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2019 Chicago Pinball Expo For Sale/WTB Thread

By APB_Enterprises

6 months ago

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    #102 4 months ago

    Starting to load the trailer, have room for a couple more if needed. Here is whats left of what I have available

    I can bring a couple of these if sold:

    Getaway, HUO
    Avengers Limited Edition, Hulk version, HUO
    Monster Bash Classic, very low plays(around 300)
    Metallica Pro, New in Box
    Attack From Marcs Classic, new in box
    Game of Thrones Premium
    Attack From mars, Original Bally
    World Cup Soccer
    Pinball Magic

    These are being brought to me at the show, if they come Thursday, ill set up in freeplay, if not, they will be in my trailer in the parking lot
    Twilight Zone
    The Walking Dead LE
    Ghostbusters Pro

    I do have a willliams Joust head to head , but not really sure I want to let it go yet, but if someone is dying to get one, I might be convinced

    #103 4 months ago

    We will have 1 NIB Elvira House of Horrors LE we can bring if pre-paid!

    #104 4 months ago

    Is anyone bringing any PDI glass in regular and/or wide body size?

    #105 4 months ago
    Quoted from TomGWI:

    I have:
    NOS Simpsons Pinball Party Playfield Set (Main & Mini) FS $800
    2 Wonka Translites $50 each
    Black Knight Pro Translite signed by the team $50
    Dialed In Head Decals $50
    Ringmaster Head for CV (repro IPB) $30
    Used Wireform MM catapult $10
    Stern DMD (pulled from Avatar LE replaced with spin display) working $50. (DMD Spoken for)
    Used BSD Dracula Playfield $150
    Used Fish Tales Playfield $150
    Used Whitewater Mini Playfield $80
    Merlin MOD for MM - light up RGB globe $50
    Arcade coin box $10
    Box of Used & new Chexx parts $40
    Sets of used legs $20
    PM me if you are interested for pictures
    Will only bring to expo if they are spoken for.

    DMD & BK translite spoken for

    #106 4 months ago

    Pinbal Expo Special! The following 3 games $500. Delivered free to Pinball Expo.
    1946 Exhibit Big Hit

    Archived after 38 days
    Sold elsewhere
    Other - For Sale
    “Flipperless pinball game. Presume non-working. I've never set it up and I don't recall its condition when I bought it sometime in the last 15 years. It's been stored in my heated/a...”
    Knoxville, TN
    250 (OBO)

    1947 Williams Bonanza
    Other - For Sale
    “This is a project that was never finished. Cabinet was base coated. Comes with stencil for the Pegasus design. Also included are a second backbox with backglass, a second playfield...”
    49 days ago
    Knoxville, TN

    1959 Bally Single Coin Bingo
    Archived after 37 days
    Sold elsewhere
    Other - For Sale
    “This game was fully working when stored in my heated/air conditioned garage 10 years ago. Includes legs and leg bolts. Free delivery to Pinball Expo or agreed upon points between ...”
    Knoxville, TN

    #107 4 months ago

    Creature from the Black Lagoon CFTBL speaker panel (Silver back) for use with an LED mod or your own backlighting mod. 27" x 7.5". In original packaging from Classic Playfields Reproductions (CPR). Free delivery to Pinball Expo. $75
    1008191338_HDR-1 (resized).jpg1008191338a_HDR-1 (resized).jpg1008191400_HDR (resized).jpg

    #108 4 months ago

    Flash Gordon playfield protector, unused - $70

    #109 4 months ago

    Creature from the Black Lagoon (CFTBL) pinball game topper. 3 claws broke off but are included. When glued back on, the repair won't be noticeable. Free delivery to Pinball Expo. $75

    Torso and pair of arms made of rigid foam that appear to be crawling out of the grave.

    Dimensions when assembled are:
    Depth 29"
    Width 36"
    Height 16", 11" at head

    1012192015_HDR-1 (resized).jpg1012192016b_HDR-1 (resized).jpg
    #110 4 months ago

    Can bring to Expo if spoken for before the show. No cost for shipping.


    #111 4 months ago

    I am interested in a game at Expo, is anyone driving through Denver Colorado that can drive a game back for me from Expo? Money for gas included

    #112 4 months ago

    Bell Ringer for sale. https://pinside.com/pinball/market/classifieds/ad/86225

    I'm local and can bring to expo Fri eve with a deal in place. Mike

    #113 4 months ago
    Quoted from JimDinTN:

    Creature from the Black Lagoon CFTBL speaker panel (Silver back) for use with an LED mod or your own backlighting mod. 27" x 7.5". In original packaging from Classic Playfields Reproductions (CPR). Free delivery to Pinball Expo. $75

    Damn!! I've had an ad running for over 8 months looking for one. Anyone else please pm me.

    #114 4 months ago

    NOS Simpsons Pinball Party Playfield set. $800900AA371-28F6-41DF-B06A-87758492D3C7 (resized).jpeg

    4366608E-E40E-47AE-AFE0-60A959F26CE9 (resized).jpeg0E4366F2-7B9A-4F3F-B611-4D49F506D496 (resized).jpegF14156AB-1E41-47CA-A5AC-06058C872612 (resized).jpeg2C604861-DCF1-4427-B61D-F4E1CBE09C00 (resized).jpegF542748A-C0BF-49E0-A165-F9B9F0E064E2 (resized).jpegC4F767F1-91DA-4FBD-AE06-E1CB0164335C (resized).jpeg
    #115 4 months ago

    Wonka Translites $50 each. I have 2. ( 1 left)
    221CAFE7-2417-4ADD-9CC5-9872A58AD324 (resized).jpeg73468B53-ACD5-4807-B3B3-20525C4850B2 (resized).jpeg

    #116 4 months ago

    Chexx Parts $40 for all (Sold)
    Set of USA/USSR used players
    2 new gear boxes
    2 new rod holders
    1 bracket hinge for dome
    06C31C87-7D64-4A7B-BAA9-857088E1ED2B (resized).jpeg

    Chexx parts are spoken for.

    #117 4 months ago

    Used Dracula Playfield could be restored or hanged or decoration. $150 (Sold)
    Wear at the saucers and scoops. Not bad. Cliffy would hide.
    Post hole was repaired (Right ramp left post) see pics
    Lightning inserts - a few chipped - common for BSD
    Looks like some devoting were the ball drops down from the ramps into the in lanes.
    Dirty playfield - back has some notes on it when I did a playfield swap. Could be sanded off.
    2D5656C9-D3B8-4333-B695-AA415B8FC849 (resized).jpeg35FF307B-299B-44D4-A06B-9B02E91A147D (resized).jpeg40FD4917-A951-4F9C-B815-E840E1862DD6 (resized).jpeg429EF363-3C61-49EB-8351-62BA350F41F7 (resized).jpeg5C4C4E4F-2DB1-4654-A8B5-71CDA833599A (resized).jpeg5DAB2A5B-FA98-462B-927E-D3FC7204725F (resized).jpeg6C559F4D-53EC-4BC4-A91B-DB7D303ABB1D (resized).jpeg7072C4E6-B7C6-4200-800D-1888265869F6 (resized).jpeg763C108D-55CA-4A28-B5EF-A1ED1BFEB058 (resized).jpegA84FFEC7-56CD-4044-8980-2AD26339C124 (resized).jpegBAEB6640-6282-4037-BC79-749550EAAA91 (resized).jpegC002EB9F-3657-4FC6-9429-11C5F143B329 (resized).jpegD9D161B3-2698-40DD-A26A-E989E36C6811 (resized).jpegE14DC701-D480-4989-B6AE-6CE6F6D71760 (resized).jpeg

    #118 4 months ago

    Medieval Madness Catapult Wireform $10

    C1CFC1E4-0EB1-49BA-9067-3F60B99D87E8 (resized).jpeg
    #119 4 months ago

    Whitewater mini playfield used. Divot by ball drop could be covered by cliffy. $80

    10810CE7-0D2D-46ED-A3A3-D072D9C5E1A7 (resized).jpeg
    #120 4 months ago

    Ringmaster Head for CV (repro IPB) $30

    5135FEDF-11FE-46C0-9338-8D1A1C909CA4 (resized).jpeg
    #121 4 months ago

    Merlin MOD for MM - light up RGB globe $50

    1024779A-6A0D-42F7-8286-1B5D7B55462F (resized).jpeg
    #122 4 months ago

    Arcade coin box $10

    4CDE0F9B-1A34-4548-9252-CEDF5AD9C1E4 (resized).jpeg
    #123 4 months ago
    Quoted from TomGWI:

    Arcade coin box $10[quoted image]

    You need a booth

    #124 4 months ago
    Quoted from bangerjay:

    You need a booth

    Nah. No fun just sitting there.

    #125 4 months ago

    Geiger Space Rider Playfields. I have a few left if you want to grab one let me know. $400 for playfied, $500 for playfield with plastic sets (slingshots not included). Backglasses available from BGresto.

    4C5D5C6D-5195-41D0-81A5-3DA99B6105EE (resized).jpeg7620A389-C68F-4419-963D-DD310C5E6F1D (resized).jpegBF9F380F-8CAC-49ED-81C4-6D4EFECEAE37 (resized).jpegE9815BA9-D4E2-42CE-9B0D-D0FE5187AE02 (resized).jpegF959CB04-8C1E-44AB-BE7B-BBD9DAC3AB88 (resized).jpeg0C006A8E-0B35-4D89-A737-6C0C06816E80 (resized).jpegC9842B26-9141-4991-85C3-C5C855766306 (resized).jpegDD8A6D92-32E0-4790-ABD1-0DB6BED029E4 (resized).jpeg
    #126 4 months ago

    BSD Playfield and 1 Wonka Translite are spoken for.

    #127 4 months ago

    I have a Totem for sale in the market place that I can bring to the Expo.

    #128 4 months ago
    Quoted from Tsskinne:

    Geiger Space Rider Playfields. I have a few left if you want to grab one let me know. $400 for playfied, $500 for playfield with plastic sets (slingshots not included). Backglasses available from BGresto.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

    Those kits are so awesome

    #129 4 months ago
    Quoted from bangerjay:

    You need a booth

    Quoted from TomGWI:

    Nah. No fun just sitting there.

    It would be great if next year they had a consignment flee market table or room. Or something similar.

    #130 4 months ago

    Last chance for expo delivery for Iron Maiden Pro or Rob Zombie LE.


    #131 4 months ago

    These are still available and can deliver to Pinball Expo on Thursday night. 2nd ramp looks NOS, other ramp has normal cracks at entrance.

    Both $80


    Let me know!

    #132 4 months ago

    I've got a nice player's condition Seawitch for sale, can deliver to Expo, as I live nearby. I've owned it for over 25 years, mostly original parts (I think I replaced the drop targets with Steve Young repros about 20 years ago.) This is the machine I used to bring to Expo in the 2000s, so it's arguably the one that started the Seawitch craze with collectors. One of the better original backglasses you're ever going to see. One of the better original playfields you're ever going to see. Other than the bursts of activity at Expo, it's had a pretty easy life. I'd like to get $3000 for it, if anyone thinks it's worth that.


    seawitch_01 (resized).jpgseawitch_02 (resized).jpgseawitch_03 (resized).jpgseawitch_04 (resized).jpgseawitch_05 (resized).jpgseawitch_06 (resized).jpgseawitch_07 (resized).jpgseawitch_08 (resized).jpgseawitch_09 (resized).jpg
    #133 4 months ago

    SOLD. Thanks J_M_
    Pinball 2000 monitor: Just removed from a HUO RFM. Guy wanted a flat screen to save weight. Monitor works, will need a cap kit. Blurred when first turned on , clears up to nice picture after on a bit. Super clean, zero screen burn. Ducscan brand, full mounting bracket and cable included. Can bring to PBL or Expo Friday or Saturday evening. $150.00
    20190916_102648 (resized).jpg20190916_102702 (resized).jpg20190916_102713 (resized).jpg

    #134 4 months ago

    Anyone have a Stern Harley Davidson (preferably 2nd Edition) they can bring to expo? Doesn’t have to be HUO but needs to be complete.

    #135 4 months ago

    Up for sale
    CPR Gold Centaur $1195.00
    CPR Gold WhirlWind $995.00
    Let me know , as I can bring to the show.
    20191014_131950 (resized).jpg20191014_132022 (resized).jpg20191014_132109 (resized).jpg20191014_131903 (resized).jpg20191014_131810 (resized).jpg20191014_131857 (resized).jpg

    20191014_132004 (resized).jpg
    #136 4 months ago

    I was going to finish this project and list, but figured I'd list it while people are in town.
    Stern Stars.
    Mylar'd playfield is in great shape.
    I completely went over the boards, displays and connectors. Rebuilt power supply, lithium battery. Electronics will be solid for many years to come.
    Left flipper doesn't work (haven't looked at it yet), flipper bats are cracked but work, needs new rubbers.
    Backglass has some minor loss but is sealed and overall nice (blue painters tape in windows from sealing). Plastics are original, no cracks.
    $1000 in NW Chicago, 20 minutes from Expo

    Also have a box of 13 Bally/Stern 6 digit displays in various states (and an extra glass and two boards), will throw in some rebuild parts - $120
    IMG_20191014_142346 (resized).jpgIMG_20191014_142625 (resized).jpgIMG_20191014_143520 (resized).jpgMVIMG_20191014_142620 (resized).jpg

    #137 4 months ago

    I have CFTBL and AC/DC premium for sale. Will bring to show if they don't sell before.
    $6,000. Each.
    Dave #636-236-4922

    #138 4 months ago

    I have a Belly Elektra for sale about an hour and 15 min away from Expo on the IL/Wis border like 2 minutes off of I-90. I wasn't planning to come, schedule probably isn't gonna work out. Local pickup

    Archived after 2 days
    Sold (amount private)
    Contributed to Pinside
    Machine - For Sale
    Elektra Archived
    Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “Bally Elektra pinball. In good condition overall. Little wear on the upper play field. 2nd player display is out. $1200 obo. Pickup in South Beloit, IL”
    South Beloit, IL

    #139 4 months ago

    Nice Stern POTC With mods $5,200 trade/sale. Can be brought to expo. Lemme know if interested!

    3F4EBC38-B64C-425F-9956-95447FE1509A (resized).jpeg
    #140 4 months ago

    NOS Tron 3D Translite $200. PM if interested.

    B8161D0B-BA2D-4AED-B307-88EBC09A65D5 (resized).jpeg
    #141 4 months ago
    Quoted from Da_Topper:

    NOS Tron 3D Translite $200. PM if interested.[quoted image]

    I've seen one of those somewhere before... GLWS!

    #142 4 months ago

    Also have a stern potc, lightly routed but then restored with new ramps, plastics and nos cleared play field. $5300

    #143 4 months ago

    For sale.
    TZ playfeild. Restorable no door damage. A bad repair by the rocket. Good candidate to hang or have restored. $300
    Pac-Man glass. Some flaking on bottom not well repaired. $25
    Motordome ramp. Cracking on the curve bubthe upper playfeild. Repairable/useable $25
    Genuine Vegas extra Cesar’s palace black jack felt. $75
    I can only bring if the item is a commited sale. No room to bring things back.

    8315F395-4491-4D7E-8FD6-EB5D60BD3174 (resized).jpeg9609C962-11E1-4466-9A79-85C66D61D61E (resized).jpegB8BD382D-79F5-4966-B160-147A99E7A6A0 (resized).jpegB9589341-200F-4D67-B89E-5E79BFBF262A (resized).jpegDF138078-DEB1-4CC5-8A5E-D4ED7480C8A9 (resized).jpeg
    #144 4 months ago

    Williams a-go-go project.

    Cabinet painted brown, Game is Solid (Structurally) and complete, glass is mostly flaked, comes with 2nd complete wired playfield (somewhat Dissembled Missing flipper bats). Not sure if it works.

    I bought it for a re-theme but sitting on too many projects


    #145 4 months ago

    WTB Classic stern lower cabinet. MPU 100/200 doesn’t matter

    #146 4 months ago

    I just listed a JP (DE) in the marketplace for anyone coming to Chicago for Expo. Schedule permitting, I might be able to transport it to Expo to save someone a ride into the city.

    #147 4 months ago

    Hey everyone, I'm selling my LED tube shot for a Xenon pinball machine. I will only be at the Expo on Sat. I'm selling for $35. It's brand new. Contact me if interested.

    #148 4 months ago

    Spiderman or Spiderman Vault laseriffic topper. With harness and adapter board. Works great, much deeper red than pictures show. $125.00. Can meet up at PBL Friday or Expo Friday evening.

    20191015_130722 (resized).jpg20191015_130907 (resized).jpg Added 127 days ago:


    #149 4 months ago

    Looking for a classic stern head ( backbox). Let me know if you have one!
    Im local to expo and can meet up. Thanks!

    Added 124 days ago:

    No longer needed!

    #150 4 months ago

    I have a nice 2007 Stern Spiderman that I'm bringing to the show. It won't be listed for sale, as I intend to keep it there for the duration of the show. That being said, if you are looking for a Spiderman, then you should check it out at the show and perhaps we can work out a deal for after the show. My phone number will be on the game.

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    Rock Custom Pinball
    $ 30.00
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    $ 22.00
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