2018 Northwest Pinball & Arcade Show, June 8-10!

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2018 Northwest Pinball & Arcade Show, June 8-10!

By nwpinball

1 year ago

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    #50 9 months ago

    hello. let me introduce myself. my name is jeremy. i have decided that I'm going to make the trek out to settle for this show. I have heard nothing good things about this show. Rob anthony has also said it is good show to go to. so this year I decided to go to a new different show and i selected this one. It's a LONGGGG way to go and I'm driving.

    I think it's going to be a awesome drive. never been through that half of the country. got a newer vehical last year. so im getting excited as it is getting closer. having said that, I have a empty SUV that I'm bringing from wisconsin to the show and i would sure love to load it. I thinking if somone buys a game and needs it delivered to the Northwest show for cheap please pm me. Work something out with the seller here in the midwest. I'll do it for like a $100 or weekend pass? some local beer? It alot of miles for cheap. I'm located in southern wisconsin. 20 minutes west of milwaukee. 2 hours from Chicago. if that helps.

    Anyways I'm looking forward to the show.

    #52 9 months ago

    thank you i will do that.

    #57 9 months ago
    Quoted from dasvis:

    I would for sure bring a couple of pins, but I cannot stay all three days.

    do they not you remove them?

    #59 9 months ago

    so if you buy a pin or bring one ,it has to stay there til sunday?

    #63 9 months ago

    Thank you good to know. I'm coming from Wisconsin and I'm driving back on Sunday morning.EARLY. not staying sunday. so if i buy a game out there I just won't check it in. because of my time schedule. just good info to know.

    #65 9 months ago
    Quoted from DumbAss:

    This might be obvious but it's worth spelling out explicitly.
    Some games on the show floor may be for sale. If you purchase one that is on the show floor it must remain on the show floor for the duration of the show.

    I understand now. yes your right thank you. having never been to this show before or even on the west coast for that matter. I'm trying to pre-arrange a game sale out there before hand. Then check it in the show for everyone to play. that's what I'm about. I'm not looking for anything in return. things are just ran differently in the midwest and i dont know better. my apologies.

    1 week later
    #75 9 months ago

    Bump, still have a empty vehical going to the show from wisconsin. looking to fill it

    2 weeks later
    #104 8 months ago

    Bump still have a empty SUV going from Wisconsin to The Northwest show. Im getting desperate $50 bucks and I will pick up the game for you, and drive it to the show. let me know Jeremy

    #113 8 months ago
    Quoted from cavalier88z24:

    Bump still have a empty SUV going from Wisconsin to The Northwest show. Im getting desperate $50 bucks and I will pick up the game for you, and drive it to the show. let me know Jeremy

    I have a pick up planned. Another machine for the show and the settle area. so I'm full. planned by a local pinsider. thank you everyone.

    #129 8 months ago
    Quoted from thelazybman:

    keep it under 80 on the corners

    doubt it. Wait what corners?

    #136 8 months ago
    Quoted from HHaase:

    No corners anywhere near here. But once you’re outside of town, the speed limit really is 80. Welcome to South Dakota.

    My grand Cherokee has a HEMI. 80+ no problem. so how long is it 80mph for?

    #137 8 months ago

    so today is judgement day. I'm driving to show today from wisconsin and I start after work. Leaving Wisconsin around 3 in the afternoon and then will be spending the night just east of Sioux falls SD. going to be a long trip but looking forward to it. I want to meet some awesome pinsiders. Im bringing some Wisconsin beer if anybody wants some. Glad they will have a thunderbirds there. I'm be probably one of the few that will be able to play it from the Midwest. I will put some games on it for sure.

    I have a load scheduled for the way there. hoping to pick up a game for my collection to take back to Wisconsin. If you have a lead on any of the following games from collectors in your area please send me a P.M. I like to work on projects but open to what ever. looking for a champ pub, Diner, bride of pinbot, back to the future, white water, road show, BSD, who dun it, NO fear, junk yard, Austin powers, been really looking hard for a Judge Dredd. mostly bally/Williams DMD games. let me know if you have something. see you at the show. thank you jeremy

    #143 8 months ago
    Quoted from thelazybman:

    does any one have a game coming from further away?

    all loaded up. nice and smooth. going to put some miles on her. i will let her out for a bathroom break. lol. next stop Spokane Washington.

    20180607_054026 (resized).jpg20180607_073643 (resized).jpg
    #154 8 months ago

    show Time! you got room for one more?

    #161 8 months ago
    Quoted from Humph:

    How did Pinsiders like Thunderbirds ?

    I drove all the way from wisconsin. part of the reason was to play this game. I thought the game shoots ok. A couple things I look at while playing have left me lost. but still enjoyable. honestly I love the music, the sounds and call outs were cool. I'm not familiar with the show. but the DMD animation are ok. but i did like the dancing palm trees and the motion drill.

    20180608_114214 (resized).jpg20180608_114216 (resized).jpg20180608_114218 (resized).jpg20180608_114550 (resized).jpg
    #168 8 months ago
    Quoted from joetechbob:

    Caveat: Only played it a few times, so this is just my initial impression.
    Build quality seemed pretty reasonable from what I could tell. Cabinet felt solid and the artwork looked good in the "print quality" sense. Artwork seemed to capture the Thunderbirds theme well, and didn't look like a shitty Photoshopped collage à la some of the earlier Sterns you could find elsewhere in the building. Toys looked cool.
    But unfortunately it didn't connect with me really at any level. Mostly, I didn't feel like it shot very well, especially compared to games like TNA and IMDN which were just a few feet away. In particular, I disliked the shot under the ship. The DMD felt dated and was almost oddly bright. Didn't get a good listen to the sounds as it was pretty loud/echoey in the venue, so won't comment there. Thunderbirds as a theme does nothing for me, so while the art & theme integration seemed good, it didn't draw me in.
    Perhaps I just needed to play it more, but it was enough of a "meh" that I moved on to playing some more IMDN

    you hit it on the head. that DMD is to bright.

    #169 8 months ago

    anybody need a pass for Sunday

    edit. pass is spoken for

    #175 8 months ago
    Quoted from WolfManCat:

    This thing going to die down tonight? Would be nice to be able to play something.

    i hope so. it's been non stop since noon

    #187 8 months ago

    over 400 pinball machines. exceeded my expectations. awesome quality machines to play. i got some pics. DumbAss it was great to meet you too. thank you for sharing your games with community. Also your willingness to teach people. a true asset to the hobby you are. I will be back for sure just don't know when.

    20180608_100032 (resized).jpg20180608_100038 (resized).jpg20180608_100053 (resized).jpg20180608_100059 (resized).jpg20180608_100328 (resized).jpg20180608_100351 (resized).jpg20180608_100358 (resized).jpg20180608_100714 (resized).jpg20180608_100732 (resized).jpg20180608_100739 (resized).jpg20180608_100748 (resized).jpg
    #197 8 months ago
    Quoted from Homepin:

    If you can't say anything positive.............it just astounds me how some people can only ever be negative.......
    You are probably aware of ONE that ended up with a small crack in the corner after two very solid days of ABUSE (not normal play). We have not had ANY other issues with them at all. Why not pick on the glue we hold them together with? I wonder if that is strong enough - maybe it will let go? Maybe the sky might fall?
    How about:
    "wow, look how well the new lockdown bar works"
    People are always asking for innovation, change, difference - when somebody does something different they cop nonsense like your comment.
    Why not comment on some of the positive things such as:
    How well the cabinet is built with the highest grade plywood, wood "slides" under the cab to protect the artwork, full metal corner braces, full stainless playfield support brace, massive torroidal transformer, power switch in the "expected" place, the wiring harness is tagged with every switch, lamp & solenoid, DMD/speaker panel that swings fully out of the way, coin box and coin mech included, innovative roller bearing playfield slide mechanism and many many other things.
    I guess it's a lot easier to be a grouch......

    Thank you for letting us play thunderbirds.

    #254 8 months ago

    So I made it so home safe with no problems. After a couple days home, my thoughts on the show. This is coming from a outsider that came a long distance.

    WOW. What a well run show. Couldn't believe how organized it was. All games pretty much played great most of the time. If a game went down a pinball medic ( volunteer ) came over inspected what was wrong. Most of the time had the keys on the board. fixed what it needed and got the machine going again. quickly. even the game I brought ran into a small issue in transport. but fixed quickly. I'm impressed.

    People need to remember these were designed to get played just not so many in such a short amount of time. Everyone did a great job keeping them going. The show was just so well ran makes the Midwest shows look like the wild west. Games here coming and going constantly. Never know what's going to be there or working. If people are complaining about wait times consider that a good problem. because they will surely be disappointed at shows out here.

    It was great meeting all the people and pinsiders. seeing rob anthony. every one was nice and kind to me. not one bad experience. The building was nice and huge. Didn't ever feel crowded. I think that was the biggest tournament I have ever seen. I think I counted 17 modern games not including classics. It was cool to play thunder birds. Don't know of the next time I will. Cool kids area if you have kids.
    As far as the best time to go is Friday. by 8-9 oclock the crowd really thinned out. I stayed til 11. by then I could play almost any game I wanted and I did. lol. but with the time difference I just couldn't stay awake past 11. But saturday, holy shit it was busy. someone was at every machine. Always. I would go in for a few game then leave come back go in. It was so busy I left around 6 and headed to dorky's. Meet a awsome pinsider there. They had 23 games to play. Then went back for more. Didnt seem to thin out much til late. but by then I had my fill.
    Again thank you. Cool to see so much community support. That's something special. Out here most everyone is just out for them self. More collectors and operators here but just different atmosphere. great show, cool seminars, large amount of good quality games like every one told me. no regrets. I will be back just don't know when. jeremy

    #255 8 months ago

    And for some numbers. I left wedesday afternoon at 2:30. drove 7 hours to souix falls SD. thrusday drove 17 hours to Spokane Wa. woke Friday was at the show by 10 a.m.

    Was in Tacoma for less then 48 hours. Woke up Sunday, drove 17 hours to Sturgis SD. finished the drive monday. 6 days 5 nights.

    From the show to my house is 30 hours one way. 2,048 miles.
    Horrible gas mileage in my grand cherokee. 18 miles to the gallon . $709.13 in gas round trip. I got better gas mileage on the way home, figure that one out. $312.87 in hotels. awsome trip through the mountains. I recommend it to anyone.

    1 week later
    #298 7 months ago
    Quoted from Borygard:

    Really glad you made and enjoyed the show Jeremy. Everyone involved puts their heart and soul into it and it shows.
    How about that drive on 90? Gorgeous, right?!

    OMG it was beautiful driving through the mountains and cannons. I was hard taking pictures while driving. lol. honestly stuff you only see on post cards. see you at expo!

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