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21st century pins that strayed from the typical mode-based ruleset

By oldbaby

61 days ago

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#1 61 days ago

Discussion thread:
Multiballs and mini-wizard modes.
Wizard of Oz
Total Nuclear Annihilation
JJP Pirates of the Caribbean:
The chapters aren't really modes. It's sort of "multiballs and mini-wizard modes", like Metallica.
Jurassic Park (Stern):
All the dinosaur modes are variations on the same mode. That's really different.
Mostly not a mode-based game.
JJP Guns N Roses:
Interesting multiball-infused modes, with the add-a-balls and everything.

So my questions are:
Did I categorize these games correctly?
What do you think of these games and their rulesets?
Keith P Johnson games appear 3 times on this list... has this mad genius soured on typical mode based games?!
Did I miss any?

#2 61 days ago

I'd say ACDC is something that strays far from the "typical" mode based ruleset, even though it's still mode based.

The modes are very lite with no timer and no ending, and heavily serve to build you towards a bigger reward through the song jackpot, instead of being the primary source of points by themselves.

#3 61 days ago

and thinking about it, I'd say Batman 66 as well.

The major villain modes have that very unique build towards a super jackpot with the ability to pass and keep building, and then the minor modes generally exist to get you rewards/modifiers for your subsequent gameplay, and because of the way they work your selection includes multiple copies of the more mild effects and less copies of the greater effects, meaning there's a big cost to trying for a good effect and failing it, because you can't just go for it again unless you then finish yet another minor mode that earns you the ability to replay failed modes.

It's a big departure from typical mode based game design and took me quite a while to wrap my head around (in a good way, it's really spectacular!).

#4 61 days ago

Most Multimorphic games have some major variations to rule sets: Cosmic Cart Racing is the most obvious example. The “arcade” mode hardly resembles “traditional” pinball at all

Heist has a variety of different things you need to do, rather than just shot - shot - shot. There are mini-games of a shot or two which are kind of thrown in between other parts of the game

And of course since the playfield is dynamic, a lot of the things you need to do involve rolling over a random part of the playfield, so you can’t exactly memorize shots the same way as a typical game.

#5 61 days ago

A lot of this comes down to semantics and personal opinion, but here's my take on a couple mentioned so far:
JJPOTC - chapters are modes, they're just boring and indistinguishable
BM66 - absolutely mode-based
JJPGNR - I wouldn't call the songs modes, because each one is a huge multiball. Most players will get one, maaaybe two songs per game. Kinda feels like if all the crank it up modes were multiballs, and I think we all agree that Metallica isn't a mode-based game.

...and a couple not mentioned yet: Iron Man, Tron. Maybe it's a John Borg/Lyman thing.

#6 61 days ago

So what qualifies as a mode? In BM66, each villain has multiple modes. The minor villains, too, have modes. In Metallica, isn’t Lady Justice a mode? CIU—these are all modes. Each feature has its own multiball—each of which are modes. Tron arguably has a vertical stack of modes right down the center.

Modes are generally objectives within the overall game—games within games. But some are more intricately themed than others.

#7 61 days ago

What you're describing are what I call "features" .. anything in the rules that enhances scoring for a particular area, shot or time period.

"Modes" are what I call a set of similar features, all started and qualified with the same shot(s), and usually timed.

Lady Justice is a feature. The ladder of stuff up Tron's playfield are features. The ladder of 5 features up Iron Maiden's playfield are modes.

#8 60 days ago

To my mind, the descriptive value of saying that JJP POTC is not a mode-based game is so that people know that the bulk of the rules are not found in the chapters, they're found in the multiballs, the mini-wizard modes, etcetera.

#9 60 days ago

Does Monopoly count as a non-mode game?

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