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$299 New Arcade Cabinets-Street Fighter, Centipede, Tempest

By vid1900

11 months ago

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#85 10 months ago

Im the Idiot that bought all 5 cabs on launch day, now they're all sold out everywhere to my knowledge, yes, its probably crap emulation with a rPi, look at the assembly video, the system is built into the control panel, I hope theres ventilation for it to cool off in there.

I plan to put them in a row for my little kids and their friends to bang on, and leave their original counterparts that I own looking nice and tidy. to each his own, but I know these will get a lot of play by shorties that have no care in the world if they play perfect or not.

... or I could flip them and make a few bucks or get my money back


just FYI, say perhaps someone wanted to build one of these on their own... 1 sheet of mdf $40, raspberry pi with all the hookups and sd card $100(don't kid yourself, once you add a case and everything, it gets pricy) , 17" monitor found on craigslist or at the parts bin at work... most likely; free, but new: $50, printed graphics $100, controls for control panel from eBay cheap stuff $30, hardware and other electrical components to put it all together $40, plexiglass/tempered glass for monitor $20 to $50... then theres other stuff like graphic design, I can make my own, but most cannot, design time $100, and also doing a lit up marquee could cost anywhere from $30 to $100 or more depending on the style and perfection

before adding in the extra cool stuff like design time and a light up marquee... roughly $380 before labor time to make everything... how much time does it take to build one from scratch??? Id say about 20 hours if you're a fast wood worker, not including the computer time to setup and configure the raspberry pi.

how do I know this... I built a few things

#88 10 months ago
Quoted from Luckydogg420:

I kinda like the look of the whole set together. I wonder if they will have expansion packs of games to add to the cabinets? (I doubt it). Will they make more cabinets eventually? (I’d like golden tee or mortal kombat). What are the internal components? Are the joysticks and buttons custom smaller stuff, or off the shelf common components? If something breaks I want to be able to fix it.
Is this a SoC design that’s emulating the games (well or poorly), or is it something like a raspberry pi that can be hacked and have games added to the cabinet. Just like the nintendo classic; with its ability to play the whole collection.
How are the controls and monitor connected? I highly doubt it will be a Jamma connection, but I wonder if you could connect a pandora’s Box or game elf vertical box.

unfortunately, no-one in the public knows this info yet... the system is built inside the control panel, hopefully the control panel is easy to take apart

#90 10 months ago
Quoted from JodyG:

They have more machines planned for 2019. Turtles was one they specifically mentioned as a possibility.

if its 4 player, it will sell out in 2.5 minutes

#92 10 months ago
Quoted from dnapac:

I am curious how 3 or 4 adults will fit at the controls and have a good view of the screen.

it sure will look funny!

#105 10 months ago
Quoted from Irishbastard:

Hmm, Tempest? I've basically given up on mine, think I've owned this turd a few years now...will leave out the details, but should just burn the thing in my driveway....May be up and running by 2096

tempest is long overdue for a full on bulletproof method, I know the monitor can be rebuilt and the board can be refurbd, but yes, sadly its hard to keep running on a regular basis. mine was fully gone through and brought back to life and has been kept alive for the last 4 years, its a dang miracle.

so tempest running on emulation and on an lcd monitor should look terrible, however, I bet the monitor settings can be adjusted to help the viewing experience be better than total crap

#108 10 months ago
Quoted from docquest:

Asteroids or Tempest (or any vector game) not played on a real vector monitor just isn't the same.

yes, I love these games, I have both originals, not any other other way to play

1 week later
#163 10 months ago

also... my kids and their friends are short, and they will love these more than the originals anyway, just because they will be able to relate to them while they are young (and short)... I will not play these unless Im playing with them

#266 10 months ago

The button layout on mortal kombat is wrong. I hope that doesn’t stick

#268 10 months ago
Quoted from Malenko:

MK9 art on the front / bezel , CPO art is way off too

I done think Midway would let their licensed product be distributed this way, Im sure there are few revisions the machines will go through before launching.

#272 10 months ago
Quoted from Malenko:

yeah but they are terrible mock ups :p Raiden side art FTW!
I don't know how well the MK games can be emulated, they always seem to be an issue on PIs and Pandora boxes so it'll either need a new purpose built emulator or better hardware.

I bought the other cabs blind for my kids, but I'll be hesitant on MK... street fighter 2 is borderline for emulation for me, the timing of the controls and graphics suffers in emulation for fighting games and shmups (shoot em ups; raiden, galaga, donpachi) There is always going to be input lag of at minimum 1 fps at the very best. Throw in a slow processor, video processing, and a slow processing lcd monitor, and you start adding up fractions of fps, by the time you know it, your up to 5 or 10 or more fps input lag and when the heat of battle starts going, you cant win.

Anyone ever try playing an original punch-out or super punch-out, and then play an emulated version? on the original you can learn the patterns after a handful of games, and at least defeat 4 opponents just from a little practice, on the emulated version you would be hard pressed to defeat the 3rd opponent because of the timing of the input lag emulation provides...

the same thing is going on in the BOP 2.0 kit playing the emulated version of BOP 1; the sounds have input lag from the switches, it's still playable, but super annoying when the timing isn't perfect.

All of this Just FYI incase anyone wanted to know what most of the fuss is about.

#282 10 months ago
Quoted from Malenko:

While that is a factor it isn't what I meant On the Pandora if you hack in MK1 , it runs at like 1/3rd speed (or slower) if you have sound enabled and the sound is super choppy. If you turn off sound you can have it running at about 80% speed. Its the same for all the Wolf and T Unit and Y Unit games the emulation is just slow.
The game selection on that Fry's Deluxe looks great , love me some Crystal Castles, if only it had Arkanoid on there too

Word man, yeah, pandoras box is pretty under powered and uses an old version of mame to run its game selection, have you tried playing MK,2,3 U3 on a current mame setup? its actually not too bad.

#304 10 months ago
Quoted from Luckydogg420:

In wondering how easy it would be to have a light up marquee mod? When assembling the cabinet change that board for plexi. Add a light, wire it off the switch. Shouldn’t be to difficult

ok... so you want a lit up marquee...

things to consider and to make happen...

light and power... the cab has a proprietary power source, so you're going to either have to tap into that, or have a power strip in the cab to provide AC to both the cab and light.

plexi / backlight marquee... I don't believe the existing marquee is translucent and the existing marquee is not going to be a standard size, you're going to have to make or order something special, and to do it right where it looks correct is $$

#314 10 months ago
Quoted from Luckydogg420:

In not an electrical engineer, but this isn't a difficult job. I've created more complex things than this would be. And I know a guy for printing custom marquees.

Yes, you know a guy

Other places online that print custom marquees won’t print licensed images... try getting a made to size Centipede backlit marquee from a regular place... the custom guy you know might do it, but most likely not the regular places unless they have the license agreement.

The regular guy wanting to accomplish this task is going to have a hard time. Not trying dissuade anyone from trying, it’s just going to be a challenge

#318 10 months ago
Quoted from mattosborn:

You guys have clearly never tried.... One of the best reproduction artwork producers out there has no issue printing a custom one-off marquee for someone. I had one created for a cabaret cabinet. It was not that expensive either. They are very busy though, so you may have to wait a while. Mine came quick (within a week), but I've heard that's not typical nowadays.

I’ve built some pretty ridiculous stuff... mind sharing who the fella is?

Pm me if you need to , much appreciated

#326 10 months ago
Quoted from brad808:

Between this and some of the mame cabs I see in the game room pics thread it blows my mind the quality of vids some of you guys are willing to put next to your $50,000+ pin collection

I couldn't agree more... I may be cancelling my order this weekend, Ill give it a few days to decide, I already own almost all of the games represented, and have very nice mame counterparts that look and function as the real thing for the games I cannot find or just don't have the space for. I just want my kids off of my darn games when my friends are over to play games... to be continued

#388 9 months ago
Quoted from jellikit:

Atari 2600? Let's talk Halloween and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I grabbed a Halloween for a friend some years back as he is a huge fan of the franchise and consoles, good combo!
Brad[quoted image][quoted image]

There is a retro gaming thread somewhere here on pinside

#390 9 months ago
Quoted from jellikit:

Yes but I think that one got hijacked by people talking about $299 New Arcade Cabinets.

Seriously!?! Lol, I wouldn’t be surprised

#411 9 months ago

.... and this is why klov started to push me away

#414 9 months ago
Quoted from woody24:

No $#it? I've been bugging them on Twitter for years to bring those back.

Way to go!!!

#415 9 months ago
Quoted from jchiu:

Most people can earn $299 in the same amount of time arguing whether this is worth $299.

But, is 5 worth $1500???

#442 9 months ago
Quoted from Lithonion:

These with the riser are 58" tall. So about 10" shy of most arcade cabs. I pre-ordered the Deluxe that comes with the riser but not sure I am going to use it yet. Might build my own because there is no way I am playing it at 58". It is ultimately up to the wife as I did order it for her. I have a Mame set up she doesn't like to play, do complicated.

What frontend are you using?? We use hyperspin in my house, it’s so simple a 3 year old can use it

1 week later
#471 9 months ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Unless you've modded that stick it's got a square gate, that's what stock on a Sanwa JLF.

Yup, need to put a circled gate , Or if you preferred to fill every diagonal, there is a gate that has a notch for every angle, pretty nice if you’re trying to teach kids how to play fighting games.

3 weeks later
#578 8 months ago

I have all five cabs on order at wal-mart; asteroids, centipede, rampage, street fighter 2, and the wal-mart exclusive Galaga, I'm really on the fence now for no good reason, other than that Im starting to care less about them...

I own all of these real arcades except rampage. I guess I could post them up for a few extra bux after they arrive, meh

Someone push me over the edge please

#609 8 months ago
Quoted from vid1900:

Arcade1up has issued a PSA:
Free Plexiglass control panels for all
Rampage level 31 fix
They will have all the phone lines manned on Oct 16th

Vid, you seem to really like these things! thanks for posting this!

2 weeks later
#663 8 months ago

Looks like 2 of mine arrived today, still thinking of returning them

40A22E80-36A8-449D-AE49-63D50186B1B5 (resized).jpeg
#665 8 months ago
Quoted from vid1900:

Donate them to a children's center.
Kids would love you for it, and you can take the tax deduction.

I like your thinkin

#685 8 months ago
Quoted from 85vett:

I'll take your word for it. I just know that with the 1UP I could feel the square and with the actual arcade game it felt like a circle. Maybe the owner did something to the arcade though.

Expo was cool !

Wish we would have met up... I played those little arcades for 5 minutes, played dead pool for 3+ hours

3 weeks later
#820 7 months ago
Quoted from Jason43:

So i picked up one of the new cabaret sized cabinets....
[quoted image]

Why did you not just buy an original after all the time and $ you’re spending? I just bought an original at a show for $500, nice monitor and all... I also have an original I paid $300 for and and added in another 200 for an lcd and mame computer so I have every game that uses a trackball.

#824 7 months ago
Quoted from Jason43:

How much time and money do you think I'm spending? So far, using scraps of wood and a can of paint i already had, I'm at a whopping 0.00 project cost.

Ok, you got me there

You’re in time,

And if you do light up marquee, I’ll be interested in the expense for sure.

How’s the trackball? Does it feel correct like a happ?

#848 7 months ago
Quoted from vid1900:

Mad Planets, now that's a game!

No kidding, it would cost a nice system 11 to snag one of those... long live mad planets!

#850 7 months ago
Quoted from swillie:

Never played Mad Planets. I will add to my MAME cab, but without a fire button on the stick i'm not sure it will be very playable.

Yeah, you need a spinner, and a flight stick with a fire button

Tron has the same controls

1 week later
#928 6 months ago
Quoted from JodyG:

[quoted image][quoted image]


#940 6 months ago

I’m returning galaga, Centipede and Asteroids , keeping sf2 and rampage

Mine are still nib

1 week later
#1083 6 months ago
Quoted from vid1900:

It actually could be pure genius to secretly put those extra games in memory.
They are not officially selling or licensing them.
But all the hacker kids can turn them on for free - hacker value added .

Someone has to figure out how to add them to the menu, or else always having to have a keyboard hooked up

#1098 6 months ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

Um, no. I have a SF coming and wanted to know how to order one. Should've asked the poster above, I guess.

Take the control panel apart when you receive it and clear laminate the art... there’s a roll of clear laminate on amazon that will work well... I did both rampage and sf2 in about 20 minutes each

No more stupid raised cp protector

Clear Vinyl Self-Adhesive... amazon.com link »

#1196 6 months ago

I buckled and put these together, they’ll be on the floor in the living room Christmas morning, I bet the short people in my house will play them for at least 15 minutes

AEF222E3-6C5B-42BC-A6D2-EB51139DC9FE (resized).jpeg
#1222 6 months ago
Quoted from Lithonion:

So far, "leaked" as we all know leaked on purpose.... Arcade1up Cocktails will be at CES as well as new cabs with 27 new titles licensed for 2019
Not sure on how many cabs that will be at CES and if all new titles will be presented. We will see if this is just a rumor mill to get hyped up for Arcade1Up at CES. CES is Jan 9th so not that far out.
[quoted image]

If there’s no glass on that top, stay away, or replace it with glass ASAP, the plastic on the upright games is easily scratched, Only clean it with glass cleaner and a microfiber towel, never dry

#1272 5 months ago
Quoted from crlush:

A guy on youtube tried it and it works but said you have to re seat the plug every time to get the computer to recognize what ever is plugged into the usb.

That can be fixed easily with a switch

#1307 5 months ago
Quoted from vid1900:

Full cost of the game if you jumped on the Wallmart $149 deal a week ago!

Tron wasn’t available a week ago

1 week later
#1515 5 months ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Sacrilege! But yeah, get some Third Strike on there damn. And make it CvS2. It's almost a really cool list, just some weird choices. Like Alpha 1 over 3? New Generation??

Or... since they’re using emulation anyway... buy a real fighting cab; candy or big blue or dynamo, put together an emulation computer and have every fighting game and side scroller from every company . Yes, these arcade 1 ups are neat , I own 2 of them. I could spend the same or less $ and have it full size with what ever hardware I want to use...

Look at those cocktail machines... the plexi is already scratched and getting worse... and they will take up the space of 2 pins... that’s right... put chairs on either side of them and that’s a lot of space!

#1529 5 months ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I've got a row of candy cabs, running real CPS2 and CPS3 hardware, I don't do emulation. But I have thousands of dollars into my hardware, I need to maintain a bunch of CRTs, and it's really nothing I'd recommend to anyone who wasn't hardcore about playing these games.
These 1Ups are just fine for most people who just want to mess around. Don't waste your time and money on real arcade cabs just to play them a few weeks and then get bored.


Agree, on all fronts

Quoted from NimblePin:

Maybe, if you have said space to spare...
What happens if you already have a row of 5 pins in let’s say...a 12’X12’ room and you can’t possibly put two more pins in the room? One more surely could go lengthwise but two back to back would pretty much cramp the doorway.
Wouldn’t you rather have five or six A1UPs at $100-$150 a pop along the opposite wall with dedicated specific game button layouts so MORE people can be playing different games all at once?
Having a single two player BB/Candy/Dynamo cab modified with a dizzying amount of games to endlessly scroll through, that may or may not play/sound like their original counterparts is so 2008 thinking.
Also saying you can buy original equipment for the same price or less is just silly. Maybe if you were paying the MSRP of the Deluxe Editions or something, but I highly doubt you’re scoring complete bb/candy/dynamo cabs on the reg for $100-$150.
Even though you own two, I think you’re still missing the point and purpose of why all these A1UPs are so attractive for a lot of different people.
They are literally TINY; weigh next to nothing.
Cheap to run, simple to use and are very low maintenance.
Fun to play? Yep, that too.
Shuffling the uprights around is literally a breeze.
Moving my aging 30 year old big blue around isn’t.
Even with carpet sliders.
(It has lightly scratched plexi as well.)
If you feel like modding it with any modern arcade hardware spec, the A1Up can handle that no problemo.
Most folks with the SFII cab have already done that and dim sum.
Talking about losing space because of it’s “size” is just silly.
If anything, I was able to cram MORE gaming into my humble arcade because of the Arcade 1Up!
Thanks A1Up!

Cocktail machines, no matter the size; you have to pull chairs up to them to play them. Therefore they take up a crazy amount of room. I can fit three pinball machines where my one and only cocktail machine sits including its chairs. The arcade one ups upright games are fantastic for their size. I had the same idea years ago when trying to figure out a way to fit multiple games and a few pinball machines in a small bedroom…

I have an original centipede that I installed every good track ball game on. I have a Tron arcade that I’ve built by hand, and it has every game on it that utilizes a spinner and joystick. It uses an original Tron joystick. My dynamo street fighter two arcade, has every fighting game from Street fighter IV and older . I built a fix-it Felix Junior, it has every vertical 4-way joystick game on it. They all use hyper spin for the front end. The games are easy to find and navigate. When my son was three years old, he could figure it out without me helping him

Since then I have bought a LOT of dedicated games and a few 1ups, life is good

Oh yes... every game should have tempered glass. NOT PLEXI... but one of those cocktail machines and send us a photo 2 weeks later

#1539 5 months ago
Quoted from vid1900:

You could mount 2 Wallcades back to back on a basement stanchion, mirror the monitors and have some nice H2H action.

When the fight gets rowdy on those machines, the whole basement crumble down! LOL I like your thinking that, always thinking outside the box

#1547 5 months ago

Anyone that buys the cocktail machine(s). Please go buy a piece of tempered glass for the top, you will thank yourself for doing it

#1570 5 months ago
Quoted from alveolus:

So, I added the Spintrak spinner from Ultimarc. The installation is janky because the hole is too big so it’s not too secure at the moment but it feels amazing! I used the big flywheel. I will need to locate or fashion an adapter at some point.
I did the USB mod which is required as this spinner is WAY too sensitive. I was able to enter the MAME settings and compensate by dialing down the sensitivity setting which I had to reduce to the lowest setting. Tempest plays like a dream with this spinner. HOWEVER....
Contrary to what was reported elsewhere, my settings are NOT retained if I exit the game and select it later, let alone if I turn the machine off.
Anyone know of a fix for this issue? If not, I’ll have to do the optical disc mod, which looks like a real pain.
[quoted image]

In my experience with Mame... go to the menu and set your settings... make sure they are what you want by playing the game, go back to the settings and then load a different game from the settings menu... doing this saves the settings to the games personal ini file.

Doing a hard exit from a game usually does not save the games settings with mame.

#1571 5 months ago
Quoted from benheck:

Aurich, saw this at Portland Retro Gaming Expo last fall.
[quoted image]

On my !!! Those buttons and joystick placement is oh so crazy

#1572 5 months ago
Quoted from henrydwh:

I hear you, but if it's is just plexiglass it will be scratched up in no time, Maybe they used lexan, it would be a lot more scratch resistant. Anyway, the idea was brought up, so I just wanted to give people a idea of what it would cost to use glass.

I sell Lexan professionally , and always need to tell customers not to ever wipe it with a dry rag, always spray glass cleaner on the lexan or the rag first before cleaning it.

I think PETG is possibly the best plastic for scratch resistance , but cracks easily.

Plexi is fair, cracks easily and yellows over time

Lexan; polycarbonate; will not yellow or crack, but can be cut and drilled like wood, but scratches and hazes from micro scratches easily.

#1581 5 months ago
Quoted from alveolus:

Well, that almost worked. If I loaded another game and later reloaded Tempest from the MAME menu, it would keep the settings. However, if I exited to the Arcade 1up menu and reloaded Tempest, it reverted to the stock settings.

Look up the hot keys for saving settings in mame, I believe they exist, maybe that could be the trick

Or maybe there’s a hot key for rebuilding or saving the nvram with a hard key press??

#1583 5 months ago

Laminating the control panel before use is the best option.. should have been a factory install

#1608 5 months ago
Quoted from woody24:

I've thought about putting a pi in one. But was afraid of the same thing you mentioned with your NESpi. Have the same thing connected to my TV and play it every now and then, but have anxiety trying to figure out what to play.
What I'd like to do is build out purpose built cabinets. Like only fighting games, or only classics. But even at the $100 price tag I got them at, I still can't force myself to dump a perfectly good system. Maybe sometime in the future I'll re-consider.

It’s called “options paralysis”. Too many games to choose from, so nothing gets played

2 weeks later
#2016 4 months ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

All I want is a Punch-Out / Super Punch-Out equivalent of the Street Fighter arcade.

That will never happen

The emulation lag is very bad for those 2 games

Just try to get past 4 fighters, I can easily do it on original hardware, but I have to think way ahead to execute each strike and dodge almost from memorization to get as far on an emulator...

Also, Nintendo won’t let it happen, they don’t like to share much when it comes to things like this

However, if it did happen and the emulation lag was figured out , I hope they would add arm wrestling in as well, and maybe the NES versions of punch out, Mike Tyson punch out and the super punch out from the super NES

1 week later
#2075 4 months ago
Quoted from vid1900:

NO ONE needs to be told they could buy something else, lol .
You've got to admit, nothing could be dumber than to tell Pinheads that they could buy commercial gaming equipment - they kinda already know.

Vid!?! You mean to tell me I could buy a room sized claw machine!?!?! I’ve been awaiting permission for years! My kids will be so excited that I can crane them out of bed!!!!

#2087 4 months ago

Bah! My rampage stopped working...

1. Checked ALL connections, flip power switch, nothing, no boot, no lights

2. Replaced power cord all the way through from a working game... no dice

3. calling arcade 1up tomorrow for next solution

... anyone else have any suggestions?

1 week later
#2151 4 months ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Apparently the SF2 one has a missing sound channel.

Yes, I believe mame emulates the sound in stereo, the A1U has a single speaker, and I don’t think the machine is converting stereo to mono

1 week later
#2221 3 months ago
Quoted from tadowhere:

I got an e-mail from A1up:
We would like to apologize for the delayed response.
We sincerely apologize for the delay in receiving your part. Please be advised that the delay is due to not having the available inventory at the moment. Once the parts are available it will be sent to the address you provided. We look forward to resolving your issue.
This was for the 12-n-1 control panel protector. Anyone else get this?

Bummer, if your control panel art is still good, order some clear laminate from amazon, take everything off the control panel , laminate it and put everything back together, better than the protector

2 weeks later
#2333 3 months ago
Quoted from konghusker:

I still have my 4 machines in box. How are these all holding up so far? I'm still unsure on keeping these, but I like the idea of them at the cost. Debating on collecting these vs buying original cabs.

Are you a real collector if you’re collecting cheap remakes with boards that cannot be fixed, but have to be replaced when they stop working?

Originals can be repaired over and over...

Originals will hold their value and will go up in value over time.

Arcade1up is a cheap remake toy, not a commercial machine... they’re fun and compact though, but like a cheap ikea piece of furniture, when it goes bad, you don’t sell it, you toss it... it’s your call

Edit: not knocking on Arcade1up collectors , collect what you like, but in 10 years, the originals will still be coveted, but these will be a nostalgic toy that has started falling apart from poor material usage.

#2338 3 months ago
Quoted from Luckydogg420:

Only until ancient parts become obsolete. They won’t make those old chips forever

This is pure speculation and opinion; no facts here.

This may be true, only the future will tell, but it’s just as likely that this could play out differently. Here’s a good example of cheap toys retaining their value.

True, old chips won’t be around forever. Some already out of reach in every way. Fpga is helping to turn this around, guess they could be installed in arcade 1up as well.

Quoted from woody24:

Stop right there. Collecting is just that, collecting. There are no real collectors or fake collectors. If you collect something, you're a collector.
Now, there are purist, and those who don't care.
So in conclusion, it doesn't matter what you think about what someone else likes to collect.

I agree; Collecting is collecting. Although I have an uncle that collects classic cars,; mustangs, corvettes, and mopar muscle. Dont see anyone with a collector mentality get excited about a row of classic modded ford crown vics that sit outside his shop a few blocks down... everyone gets excited about original OG equipment, and it holds value and grows in value.

I get it , different strokes for different folks.

2 months later
#2534 28 days ago

Rpi is too slow a processor to have future proofing, guys, I know this is an arcade 1up thread, but those of you on the fence... just spend more money on a full size multi with a good pc and don’t stress over this cheap thin cabinet. I have 2 Arcade1up and they haven’t been turned on in months, our full sized sf2 cabinet gets played every week. And we can add some modern games to it : for instance: Street fighter 4 arcade edition, mr driller, and a ton of fun stuff on steam. With almost every front end software, you can insert any game into the menu lineup.

#2540 28 days ago
Quoted from Wildbill327:

I just decided to give this a try, it’s my first arcade 1up. I had a full MK4 cabinet but sold it after I got the pinball sickness. Hopefully this will scratch the itch for my lost MK.[quoted image]

That’s cool, it looks fun

2 weeks later
#2629 8 days ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

There are filters for MAME and other emulators which curve the image of the screen like a CRT. It works quite well, and while you’re playing, it effectively fools the eye

This is true, I believe it is called hlsl, however requires a lot of processor power to fuel, Arcade1up couldn’t even try

#2630 8 days ago

Lol, they expect people to play Tron on that control panel, hahahahaha, ridiculous... and it’s one of their selling points

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