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2019 Pincinnati Buy/Sell/Trade Thread!

By chuckwurt

1 year ago

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    #51 1 year ago

    I'll be selling several things (won't have at show, but live 10 mins from show):

    Pinball Magic (pics soon) - ColorDMD, LEDOCD board - $4500
    CPR set of Paragon Plastics (Unopened) - $125
    Custom Paragon Topper - $15
    2 System 9 MPUs (MPUs boot, but in varying condition) - $100 each
    - Donor board for free if you buy both (lots of aklaline damage, but decent parts on board)
    (PENDING FOR BOTH) 2 pieces of American Pinball Magic Glass (never used) - $125 a sheet (cheaper than on-site)

    #52 1 year ago

    Sorcerer is 1700 to pinside peeps but I’ll have 1800 on it at the show.

    All my other games I planned to sell are already spoken for. I’ll post here if anything changes.

    #53 1 year ago

    Anyone have a LOTR for sale or trade to bring to show?

    #54 1 year ago

    I will be selling my Earthshaker 2400, but 2200 for pinsiders (its players condition with wear on the PF). If anyone wants a Houdini HUO with some mods 5600 ping me.

    #55 1 year ago

    Williams 1997

    Beautiful original MM
    Collector quality with lots of love through the years.

    Here’s the scoop:

    LEDs throughout
    Color DMD
    New 3D translight
    Playfield replaced, beautiful
    Cabinet decals replaced, no scuffs or blemished
    Apron art (original apron also included)
    Side blades art
    Medieval figurines
    New Rottendog CPU board
    No errors, plays great
    Red LED fliper button lights
    Protective plastics
    Pinball Pro speakers x 3
    Siderail look great, no dents
    Plastic leg protectors

    Cash only
    Must stay until end of show, Sunday 4pm

    43CE6018-50CB-4626-A895-21BDF2C17D27 (resized).jpeg0E485F3B-0C78-466A-8FAE-7E5C18607266 (resized).jpeg7E518F07-FE09-48D8-BF10-02215E8B9D73 (resized).jpegC380B7DB-6AE6-4D41-8909-F6ABFF8F7F9A (resized).jpeg1D80D79E-E7DC-4025-B923-ED550F6CEABE (resized).jpeg0B10DCFD-EFC5-4940-8768-7C21520C99D3 (resized).jpegB2EB9F3C-99E0-4B65-8A0D-804D97C0A30E (resized).jpeg5CD1A63F-C854-495F-B093-4E7D7B7D14A8 (resized).jpegDE6BABB5-65CD-4167-A455-E4E3A682D95A (resized).jpeg
    Added 16 months ago:

    Updated in classified ad section

    #56 1 year ago

    WILLIAMS, 1996

    Collector quality TOTAN

    Color DMD
    Gold mirror blades
    Low fade cabinet: still bright with no dents, scrapes or scratches.
    Slight touch up around flipper buttons, not noticeable but slightly felt
    Bright translight with no scratches
    Purple LED flipper buttons
    Gold mod lamp
    Plastic protectors
    New basket shot ramp
    Ramps replaced a few years ago
    Apron decal
    No errors, plays great
    Siderails are solid, no dents
    LEDs throughout
    Skull mod shooter handle (a reference to the skeleton war prior to Final Genie Battle)
    Plastic leg protectors
    Rottendog driver board

    Cash only
    Must stay until end of show, Sunday 4pm

    B15A8C42-A54D-421E-9DA7-12CC1B111502 (resized).jpegBF89D4AB-38C6-489E-A78D-40014D52377F (resized).jpeg57B1C221-BA36-48E1-9A1A-67F19EB4DAE4 (resized).jpeg2E59E367-2788-49D6-B4D0-62DF14DC164C (resized).jpeg7C521744-4DBA-4573-8F7E-B2C4CB879D3E (resized).jpeg81FA6557-646E-4FF4-983F-9697A6644397 (resized).jpeg60C95DC4-DF09-42A6-9916-3883F716D166 (resized).jpeg03B1E6A5-FC49-4E89-97D1-0A398B908548 (resized).jpeg21E8A6D2-14BB-44EF-867C-56D4D74E6FAB (resized).jpeg
    #57 1 year ago

    Anyone brining a TRON LE?

    #58 1 year ago

    Both my restored Black Knight and F-14 will be available at the show. Find me if you are interested. Momma don't need any price police in this thread!

    #59 1 year ago

    Bringing: BK SOR Pro, Baywatch both for sale. I live 10 mins from the venue and do have a Diamond Plate Rollergames I will sell also if anyone is interested.

    #60 1 year ago

    I tried out a new vendor for pinballs recently and their "mirror-finish" balls turned out to be sub-mirror-finish. Now I want to unload them. I got 25 of them for about $1.25 each and I'd be willing to sell them for $.50 each at the show.

    #61 1 year ago

    I updated everything and found a few more things I will have for sale at the show...
    EVERYTHING LISTED in this post is TESTED and FULLY WORKING or brand new!

    -I collect console video games. Bring unwanted video games to the show and I will buy them from you or trade you for pinball stuff.

    Original arcade/pinball manuals
    lots of used GENERIC Bally pinball parts/assembles from the 70s/80s
    used GENERIC Williams pinball parts/assemblies from the 70s/80s
    -leg casters
    -leg bolts
    -clear flipper buttons
    -red flipper buttons
    -EATPM Boogiemen
    -I will have pinballs for sale.
    -Silicon 2.5 inch slingshot rubber
    -used Lost World plastic set
    -used Funhouse ramp
    -Used corvette main ramp
    -used High Speed ramp

    Fully tested/working BOARDS:
    -AUX Power driver board (sys11) Fully tested/working
    -sys11 interconnect board (Earthshaker)
    -BALLY -35 MPU -Jumped for 2532 EPROMS OR original masked PROMS
    -Bally/Stern lamp driver board
    -Bally "Vocalizer" (Xenon) board
    -Stern SB-100 sound board
    -Stern (Lightning ROMS) speech board
    -Bally AUX lamp driver board (Centaur,ect.)
    -Bally -50 sound board (Dolly Parton,Harlem,ect.)
    -many Bally lock down bars
    -random coin doors + parts (Got. + Bally)

    The Shadow (professionally restored)
    Houdini (new)
    Attack from Mars (new-Mirco (2nd))
    a parts Eight Ball PF (worn)
    Secret Service (worn)
    Pit Stop (populated) (good)
    Solar City (populated) (so-so)
    a wired Lost World play field (worn)
    a wired Xenon playfield (worn)
    a bare High Speed play field (worn)
    Joker Poker playfield only (used and worn)
    EBD playfield only (used and worn bad)

    Ghostbusters Pro translite
    Metallica Pro translite
    Flash Gordon Backglass (CPR)

    -Williams system 3-6 power supply (tested fully working)
    -Bally Sol. Driver Board (tested fully working)
    -Williams/DE system 3-11 Special Solenoid Fused Saver Boards
    -Bally rectifier WEEBLY kit/assembled board
    -Plug in style 3 prong power cords
    -WORKING Xenon Transformer. Unhacked. compatible with: EBD, Fathom, Centaur, Flash Gordon, ect.
    -Most of the unhacked cabinet wiring harness for a Demo Man.
    -Got. sys 80/80B driver board
    -WPC knocker assembly
    -WPC playfield arm prop
    -Nice original plasma DMD display from STTNG - no burn
    -$15 pincab pinball cabinet protectors - yellow
    -NVRAM 5101(Bally -17/-35) + (Williams system 3-7) $20
    -loose SNES+NES+gameboy games

    SpeakerLightKits.com SPECIAL SHOW PRICES:
    Type 7 =SAM+Whitestar wood panel-square holes - $39
    Type 9 =SAM metal panel-round holes- $39
    Type 10 =SPIKE 1 games- $43
    Type 11 =SPIKE 2 (standard kit) - $59
    Type 12 =SPIKE 2 (deluxe) $77
    Type 13 =SPIKE 2 (deluxe) w/5.25 in. speakers -$67
    Sound Controllers $8
    Power Splitters $6
    Spike 2 plastic canvas material = $2.50

    #62 1 year ago

    hey kids... I have a Peter H BOP playfield that was never used. I think I paid in the 850.00 area plus shipping. Can bring to the show if someone is interested... thinking $800.00 (firm). let me know.

    #63 1 year ago

    I have an extra go-DMD pinball clock. I made a couple of them ~ a year ago. I love mine but I don't need 2 of them. Send me a PM if you are interested and I'll bring it to the show. See a short video below.....


    #64 1 year ago

    SOLD: Tales of the Arabian Nights

    Come play it at Pincinnati this weekend though!

    #65 1 year ago

    I have a full set of Data East / Sega boards and 2 large DNS’s and also a transformer that I can bring. $1000 takes it all MPU, Sound board, driver board, display driver board, shaker motor and shaker motor board, 2 XL dmd displays, 12v motor and transformer.

    Also Space Rider playfields available $500 with plastics and $400 for wall hangers. One with bad damage for $200. Lady Death backglasses $250 mirrored $200 standard.

    Tiny dogs not for sale but since I accidentally clicked their pictures and they are cute I left them in. Actually offer me enough for the brown one and she’s all yours!

    1464FD46-4D0D-4884-8CE3-3F05E67DB5A4 (resized).jpeg50C143AB-AFFE-465B-9F41-214C5E5E6C50 (resized).jpeg27A628D5-D993-44C6-86F5-EE9E1F05EC6E (resized).jpeg86F06D3C-BC7E-4529-8345-BF33BC1B98A3 (resized).jpeg4A7958F1-57DF-4515-A1CB-240A9B01A2E1 (resized).jpeg6112B587-838D-4A5F-804B-5846437968EB (resized).jpegE70E5FB0-260C-4F8E-8614-86F292E2DEEF (resized).jpegD32BADF3-035D-4CD3-9B7E-FB452C76F35E (resized).jpegA510B1B7-0A16-40EE-A61B-200834EC3573 (resized).jpeg721E1AE3-3D82-469B-915B-05B78875BAD2 (resized).jpeg
    #66 1 year ago

    If you didn't find something to buy at the show > don't go home empty handed ! 3 VERY NICE pinballs for Sale or Trade !!

    I DO NOT get Pinside messages on my phone > so CALL or TEXT >>Todd at 440 three 0 nine 0 4 five zero

    1947 ROCKET by BALLY (woodrail) ... SOOOO NICE ! Hard to believe it is ~75 years old ... $750 (see my Pinside ad for more photos and more info) ...

    LASER BALL by Williams (Ultra Wide Body) ... One of my all time favorite games ! Up there will Black Hole and Embryon ... VERY GOOD CONDITION (and I am "picky" ... solid 8 out of 10 ... some people would say it is a 9) ... $1000 for Pinsiders (just got this working yesterday ...dirty fuse holder) ... listing on internet today ...

    FAR OUT by Gottlieb (EM) ... Beautiful and fun game !! from my collection ... has been shopped out (PF cleaned and waxed, new rubbers, all new #47 bulbs, new PF glass, etc ...) ... 8 out of 10 ... $900 (hate to sell but not enough room) ...

    CASH or TRADE for OUTER SPACE/FUTURISTIC theme pinballs (EM or SS ... working or not) ... also looking for a Ball LADY LUCK (SS) and a nice NIGHT RIDER (prefer EM but SS is OK too) ...

    I am 30 minutes West of Cleveland (5 minutes off the Ohio Turnpike) ... I can help load !
    IMG_5127 (resized).JPGlaser ball (resized).jpgfar out 1 (resized).JPG

    #67 1 year ago

    We still have Wonka LE, Elvira Premium, Star Wars Comic Prem, NIB Jurassic Park Prem, and NIB Elvira Premium available. Come get them Sunday! Save money, no shipping, and have them in your gameroom by tomorrow night.

    Flip N Out Pinball

    #68 1 year ago

    1600 for sorcerer if you get it tomorrow.

    Thanks for everyone that came!

    #69 1 year ago
    Quoted from chuckwurt:

    1600 for sorcerer if you get it tomorrow.
    Thanks for everyone that came!

    Thanks for hosting the show this year Erik!

    #70 1 year ago

    BK SOR Pro now $4675 at the show, today only.

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