2018 Pintastic-post show reviews and comments

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2018 Pintastic-post show reviews and comments

By Grizlyrig

7 months ago

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    #36 7 months ago
    Quoted from colinize:

    This was my first show, as I'm very new to the hobby (just picked up my first pin this year). Came down after work on Thursday and stayed Thursday night and Friday night. Personally, I had a blast. Played a ton of games, tried a seminar and got the most out of my ticket. The only complaints were long lines for the newer games in the vendor room, and 10pm was kind of late to open up access to the extra ball lounge for Premium pass holders. Otherwise, can't wait to go again next year!

    I agree and we will be opening up the EBL to premium ticket holders earlier next year.

    #57 7 months ago
    Quoted from raisindot:

    Let me preface by saying that I worked on promoting the first Pinstastic NE and give Gabe huge amounts of credit for putting on a good show. I've been to PNE every year, and, until this year, had a great time.
    But this year I was really turned off by a number of things, really none of which had to do with the way Gabe ran the show and more to do with just the way things went. I went on Saturday, when usually I go on Friday, and maybe that's the difference.
    Good things:
    1. The folks who brought all of the JJ games there. It was great to be able to try out POTC and Dialed-In, games you almost never see in the public.
    2. The Cointakers folks for bringing Houdini there. But they did a lousy job of trafficing play (more on this later)
    Bad things:
    1. The freeplay room's selection was the worst it's even been. It's been going downhill each year, but this was by far the first. Very few A-list DMD games there. The only real surprise was the Cactus Canyon, and I'm amazed that the owner would actually allow such a rare pin to be subject to the abusive play of player (see below). If you are into EMs or 80s era games, it was perfect. But if you were looking to play top-notch DMD-era games you had little selection.
    2. There were fewer games in the vendor area than in past years, and the lines for most of these were long.
    3. The quality of the vendors seemed to decline. Far too many people selling non-pinball stuff like old video games, plush toys and tschoches. And, really, do we need to have the same old maker of cardboard games there year after year?
    4. The pure selfishness of many players. This was most evident with the Houdini and JJ games. I waited in line for 45 minutes (with many people behind me) while a foursome of clearly expert players averaged about 10 minutes a ball. after 45 minutes, they were finally getting to the third ball. I couldn't stand it any more any more left. Every time I came back there, more "experts" were hogging the game. I never got to play it. The Cointaker people should have managed this better--either giving one ball per game per player or telling the hoggers to get away. Similar things happened with the JJP games. Okay, we know that some people are great players, but it's really rude if you're sitting there playing one ball for 10-15 minutes while others are waiting.
    5. The pure abuse of games. I saw machines lifted, hit, slammed and shoved around--mainly by the same "expert" players who were hogging the top-notch new games. I also saw a number of people putting full plastic cups of beer right on top of freeplay games--how obnoxious! And the cockiness of these people was terrible. I was playing one game--the only TSPP there--and a guy next to me, playing a LOTR, obnoxiously kept shouting, "I have the high score! I dare you to try to beat my high score!" To which I replied, "I'm not here to compete, I honestly don't care about your score." But he wouldn't let up.
    6. I realize the "VIP lounge" is a money-making enterprise, but I really feel is wasn't sure for the best games (usually the great ones Gabe brings) that in past years have been accessible to all to be kept in a place where your only way of playing them is to buy an expensive weekend pass. It creates an "us vs. them" situation that just leaves a bad taste, especially given that Gabe's games are usually the best ones in the house.
    6. There were just too many people. Lines for the few top-notch games there were long, and, as said before, the experts hogged them to oblivion.
    The experience me feeling depressed, something I've never felt at a PNE event before. I honestly think this will be the last one I will go to. It's just not worth spending the money to play, at best, 10 games on the machines you want to play because of limited selection and boorish, untrafficed behavior.

    Thank you for you review. We will be taking note of your concerns and tweaking things as we always do to make the Pintastic experience the best it can be for everyone. We like giving people options and we sometimes make mistakes. The hours of access to Premium ticket holders will be extended and we will talk about a one day Premium package. But those mistakes help us grow to give everyone the best show experience possible. One think I would like to directly comment on is the long lines on games in the vendor hall and people playing 4 player games as a single person. If you see issues that are obviously causing people to get upset we encourage you to come to the ticket booth info area and report the problem directly to Gabe or Gerard. I would have gone directly to coin-taker and addressed the situation by either asking them to set up another Houdini or put the Houdini that was in there booth on 2 ball play with no extra balls. By the way that Houdini was mine that I purchasing from Coin-taker.
    Also as far as the abuse of games. We will be printing up more code of contact banners around the vendor hall, free play and EBL. Describing the rules in more user friendly detail which should address your concerns. Also we may encourage vendors and free play bringers to tighten up on the tilt a bit to keep abuse from happening. Again thank you for you comments and concerns and we do listen to all of them and compile a detailed list and address each end every one to make Pintastic one of the best shows in the country.

    #62 7 months ago
    Quoted from kamenoi_ostrow:

    Above post snipped for brevity.
    I attended this show with friend who is not a pinhead, but was there to buy/play Houdini. He's into the Houdini theme like no one I've ever known and he loves my pin collection so this would've been a "gateway" pin for him, lol. He brought 14K with him in cash. I informed him that it was 2x what he needed but he replied that if he REALLY liked the pin he'd buy 2! We directly went to Cointaker's booth to play.Some mouth-breather wearing Crocs was hogging the pin forever, playing game after game. Finally when he tired of it we were next in line to play, he's turns around and say's " Just 1 more game" . We left. No sale. No Play. So I agree that some action should be taken regarding game hoggers. BTW, we cut the hogger some slack since I believe he was on some type of spectrum. Regardless, he was still rude & Cointaker should have intervened.

    Please Please Please next time ANYTHING like this happens you need to report it to our Box Office staff (Gabe or Gerard) immediately. They would have called me on the radio and I would have stepped in right away and addressed the issue. This type of behavior will not be tolerated.

    #63 7 months ago
    Quoted from 80spit:

    Had a good time at the show, mostly meeting old and new friends, brought 3 pins, sold 1 was disappointed in the low amount of pins for sale, felt it was hard to see on the cards if the were for sale also. I felt the points system was very slanted, how my Farfalla only got 1 point for what I consider a rare pin was puzzling as my Vegas got 2 points??? Blew off the EBL , was allowed in after 10 but by then I was wiped out. Still a great show, great time

    Hey Gary thanks for bringing those games. Detailed rules of what points are awarded for each type of game is on our web site. We may need to add a category for Italian pinball machines lol. As far as access to the EBL as a free play game bringer. We will be tweaking the hours of entry for this so they can enjoy it earlier.

    #64 7 months ago
    Quoted from 1974DeltaQueen:

    The Good: The seminars were very good, the auction had a lot of interest, the rain held off a bit on Thursday. I had several people hold open doors for me and actually had John Borg load a game back into my truck. The back corner of Wedgeheads held up very well for the amount of play they got. There was more traffic to the outdoor flea due to the new location, thank God he had a tent and a cooler of beverages. The hotdogs next to Yankee Spirits are very tasty and he's a good dude and not overpriced. I like to go out of the show, clear my head, take a walk, lots of local food close by.
    The Bad: Too many pins were broken down, and not the fault of the repair tech, his hands were FULL. I am with others, this special lounge is making this into a have and have nots social breakdown. One flea vendor... however I've met him before, solid guy,not his fault, and he sold a TON of stuff, good for him. The parking lot spaces are tight, real tight, I have a full sized GMC with an extra cab and an 8 foot box and I am respectful of others vehicles. Didn't see Marco, I usually buy stuff from him.
    The Ugly: Bad behavior and just plain ignorance. It's okay to nudge but lifting games, that's bullshit. People starting a game, playing a ball or two then walking away, that is beyond rude. At least a dozen times I had to correct someone from ramming the ball lift because the ball was banging the glass in the shooter lane. I demonstrated how to do this repeatedly. Those EM's were built to last, but a lot of us have countless hours in restoring them and setting down your beer on a game is a douchebag move. To the lady who used my pin as a writing table and put a box on top of it, I asked her to remove her crap. It was a new sheet of glass, I'd like to keep it looking that way.
    Overall a great show, free play game total was down, I counted 124 in the free play room with 20 off, Saturday around 2 PM. However, after watching these animals whoop on these games I doubt I will bring 3 next year. I do not like the gamebringer set up, all 3 of my games were for sale but the original ticket said they were not. Take a look at Rich's York Show registration form, much simpler, easier to navigate. To the people looking to play DMD games in free play, hey good luck with that. The cardboard pinball guy paid his money, I saw kids enjoying it, I think it is different and unique to Pintastic. I liked the weekend after the 4th much better than this late June date. Not sure how Sunday worked out, but I feel 4 days is overkill, (TPF is only 27.5 hours and there are 500 pins.)
    I like the idea of signage, instructions on how to start a game and what NOT TO DO.. ( a list of common courtesies)
    I will be back in 2019 with one or two games, I had a good time and a good experience.

    I was confused about the free play total being down myself. We had 190 pins registered but the heavy rain on Thurday set up may have hurt those totals.

    As far as pricing on games. Were you sent a game registration log in about 3 weeks before the show? If so you would have been able to add a price on your game ticket. We apologize for the confusion on this and will address the situation again next year. Thanks for bringing those great EM's.

    As far as DMD games in free play. We give massive incentives to people who bring the newer DMD games. If you take a closer look around free play there were a bunch of DMD games all show and on Sunday all the games from the EBL came into the free play room which gave us over 45 DMD games in there.

    #67 7 months ago
    Quoted from Whridlsoncestood:

    And I’m still catching up on life and work and my body recovering. I know the negative always outshines the tons of positive feedback. As a part of the show I just want to say we are working for a year straight to do the best things we can for everyone. We learn every year. And many people put waaaaaay more time than I do in and I put a ton of time and effort in with a lot of the other staff. Everyone we have helping has their role and position and it all is wonderful. I hope people don’t read everything hear and think everything about the show was so negative. We love getting feedback but please just be curtious of how you are presenting this and really think about what you are saying. It really crushes a lot of us to come home after destroying our bodies for a week and spending so much time over the year just to hear people mostly talking about negatives. As much as something may of disappointed you like a long line for a popular game the almost attack level of some comments really crushes us and our enthusiasm and passion.
    -Jim Swain, The Sanctum

    Jim thank you for everything you and the Sanctum crew do for the show. I have NEVER see you to be rude in any way. Always calm and cool during hectic times.

    #68 7 months ago
    Quoted from dr_spidey:

    I had a blast this year. I've been to Pintastic every year so far.
    Not sure what he's talking about, but i thought the Sanctum team did a great job running the Tourney. I've yet to make the cut, but I'll keep trying.
    I'm torn about the EBL and the tiered system.
    But if it continues I think game bringers need to be higher up. Should be something like
    Game Bringers
    Paid VIP
    I brought moe.pinball Even though it was an obscure theme, I got some great feedback from those that played it.
    I started a separate thread to chronicle the restoration process for those that are interested

    We are thinking of a system were you can get into the EBL as a game bringer earlier with points you gain. But over all YES game bringers will be granted earlier access next year to the EBL. Thank You for your comments and concerns. We are listening and will be discussing options soon.

    #74 7 months ago
    Quoted from 1974DeltaQueen:

    The point system definitely needs work, I didn’t use mine as nothing enticed me to do so.
    190 games registered but many no shows , not on you Gabe, but it did hurt the overall show.
    I like your thinking of rewarding game bringers more. These are the guys who risk a lot in wear and tear and damage .
    DMD I don’t even play them not my cup of tea but thanks for providing expensive and desirable games
    To the general comments about reporting game users and hogs I made several people aware what they were doing wrong and why. And to the people who pay the gate 25$ -175$ that’s great but that money won’t buy much in today’s parts market. Really liking the signage and maybe a few More patrolling the free play area. (Something in between the tasers at Allentown and the shortage in staff you experienced. )
    Gamebringer notification , truthfully I didn’t get jack and it’s not as easy to navigate as other shows. My $.02

    Another important note. One of the perks of being a volenteer is access to the EBL for a period of time determined by how long you have volunteered.

    #80 7 months ago
    Quoted from 1974DeltaQueen:

    The point system definitely needs work, I didn’t use mine as nothing enticed me to do so.
    190 games registered but many no shows , not on you Gabe, but it did hurt the overall show.
    I like your thinking of rewarding game bringers more. These are the guys who risk a lot in wear and tear and damage .
    DMD I don’t even play them not my cup of tea but thanks for providing expensive and desirable games
    To the general comments about reporting game users and hogs I made several people aware what they were doing wrong and why. And to the people who pay the gate 25$ -175$ that’s great but that money won’t buy much in today’s parts market. Really liking the signage and maybe a few More patrolling the free play area. (Something in between the tasers at Allentown and the shortage in staff you experienced. )
    Gamebringer notification , truthfully I didn’t get jack and it’s not as easy to navigate as other shows. My $.02

    With points you could have gotten all kinds of cool stuff. Like a free breakfast buffet, $50 gift card to the oxhead tavern. You got to eat right lol. We also offered smaller incentives like a multiple shirts and a very cool key chain and beer glass. Let me know if you still want to cash in your points. We can hold on to something for you. We are talking about offering the option for people to transfer there points to next year so they can accumulate them for the larger items. Think that would be cool? Maybe come up with some large $$ items to strive for.

    #82 7 months ago
    Quoted from ForceFlow:

    A few people stopped me about issues with games, and I told them about how to report issues since they weren't mine. They didn't understand how to use QR codes, and were either confused or didn't want to take the time to enter the URL. For non-tech savvy players, this system was a little too high tech or too time consuming for them to figure out, so it didn't seem to work for them. They just wanted to quickly tell someone about the problem and move on to other games.

    The repair station didn't look welcoming for people trying to report a problem--there were no obvious directions visible from 10 feet away that you could leave a note there about a game, and there wasn't usually anyone near by when I checked. Maybe post a big sign that says "report game problems here"? It didn't seem obvious enough to casual players that it was a customer service area, and not a staff-only area.

    People will realize that all they need to do is download the QR code reader app. Scan the code and check off one box. I did it many times myself over the weekend. Takes literally 13 seconds, I timed it. A lot faster than trying to find someone or filling out a paper ticket.

    #96 7 months ago
    Quoted from jadziedzic:

    I'd like to publicly thank the volunteer members on the 2018 Pintastic repair team: Eric B, Samuel B, Gary D, Andrew G, Ashlie G, Brian McC, Paul P, and Andrew V. These folks worked LONG shifts (and extra shifts), and were kept busy chasing after the myriad issues that crop up in the free play areas; they all deserve a (virtual) pat on the back for their efforts.
    The QR code-based repair ticket reporting system may have had its birthing pains, but it really did make it a LOT easier for the repair team to keep track of issues, and I believe we received a LOT more tickets than last year (I'm sure Dave Marston will have those details available for me shortly ). We'll continue to investigate ways to make it easier to report problems with games (such as trouble reporting kiosks).
    And a special thank you goes to the game bringers who spent the time before the show to get their games shaken out and dialed in. Excluding stuck balls, the majority of games were remarkably trouble free.

    Tony thank you and your team for an amazing job with keeping games going all weekend especially mine lol.

    The one time you were on a dinner break I had a big issue with TNA shooting out continues balls. We needed the game for the TNA seminar Eric Bundy was on duty and was able to figure out it was a cold solder joint on my kick out solenoid. Got it fixed and moved with 3 min to spare before the seminar. Amazing work!

    Tony you are the head of a great team and with out you guys the show would have been a disaster. Andy informed me today that we had 192 games between the free play room and vendor hall free play not including any VIP games or vendor games.

    Your team responded to 213 repair tickets. Just a FYI to everyone who thinks its easy to keep the games up and running for one of these massive events.

    #99 7 months ago
    Quoted from drsfmd:

    Regarding the QR codes... they wouldn’t work for me. They scanned, but would not load (may be the app I was using). I submitted paper tickets for a few games.
    A suggestion for the “rules” list. A game I was playing locked on an upper flipper coil. I turned the game off, and walked ove4 to fill out a trouble ticket. By the time I got back over to the game, someone had turned it back on, and was playing... with the flipper still locked on. Perhaps a “if the game is off don’t turn it back on” rule is in order.

    If I see an issue with a game i turn it off and than unplug it till the repair team is able to get to it. This seems to keep people from trying to turn it back on.

    #105 7 months ago
    Quoted from La_Porta:

    Just a few comments:
    First - absolutely awesome experience...just top notch! I stayed from Thursday morning at set up until Saturday morning when I broke down my Firepower. This was my second time attending, first time participating. My brother and I had a great time, and, although sometimes there were a few lines, for the most part we did not have an issue getting to play any certain machine that we wanted to. It was also just a blast to see so many people having fun on my machine and enjoying the work that I put into it.
    I would like to thank Gabe for making all of this possible, and especially for allowing my brother to volunteer on Thursday, thus allowing him to help me set up things before he would have otherwise been able to enter. That was a huge plus for me.
    My thanks also to the repair staff. I encountered an issue on Thursday evening where 80% of my solenoids wouldn't function, and, thankfully it was an easy fix and they helped me track down the problem. I also thank the people who were dedicated to keeping their respective machines running.
    Special When Lit party was great...good food, good atmosphere. Timing was good, too...just the right time for that post-dinner meal!
    Seminars were great as well - the TNT video comedy show was a blast. Their board-cleaning techniques were also very helpful; I learned some techniques that will help me with old computer repair, another hobby of mine.
    Second - Some things that could have been better: machines that were never even usable. Some guy brought machines in on Friday evening in the one corner of the free play room...and they never worked once from start to finish. Four of them: not one worked. I realize that this was a ticket into the show (mine included), but I hope something was done about people pretty much freeloading their way in.
    The area in between free play and the vendor hall is a little bit confusing...in the sense that it it somewhat of a netherworld. Perhaps a little redesign would help, in the sense of other things being sold there (perhaps more vender space other than art), making the console video games a bit more meaningful (i.e. perhaps have a tournament. Some of us around my age - I'm 34 - grew up on video games but also love pinball). Something like a Nintendo 64 GoldenEye tournament would be fun.
    All in all, a great time. I will come again next year (sans machine - that was a lot of work, it's the only one I have, and now I have to do some repair because of all the play it got!), but I will hopefully be bringing more relatives as well. Gabe, I am sorry that I did not get to meet you in person while there, but thank you very much none the less for a wonderful time.

    Thanks for bringing the game and your brother really helped out. I'm glad you had a positive experience bringing a game. It's a feeling you don't understand till you do it. See you next year and make sure you stop me to chat.

    #110 7 months ago

    That's a good idea. We can have that raffle in the seminar room next year. Nice AC and seating.

    #118 7 months ago
    Quoted from PersonX99:

    Been going to this show since the beginning. This year, I came on Sat. around noontime, with the possibility of snagging one of the Houdini pins from Cointaker....and I did.
    Lots of new games to try: Houdini, Iron Maiden, POTC.
    Seminar room was comfortable
    Free-play room wasn't as crowded as it has been in past years
    Kids tournament. Such a great idea.
    Vendors continue to diminish. This 'was' my primary motivation for coming to the show.
    Never got a chance to play POTC due to long lines.
    -Show schedule flyers at the ticket booth (did not see any). I had no idea what time specific events were taking place.
    -More vendors, although I am not sure how to entice vendors to participate.
    -Limit free-play game areas in the vendor space or perhaps separate it a bit more. It can be difficult to talk to vendors with the added sounds of pins being played.
    I love having a show in New England, and happily pay the admission price to attend. Next year, I will try going on Friday night rather than dedicating an entire Sat. to it, especially if vendors continue to decline. Thanks for putting this show together.

    Actually we had 27 different vendors this year. All pinball and game room related. More than in past year. Vendor hall was sold out so not sure why you think vendors are light. We did have many different vendors but the hall was sold out.

    #121 7 months ago
    Quoted from CrazyLevi:

    It's never really been a good show for that. But plenty of mods, LEDS and new games were for sale as always.
    It's just too goddamn hot for an outdoor flea market. Never gonna catch on at this show.

    Only area we have left is the gazebo area which would be great for this stuff. If we get enough response I could get security for it. But it would need to be worth doing. That would get them in doors and air conditioning

    #125 7 months ago
    Quoted from PinLen83:

    This is the MAIN REASON I splurged for the LE pass. I knew being limited to 100 sales that there would be an excellent chance of being able to play a premium "A" list of games from Gabes personal collection without too much hassle. I never, EVER, EVEEEEEEER spend money on anything. I saw value in being able to play virtually 24 hrs a day. After all, my main purpose was to play as much as possible, put up some GCs/high scores, meet some pinball celebs (which I got to battle John Borg on Metallica...dream come true!), and just flat out enjoy myself with my family. It was damn pricey for the LE tag considering I was only there 2 out of the 4 days...even all that being said, there was value to be had in buying it. Gabes collection is real nice, and held up well! However....the black on dark cherry red flipper rubbers that were translucent made it virtually impossible to see on Getaway, LOL! Steve Bowden kicked my ass on it. After a few plays, i got the hang of it. Definitely made for a challenging set of circumstances!
    Overall, I had a great time. Of course there are things you can improve on, but thats to be expected. Sitting on the side lines and pointing fingers is easy. When you're in the line of fire, it's much more difficult and time consuming/mentally taxing to oversee such an event like this. @dannunz, despite anything negative that could be said, it was fantastic! Happy to support it, and hopefully next year i'll be able to make it again.
    - Len

    The Getaway was very nice but it was not mine. Eric Bundy moded out that game.

    #131 7 months ago
    Quoted from GreenMachine19:

    This is true but day pass attendees don’t have access to this until after 11 and many of these games were not powered up or not on free play. There were a ton of holes in the free play room that these games could have gone to. If the vendor area was sold out how did they fit 20 games in there?

    Yes we implemented a vendor hall freebplay area to create more traffic in the vendor hall. This is working well and vendors are happy. All games in the vendor free play were mine or Dave M also 3 of the pinstadium games were mine. I brought 28 games to the show.

    Making vendors happy is a big part of building the foundation of a show. The vendors are very important to me. That's why I cater to them. We give them a nice meal on Friday night as well as other perks. In return some sponsor the show and from that comes the $1500 in prizes I give away to all the game bringers.

    #137 7 months ago
    Quoted from La_Porta:

    That was what it looked like to me as well, but I went in and inquired. I think most people thought the same way.

    No I gave them that room at no charge. That room is an extension of free play.

    #143 7 months ago

    I just went over the list of games that got checked in and were in the vendor hall free play and regular free play. Not including games in the EBL and any vendor booths we has 44 DMD games. That is a very high total from what I can tell.

    If you include the vendors games which you can play with a $25 ticket that brings the total up to 72 DMD and LCD games. Not to shabby.

    If you add in the extra ball lounge the total in the whole show was 95. Of those 23 were color DMD games.

    But wait there is more lol include the tournament banks and we are at 102 dmd.

    #153 7 months ago
    Quoted from timab2000:

    Ok I am a little confused.....
    I have never been to a big pin event, but have thought about going but after reading some of what I have read on the post, I gotta say something. Might ruffle some feathers, so I apologize in advance.
    It sounds like you have to pay to go to these events. Fine I don't have a problem with that, but when someone posts a comment like..." I saw people hogging games" I saw people being rough with games" the response back always seems to be, "You should have reported that, you should have told someone.
    Why does it fall back to the attendee of the event to be the police for the event??? Where are the people that put on the event and why are they not taking charge of it and watching what's going on??
    I would never bring a game to a event like that if I knew this kind of abuse to machines was going on.
    Now I know someone will say. "We all a big pin community and we watch out for each other", but that doesn't seem to be the case when these fellow pinball lovers are acting the way they do.
    Just saying...................

    We do of course have a crew of people constantly patrolling the show floor areas. I personally never saw any abuse. Yes people were nudging the games but that's part of playing pinball. All it takes is one person seeing something and it blows up into everyone is abusing games. This is just not the case at all.

    I personally brought 28 games to the show and as I set them up today yes they are dirty. But apsolutly no damage at all. We are a pinball community and I always said from the beginning I started Pintastic for the collectors in the New England area. This is their show so we all need to look out for each other.

    Try bringing a game to a show you may be surprised by how much joy it actually brings you to share the love of pinball with others.

    #176 7 months ago
    Quoted from JodyG:

    I don't consider it complaining.. The show got to where it is today by considering the feedback year after year. Once more people catch on, I can see this format becoming a much larger draw than what we see now.

    I am watching always watching lol. We are compiling a detailed list and will be having our first meeting to discuss next week. So keep the constructive critasism coming. You know I will do what I can to tweak things year after year. I love pinball just like all of you. Remember if you want to get more involved in the show don't hesitate to contact me.

    #178 7 months ago
    Quoted from Grizlyrig:

    I think you missed the whole point of this topic. This is about "feedback" nothing more or less. Some people may come across the wrong way on how they word their opinion but that's because we are not all educated the same or even have the same vocabulary.
    If you want pinball shows to be the best of the best and attract as many people as you can you're gonna need "feedback" of all types and levels. In 3 to 5 yrs you'll understand or see what I mean when everyone talks about Pintastic being the cats a$$. And it will be because our opinions were heard and changes were made. It's already happening as you are reading this.

    I agree 100% the only way we can make Pintastic better is by attendees feedback. Good or bad we take it all ito consideration. I hope this gives people piece of mind that we care and are striving to be the best show in the country. We have a long way to go but remember we are a young show.

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