2018 Saratoga Pinball & Arcade Show: Aug 10 & 11, Saratoga Springs, NY

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2018 Saratoga Pinball & Arcade Show: Aug 10 & 11, Saratoga Springs, NY

By ForceFlow

1 year ago

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    #1 1 year ago

    I am pleased to announce that the venue has been locked in for the 2018 Saratoga Pinball & Arcade Show!

    Details about the show can be found at http://pinballsaratoga.com

    It will be a two-day show on the second weekend of August: Friday & Saturday, August 10 & 11. It will take place again at the same location at the Saratoga Regional YMCA in Saratoga Springs, NY. The Y staff are very excited to be hosting this event again! Here is a map link: https://goo.gl/maps/QgNLLya9bBq

    Additional details about the show will be added as they develop.

    The idea was to have a small local show since there's not much in terms of pinball in this area. However, this show will only be fun and successful if collectors and enthusiasts from the area are able to bring games for everyone to enjoy. Note that there will be a cap of 50 pinball games (as electrical capacity allows) this year. Arcade games are welcome as well, including shuffle alleys, pitch & bat, table hockey, skee ball, or any other video games.

    If you would like to bring a game (or several), the registration details are available here:


    If you have rubber feet/footies/castors for your game, please bring them. The floor in the room is wood and may cause games to slide around somewhat. Rubber pads will be provided if you do not already have rubber feet/footies/castors for your game(s).

    There will be vendor and flea market spaces available. Spaces are priced low enough to attract anyone who might not feel they have quite enough stuff to make it worthwhile for one of the larger shows--it's just $30 for a 10x6 space, which includes a table and chairs at no extra cost. Details are available here:


    This show will be run more or less like most other shows, just scaled down somewhat. So, if you have been to other shows before, many of the same familiar rules and guidelines will apply.

    If you have not been to the Saratoga area before, there are several downtown attractions, shops, restaurants, and a bustling night life just 5 minutes away. Some details are here:


    Thanks to everyone who came to and supported the 2017 show, and to everyone who responded to the survey. There were about 40 responses, which were very helpful. Hope to see everyone at the 2018 show and can't wait to see what games appear this year

    Two things I will be looking for help with for the 2018 show:
    -Volunteers to run a small tournament
    -Volunteers for judging for the "Best in Show" awards who are familiar with a wide range of EM and/or SS games.

    The show is still several months away, but if you think you can help, please let me know

    20861922_1812147948798576_5640673133617758350_o (resized).jpg

    The show schedule has been posted on the site:

    By popular request, there is also a mailing list for any significant updates/reminders for the show:

    Facebook page:

    Facebook event listing:

    Pinside event listing:

    KLOV show thread:

    Comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome.

    Hope to see everyone at the show and looking forward to see what games show up!

    Update (12/8/17):
    -A new show logo.
    -A new show floor layout
    -Preorders will be available for tempered glass for pick-up at the show

    Update (3/3/18):
    -Postcards are done and ready to print!
    -Electric in ceiling for vendors / flea market--more details to follow.
    -Project Pinball attending the show (http://projectpinball.com)
    -Updated website design for the new logo.
    -List of accommodations under $150/night & $200/night

    Update (4/23/18):
    -T-shirts are being printed!

    Update (5/1/18):
    -T-shirts are available for pick-up at Pinfest, Pintastic, or shipped to your door!

    Update (5/15/18):
    -A beginner-friendly PinGolf tournament will take place at the show on Saturday and will be open to all ages, with prizes for both kids and adults!

    Update (6/22/18):
    -Electric for some flea market spaces will be available.

    Update (7/4/18):
    -Pre-ordering for glass is available until Monday, July 9th.

    Update (7/10/18):
    -Glass pre-order is closed.
    -Prizes added for free play raffle.

    Update (7/11/18):
    -Best in Show judging form is available for viewing.

    Update (8/1/18):
    -A food truck will be at the show for lunch & dinner on Saturday

    1 week later
    #6 1 year ago

    The show schedule has been posted on the site:

    By popular request, there is also a mailing list for any significant updates/reminders for the show:

    Pinside event listing:

    Facebook event listing:

    1 week later
    #7 1 year ago

    Is anyone considering staying in a hotel for the show? I'd like to get an idea of a rough head count to see about reserving a small block of rooms.

    Feel free to post here or PM me.


    #8 1 year ago

    Does anyone have any food truck suggestions? I'm not that familiar with what's good/popular in the area.

    #11 1 year ago
    Quoted from herbertbsharp:

    How about Esperanto? I know the owner and a bunch of people over there. I don't think have a truck but they do lots of events, SPAC concerts , etc. I can contact them if you like.

    I'll PM you.

    If anyone has any more ideas, please let me know

    1 month later
    #12 1 year ago

    We have a new show logo

    saratoga-pinball-arcade-show-2018-badge-med-v4 (resized).png

    This was the product of about 70 different ideas and variations over the past couple months (whew ). If anyone has any other ideas or tweaks, let me know soon before I start publishing it.

    There is also a new floor map for the show.

    srymca-show-floor-map-2018-v3 (resized).jpg

    #13 1 year ago

    There is also a new shop section for the website.


    I plan to have tempered glass (without a logo) available to pre-order for pick-up at the show. There will be a preorder cutoff date about a month before the show date (Sunday, July 8th) to make sure there is enough time for the glass to be produced for the show.

    I plan to have an online payment option, or you can simply pay with cash on pick-up at the show. There will be about a 3% discount rounded down to the nearest dollar if you opt to use cash.

    The shop section is still a work in progress, so don't pre-order quite yet

    If there is a specific size glass that you are looking for that isn't in the shop, let me know. I used all the sizes that I had been slowly adding to pinwiki.

    2 months later
    #14 1 year ago

    Small update:

    1) I had two electrical circuits installed in the ceiling, so there will be some limited electricity for flea market spaces available. More details on that later.

    2) The website has been spruced up a bit to accompany the new logo.

    3) The post card for this year's show is done and just about ready to get printed.

    4) Project Pinball will be traveling up to the show and will have a booth with a game on free play. If you're not familiar with the charity work and raffles they do for children's hospitals, here is their website: http://projectpinball.org/

    saratoga pinball show 2018 post card 6 (resized).jpg
    #15 1 year ago

    There is a list of less expensive accommodations in the area (under $150/night and under $200/night):


    Unfortunately, the prices for most hotels get fairly expensive in Saratoga during the summer, and the ones I contacted don't appear interested in doing a group rate (since they probably have no trouble filling rooms).

    If you have an Entertainment Book or are a AAA member, there may be coupons and discounts available.

    If anyone is aware of any other good options, feel free to let me know.

    2 weeks later
    #18 12 months ago

    The printed cards went out last week, so they should start showing up in packages from parts suppliers

    cards (resized).jpg
    2 weeks later
    #19 11 months ago

    We're only 4 months away from the show!

    #20 11 months ago

    I was looking to do a t-shirt for the show this year--what do you think?

    pasted_image (resized).png
    #22 11 months ago
    Quoted from dannunz:

    Design looks good but I would think about doing a black shirt with one color screen printing using white. Keep cost down so you sell more. Jmo

    Well, I was thinking about doing two versions--a color one like this, plus a simplified version on a black shirt. Both the color and the black one can be screen printed, so it shouldn't be as expensive as a full color graphic.

    #25 11 months ago
    Quoted from drsfmd:

    I like the design for the shirt... but please don't make orange the only option. I'd prefer grey & white options, and I know lots prefer black.

    It won't be. I don't have a tendency to wear orange myself I do plan on doing a black shirt as well.

    1 week later
    #27 10 months ago

    The T-shirts are currently being made up in orange and white. No black or gray this time around since the colors just seemed to clash too much with the current design.

    So, If all goes according to plan, I'll be able to bring a small batch of shirts to Pinfest in Allentown if anyone wants them. I'll have M, L, XL, 2XL, and 3XL in both white and orange.

    If you can, please help support the show--I'll be offering the shirts for $12 each with free delivery to Allentown Thanks!
    t-shirt mock up 2018 v2 (resized).png

    1 week later
    #28 10 months ago

    The shirts have arrived!

    20180501161804124 (resized).jpg20180501162147839 (resized).jpg
    2 weeks later
    #29 10 months ago

    There will be a PinGolf tournament at the show on Saturday

    It will be a beginner-friendly tournament, will be open to all ages, and will have prizes for both kids and adults.

    For those not familiar with PinGolf, there will be 9 "holes" of the PinGolf tournament, and each hole consists of a goal to be achieved on a pinball machine, such as reaching particular score, or activating a certain feature on a game (such as multiball mode), or activating the game's "special".

    The top players of the 9 holes of the PinGolf tournament will qualify for a round of playoffs in separate kids and adults tournaments. The top 8 players in the open tournament (all players, including kids, are eligible) will compete in a round of playoffs and finals, and the top 4 kids players (ages 12 & under) will compete in a separate round of finals.

    This will be an IFPA event.

    Visit the website for additional details and the tournament rules:


    Because this is a smaller show, there will not be a dedicated bank of pinball machines set aside for the tournament. So, there is a question on the game registration form that will ask for permission to include your game(s) in the pinball tournament, or have an option to opt out.

    Games included in the tournament will remain on free play, but they may have some signage added with some tournament information, and will have roaming groups of players who will play 4-player games sporadically throughout the day.

    There will need to be a minimum number of 9 games included in the tournament, although more is better in order to help spread out the tournament players.

    #31 10 months ago
    Quoted from zacaj:

    Cool! I always wish shows would make more use of the amount of games they have on the floor for their tournaments. No idea what but I'll definitely bring something in for the tournament

    Great, I'll look forward to it!

    2 weeks later
    #33 9 months ago

    A few games were registered last week--GOTG, Ghostbusters, and Blackwater 100


    The flea market spaces on the show floor are more than half gone.

    Three 10x6 spaces
    One 20x16 space
    One 20x20 space
    Hallway spaces


    Register as soon as you can before they're all gone!

    1 week later
    #34 9 months ago

    Two months to go!

    A few more games have been registered

    For anyone who didn't see it yet, t-shirts have shipping available


    If all goes according to plan next week, there will be a total of 4 electrical circuits installed in the ceiling, which will be available for flea market spaces that are closest to the general admission entrance.

    1 week later
    #37 8 months ago

    Four electrical circuits for the flea market / vendor spaces have been installed in the ceiling today

    That has the potential for an additional 20 games, depending on what sellers plan to bring and set up in their spaces.

    20180622145139016-1 (resized).jpg

    #39 8 months ago
    Quoted from elub518:

    When went to order several sheets of glass today to avoid the 7/8/18 cutoff, says checkout is disabled and should open in mid-may?

    Sorry about that--haven't had the time to finish setting up the shop. If you want to PM me with what you are looking for, I can do it manually.

    Quoted from elub518:

    Also, on the "contact us" tab when I enter a message it fails to send saying please enter a message in red even though there is a message in the box?

    Thanks for letting me know. It looks like there was a bug in the anti-spam measures that were in place. It's fixed now.

    #41 8 months ago
    Quoted from jrpinball:

    How much of a discount for two 10X6 vendor spaces? Would combine them for a 10X12 space. Regular price is $30 each. Thinking about maybe bringing some parts and projects instead of freeplay games.

    To double up is $50. It ends up being a 10x16 space since there is a 4' walkway gap between two 10x6 spaces.

    #42 8 months ago

    Pre-order playfield or backglass glass, and pick it up at the show!


    The cutoff for pre-ordering will be Monday July 9th.

    #44 8 months ago
    Quoted from docquest:

    Do you know if they can cut octagon shaped glass that would fit a cocktail pin like "Roy Clark" or "Take Five"?

    It's not something I looked into for this year. If you can get me measurements for width, height, and length of each side, I can ask.

    #46 8 months ago

    Not only are standard body glass sizes available, but various widebody glass sizes, as well as glass for backglasses, and some game-specific sizes.


    #47 8 months ago

    Reminder: Today is the last day to be able to place an order for glass.

    #48 8 months ago

    Available flea market spaces as of today:
    -Two 10x6 spaces
    -One 20x16 space (this can be broken up into smaller spaces if there is a demand for it)
    -One 20x20 space
    -Hallway spaces

    #49 8 months ago

    Only a few hours left to order glass--standard sizes, widebody sizes, and game-specific sizes. Just select the game system that you need it for. Bally, Williams, Gottlieb, Atari, and more.

    #50 8 months ago

    Thanks to everyone who ordered glass.

    I plan to have a few extra sheets of standard sized and WPC SuperPin sized playfield glass for sale at the show.

    The order is in with the glass shop, pending a confirmation.

    In other news, a few prizes for the free play raffle have been added:


    Register a game before midnight on Wednesday 8/1, and you will be eligible to win the grand prize

    #51 8 months ago

    Here is the judging form for the Best in Show awards. If you think there should be any changes or additions to the descriptions, let me know.

    Judging Form v3.pdf
    #53 8 months ago
    Quoted from zacaj:

    I feel like requiring the flippers to just 'work' is a low bar. For a good score they shouldn't have slop, be strong, etc.

    True, that's probably more open to interpretation than it should be. I'll reword it.

    #54 8 months ago

    Ok, I updated the descriptions for most categories to make them a little bit more specific.

    #55 8 months ago

    Remaining flea market spaces:
    -Two 10x6
    -One 20x16 (can be split up into smaller spaces if there is demand)
    -Hallway spaces

    #56 8 months ago

    Since a few folks have been asking about this--if anyone wants to leave a key for their game at the check-in table, we will be able to take care of minor issues, such as stuck balls. There will be a locking keybox that will only be accessible to me and experienced techs/volunteers who may be on duty. So, if you don't want to stick around at the event all day, and would like to have a chance to explore Saratoga without having to worry about getting called back for stuck ball or something like that, you are welcome to leave us a key.

    Note that anything extensive, such as board repairs or parts replacements, will still have to be addressed by the game owner.

    #57 8 months ago

    Three weeks until the show!

    I'm still looking for volunteers to help out during setup and throughout the event. For the most part, all that would be involved is helping others set up games or flea market spaces, and help visitors with questions.

    If you volunteer, you get in free


    If you have experience with repairs & restoration, I'm still looking for judges to help with the "Best in Show" awards:


    The judging ballot is on the website if you would like to take a look at it ahead of time.

    If anyone wants flyers to help spread the word about the event, I can provide as many printed copies as you need, or you can print a few off yourself using the PDF below. I also have a similar version as a 24x36 poster.

    Saratoga Pinball & Arcade Show - 2018 Flyer.pdf

    #58 8 months ago

    16 games registered so far! It's looking like a nice line-up


    If you're planning to bring a game, don't forget to register it!


    There will be a free play raffle for anyone who brings a game--the more games you bring, the better than chance you have at winning a prize in the raffle. More prizes will be listed soon. If you register a game before midnight on Wednesday 8/1, you will be eligible for the Free Play Grand Prize Raffle!


    #61 7 months ago

    It's coming down to the final 2 weeks leading up to the show! If you're planning to bring a game, please be sure to register it:


    Any pinball machines or coin-operated arcade games are welcome!

    Bringing a game will earn you free entry into the show, and an entry for the free play raffle! Prizes include a choice of a gift certificates for pinitech.com, pinballlife.com, and cometpinball.com. Other pinball-related items will also be in the prize pool.

    #62 7 months ago

    If you're bringing a game and have rubber feet/footies/castors, please bring them. The show floor is wood and may cause the games to slide around. Rubber pads will be provided if you do not already have rubber feet/footies/castors.


    pasted_image (resized).png
    #63 7 months ago

    10 days!

    If you haven't already registered games, there is plenty of space


    Don't forget--if you bring a game, you will be entered into the free play raffle.

    Prizes include:
    * A $50 Grand Prize Gift Certificate for Pinitech.com if you register a game before midnight on 8/1
    * Four $25 Gift Certificates for PinballLife.com
    * Two $25 Gift Certificates for Pinitech.com
    * Two $25 Gift Certificates for CometPinball.com
    * Various pinball-related items

    #68 7 months ago
    Quoted from ozuba:

    On this note, any with kids can make a weekend of it by staying up near Queensbury & hitting up Six Flags

    Here's a link to it if anyone is interested: https://www.sixflags.com/greatescape


    #71 7 months ago
    Quoted from TigerLaw:

    Those are neat. What were they before you converted them to castors?

    They were stiff rubber mats for some of the fitness equipment at the Y, which helped protect the floors and prevented the equipment from moving around. I was able to re-purpose a couple damaged/worn mats to use as pinball footies.

    #75 7 months ago
    Quoted from TigerLaw:

    I wonder if they would also work as fatigue mats... At $75 a pop the titan mats are rather expensive, they do look great though.

    They are probably a bit too stiff to use as fatigue mats--there isn't really any "give" to this material.

    #76 7 months ago
    Quoted from flashinstinct:

    Small PSA, if anyone has a GOTG in the Saratoga Springs area they would like to sell and bring to the show it would give me an excuse to drive down from up north and attend

    There is one registered that will be for sale.


    #78 7 months ago
    Quoted from flashinstinct:

    I saw but it doesn't say who is selling it or price

    It's herbertbsharp 's game. I don't know what he plans on asking for it.

    #80 7 months ago

    Good news--a food truck will be at the show on Saturday for lunch and dinner:


    • Burgers
    • Hot dogs
    • Chicken Tenders
    • Quesadillas
    • Sausage & Peppers
    • Nachos
    • Tater Tots
    • Mozzarella Sticks
    • Chips & Drinks
    #86 7 months ago
    Quoted from jrpinball:

    Nothing for Friday though?

    Unless something changes in the next few days, it doesn't look like it. I haven't been able to book anyone for that day, mainly due to trucks having other commitments.

    Would anyone be willing to chip in a few bucks for pizzas on Friday?

    #87 7 months ago

    Only about 3 hours until midnight!

    Register a game before then to be eligible for the grand prize in the free play raffle:


    #90 7 months ago
    Quoted from docquest:

    Just registered 2 games to bring, Lost in Space '65 retheme and Evel Knievel.

    I just saw your entry roll in--I'm looking forward to seeing that Lost in Space again! It turned out really well

    For anyone who didn't see it yet, I recorded a quick video of it at Pintastic in July:

    #93 7 months ago

    There are now over 25 games registered, with at least a couple more on the way!

    It looks like a Houdini will be appearing on Saturday!

    #94 7 months ago

    I ended up building a rack to help transport all the playfield glass that will be available at the show:


    I'll list what's going available after inspect it and transport it later today.

    #96 7 months ago

    The glass is in!

    Standard (21" x 43") - $40
    Quantity Available: 8
    Various games

    WPC SuperPin (23-3/4" x 43") - $60
    Quantity Available: 3
    Demolition Man, Indiana Jones (Williams), Popeye Saves the Earth, Red & Ted's Road Show, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Twilight Zone

    Classic Stern Widebody (24-9/16" x 45-3/4") - $60
    Quantity Available: 3
    Big Game, Cheetah, Flight 2000, Freefall, Iron Madien, Split Second, Viper

    Gottlieb System 80 Widebody (24-5/8" x 48-3/8") - $60
    Quantity Available: 4
    Black Hole, Counterforce, Eclipse, Force II, Haunted House, James Bond 007, Panthera, Pink Panther, Spider-Man, Time Line, Volcano, Devil's Dare, Punk!, Q*Bert's Quest, Striker

    Classic Bally Widebody (27-1/2" x 43") - $60
    Quantity Available: 5
    Embryon, Future Spa, Hotdoggin', Paragon, Space Invaders

    Used standard glass: $5

    The glass will be in the flea market and will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

    #98 7 months ago

    Who else is working like a madman this weekend to prep games for the show?

    #100 7 months ago

    The show date is rapidly approaching, and I hope everyone is excited as I am! There is still lots to do before the doors open, but I was hoping you might be able to help with one thing.

    The number of games is currently sitting at about 30--the show currently has a capacity of 50.

    If you know of others who have games who might be interested in the show, please invite them and try to encourage them bring a game! I know there are probably a number of collectors in the area who either were still thinking about it or might not have heard about the show, so if you could help spread the word and maybe give them a little nudge of encouragement, that would be a huge help!

    This isn't just limited to pinball machines--if someone wants to bring a video arcade game or anything else that is coin operated, all games are welcome!

    I know that moving a game can sometimes be an effort, but the more games that appear in this local show of ours also means the more fun it will be!

    Anyone who brings a game will get free entry to the show and will be entered into the free play raffle, which includes a number of gift certificates and pinball-related items.

    Thanks everyone!

    #101 7 months ago

    The first of many!

    20180805160101654-1 (resized).jpg
    #103 7 months ago
    Quoted from Isochronic_Frost:

    I’ve been lurking for a while, just been too busy to be active on Pinside!
    I have my Night Moves I can bring... I haven’t had any time to shop it or fix the music yet... I mean it works and plays fine! But you can definitely see the years of play on it

    Rub some novus on it, and bring it along

    You've got a little more than 4 days--plenty of time

    #105 7 months ago
    Quoted from zacaj:

    Is it okay to bring a game that's not registered? I might be picking one up friday night...

    Yep, I don't think that will be a problem.

    #107 7 months ago

    I just heard from someone that the show has been mentioned on a couple of the local TV stations--did anyone else happen to catch it?

    #109 7 months ago
    Quoted from Matesamo:

    Someday my wife's side of the family will stop scheduling their family reunions on the Saturday of the show. Sigh.

    Just tell everyone you have an important prior commitment

    #111 7 months ago
    Quoted from Matesamo:

    This year I thought I was in the clear as we had scheduled a spot in a park for 12th but then they got back and said the entire park was booked but we could be squeezed in the 11th. Sigh.

    #112 7 months ago

    We're up to 32 games registered, plus 3-4 more that sounded likely.


    Can we hit 40?

    Remember arcade games are also welcome! Video games, shuffle alley games, skee ball, chexx hockey, pitch & bat, rifle/gun games--whatever you can haul!

    #113 7 months ago

    RFM has made it over to the Y

    20180807212353640-1 (resized).jpg
    #116 7 months ago

    I have the LED OCD and LED GI installed in The Shadow.

    This game uses GI dimming, which didn't work too well with just LEDs. With the LED GI module, it produces a nice lighring effect.

    Be sure to check it out if you haven't seen the LED OCD or LED GI in action before. I'm really liking them so far.

    20180808094108905 (resized).jpg
    #118 7 months ago
    Quoted from DaveH:

    I wanted that nice build and decay of the lights rather than the sharp on/off of LED.

    Yeah, the difference is like night and day. I was a little skeptical about it at first about how much of a difference it would actually make, but I'm enjoying it so far.

    I also have the LED OCD in my IJ as well, which is also going to be at the show. I don't think the dimming feature was really used in that game, so I didn't install a LED GI module.

    I just wish it was available for pin2000--I imagine it would look great on RFM.

    #119 7 months ago

    Flea market spaces:

    There is only one 10x6 flea market space available for Friday & Saturday.

    There are also two Saturday-only 10x6 spaces available.

    Everything else has been booked. Thanks guys! There should be a good selection of stuff available.

    #120 7 months ago

    Friday Food
    I will be ordering pizzas for participants/vendors/volunteers/staff for dinner on Friday.

    If you want in, it will be $5 per person for pizza and soda. Please visit the check-in table and pay by 4:15pm. The pizzas will then be ordered and should arrive by about 5pm.

    They will just be cheese pizzas, unless enough people specify a topping preference.

    Saturday Food
    A food truck will be on-site for lunch and dinner. Same details as posted earlier.

    Quoted from ForceFlow:

    Good news--a food truck will be at the show on Saturday for lunch and dinner:

    Hot dogs
    Chicken Tenders
    Sausage & Peppers
    Tater Tots
    Mozzarella Sticks
    Chips & Drinks

    #123 7 months ago

    20180808123203982-1 (resized).jpg
    #129 7 months ago

    As of this morning, there have been 37 games registered!

    #133 7 months ago
    Quoted from stevevt:

    That means they were played 90% of the time instead of 99% of the time, in my experience.

    They seemed to get a decent amount of play, but they just didn't have groups of people clustered around them like some of the newer & flashier games.

    I would be interested to see what the play counts will be at this show. I'll try to remember to clear or check those on my games when setting them up and share them afterwards.

    #138 7 months ago

    Well, didn't leave until 2:45am. So much for packing it in at 10pm, lol

    For the individuals who pitched in and helped this evening--thank you very much. Your presence and efforts were invaluable.

    See ya'll in the morning

    20180809234824384 (resized).jpg20180809234831077 (resized).jpg20180809234857601 (resized).jpg20180809234902512 (resized).jpg20180810004148245 (resized).jpg20180810023500942 (resized).jpg
    #140 7 months ago
    Quoted from zacaj:

    Are you still planning on trying to intersperse older and newer games?

    I'd like to try to see that. I imagine that will happen anyway as games come in the door.

    #154 7 months ago

    Thanks to everyone for a fun show! Special thanks to everyone who brought one (or several) games and to the folks to set up in the flea market! Thanks to everyone who helped with setup, volunteering during the event, and break-down! Special thanks to daveh for his time & effort during break-down

    Photos from the event will be posted in the next few days. If you have any photos, feel free to share them

    If anyone has comments, critiques, or suggestions for improvement, please share those as well. A couple of weak areas that will need improvement are encouraging more arcade game collectors to bring games for free play, and encouraging more buying & selling. If you have ideas that you think might help improve on those, please let me know.

    Thanks again for coming to the show and contributing to this charity event!

    #155 7 months ago

    Here's the audits for my games:

    IJ: 347
    DM: 361 (last year, it had 204)
    R911: 400 (last year, it had 251)
    Hulk: 456 (last year, it had 363)
    TS: 355 (last year, it had 174)
    No audits for RFM--the game has a boot issue and takes several minutes to "warm up" before it does anything, and I didn't have time to wait for it.

    I imagine the play counts have a correlation with the typical game time for each title. From what I observed, IJ, DM, and TS seem to generally have longer game times, while R911 and Hulk seem to generally have shorter game times.

    Also, the increase in attendance for the show appeared to have a significant increase in plays across the board compared to last year on some of the same games that I brought.

    #161 7 months ago
    Quoted from Blake:

    Adam is there any totals you can compare between last year and this year to see the percentage of growth for attendance?

    There were 10 more games on free play than last year, and about a 25% increase in attendence.

    #162 7 months ago
    Quoted from Blake:

    yes a laminated "Out Of Order" sign to hang off the plunger or over the start button would be good. Also unplugging the machines will help (not sure if your 1932 requires it or not).

    Yep, those are easy enough to prepare ahead of time.

    I may also make a sign about unplugging the game when out of order. Or do you think there was already too much signage around the check-in table?

    #183 7 months ago
    Quoted from zacaj:

    no one reads instructions

    Quoted from jrpinball:

    Yeah, you're right about that. Not only kids, but adults as well.

    I agree, people won't read a sheet of instructions on a game, they just push/pull everything that can be pushed/pulled and then walk away to something else.

    Maybe place arrows with text that say "1: Press here", 2: Then Press Here"? Or maybe just contain the numbers?

    Pretend like you're trying to walk a kindergartner through starting a game and what they might use as visual cues. Then maybe more folks will be able to follow the directions when are unfamiliar with those types of games.

    Quoted from Isochronic_Frost:

    I wasn’t sure who had placed the sign and wondered if perhaps someone didn’t know how to use it, assuming it was broken.

    You're probably not alone in this line of thinking, so I'm convinced official out of order signs will help mitigate situations like that. I'll be sure to prepare some.

    #184 7 months ago
    Quoted from Isochronic_Frost:

    That’s another example of where an outline would be beneficial, what other issues should be fixed and such. I’m not well-experienced with Show-service but I’d like to be able to help more in the future!

    It was just limited to simple stuff like stuck balls. A handful of owners did leave keys behind at the check-in desk for that. Any issues beyond that were intended to be reported to game owners.

    I'm not sure how successful the note on the game card was with attendees about contacting the game owner about issues, or how many attendees reached out vs just walking away from the game.

    Volunteers & staff wore show badges, and I know most were approached at some point for one reason or another.

    Next year, I think I might try a roster of some sort stuck to the wall to keep track of who might be patrolling the floor with a volunteer badge. I tried to make a schedule last year ahead of time, but nobody really stuck to it, so this year I just asked people to jump in whenever they saw a need. It worked ok, but it still would have been better to have at least one person with a badge patrolling the room at all times.

    #188 7 months ago

    I still have a few show shirts left--$8 each plus shipping. Grab one now before they're gone forever!


    #191 7 months ago

    There's 3 or less in each size left, though XL is now sold out.

    #192 7 months ago

    Friday photos

    20180810164719716 (resized).jpg20180810164804596 (resized).jpg20180810165233394 (resized).jpg20180810165247814 (resized).jpg20180810165253608 (resized).jpg20180810165259893 (resized).jpg20180810165331407 (resized).jpg20180810165353383 (resized).jpg20180810165400816 (resized).jpg20180810194214652 (resized).jpg
    #193 7 months ago

    Saturday floor photos

    20180811104321683 (resized).jpg20180811104414093 (resized).jpg20180811104438955 (resized).jpg20180811104527546 (resized).jpg20180811104707209 (resized).jpg20180811104744295 (resized).jpg20180811104818427 (resized).jpg20180811104822777 (resized).jpg20180811104835687 (resized).jpg
    #194 7 months ago

    More Saturday photos

    20180811104627541 (resized).jpg20180811105103452 (resized).jpg20180811105154408 (resized).jpg20180811105236362 (resized).jpg20180811105254642 (resized).jpg20180811105317983 (resized).jpg20180811105349198 (resized).jpg20180811105412676 (resized).jpg20180811105433792 (resized).jpg20180811112252924 (resized).jpg20180811131531242 (resized).jpg20180811131550807 (resized).jpg20180811131606547 (resized).jpg20180811132213095 (resized).jpg20180811134923389 (resized).jpg20180811134948872 (resized).jpg20180811135011814 (resized).jpg20180811135028954 (resized).jpg20180811135606605 (resized).jpg20180811135635575 (resized).jpg20180811140113853 (resized).jpg20180811141102590 (resized).jpg20180811144803358 (resized).jpg20180811144900445 (resized).jpg20180811151059435 (resized).jpg20180811151114301 (resized).jpg20180811151154478 (resized).jpg20180811151211496 (resized).jpg20180811165334244 (resized).jpg20180811165350000 (resized).jpg20180811165357845 (resized).jpg20180811165412736 (resized).jpg20180811165422265 (resized).jpg
    #195 7 months ago


    20180812101538845 (resized).jpg
    #196 7 months ago

    If you visited or participated in the show, there is a quick survey available. If you have a few moments, please send in your thoughts. This will help shape the show for next year. Thanks!


    #198 6 months ago

    Fire sale on the shirts--$6.50 each! Only 1 or 2 left in most sizes.

    Archived after 34 days
    Sold (amount undisclosed)
    Contributed to Pinside
    Other - For Sale
    “Did you attend the 2018 Saratoga Pinball & Arcade Show or want to help support the show? I currently have T-shirts for the show made up in both orange and white in M, L, XL (s...”
    Ballston Spa, NY

    #199 6 months ago

    More show photos

    IMG_20180810_155526 (resized).jpgIMG_20180810_160125 (resized).jpgIMG_20180810_160129 (resized).jpgIMG_20180811_110845 (resized).jpgIMG_20180811_114002 (resized).jpgIMG_20180811_114059 (resized).jpgIMG_20180811_125831 (resized).jpgIMG_20180811_155730 (resized).jpgIMG_20180811_171913 (resized).jpgIMG_20180811_172540 (resized).jpgIMG_20180811_173140 (resized).jpgIMG_20180811_183409 (resized).jpg
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