of years ago on two monitors and loved it, have since played the real thing and haven't noticed that much of a difference (got past all the boxers once on the mame system).

I assume that you must have a pc with a fast clock speed of >3ghz. AFAIK MAME only uses one core to compute the emulation and anything less the 2.2ghz is to slow for most arcades. The NES version of Punch out is very difficult to emulate well because the tiniest bit of lag will make it unplayable. Even the NES Mini Classic doesn’t emulate punch out at 100%. I’ve seen numerous youtubers who normally can beat mike Tyson on a NES have trouble with the NES mini. The arcade version of punch out could play better then the nes version, but I’ve heard of problems with that game before.

1 week later
#2110 2 years ago
Quoted from Darscot:

Saw this on Instagram this morning [quoted image]

She was on The CTV morning show today (your morning) giving an interview. I wonder if that's in the green room at the studio

#2114 2 years ago
Quoted from konghusker:

My Scheels store computer shows final fight as an early March release. Waiting for that one for sure.

I thought at CES they said the end of February, so it should be soon

#2116 2 years ago
Quoted from DorkVonWaterfall:

so what, so am i....

Easy now. There's nothing wrong with that, the comment was for Ellen Page. Ellen Page is not a single mom, she is a great actor whom happens to be a lesbian and married.

There's nothing to get upset about here.

#2122 2 years ago


These won the tech toy of the year. I hope they’re easier to find in Canada in 2019. I’d be interested in a 12 in 1 cab, but there not available here.

89CD41B9-98AC-46AC-B54C-90D1BF257D62 (resized).jpeg
#2166 2 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

If you tell an employee that something cool is on mega clearance, they buy them all for themselves and sell them on CL or to friends - now you don't get one.
Never tell the employee the price, just quietly buy it and go on your way.

I watched a YouTube video a couple years ago where this guy went to Walmart stores bought up most of the popular name brand toys that are on clearance, then resold them on amazon for full price. The ROI was pretty decent for the work involved. The barrier for entry was also pretty low, he started with a couple hundred dollars and a good knowledge of what toys were hot enough to resell reasonably quickly.

#2176 2 years ago

There's a stack at my local Walmart with 6 SF and 1 gauntlet cabinets left. They're still $399 cdn. About $300 usd with current currency conversion

#2185 2 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Damn! My mother in law lives there. I may have to have her stop by! lol
So why are these being cleared out? Was this whole deal a bust or what?

Each title is a “one run then done” item. These need to get out of the way. Final fight should be coming out any week now, golden tee should be here by May.

#2203 2 years ago

This should work to change the difficulty level on their up coming MK cabinet.

#2205 2 years ago

Does anyone know of a good graphic to use for a topper that has moves for street fighter or mortal Kombat? I’d like to make marquee toppers for these 2 games.

I also might use a scrolling led sign to add a topper to golden tee also.

C58CF32F-2638-4124-8D43-9405399E7971 (resized).jpeg3B96377C-0E69-47F5-B2D4-18ACCA4BDF0C (resized).jpegA66516D0-ADF4-4E6D-93FF-98ED37A5B720 (resized).jpeg
#2206 2 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

does this work on the other cabinets? the SF2 difficulty is ridiculous
edit: nevermind, just watched the video. Time to RPi this sucker....

The only way that I’ve seen that done so far, is to mod in a usb jack. Then some keyboards will work to change the difficulty. You need to push the TAB key to get into the MAME menu, then you can change the dip switch for difficulty.

I haven’t dont this either (yet) but street fighter is brutal as it ships out of the box.

#2219 2 years ago
Quoted from nicoga3000:

When is the MK cab coming out? I definitely want one of those for the control layout alone.

I think September

#2231 2 years ago
Quoted from dtown:

s Golden Tee fun for one player? Or, is it just a bar game

Well, that depends how much you like golf. It's fun to practice and play solo, but with a group of people golden tee is a blast.

#2234 2 years ago
Quoted from dtown:

Figured that. Does this Arcade1Up compilation have the best of them on it?
Also, I like Hot Shots Golf and Neo Turf Masters. That's my knowledge of golf.

I think it’s 4 golden tee games, usually they have 3 courses, so there should be l bit of verity

#2239 2 years ago
Quoted from Agent_Hero:

Summary: For $300 you can have this version of old Golden Tee or for about the same price you could get the next series newer in a real arcade cabinet.

Ya, but I’ve owned enough full sized arcades to know that I’m done with them. I have 2 left and might get rid of them in time. This is the Arcade1up fan club; we’re here for the tiny toy machines.

#2259 2 years ago
Quoted from woody24:

I noticed the screen on the a1u golden tee is angled back further than the other ones. I figured it was to allow for more flinging room, so that they dont uave people putting their fist through the screen.

Ya I noticed that too. My one MAME cab has about 12-14 inches between the ball and the screen and no one has ever hit the screen. So I’m not worried.

#2270 2 years ago

I’m pretty sure that the next cab was coming out in March, has anyone seen anything new out in the stores? I don’t remember if it’s was going to be final fight or space invaders that comes next.

Golden tee will probably be out in May; if they plan to sell them for Father’s Day in June.

1 week later
#2328 2 years ago
Quoted from konghusker:

I still have my 4 machines in box. How are these all holding up so far? I'm still unsure on keeping these, but I like the idea of them at the cost. Debating on collecting these vs buying original cabs.

I'm happy enough with streetfighter that I no longer desire the full size cabinet. I'll be getting the ones that I like; mortal kombat and golden tee will be next.

#2336 2 years ago
Quoted from Chosen_S:

Originals can be repaired over and over...

Only until ancient parts become obsolete. They won’t make those old chips forever

Quoted from Chosen_S:

Originals will hold their value and will go up in value over time.

This is pure speculation and opinion; no facts here.

Quoted from Chosen_S:

Arcade1up is a cheap remake toy, not a commercial machine... they’re fun and compact though, but like a cheap ikea piece of furniture, when it goes bad, you don’t sell it, you toss it... it’s your call

This may be true, only the future will tell, but it’s just as likely that this could play out differently. Here’s a good example of cheap toys retaining their value.

Quoted from erak:

I think in 25 to 30 years they may possibly be what people Remember playing at home. Or have fond childhood memories of. And there may be a niche collector market. Kinda like how some of us older kids remember the days of these. And had to start collecting them. And the coleco tabletops aren't exactly cheap anymore.

#2340 2 years ago

On second thought, I might get one of these ones too

#2349 2 years ago

Definitely not an arcade1up, but these are pretty cool mini “real” cabinets. They run real boards and a crt tv in a custom cabinet.

#2356 2 years ago

I loved the 90’s game SAR search and rescue from SNK. The only problem is that it plays with a rotating joystick like Ikari warriors or heavy barrel. So it doesn’t play well on my MAME. If arcade1up released those 3 games in a cabinet, I’d buy day one.

1 week later
#2366 2 years ago

Probably a fluke component failure. I’d contact arcade1up for a replacement, then pull that ball out of the game and try to repair it.

#2368 2 years ago

I haven’t pulled apart an arcade1up track ball, but these usually work like an old ball mouse. The ball sits on two rollers. One for up/down. One left/right. Then they usually have a calibration disc with slots spaced around it. Then there’s an optical sensor that reads the disc as it moves back and forth.

My guess would be the optical sensor, if the doesn’t look like a loose connection or broken wire.

#2380 2 years ago

I haven’t found the golden tee cabinet anywhere in Canada yet, and GameStop USA wouldn’t ship to Canada. I’ll have to wait till May to see if Walmart Canada stocks them, and if not, I may have to find another more creative way to get one north of the border.

#2397 2 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Well.. yep. MAMEing ain’t easy!

I thought this thread was full of people saying how much better a MAME cabinet is then an arcade1up is. Maybe one of them will help all the guys stressed over finding the right software.

1 week later
#2445 2 years ago
Quoted from weasley:

My Golden Tee arrived yesterday, and I spent some time this afternoon putting the damn thing together. I hate the IKEA assembly process but I have to say, I love the game. The track ball is great, I love the lit marquee and honestly, the whole machine feels like a step up from the first round of Arcade1Up games. I don’t regret my purchase!

Can't wait till I can find one. I've been checking brickseek daily, but theres nothing in Canada

2 weeks later
#2464 2 years ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

Are there any serious drawbacks to this route.

Just one. Too many games. You'll eventually spend more time looking for a game to play, then playing a game. Narrow the list to your favorite 500 arcade games that work well with 6 buttons. I bet it will come loaded with a dozen versions of golden tee that are useless. Even with the fighting games, you'll get 10 different international versions of street fighter alpha 3, or king of fighters. You only need one version of each game.

Better yet get a couple different arcade 1up cabinets divided in to control panel styles. Have 50-100 games on each

#2466 2 years ago

9000 games on a 128 GB SD is not a curated list

#2480 2 years ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

I'm not religious, but I feel blessed to have something like this set up for me and my children to enjoy.

Amen brother. I hear that.

I've checked about a dozen walmarts around me and they've only got the 1st run games for$399. No deals. No 2nd run games.

I want golden tee, mortal kombat and maybe final fight. Hopefully they come soon

#2488 2 years ago
Quoted from catboxer:

No, even one player seems like the buttons are a bit squished together in a bunch. It's not unplayable, but feels off. And I imagine yes, it would be really tight with 2 players. I guess I could have a custom control panel made to get a slightly larger layout and room for 2 players, but not sure I want to go through the effort.

Ya, I could see this. I think on the street fighter cabinet the joystick is closer to the buttons making it feel tighter together, so I’d imagine that mortal Kombat will be the same.

2 weeks later
#2552 2 years ago

E3 is next week, they’re supposed to announce more games at the show. Maybe they’ll have more info on the risers too

I still haven’t seen any 2nd wave games in Canada yet. Kinda wonder if they’re even goi g to be released here.

#2584 2 years ago
Quoted from mkecasey:

Star Wars, Return of the Jedi, and Empire Strikes Back officially announced. Comes out in November. From the live video that I saw, it will retail for "under $500." So I guess $499.99?

Oh my God, they'll sell a lot of those

#2617 2 years ago
Quoted from racer_x:

I initially thought the Star Wars was a great idea, but the more I thought about it the less enthusiastic I got.
Given how badly they fumbled something as simple as a spinner, I don't have high hopes for the SW yoke. Also, my daughter picked me up an Asteroids on clearance, and the LCD monitors just don't do vector games justice.
Again, probably a nice unit for a novelty, but probably not gonna be for me.

I wonder how many other games could use these yoke controls and how mame-able thay will be.

1 month later
#2659 2 years ago
Quoted from PaulCoff:

At Comic Con Int. I talked to the guy in the 1upArcade booth. They had Star Wars on display, but he mentioned a new project in the works that was for pre order only and he couldn’t talk too much about it because he was trying to hype the star wars machine.
After the show the new machine was announced and I definitely signed on for it. It will be a great upgrade to the regular cabinet and it will have the PUNISHER...nuff said.
[quoted image]

I like the look of that one, but I’d need marvel vs street fighter or marve vs capcom to Pre order it.

On a side note, their international availability is pretty shitty. None of the phase 2 machines are available here. I’m deciding if I should make a road trip to the USA and hope I can find them or just order from eBay and pay the crazy price of shipping. It would cost me ~$800 CDN for mortal Kombat and close to a grand for golden tee, for those prices I could buy full sized cabinets; although that doesn’t help my space restrictions. I could probably fit 4 of these in the same space as 2 arcades

2 months later
#2678 2 years ago

I think they’ve had issues with the trade war. The only ones available in Canada are sf2 and Pac-Man, and the price is $450. Originally these were $400. If your lucky you’ll find one at a Walmart or toys r us, but over all they’re hard to come by.

I desperately want a golden tee, but the eBay price for me to get it shipped to Canada is ridiculous and the cost for me to make a road tip to the states is probably just as high. If a make a road trip what’s the likelihood that I find one at the first store I go to also.

If anyone finds these on sale and is willing to ship it for me, send me a message

#2682 2 years ago
Quoted from NightTrain:

So you can mod these to add more games like a normal JAMMA arcade MAME setup?

People gut the cabinet and install raspberry pi's or put in a pandora's box.

You cannot add games to the arcade 1up electronics

#2685 2 years ago

It looks stock.

I'm 5'8" and I'm comfortable playing standing. I bet at 6'4" a normal cabinet would also seen low. Games aren't made for people that tall.

1 week later
#2696 2 years ago