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2019 Houston Arcade & Pinball Expo!!! - Nov. 15-16, 2019

By BD_Designs

1 year ago

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    #252 1 year ago

    I just arrived a few mins ago... looking forward to meeting a few new pinheads

    #253 1 year ago

    I payed JP premium, Elvira and RAZA Last night. The music was nice with volume adjusting ear plugs. There’s a nice Empanada place in the strip mall next door to the hotel.
    So far, a great time. Heading to the swap meet soon.

    #254 1 year ago

    Awesome first night... ready for day #2!

    Some great pins I never played before... JP, Alice Cooper... And a lot of more classic ones (really a lot) that are always great to play!

    Going to the swap meet soon too!

    #255 1 year ago
    Quoted from Nevus:

    I payed JP premium, Elvira and RAZA Last night. The music was nice with volume adjusting ear plugs. There’s a nice Empanada place in the strip mall next door to the hotel.
    So far, a great time. Heading to the swap meet soon.

    How is raza?

    #256 1 year ago

    We brought Polynesia down and have her set up right next to the registration desk. Come on by our booth (Eight Bit Dreams) and tell me what you think!
    I've been able to get a bunch of games in on RAZA, including one where I got some great info on flipper techniques by Jeff Teolis. Great potential with RAZA, it is something that only needs tweaking to be fantastic, and is already solidly enjoyable to play in the current prototype state.

    #257 1 year ago

    My son... having fun and playing one of the best pinball machine ever

    IMG_20191116_142455 (1) (resized).jpg
    #259 1 year ago
    Quoted from Daditude:

    Far better than expected.

    Agreed, I played 8-10 games on it, is it perfect no, it's a proto, It needs tweeks and I hope they address the doozie spinner, as for flipper strength that is adjustable, this pin was very enjoyable and has loads of potential,

    #260 1 year ago

    Custom art piece signed by the man himself, Dirty Donny.

    20191116_180536 (resized).jpg
    #261 1 year ago

    I just played the game and enjoyed it. When I first walked up to it I noticed M and I, in ATOMIC, were not lit in attract mode and carried through my game I played. The staff was quick to jump in and look at their log file.

    I am looking forward to their actual launch of their first games. I am a very interested buyer just on seeing and playing this prototype some more before the night is over.

    #262 1 year ago

    I had to leave a little early today, but what a fun show! Had a blast checking out the really cool new machines, while also enjoying the other retro stuff. The crowds certainly brought to light some of the weak spots on the 3 old EM's I brought, but that was a fun challenge to keep them going. The most beat up machine, Wild Wild West did surprisingly well. Didn't get much interest on its for-sale sign, if anyone wants to make it their project let me know before it gets back on the trailer tomorrow. Looking for around 400, if no interest will keep it as a learning tool for the other machines.

    Thanks for the fun show, it was nice meeting some new folks, looking forward to next year!

    DSC09827 (resized).JPG
    #263 1 year ago
    Quoted from BradAlbright:

    Can't wait guys!! Come hang out at my art booth! I'll be stocked up with some new and old favorites of the OldSchool 3D poster art... plus a super small handful of Led Zeppelin backglass and playfield prints from my collar with rotordave ... So stoked to hang!!
    Also, pardon the big image dump. If there's a sleeker way to embed a number of images I'm all ears... cheers!
    [quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]
    [quoted image]

    Liked the stuff so well I bought three. Nice the meet you Friday Brad .

    #264 1 year ago
    Quoted from Jodester:

    Liked the stuff so well I bought three. Nice the meet you Friday Brad .

    Brad was one cool dude.

    Thank you for exposing me to my new fav beer with caffeine...LOL.

    I owe you when I see you again at TPF.

    #265 1 year ago
    Quoted from emspence:

    I had to leave a little early today.[quoted image]

    You noticed people were starting to smell too, huh?

    #266 1 year ago

    Sure would like to see more pics from the show.......

    #267 1 year ago

    The family and I had a great time at the expo! Here are a few pictures.

    6EFB2047-537E-41FB-A5BC-D6819E442328 (resized).jpegA8CE7453-A0AC-494C-9D20-7D5D3696B150 (resized).jpegB7A6C130-0831-4C18-A4CE-1116BD1A1EC6 (resized).jpeg5DB4959D-6717-4E98-9B25-14255470530C (resized).jpeg525D516C-8D77-46C0-A617-A94C777C2A58 (resized).jpeg62E61863-727A-475C-86CC-A7B389C5D762 (resized).jpeg1A18DE92-E8C3-477C-8C9B-F979C4611A0C (resized).jpeg4FA1E60F-9729-4AD5-BA5A-11CB6DF0F45B (resized).jpeg288B8D32-8821-49D0-AD33-62E849222D18 (resized).jpeg
    #268 1 year ago
    Quoted from Daditude:

    You noticed people were starting to smell too, huh?

    Haha, no, I have been on midnight shift this week. Just got off work, time to recover a bit then pick up the pinball machines...sorry, no time to shower

    #269 1 year ago

    Post-show props to all the folks that made it happen! Had a great time and enjoyed meeting some new pinball peeps. Good mix of arcade machines, pins, and vendors. I liked that the vendors were sprinkled in and not put off in no-mans-land.

    Thanks again for all the hard work. Looking forward to next year!

    #270 1 year ago
    25AD4055-DF46-4248-A646-4C3A631420A1 (resized).jpeg2D123515-2FC7-4EEB-AEF8-9F4EA9F5AA8D (resized).jpeg50F55A1D-FD47-4D4A-89B1-A1E3EDF38F95 (resized).jpeg8155FB0F-019F-4768-9FF6-7C4B52B4E660 (resized).jpeg87C761E0-2F1C-49E9-A612-AEEB241F3E4F (resized).jpegA021CD96-E3C8-4969-AC08-51A9CD03AFDD (resized).jpegA630A8B7-0DD4-49A9-9210-C93BD667FF66 (resized).jpegBB2F8036-5A4A-47EA-917C-0BD6E68F1C56 (resized).jpegC3C64C8E-ED12-4187-81AD-734C2F4202AF (resized).jpegC409830A-03AC-4F4E-9F88-44A49A1F33CB (resized).jpeg
    #271 1 year ago

    My son in the life-sized Battlestar Galactica spaceship:

    20191116_145453 (resized).jpg20191116_161801 (resized).jpg20191116_161809 (resized).jpg20191116_161823 (resized).jpg
    #272 1 year ago
    IMG-20191116-WA0018 (resized).jpegIMG-20191116-WA0014 (resized).jpegIMG-20191009-WA0000 (resized).jpeg
    #273 1 year ago

    Looks like a lot of great games and that everyone was having a fantastic time. Sorry to have missed it this year but seeing the pictures brings a smile to my face.

    #274 1 year ago

    Wish I could've stayed longer, but good that I did leave as ive come down with something, I hate being sick,

    Few thoughts

    1. Looking forward to the TPF launch of Raza

    2. Finally got to play Bad Cats , really enjoyed it!

    3. Played a pin I've never had interest in and I can't say I've changed my mind....Sorry BBBB

    4. What a GREAT Show!

    #275 1 year ago

    Not sure how many bumped into Marini’s Empanada house in the strip mall next door, but it was fantastic. The bartender at the hotel told us it was featured on food network a while back.


    #276 1 year ago

    Big Thank you to all of those that spent time to put on a great show. Thanks to the organizers, exhibitors who brought games, vendors and volunteers.

    #277 1 year ago

    Another great show thanks to Keith and his army of volunteers. There were a LOT of great games there to play and the crowd was good but not overwhelming. Notable mentions;

    BOP 2.0. Didn't even know it was there and happened upon it "accidently." The guys from titan_pinball brought some awesome examples of games including a BOP in just showroom quality but at one point it was off so I went to check out one I had passed by on the other side of the room. TOTALLY different game. The guys at Dutch Pinball knocked that one out of the park. Had read about it but never got to play it until now. I'm hooked.

    Speaking of Titan, they had a good display and my order on hand. Always a pleasure dealing with them.

    Full size Colonial Viper. 'nuff said.

    The Bad Cats was probably the nicest one you will ever see. Usually those things are beat to hell. This one was primo.

    Played plenty of the new Elvira and quite a few games of RAZA. RAZA grew on me quickly. It's going to be a good game. Kinda cool to be a lab rat. The guys and gals from DR were watching us like hawks and taking notes. Took me watching someone else playing to figure out you could change the opening skill shot. And there's a magna-save, by the way, in the right outlane.

    There was one nice Safecracker on the floor and I finally got enough quality time on it to make it into the vault. Where there were no coins. Curses!! But it did credit you the coin like you played it so I got to play Assault the Vault twice. Kick-ass game.

    Got all the way up to #5 on ICB. Very proud of that.

    Overall another memorable show full of great people and great games. Special thanks to dennisdodel and bingopodcast for helping me set-up and tear down and getting the bingo machine to life! And if you missed Radio Cult's set Saturday night you missed some fun!

    Audits - Space Invaders, over 400 plays. Eight Ball Deluxe, over 500. Super Straight had several hundred as well. I'll put up some pictures in a bit. Gotta empty the trailer for now.


    #278 1 year ago

    Another amazing show in Houston. Thank you so much to everyone who brought games and volunteered.

    #279 1 year ago

    On behalf of all of us that put on the Houston Arcade Expo, I want to thank everyone that came to the show this past weekend!! It is a pleasure to meet so many new folks each year and I think we had more people come from out of state & country to visit us this year than ever before! For those that did, I sincerely hope that you all found the show and hotel accommodating and the people hospitable! That's how we roll here in Texas!

    Just two years ago, the show was in a venue that was literally half the size of the current venue and when we moved over to the Houston Marriott Westchase last year with double the space, we thought that we were in excellent shape in terms of the amount of room we had moving forward - I am thrilled to say that this year, we truly utilized the exhibit hall to its fullest without making it too crowded and I am very excited to see how much more we might be able to expand the show by possibly utilizing the entire other wing of ballrooms on the other side of the hotel in future years!

    We have always thought the Houston show has the potential to be a notable show and the "Best Arcade Party Ever" and that's not possible without the community's support so thank you all for giving our show a chance this year and we absolutely hope to see you again next year!

    We are already planning on more games, more special guests, more live entertainment, more vendors, and hopefully even more of you will come down and party with us! The show and Space City Open tournament were a huge success this weekend because of the amazing collector community we have here in Houston and because of the tremendous support of our friends from Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Beaumont, and Louisiana! We had over 400 games present because of these awesome people!

    I also want to give a huge shout out to some of our most prominent exhibitors that have long supported the show - Joystix Classic Games & Pinballs, Marco Specialties, Titan Pinball, Multimorphic, Rob Anthony, The Game Preserve, and to Deeproot Pinball for their sponsorship and for allowing us to host the RAZA early-reveal.

    Thanks everyone! See you all in November 2020!


    #280 1 year ago

    This was the best show I have been to and I will always remember this weekend. It was a blast bringing games for the space city booth and the tournament room and to hang out with everyone. Thanks to everyone who helped out. Big shout out to pinballmaniac40 for running around all weekend making sure games were playable. You are awesome Brian! Thank you Keith for putting on an amazing show this year. Its hard getting back to work this Monday.

    #281 1 year ago

    It was definitely an amazing expo! The variety and quality of the pinball machines was awesome. And the wait time to play was never too long! Great vendors, great arcade machines as well... And pretty cool concerts. My kids, who - I'm not sure why - are a bit less into pinball that I am, had a very good time also with the VR and the HD arcade stations. We definitely won't forget this week-end... and will be there next year of course!

    A huge THANKS to all the organizers and contributors!

    #282 1 year ago

    Who won the raffle for the JP?

    Did they do the drawing live? I didn't stick around until the end of the night.

    #283 1 year ago

    Great show! Thanks to all those that bought new games for the show. That's always my favorite and awesome to see so many. I had a blast playing JP and Elvira for first time. Stern better give Keith Elwin a raise. That guy has a talent for making awesome games no question. My boys don't care for pinball much either but super excited for the show. They loved the VR stuff and the multiplayer arcade games like Killer Queen.

    #284 1 year ago

    Great show!!
    Thank you to all the organizers and people that made it all happen.

    A special thanks to those that I was able to hang out with, play pins alongside, and enjoy seeing (Darren, Tom, Kim, Ben, Harrison)

    A big thanks to Keith for getting everything put together.

    A very BIG thank you to whoever brought that awesome Bad Cats....that was awesome. Many, many thanks. The best example I have ever laid eyes on...and it was the final piece to the puzzle for me getting to play every system 11 games ever made!

    I will be back next year.
    To everyone going to TPF, I will see you in a few months!!

    #285 1 year ago
    Quoted from matiou:

    My son... having fun and playing one of the best pinball machine ever [quoted image]

    the Munsters?

    #286 1 year ago

    Bugs Bunny's Birthday Bash, obviously. Pfft.

    #287 1 year ago

    So, last year I went and I missed getting the expo poster from last year, I had accidentally only picked up the previous years expo poster. This year I failed to get last year‘s and this year‘s poster. Does anyone know how I can contact John or someone else to acquire both of these posters?

    #288 1 year ago
    Quoted from cjchand:

    Bugs Bunny's Birthday Bash, obviously. Pfft.

    May I have some of what your smoking lmao

    #289 1 year ago

    Okay, I think I’ve finally recovered to post about the tournament results. Spoiler Incoming…

    Congratulations to Colin MacAlpine for taking the top prize at the Space City Open! Colin was on absolute fire all weekend, and finished strong for the win. Also congrats to Steve Bowden, Preston Moncla, and Zach Palmer for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, respectively.

    Be sure to check out the finals, which will soon be archived on the space city pinball youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpX6WjqAgvsZKjbXeZFzXRg/videos). Currently available on twitch(https://www.twitch.tv/spacecitypinball). Some top notch play!

    Huge thanks to my assistant TD’s, Marc Gammons, Elizabeth Dronet, David Pollock, and Matt Quantz. Also huge thanks to the game donors who provided just an amazing collection of well playing machines. This was the biggest tournament in Houston Arcade Expo history, with 123 players total!

    A Division Finalists:
    Colin MacAlpine, Steve Bowden with broken trophy, Preston Moncla, Zach Palmer

    B Division Finalists:
    Dennis Moncla, Chad Lower, Tom George, Tim Tennison

    78180591_420377175323487_2328326913900150784_n (resized).jpgIMG_2187 (resized).jpg
    #290 1 year ago

    Just like to say I had a grand time. I have not been to this expo in about 4 years and I'm glad to see it much bigger then last time.
    Moving the Expo to a much nicer hotel was needed. The amount of pinball machines were amazing and all the new pins were here.
    Elvira was amazing, the home Star Wars was odd, Iron Madden was great but the new JP was lame and felt rushed.....
    My only disappointment was by the about of amount of machines for sales.
    I was hoping to score a few arcade machines......... but oh well.

    I did buy a Lethal Weapon 3 for a steal and the only machine at the swap MOTORDOME...... It needs a bit of work... ..... but does fully work.

    ANYWAYS.......... hope to see you guys next year.



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