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$299 New Arcade Cabinets-Street Fighter, Centipede, Tempest

By vid1900

11 months ago

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#101 10 months ago

Looks like Fry's Electronics is getting the mother of all exclusives. 12 Atari classics in one cab including the riser for $499. Not as attractive as the Centipede or the Asteroids cabinets, but that's a helluva game line-up.

Major Havoc
Missile Command
Lunar Lander
Crystal Castles
Super Breakout
Asteroids Deluxe

I still like the Centipede and Asteroid cabinets better, so I might opt for that. I can always play the missing games on my mame cab.

Fry's shows it as sold as out right now, FYI.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 3.41.48 PM (resized).png

1 week later
#126 10 months ago

No luck here either. That said, when I went to GameStop, the employee that took my pre-ordere said he was expecting to get some risers on release day. They just didn't have them in their system for pre-order yet. Word is that GameStop and WalMart will be cheaper.

#136 10 months ago
Quoted from Blake:

The easiest way to look at this product is to apply the same logic we do to buying pins. How many of you own the kid version pinball machines? I'm not talking about the miniature Super Mario that's a collectors item either. I'm talking about the $200 plastic 2/3 size pirates of the Caribbean you bought at K-Mart which looks like it runs on 6x D batteries (you know the one). I'm guessing few to none. Well that's what this product represents. A poor substitute to the real thing. Which don't let anyone fool you, are still readily available at a fraction of the cost of its pinball machine counterpart.

I dunno man. Not sure I agree with this assessment. Those Zizzle toys played nothing like a Stern or even an older System 11. These Arcade1Ups on the other hand, might be in cheaper lighter smaller cabinets, but if they get the controls right, they should "play" exactly like Centipede/Asteroids/etc did back in the day, especially since they're using the same ROMS. I have a half dozen full-size arcade cabs in my game room, but I'm still welcoming a couple of these in there. Especially since space is tight.

#151 10 months ago
Quoted from Blake:

agreed 100%!!!
There is indeed a market for these and as i mentioned in my first post i hope they sell like hotcakes!
If we did not already have the interest, ambition, and time to put towards our commercial vids i think this would be a decent substitute.
However i would not want to fool myself into thinking its the same as a commercial unit and would be disappointed if i was lead to think that these were the real thing.
I think some folks are uninformed about there options when it comes to buying or playing arcade games.
Just for your own thought i dont doubt that you could reuse a Golden Tee, MK, Rampart, Xenophobe, or about 100 other cabinets and create a very nice 3 player Rampage machine. With the ability to play thousands of games. For much less then the dedicated version.

No one in this forum is buying this thing expecting a 100% commercial vid cabinet substitute. Most of us here are well aware of the differences and own real arcade cabs as well.

But to say these things aren't "good enough" to own without even trying them out yourself is jumping the gun a bit.

I put together a couple of mini-cabs myself running emulation, and they sit in nicely in my game room next to the real arcade games and pins. I would argue that during parties they even get more play than my pins do, and hold up nicely.

Arcade1Up is along those same lines. Not perfect, but good enough, and will sit nicely next to them.

NBAF - 1 (resized).jpg
#153 10 months ago
Quoted from Blake:

quote earlier from Zennmaster:
"There is an FPGA replacement board for Tempest that is in what I would characterize as "late beta". It's a drop-in replacement for the game PCB, and has room on the SD card to also run Major Havoc and Omega Race. As for the monitor, there is actually a bit of a resurgence right now for color vectors, and there are enough aftermarket parts out there that you could build an entire vector monitor from them. That's if your 6100 is truly too far gone to be bulletproofed, which is pretty far. And yes, Tempest especially looks awful on an LCD. The black just isn't there, even with all kinds of crazy filters and stuff."

Heard that FPGA board is going to run between $500-$700. Add that to the $800-$1500 Tempests are going for right now, and that's not exactly in the same price-range of these Arcade1Ups. I get it though. Some folks are true pursists, and that's cool. For me though, I'm at the point in this hobby where I prefer to spend less on vids, and put the bulk of my hobby money towards pins.

#157 10 months ago
Quoted from Blake:

Nice job on the mini's. You know your cabinet is built 100 times tougher then these so it does not surprise me that they are holding up well. I disagree with you that no one here thinks these vids are like the real thing. They are a substitute and a viable one at that for many people.

Possibly. Who knows though. This could be the gateway drug for folks not into vids, which could in turn elevate the value of our games. haha

Also... Tempest for $500? I haven't seen one for that cheap in a long time, but man if you see one let me know. I would jump on that!

#158 10 months ago
Quoted from japespin:

Also... Tempest for $500? I haven't seen one for that cheap in a long time, but man if you see one let me know. I would jump on that!

Never mind. Just noticed you said "non-working".

#178 10 months ago

Found a video on YouTube for the Asteroids cabinet. Yes the guy's voice is annoying as hell, but more importantly, the emulation for Major Havoc is broken in this cabinet. It's playing way too fast. This doesn't bode well for Ardade1Up's QA. This shouldn't have gone out like this.

#271 10 months ago
Quoted from Malenko:

yeah but they are terrible mock ups :p Raiden side art FTW!
I don't know how well the MK games can be emulated, they always seem to be an issue on PIs and Pandora boxes so it'll either need a new purpose built emulator or better hardware.

Don't hold your breath. From the video I saw of Major Havoc, the emulation was way off. It played fast.

#298 10 months ago
Quoted from Fizz:

FYI for anyone interested, the deluxe model at frys.com is now available to order. Just ordered one myself. I was a bit torn on this whole thing, but figured, even if it sucks it’s not the end of the world, so I will roll the dice. Deluxe model comes with the riser, too.

Looks like Best Buy is getting the Deluxe 12 in 1 cabinet as well.

I'm personally torn. I like the way the Centipede only cab looks better than this 12-in-1 cab, but I like the list of games here better.

Nevertheless, from what I've seen on YouTube, Major Havoc plays nothing like the real thing, so I may be alright sticking with the Centipede only cab. Sucks they fumbled the emulation on that one.

1 week later
#451 9 months ago

Oh no! What will my friends and family think of me when they see this $300 mini-cabinet next to my real arcade cabinets, cabarets, and pinballs?!?!! I'm going to look like such a fool!! Not.

1 week later
#464 9 months ago

Overall review and observations from the Arcade Repair Tips guys, who were invited to the Arcade1Up offices to check them out...

#477 9 months ago

Yeah got the same email from Best Buy. That said, Game Stop is still honoring the Sept 24th date for the two cabs I ordered from them.

2 weeks later
#505 9 months ago

Picked up my preorder today, but I'm holding off on opening it, pending others reviews and unboxing videos. Seems a few people have had quality issues, and GameStop's return policy is shit, so I'll just sit on it while the first impressions come in from others first.

IMG_20180926_132310 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#580 8 months ago

Good video showing the difference in size between the Arcade1Ups (on a riser), a cabaret, and a full size Dig Dug. As someone who owns all of the above, I'm fine with it.

1 month later
#766 7 months ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

Walmart will have these for $250 on black friday, including the new pac man.

Actually only Pac Man and Galaga will be $250 on BF. The others will be regular price at Walmart.

2 weeks later
#901 6 months ago

Just picked up the new Asteroids Deluxe 6-in-1 at Costco for $299. Probably my favorite cab so far. Asteroids Deluxe artwork, and the correct control panel layout for Asteroids/Asteroids Deluxe/Gravitar. Comes already pre-assembled, and includes the official Arcade1Up stool.

Games included: Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe, Gravitar, Lunar Lander, Tempest, and Major Havoc.

IMG_20181126_124530 (resized).jpgIMG_20181126_234426 (resized).jpgScreen Shot 2018-11-27 at 4.08.43 PM (resized).png
#903 6 months ago
Quoted from pindel:

Cool. Looks like they are going to a different box now. Seems bigger from the picture

Yeah, this box is bigger because the unit comes pre-assembled and includes a stool. Most of them are still smaller and require assembly.

1 month later
#1540 5 months ago
Quoted from alveolus:

2 questions:
- does anyone know if there is a MAME setting fix for the audio lag?
- any practical solutions to improve to poor viewing angle of the LCD?

A1U sent me a replacement PCB for my Centipede which is supposed to fix the audio lag problem. That said, I can't check it because now I'm having monitor problems. Waiting for a replacement monitor now.

On the bright side, this new company they're using for customer support has been super helpful, and consumer friendly. I would try giving them a call and tell them about your audio lag issue. That's what I did.

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