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$299 New Arcade Cabinets-Street Fighter, Centipede, Tempest

By vid1900

1 year ago

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#74 1 year ago

These things are pretty cool. Think I will get Rampage one for my kids. It would be nice if each had a few more games. Still, I like the price point. Just something fun to have and scratch the arcade itch.

2 weeks later
#172 1 year ago

Well, I pre-ordered the Rampage one today. It seems like something fun for for not much money so why not. I always wanted to get some kind of arcade but really don't want to mess with big cabinets. This thing I can just stick upstairs and let the kids have fun with it. It's small size is kind of ridiculous but that's part of the fun.

It would be fun to build something similar with a jamma board with a bunch of games. Don't know much about the arcade stuff. Are there many kits you can get that come with everything?

1 week later
#369 1 year ago
Quoted from vid1900:

Or think the Atari 2600 cost $199 ($870 in today's dollars)
And each cartage cost $49 ($215 in today's dollars)
The Pacman cartage sold for $59 and was one of the worst programed games of all time
So the Arcade1up seem to be a much better value as far as toys go.[quoted image]

I don't remember cartridges being that expensive. I remember buying some myself as a kid. I do remember the Atari 2600 console being expensive. My brother and I wanted one but knew it was probably too expensive for my parents. When we got one for Christmas we were blown away. Those were the days. The games kind of sucked but it was still so exciting to have video games at home. Nothing much to get excited about when it comes to games these days. It's all pretty much the same and all been done. One console replaces another and games are pretty much the same across every platform.

#421 1 year ago
Quoted from Chosen_S:

But, is 5 worth $1500???

Maybe. I can see buying one once in a while and have a little midget arcade lineup. It would be great if they come out with versions with different controls like steering wheel, dual joysticks, rotational joystick, etc. That would be stupid fun if they could keep the price low.

2 weeks later
#484 1 year ago

Glad there is such a huge demand. Love to see more of these things.

1 week later
#522 1 year ago

Got mine today and put it together. Kids love it. Like a real arcade, cab was already scratched and dinged up. Kinda sucks being new but important stuff looks good and works. It's not as small as I thought it would be. Boys and I could all play together just fine. Riser would put it at a decent height. Might get that later. Just played it a little. Looks like you can only play two players in Gauntlet. Not sure why you can't do three players like in Rampage. Overall real happy with it. Looks like a real arcade and works great. Not as good as the real thing but pretty cool for what it is.

20180927_212013 (resized).jpg
#526 1 year ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Because there is no 3-player ROM for the game. There's the original 4-player, and then they did a 2-player version for converting standard cabs.

Makes sense. I'm not really huge on Gauntlet but lots of nostalgia with that game. All those 4 player games were really something back in the day.

#554 1 year ago

I'm a single dad and bought one. I don't get why single women would be all over arcade stuff. Makes no sense to me.

#564 1 year ago

Box is pretty big and heavy. I still don't see some woman spotting one in a store, dropping it in her cart on a whim. She would probably need help moving it and it probably wouldn't even fit in a small car. You also have to build it and have some basic tools to do so. All that for a few old video games? You could buy a whole xbox or ps4, maybe with games for same cost. Those you just plug in and have a whole library of games with online content. Makes no sense that anyone would buy these that is not into retro gaming.

#571 1 year ago

I don't notice any lag on mine. It plays fine. QC could be better. No problem putting it together but it has more than a few blemishes.

#588 1 year ago

I don't get why you would get these if you owned the real thing. They are great for those like me that want a little arcade action without diving in the deep end. It would be cool if the marquee lit up but that would of drove the cost up. It's fine for what it is. Pull up a chair and everything is just fine.

#599 1 year ago

You can easily cut the bottom end off of these things. I think it would still be a bit big for table top. You could also chop the back off and mount it on a wall. There is nothing really inside of it besides the display and control panel.

Anyone got a good suggestion for stools that work well for sit down games that don't cost too much?

#618 1 year ago
Quoted from brad808:

I'm curious about this as well. Not just to hear someone say "it plays fine I don't see any lag" (because it is guaranteed), but for someone to provide some actual frame data so we can determine just how much there is. I haven't seen anything good or bad on it yet. If these are truly running on hardware similar to a Pandora's box then I suspect it's likely not going to be good. I'll reserve judgement for the actual data to roll in though. Data rules over speculation or anticdotal evidence for me any day.

Well, if you need things down to the nanosecond then I would say these probably are not for you. These are old video games done. You push the joystick up, things go up. You push a button, stuff happens. It works fine, seriously. You seem to be determined to find lag so I'm sure you will find it.

#619 1 year ago
Quoted from vid1900:

Arcade1up has issued a PSA:
Free Plexiglass control panels for all
Rampage level 31 fix
They will have all the phone lines manned on Oct 16th

Thanks for posting that vid. Mine has a glitch with Gauntlet. You can't get passed level 30 or 31 - forget exactly which. Not sure if that's the same issue but contacting customer service.

#628 1 year ago

Got a customer support email. They said engineers have not confirmed it is the control deck causing issues so no fix. Maybe next week they will know.

#644 12 months ago
Quoted from northvibe:

Did the "fix" for the control panel ship yet? I'm kind of waiting to buy them, until the store stock has all the fixes in them.

Not me. I got an email saying they are not sure replacing the control panel would fix it. They are still looking into it.

3 weeks later
#774 11 months ago

Got an email from Arcade1Up saying they are going to send my a new PCBA board. Hopefully that will fix the issue of Gauntlet glitching out around level 30.

#779 11 months ago
Quoted from henrydwh:

How is the Gauntlet on these? Does it match up with the arcade version? That would be the only cabinet I might be interested in.

It looks and plays the same for the most part. I'm not a hardcore arcade guy so works fine for me.

Got the board replacement today. Going to replace it this weekend.

20181109_204828 (resized).jpg
2 weeks later
#865 10 months ago

Awesome job, docquest! That looks legit!

#897 10 months ago
Quoted from docquest:

Did you actually do this? On the product page it says it's not eligible for promotional offers and discounts.[quoted image]

Yeah, pretty sure you cannot apply discounts to certain brands and products. You can get Kohls cash which is basically just store credit.

1 month later
#1429 9 months ago

Any news on prices? With all the holiday sales of $100 or more off, I'm not going to rush out and buy another for $300.

#1440 9 months ago

Counter-cades sound interesting. Definitely want the Final Fight cab but already knew that one was coming. Great games on that one.

1 week later
#1637 9 months ago

That's not true for everything on Amazon. There are a lot of third parties selling things for ridiculous prices. Like everything, you have to check around and see where it's cheaper.

2 weeks later
#2028 8 months ago
Quoted from Fytr:

I’m calling it right now, this whole thing is going to end badly, with thousands of these shoddy toys available for pennies on the $ on Craigslist or even put out to the curb.
By next Xmas the whole 1Up product line will be extinct once the thin novelty of these games wears off on the “single mom” crowd and they become just another piece of unused junk taking up space in their living rooms.

Shoddy? C'mon. They are not falling apart or catching on fire. Seriously doubt people are going to throw in the trash just because some paint wears off. If they end up selling for pennies on dollar I will certainly buy more and so will others. Look at all those shopping around for deals on series 1 games. I see a lot of interest in these games and this thread sees a lot of activity. Retro games are popular and nobody else is selling stuff like this. "Single moms" are still not going to build mame cabs or hunt down crust, old, heavy original games.

3 months later
#2476 4 months ago
Quoted from 85vett:

On a separate note. Picked up a Final Fight cab over the weekend. Really enjoying it. I got it mainly for 1944 but the other 3 games are pretty fun too.

Looks like a Walmart exclusive. Is that true? Hard to jump on this for $300 when all the past ones are being discounted but like the games.

#2500 4 months ago
Quoted from 85vett:

Yes I believe it is. They had both Final Fight and MK there. Ironically enough they had them in the back and only the old games on the floor. I was going through them when an employee asked if they could help me find something. I told him I was looking for Final Fight as I saw they had 3 online. His answer - "Yes, we have those in the back. I'll get one if you want one."
Not sure why they are keeping them in the back but be sure to ask if you are looking for one. My family is really enjoying Final Fight. Feels like a good mix of games on the cab.

Weird. I thought my kids and their friends would like the Gauntlet one I bought a while back. Like my pins, they played a little and that's it. Oh well. I really want the Final Fight but no hurry to get one.

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