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2019 Chicago Pinball Expo For Sale/WTB Thread

By APB_Enterprises

2 years ago

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    #151 2 years ago
    Quoted from gweempose:

    I have a nice 2007 Stern Spiderman that I'm bringing to the show. It won't be listed for sale, as I intend to keep it there for the duration of the show. That being said, if you are looking for a Spiderman, then you should check it out at the show and perhaps we can work out a deal for after the show. My phone number will be on the game.

    Looking forward to seeing you there. Not interested in SM as I have both the original and vault already, but if it were one of your early Gottliebs, we might have to talk.

    #152 2 years ago

    Phantom of the Opera $2900 obo
    Alvin G Pistol Poker $2900 obo
    Both are listed on Pinside
    Probably be there Wednesday night in the free play room, definitely Thursday

    #153 2 years ago

    Have a Road Show-$3500
    I’ll be at Expo Wednesday night to Friday afternoon.

    #154 2 years ago

    nos Big Bang Bar translite $100

    20191016_091759 (resized).jpg
    20191016_091843 (resized).jpg

    #155 2 years ago

    Anyone selling a Run-DMD Clock? would love to get one

    #156 2 years ago

    I have ONE Wonka LE in box I can bring on Thursday if prepaid. Let me know.

    #157 2 years ago
    Quoted from TonyScoots:

    Anyone selling a Run-DMD Clock? would love to get one

    That guy was at MGC and TPF

    #158 2 years ago
    Quoted from TonyScoots:

    Anyone selling a Run-DMD Clock? would love to get one

    Pinsider ddebuss makes these. I’m not sure if he’ll be at the show

    #159 2 years ago

    I have a HOU Hulk LE that has never seen the light of day. Opened from box in my windowless basement. I have multiple mods for it as well (tesserac, captain america pop bumpier, plastic kit to see through the Loki inlanes, and I think a handful of figures). I live 10 minutes from Expo.

    I wasn't planning on selling or trading but feel left out. Must be Pinball Expo fever. With new Elvira game from Stern, I know you want to trade away your Scared Stiff to mix up the collection. I also miss TZ. Hit me up if interested in trades, always listening.

    #160 2 years ago

    Wanted- A ride to and from Pinball Life open party on Friday from the Westin. I will have a cargo van, so I really don't want to drive it if I don't have too- I'll buy you a beer or two back at the bar at Expo for the trouble... PM me please.

    #161 2 years ago
    Quoted from bluespin:

    Pinsider ddebuss makes these. I’m not sure if he’ll be at the show

    Thank you, I pm him, he will be at the show. I love the Jumbo one

    #162 2 years ago

    Listed some mods I can bring to expo...

    Mod - For Sale
    New “All pinball mods are NEW and never installed. See Pictures and info below. Prices include shipping in the US. LOTR; Balrog - Votive Holder (makes an awesome topper) - $150 Tron; ...”
    Hartland, MI
    Archived after: 214 days
    Viewed: 952 times
    Status: Not sold

    #163 2 years ago
    Quoted from Asylum:

    Listed some mods I can bring to expo...

    Mod - For Sale

    Various Mods - LOTR, Tron, ST, SW, TSPP and More


    New “Will be at Expo Thursday and Friday. Can bring with me if interested. All Items are NEW and never installed. See Pictures and info below.

    Flipper Fidelity Speaker set New - no c...”

    29 minutes ago

    Chicago, IL



    Interested in the speakers if available

    #164 2 years ago

    On the topic of speakers, I am in the middle of an IJ restoration and picked up a pinsound plus board. Never had one of these before - Anyone know of a suitable set of speakers that will be available at Expo? Was kind of hoping pinball pro would be there but didn’t appear to be on the vendor list so thought I’d post here.

    #165 2 years ago

    We recently made a bracket for The Shadow that relocates the left ramp switch to improve switch hits. We will have these at expo and since there is no shipping, it will be $10. Please let me know if you want one and we will put it aside for you.


    4012DCBF-21B6-4291-B175-3B03CE63A93E (resized).jpegC913FA92-C996-46A0-9D44-2F4233A5D1AE (resized).jpeg
    #166 2 years ago

    Wanted: star trek Next Gen translight. PM me

    #167 2 years ago

    Wanted-Looking for Star Wars Data East Moving Death Star Target assembly.
    9A8AF5C9-8366-4334-ABEC-4F4C296B4310 (resized).png

    #168 2 years ago

    I'm looking for a classic Stern BG lift channel

    #169 2 years ago
    Quoted from Deaconblooze:

    I'm looking for a classic Stern BG lift channel

    Pinsider Gatecrasher makes lift channels and the side channels for various early solid state pins, including classic Sterns. He lives in IL, so he may be going to Expo.

    #170 2 years ago

    I have a bunch of parts I can bring to expo. If you need something let me know and I can locate and price it.

    Data east playboy
    -Cabinet decal set
    -Spare plastics and unused decals

    -spare plastics and decals

    Demo Man

    -Speaker panel bezel
    -plastics and ramps (used)

    Bally Dracula
    -pop bumper caps and other of parts
    -Wire harness

    #171 2 years ago

    I need a gottlieb coin door and apron for a black hole.

    #172 2 years ago

    Anyone got a abracadabra, buccaneer or other late wedge head for sale?

    #173 2 years ago

    Have a Junk Yard I just acquired last night I can bring if a deal is in place today. Leaving at 3 so would need to contact me ASAP. Little ghosting round a couple insets and autofire has some wear in the edge. Upgraded speakers and cliffy included as well as the VW bus upgrade. Plays good

    Spoken for, no longer for sale
    471E4FE8-CA70-47A3-B938-C96E47F04F0A (resized).jpeg6860F3F2-33C4-481A-81C3-388CE85AC5A4 (resized).jpeg8FFDCA6C-41C8-4565-A39C-562F9B1705B4 (resized).jpegA665F5A5-CD93-4FB0-9B05-D478D7A7C9C6 (resized).jpegB69037BC-D8BC-41EE-A29A-9C805ECA89A0 (resized).jpegFF39EEAB-38E7-4F01-BE88-AD1A8D67374E (resized).jpeg

    #174 2 years ago

    Anyone have a Class of 1812 teeth assembly mech they can bring to expo? Pretty sure this is unobtanium but figured I'd ask!

    #175 2 years ago

    I have a HUO Munsters Pro for sale, may be heading up to the show Saturday if anyone is interested in it.


    #176 2 years ago

    NOS Simpsons Pinball Party Playfield Set (Main & Mini) FS $800
    Wonka Translite $50 (1 sold, 1 available)
    Dialed In Head Decals $50
    Ringmaster Head for CV (repro IPB) $30
    Used Wireform MM catapult $10
    Used Fish Tales Playfield $150
    Used Whitewater Mini Playfield $80
    Merlin MOD for MM - light up RGB globe $50
    Arcade coin box $10
    Sets of used legs $20

    Items I still have for sale that I can bring to expo. If they are not spoken for I will not be bringing them so hit me up if you want anything.


    #177 2 years ago

    I'm bringing a couple of classic Sterns to the Game Room, these will be for sale but not sure on pricing yet:

    -Stern Magic (1979) Clearcoated playfield, Full LEDs with SiegeCraft LED Adapters, Repainted Cabinet, New backglass & translite with masking layer, fully shopped, many new parts
    Stern Magic Pics: https://photos.app.goo.gl/7HKdZvMWFQeizf6F8

    -Stern Draclula (1979) Restored, Full LEDs with SiegeCraft LED adapters, gorgeous stenciled cabinet, many new parts
    Stern Dracula Pics: https://photos.app.goo.gl/veUD633XL8nQamvf9

    Thanks, Nick

    Stern Dracula (resized).JPGStern Magic (resized).JPG Added over 3 years ago:

    I listed these at $2200 obo, they are in Game Hall B

    #178 2 years ago

    Wanted: Excellent original Bally KISS backglass. Bally Elvira and the Party Monsters translight.
    Please pm if you have something. Thanks!
    Picture is for attention only. Sorry..

    D0H2UqwX0AAmq76 (resized).jpeg
    #179 2 years ago

    I will be at Expo tomorrow night(Thursday) and can bring along some Indiana Jones Rotor Lock plastics if anyone needs any.

    Let me know!

    #181 2 years ago

    Selling my Demo Man, could bring to the Expo today or tomorrow after 5 PM.

    Short description:
    Playfield and Cabinet are in players condition
    Newly chromed handles
    Driver board recently fixed for 12v issue
    Swear Roms

    Includes not installed
    New eyeball
    New plastics, full set
    replacement light up blue buttons
    target decals

    #182 2 years ago

    Vintage Bagatelle games. 3 Keys game with prizes still inside $100. State Fair with box $50. Both for $130

    20AA0A7C-4636-4CB8-A759-7C0B562EE752 (resized).jpeg833A0BEF-7700-4014-B2C1-C0691BB166EE (resized).jpegD11CECC8-B8C9-439E-B857-4C890ADE803C (resized).jpegA4CD5A3A-9AFE-4BF4-9FD1-2986CD4FA679 (resized).jpeg
    #183 2 years ago

    We still have 1 NIB Elvira LE and Oktoberfest available for pick up at expo!

    #184 2 years ago

    Attending expo on Saturday and I could bring a HUO Rob Zombie for trade if anyone might be interested.

    Mostly interested in newer games.

    #185 2 years ago

    can anyone bring a game back to Ohio for a fee? need help getting it back!

    thanks in advance!

    #186 2 years ago

    Still looking for an ACDC, Metallica or Deadpool at the expo.

    #187 2 years ago

    I have two pins for sale. Goldeneye ($3800) and Strikes and Spares ($1600)

    20191017_204758 (resized).jpg
    #188 2 years ago

    Looking for a set of Hobbit side art Blades. Didn’t see any in the vendor hall. Thanks!

    #189 2 years ago
    Quoted from cavalier88z24:

    Wanted: star trek Next Gen translight. PM me

    Star trek Nex Gen got moved to the free play hall after rob anthony fixed it. still looking for a translight for it. bump. will be at expo today and tommrow

    #190 2 years ago

    I still have one Wonka Translite if anyone wants one that I brought with me. $50. Pm me if interested.

    272B4AA0-A49A-468E-B29E-B7A994D2A56F (resized).jpeg
    #191 2 years ago
    Quoted from galaxian:

    I have two pins for sale. Goldeneye ($3800) and Strikes and Spares ($1600)

    That's my Spiderman next to your Strikes and Spares.

    #192 2 years ago

    Still have this if anyone is interested at the admittedly aggressive price:


    #193 2 years ago

    I have a Munsters Pro and a Premium translite available. Both autographed by the design team, Butch Patrick and Pat Priest. (TPF was Pat’s final show appearance).

    As far as I know, the Premium translite is the only one that exists autographed by all.

    Edit: Pro is sold

    PM if you are interested. I have them with me at Expo, so can avoid shipping if you are here.
    1420CDD4-78C2-4EEB-8EF2-FFDFC150BF00 (resized).jpegD9A8D9A6-5257-46B0-A14A-DA85AC14252A (resized).jpeg

    #194 2 years ago

    I'm loaded up and will be pulling out in 12 hours, last chance if anyone wants and Indy 500 clear coated playfield, light board assembly's, used plastics and a NOS right ramp all for $800. Ads are in the marketplace


    #195 2 years ago


    #196 2 years ago

    For sale: tub of wireforms $200

    20191018_110303 (resized).jpg
    #197 2 years ago

    Any chance someone has a Stern Stingray playfield (unpopulated) in decent condition?

    #198 2 years ago

    Box of Bally/Stern 6 digit displays:
    8 with issues - missing digits/segments or not turning on at all. With some parts replacement they could probably work again. Includes some transistors/resistors to fix em with. One of them is a 7 digit display.
    6 that more or less work but have outgassing in one or more digits
    2 boards with no glasses, untested
    1 glass with a label that says it's ok but has a dot out?
    Some HV covers and plastic glass holders

    $60 for all
    I'll be at Expo tomorrow morning til the early afternoon.
    IMG_20191018_201334 (resized).jpgIMG_20191018_201305 (resized).jpg

    #199 2 years ago
    Quoted from PinballRx:

    We still have 1 NIB Elvira LE and Oktoberfest available for pick up at expo!

    Greg and Vanessa take care of their customers. Take home a NIB game from them while at Expo. An excellent prescription for Fun.

    #200 2 years ago

    I am not there, but if anyone finds or has a Nascar plastic set complete, let me know.

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