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2019 New Pinball purchase will be taxed.

By mnpinball

11 months ago

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    #21 11 months ago
    Quoted from sd_tom:

    these are state taxes, not federal

    Yeah, I was going to say that too.

    In addition, the United States spends more on education than any country in the world... And more per capita than almost any other country (Canada is FAR behind). It's proof that throwing money at a solution doesn't always (usually?) give results. https://nces.ed.gov/programs/coe/indicator_cmd.asp

    #31 11 months ago
    Quoted from branlon8:

    Taxes pay for the roads which allow the delivery trucks to bring your orders to your house. Otherwise how would you consume stuff ?

    The delivery companies are paying taxes that pay for the roads they use.

    #83 11 months ago
    Quoted from flashinstinct:

    So If I get this right.
    Let's say I live in an area close to Minneapolis that only charges the baseline tax and someone from Minneapolis buys something from my online store. I would have to charge the baseline tax + the Minneapolis tax?

    That's correct.

    And sadly, no, it's not based on zip code. You can have different sales taxes in the same zip code. This is why it will be a nightmare for small businesses. Why do you think Amazon was in favor of it now? They're established, and this will help prevent smaller companies from rising up to compete with them. If you want to support local business, you should be against this.

    And then some states charge different taxes based on what you buy - or charge nothing at all. In Minnesota, there's no taxes on clothing, for example. So a lot of people will drive here from Wisconsin (border state) to buy clothing, even though the rest of their sales tax is lower in Wisconsin.

    To get the list of all of the different sales taxes, you have to buy software and it costs quite a bit. At one of my first jobs, we received the sales tax updates on tape once a month, and I had to load it into our finance database monthly because they change more frequently than you'd think since there's thousands of different areas that have different rates.

    #148 11 months ago
    Quoted from jgentry:

    Theres only a few states and income brackets that would fall into a 50%+ tax. Yes a lot is wasted, but 50% is a hugely exaggerated for most Americans. The average is closer to 15%.

    I think he's talking about ALL taxes -- gas tax, sales tax, property tax, etc.

    #155 11 months ago
    Quoted from jgentry:

    Which still gets you no were near 50%. It will vary per state greatly but the national average is still close to 15%

    Not sure that's actually true... Looks like this says the average is 21% - just Federal taxes, not including social security, medicare, gas, electric, various cell phone and cable tv and etc taxes. https://taxfoundation.org/how-much-do-people-pay-taxes/

    This says the average is 30% -- excluding property taxes, consumption taxes, etc. https://www.fool.com/retirement/2017/03/04/whats-the-average-americans-tax-rate.aspx

    #168 11 months ago
    Quoted from jgentry:

    Look it up. It's around 30% for the average household.
    Not arguing about the amount of waste. On top of that we are still trillions in debt. It all makes sense if you dont think about it.....

    I did look it up - and provided links as evidence. PAYROLL tax is 30% for the average household. That does NOT include things like capital gains taxes, property taxes, gas tax, consumption tax, hell even your cell phone and TV bill have taxes on them.

    Here it is again for those who missed it:

    #172 11 months ago
    Quoted from Razorbak86:

    Incorrect. Payroll tax (Social Security and Medicare) is nowhere near 30%... more like 7%-8% for most employees and double that (15%-16%) for the self-employed, who pay both the employer’s and the employee’s share.

    OMG, stop nit-picking. I meant taxes that come from your paycheck -- did you even READ the link I provided and that zablon quoted on the VERY NEXT POST and that you UPVOTED?!

    #405 11 months ago
    Quoted from underlord:

    Everyone I know pays.
    Everyone I know contributes.
    It’s the rising cost.
    Step one: push too far.
    Step two: people get annoyed.
    Step three: ignore, not important. Get more taxes.
    Step four: revolt since nothing changes year after year.
    Entitled in govt=govt of unrealistic expectations, poor problem solving and short term band-aid attempts.
    No where to move to. Anyways, back to my pins! They just cost me in time now!

    Yup, this. It's also interesting to look at how much money the government collects. Granted, this is for Federal, but it's still relevant:

    In 1975, the Federal government collected $279B. In 2018, that number is $3.4T. Even adjusting for inflation, the 1975 figure is "only" $1.3T. So if you account for inflation, Federal spending has almost tripled in 40+ years. And anytime someone talks about a spending cut, there's a segment of the population that proclaims the world will end, so nothing ever gets stopped (not to mention all the waste, as others have stated). So yeah, when you're adding more and more taxes, people are going to get upset - and when it's only for an expensive hobby, it will stop people from buying.

    #440 11 months ago
    Quoted from Luckydogg420:

    Thanks for the respectful response.

    I believe in a shared system, not pay to play, remember not everything is free to everyone in Canada.
    But there's no way you will convince me that if you can buy a $5k toy, that you can't afford the sales tax on it. Especially if you live in a area that you should be paying that tax. Regardless of buying it online or at a brick and mortar store.
    I believe if your address requires sales tax then you man up and pay it. Dont look for ways to avoid it. If you truly hate sales taxes in your area, move to a less taxed area. Taxes are here for a reason and avoiding them only helps your own pocket. And some people are ok with that, I'm not. Maybe it's my poor morals in wanting to do my part?

    Whenever I read your posts, I'm reminded when I lived in Niagara Falls, NY and used to see Canadians come over the border to buy clothes. They'd sit in the parking lot, rip all of the tags off the clothes, litter the parking lot, and then put all the clothes on so that they could go back to Canada and not pay tax on anything (they'd wear a half dozen t-shirts, a couple pairs of pants, etc, all at once to avoid taxes.). Just sayin'.

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