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2018 Honda Odyssey Vs. 2018 Toyota Sienna

By pcprogrammer

3 years ago

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    #1 3 years ago

    Back on the hunt for a new vehicle again. I like our 2010 Sienna so I figured another van would be the way to go. Opinions on these 2 vans? I'm going to get the EX-L with the infotainment stuff on the Odyssey or the XLE Sienna but I think the package with the entertainment stuff costs a couple grand more. I test drove both today and like both a lot.

    #4 3 years ago

    Yea, they both seem pretty great. I am really torn, I've been a Toyota guy forever. I've had 2 Corollas, a Sienna and a Camry. I am trying to sell the Camry so I have a little extra money for the new purchase. I'm keeping my 2010 Sienna for the next 5 to 10 years unless it starts having major problems. I loved driving the Honda a lot, it had a nicer interior.

    #5 3 years ago
    Quoted from DCFAN:

    Does the Odyssey come with a timing belt or chain. The Sienna has a timing chain. That would be a decider for me to get a car with a chain if all other things are fairly equal.

    I think most Toyotas have a chain. I'll have to look into that on the Honda, not sure. Anyone else know?

    #9 3 years ago

    The AWD version is just too expensive for me. Plus I just don't care about AWD personally. Put a good set of snow tires on and you'll be ok. If Toyota didn't charge so much extra for it then I would get it, but it's not a must have for me.

    #11 3 years ago

    1999 – 2017
    All Engines
    Timing Belt

    It didn't say anything about the 2018 Odyssey

    #23 3 years ago

    What's funny though is if you type any problem into google and your vehicle year/model you'll get people talking on forums or youtube videos. If I type in my own 2010 Sienna on google for "excessive oil consumption" I get lots of results. My 2010 Sienna has not burned or leaked one drop of oil. It's really hard to narrow down what actual problems really do exist with any given model of any vehicle.

    If I do a search for "transmission problems" on pretty much any vehicle I get a lot of google results.

    About the transmission - any issues with the new 9 speed that are in the Honda Odyssey and I think other new Honda vehicles like the Pilot? The Toyota has an new 8 speed, wondering about that one too. If I do a google search for problems they come up. But when I do a search for my current camry and Sienna I get lots of pages with problems too, even though I've never had an issue.

    Any suggestions on how to determine if/what type of issues exist with the 2018 Honda Odyssey or 2018 Toyota Sienna?

    #24 3 years ago

    My decision on which of these two vehicles will come down to which I view as being more reliable for the long term, we'll keep the vehicle 10 to 15 years so I want it to last that long.

    #28 3 years ago

    I remember reading about my 2007 Toyota Camry having "excessive oil consumption". So far it hasn't turned into anything too serious. I'm not disagreeing with you but if you type in "any car company" plus "class action lawsuit" there are tons of google results. What vehicle do you recommend vireland?

    #32 3 years ago

    I'm going to head out tomorrow to try out a Pacifica. Haven't ruled that out, but scared to stray from Toyota or Honda.

    #38 3 years ago

    Ok, took very long look and several drives of the Pacifica. Holy crap I was blown away! It was better in every way possible, you can't even begin to compare.

    Weird thing. The air blowing from the vents smelled funny, the salesman noticed it too. So then he pulled up another brand new one and it smelled the same. Kind of smelled like pizza to me, the salesman said it smelled like a food court, I know that sounds weird but that's the only way to describe the smell. Two brand new ones and the same smell. If we turned it to the cabin air setting so it was not drawing air from the outside then the smell went away. He said it could just be because it was new but he didn't have a good explanation. We then went and drove a 2017 with 13,000 miles on it and there was no weird smell. The 2018 and 2017 models are the same, no major changes. Anyone have any idea what a weird odor could be? The vehicles had about 20 miles on them each, so they were very new.

    #39 3 years ago

    Another thing, the lower price just didn't exist with the Pacifica. Toyota wanted about 38k for the XLE Limited with the Blu Ray player with .9% financing through Toyota. Honda wanted about $37,500 for the Odyssey for the EX-L I believe was the model. Honda had no financing incentives so I'd be stuck above 3% most likely which is maybe a deal breaker for me. The Pacifica was $37,500 with the 17" wheels and without the option for the door sensors (where you put your foot under the door to open it.) This option included the screens on the seats for the kids and most of the bells and whistles (heated seats, leather, etc...) The Pacifica would be 0% financing for 60 months.

    #41 3 years ago
    Quoted from ralphwiggum:

    It will disappear after about 200-300 miles. My Caravan and my Dart were the same way. The dealer told me it was some sort of coating that was on the exhaust manifolds. I bought my Caravan 6 months before the Pacifica was released. If the Pacifica was an option at the time, I would be driving one today. Very nice vehicles. I don't normally suggest extended warranties on vehicles, but I would highly suggest extending the Chrysler bumper to bumper to 100k. Mine only set me back about $1500 to add it on at purchase, and I had to use it once on my Dart (but not my Caravan). $100 deductible is all you pay when you take it in. With the advanced factory diagnostics needed today, the costs of repairs adds up quickly.
    Also, that is a nice price for the Toyota. My 2012 Sienna was $48,500 at the time.... Good to see they have come down some.

    Good to hear on that smell. It was very strong, weird that it reminded me of a food odor with a slight burnt smell.

    Does $37,500 sound like a good price for the 2018 Chrysler Pacifica Touring L Plus model?

    #46 3 years ago
    Quoted from enkiktd:

    I had a Honda Odyssey 2007 touring, went with 2018 Chrysler Pacifica hybrid limited. Tech is awesome, there’s a pretty good PacHy group on Facebook that helps with anything from setting up the uconnect theater to run a ton of movies to comparing mileage and troubleshooting any issues.
    The hybrid goes 33 miles electric but doesn’t have the stow and go seats due to the battery, but it is eligible for the full $7500 tax credit.
    Works great for us!

    The blue led lights where the speedometer is was bothering me. It was too bright. There were some settings but it seemed like it was super bright or nearly off with no inbetween.

    Also, the whole thing where the vehicle shuts off at a stop, then it starts again when you let off the brake??? Almost seemed annoying, there was a button to shut it off but the salesman said you have to push it again everytime you drive.

    #47 3 years ago
    Quoted from enkiktd:

    Another couple things:
    The build quality on the Chrysler is great at speeds 65 or below. This weekend I got it up to 80-102, and it felt a little wobbly going around corners at speed, something I’ve never felt in my Honda. Sitting in the way back for 50 miles of the trip, it felt a little more wobbly in the back too, almost fishtailing. But in my normal 70 or below commute, I don’t notice any of this. I don’t usually drive my van at 102 so it’s not a concern to me.
    You can get a lifetime warranty from Ziegler for non-hybrid components, with a $100 deductible. Mine cost about $2600. This will be useful after the regular warranty if say, the transmission needs to be replaced. It also covers the fun stuff like the uconnect theater, DVD player, etc.

    Yea, I was told about that lifetime warranty too. He quoted me $3,800 and I said no way! Seems he was on the high side since yours was only $2,600.

    #50 3 years ago
    Quoted from enkiktd:

    Did you talk to Ziegler specifically, or the dealer you were talking to? Ziegler is much lower.
    And yes the value of a Chrysler tanks faster, hence why I got the lifetime warranty and will just drive it until it’s completely dead. Or with the lifetime warranty, just use it as a pin hauler!

    I don't have Ziegler near me.

    #56 3 years ago
    Quoted from Deaconblooze:

    In case you missed it. Touring L Plus for that price, at least worth checking into.

    Holy crap. How can they sell that for $31,400. It's the same vehicle that I was quoted for $37,500 at a Chrysler dealership. It didn't look like that was a Chrysler dealership on that one though, does that make a difference?

    #63 3 years ago

    I'm pretty sure I'm down to either the Sienna or Pacifica. I know most people would say Toyota but until today I hadn't looked at the Pacifica and I'm more than impressed. The Siennas design inside the vehicle looks really dated and not inspired, kinda boring looking but I know it will be a solid vehicle.

    #69 3 years ago

    Lots of great info. I feel no closer to a decision. Seems like I could go in any direction and have problems or maybe none at all. I was pretty sold on the Pacifica but now as I think of the stop and go feature it's bugging me.

    #71 3 years ago

    Does anyone have a vehicle with that "stop and go" tech. Does it get annoying?

    #78 3 years ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    I worked as a mechanic at a Nissan dealer and they had problems you would never see on Toyotas or Hondas. A lot of which was related to cheap thin wiring and bad connectors. Maybe they are better now, but I see no reason to buy one, when Toyotas have always served me well.
    I'm going to drive my 2001 Tacoma with 180,000 miles on it until the wheels fall off. Or my wheels fall off, whichever comes first.
    Most Toyotas that come in my shop now with very high miles have no leaks and the owners say they have never had any problems. But there are a few exceptions.

    The air conditioner isn't working (again) in our 2007 Camry and the water pump and radiator have been replaced. Only 98,000 miles on it.

    #80 3 years ago

    The only vehicle I've owned that had 300,000 miles was a 1992 Pontiac Grand Prix. Engine and trans were running solid as a rock the day I sold it. I bought it for $2,500 and years later sold it for $2,000. Not a bad return.

    #82 3 years ago
    Quoted from ralphwiggum:

    Is it though? Maybe 20 years ago, but manufacturers can't afford to make mistakes anymore.....
    There isnt a single manufacturer today I would be nervous about buying a new car and not getting 100k miles fairly problem free out of.... Only two that would give me some pause would be Subaru (gaskets) and VW (electrical)....

    I would have to agree with this. My sister bought a Dodge Grand Caravan. They bought it new in 2015, zero issues at 50K. I've put about $3,000 in repairs into my Toyota Sienna over the past 6 years, nothing serious like the engine or transmission, but a lot of minor repairs nonetheless. There was a service bulletin with the steering that set me back $1,000. The check engine light came on once that set me back about $800. Then a lot of brakes and rotors, an O2 sensor, the rear coil springs and shocks.

    #89 3 years ago

    You guys are making this tough! I was leaning pretty heavily towards a 2018 Sienna, but now I'm not sure again. I'm not getting a Honda Odessey. It'll either be a Pacifica or a Sienna.

    Tough call here. It comes down to a few things. The stop and go feature really is bothering me, not sure if I will be able to handle that long term. I know there is a button to turn it off but how many times will me or my wife forget to press the button when we get in... You have to push the button again everytime you get in your vehicle and start it, there is no memory so it can be permanently disabled.

    2nd is price, I'll be at least a few thousand more for the Sienna and if I get the model with the blue ray player I'll pay closer to 5k more for the van, it's that big of a price jump.

    3rd, I am really nervous about the reliability of the Pacifica. I am not nervous about the Sienna, I know some smaller stuff will come up, but the engine and transmission will most likely be solid.

    #90 3 years ago

    I'd also say the 2018 Sienna was very boring inside and outside, it's just a very plain looking van. But when I test drove a new one, it was very fun to drive. My 2010 Sienna is 246 HP and the 2018 Sienna is 296 HP. What a difference! There is so much power, the van just zips along.

    #92 3 years ago
    Quoted from ralphwiggum:

    Why didnt you say that from the beginning? Hold out for the 707hp Hellcat Pacifica....

    0 to 60 in 3.6 seconds in a minivan LOL

    #96 3 years ago
    Quoted from Deaconblooze:

    Is that stop start in all models, or just the hybrid? I have a Malibu with it. I think its dumb, but also not something I notice anymore.

    Its not just in hybrids. I was reading that it is in 100% of the ford f150s now.

    #104 3 years ago
    Quoted from Mark66:

    Wow, so what eliminated the Honda, a timing belt? All Chrysler vehicles have disposable transmissions on them, no not to repair - to replace them outright. Every person I know who had a Chrysler ( van , car, jeep, whatever ) had the trans fail between 50-75k, not to mention poor body integrity, rust ect ect. You've heard it here from others about the little things piling up for repairs on Toyotas. Lots of recalls too. While the Honda may not be perfect, its way better than any Chrysler, forget about a Kia - total crap. Resale value is a joke on anything but the Honda and or Toyota. The reason the parts, not engine or trans fail on Toyotas is because they got to the lowest possible bidder for cheap parts that bolt on their cars, all of Honda parts are the same high quality as the eng/trans so they last longer. Owned Hondas for 25+ years but also was looking for something else expecting it to last 300k and bought a new Subaru but they don't make a van. Read Consumer Reports and see how the makes you are looking at stack up.

    I've been reading quite a bit today online. It seems like when you have a problem with your vehicle Honda might be a little more difficult to deal with overall, that's the general sense I got. You say Chrysler transmissions fail early? The first thing they told me at the Honda dealership is that the 9 speed tranny is the exact same in the 2018 Honday Odyssey and the 2018 Chrysler Pacifica. I do agree on the body integrity, at least with older models of Dodge vehicles. Not sure about newer stuff, you'd think that would be ironed out by now. My Toyotas have never rusted at all, they look perfect. My Toyotas have never had anything major like the engine or transmission fail, those have been solid. But I have had a lot of little stuff needing to be fixed.

    #113 3 years ago
    Quoted from waltrr:

    I've had 7 Chrysler vans, all purchased new and only 1 with a trans problem and it was still under warranty. Along with the Pacifica, I still have my 2003 AWD Town and Country with 142,000 miles and NEVER had any trans problems so, speaking from experience, I'll have to call fake news. My buddy had to put a trans in his Odyssey @ 38K mi. and I had to put a trans in my Benz @ 76K mi. (both under warranty), so none are perfect, none. But full disclosure, I don't go for 300K on my vehicles either

    Do you have a 17 or 18 Pacifica?

    #125 3 years ago
    Quoted from DCFAN:

    I don't believe Chrysler's sales are anywhere near Toyota's sales, including minivans.

    Actually the pacifica is outselling both the sienna and odyssey.

    #133 3 years ago

    So my wife doesn't really want another van. I am a big fan of vans, and I don't give a crap about the stigma with them. I'm not sure why she doesn't want one, but ultimately I will most likely still get another one because every time she has more than a few kids to transport or we go on a trip guess what she's asking to drive... the Sienna. If she still seems really bummed out about the idea I know I can get her onboard with a Toyota Highlander. I'm pretty sure I'll go with Toyota at this point. We've owned 2 Corollas which were problem free, a Camry and our Sienna. Honestly the Camry was a huge disappointment. A/C was out and most likely a $2,000 repair at the dealership, I decided to sell it so I got 5k out of it. It only had 98,000 miles and had the radiator and water pump replaced. I'm really ticked off about the A/C and how costly it could be because they would probably have to rip out the entire dash inside to get at it. I would say the engine/trans seemed to be just fine when I sold it.

    #136 3 years ago
    Quoted from DCFAN:

    Have you thought about an SUV?

    I did mention the Highlander in my post. That would be the logical choice if my wife can't get onboard with a van.

    #139 3 years ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    I'm going to add one more little tidbit.
    In 35 years of auto repair and service, I can't remember if I ever replaced a radiator or coolant hose on a Toyota. My 2001 Tacoma with almost 200,000 miles still has all it's original hoses and they are still holding up just fine.
    The Chrysler minivans we get in for inspection almost always have the PCV hose that goes from the valve cover to the air cleaner cracked and falling apart after just a few years and they fail and have to go get a new one.

    My radiator and hoses had to be replaced in the Camry at around 6 years old. Also the water pump. Sounds like you live where there is no salt/chemicals dumped on the roads. They destroy vehicles, no matter the brand.

    #140 3 years ago
    Quoted from DCFAN:

    Yeah. Sorry I jumped the gun after reading the first part about not wanting a van. I have always liked Explorers and I also like the looks of the newer Highlanders.

    Ford lost me after our 2006 Escape we had many years ago. It was leaking oil in every place imaginable, probably burning it also, I was dumping in a quart a week. The coil packs kept going bad and you couldn't rev the engine too hard as it was not even mounted properly.

    #143 3 years ago

    I'll have to see about the space difference with the Highlander vs the Sienna. I would rather get a Sienna, the Highlanders look to be more expensive and I just don't see the benefit. Correct me if I'm wrong but the 2018 Highlander has that Start/Stop technology which I want to avoid.

    #148 3 years ago
    Quoted from jhanley:

    If moneys no problem you could get a Sequoia. Has tons of room . Great power with the 5.7 V8. Independent suspension on all 4 wheels. Very small turning circle. I love it. Only problem is they haven't changed it in 10 years.

    The fuel economy is pretty bad on those, probably too big for us.

    #155 3 years ago

    I'm actually very surprised the Odyssey overtook the Sienna in the poll.

    #157 3 years ago

    I test drove a Highlander today. I liked it, but it felt sluggish off of a dead stop. I drove a V6 model.

    #159 3 years ago
    Quoted from xsvtoys:

    If I understand this correctly the computers control and adjust the behavior of the transmission. It will change the shifting based on your style of driving, such as aggressive or conservative. It might be tuned for max mpg to start with which would make it behave like that. There are some threads discussing this at the toyotanation forums.

    This was a brand new vehicle with only 10 miles on it so maybe it just has to learn more.

    #165 3 years ago
    Quoted from xsvtoys:


    But you do need to define what enjoyment of driving means. Most people aren't looking at an SUV or a van to go flying down the road and zipping around corners. They are looking for smooth and easy transportation. I don't think the increase it tranny speeds to 7, 8, or 9 are doing anything other than increasing mpg.
    If you wanna drive the car for the fun of driving a car, let's face it, a stick shift is the only way to go. Good luck finding that on a new car these days!

    The Sienna zips around nicely. Maybe that's why I like it so much.

    #166 3 years ago

    Anyone on here actually own a 2018 or 2017 Sienna? Couple of quick questions...

    When I sit in the front passengers seat it feels like the seat belt buckle is digging into my hip more than I'd like. Just wondering if anyone else has that problem? I sat in 3 of the 2018 Siennas and they all felt the same in that regard, it didn't bother my wife but she's a lot smaller than me so she didn't fill out the seat as much.

    17 inch versus 19 inch tires? Any thoughts on that? We drove both, I couldn't tell much of a difference, but my wife was driving so it was difficult to say. The SE model has the 19 inch, the XLE would have the 17 inch.

    #168 3 years ago
    Quoted from RacerRik:

    I suggest you avoid the 19" tires. They have short sidewalls which make it much easier to get wheel and tire damage. Plus the cost of 19" tires is obnoxious. You also won't get any performance advantage for the 19" wheels and tires - they are for looks only. Most likely, the 19" tires and wheels are substantially heavier than the 17" so you would actually get worse performance due to the increase in unsprung weight.

    Thanks for the info. I did notice a slight burning smell through the vents, just the same as I did in the Chrysler Pacifica. I'm assuming again that it's just because it's new? Smelled it on 2 siennas today that we test drove. Wondering if this is common on all new vehicles.

    #170 3 years ago
    Quoted from PW79:

    I bought a 2018 Odyssey EXL about 6 weeks ago.
    Love it.
    For me it’s a work vehicle.

    One of the reasons I gave up looking for an Odyssey is that Honda isn't offering any incentives at all on the interest rates. Toyota has 0.9% for 60 months which helps a lot. I'd be up around 4% through the banks.

    The Odyssey is really nice, I test drove one. I'd have a tougher decision for sure if they were more competitive right now on the rates.

    #172 3 years ago

    Anyone have anything good or bad to say about the 2017 or earlier GMC Terrains? It seems like a pretty solid vehicle, just sluggish as hell with passing. It's ok off a dead stop, but you have to really hit the gas hard. The overall build quality seems pretty good.

    #174 3 years ago
    Quoted from DCFAN:

    If you are going the GM direction, what about the Chevy Traverse?

    The new 2018 Traverse looks great but is so expensive!

    #176 3 years ago
    Quoted from DCFAN:

    How about a Rav4? I believe they are big enough for a pinball machine and are probably more reliable than a GMC.

    Too small, we need a large family vehicle. Our current Sienna is 8 years old with about 120k miles on it, still works fine but I want something else new for traveling, my old one will be for pulling the boat around to lakes near us.

    I was reading the new Traverse has no button at all to disable the Start/Stop feature. I would never purchase a vehicle without a way to disable that junk. That's the great thing about the 2018 Siennas - no start/stop feature! My fear is that they will start putting it in the Siennas soon, maybe 2019 models? I just don't want my engine to shut off at every stop.

    #178 3 years ago
    Quoted from Deaconblooze:

    I owned the previous gen Terrain. It was a good vehicle, very well built. I had the 3.0 and I never felt it to be sluggish. It felt very dense, something like 4k lbs in a small SUV is a lot. I could get a pin into it, but load height made it a pain, and it was pretty tight (no room for a dolly), and a bumpy slide in. That's assuming you care about hauling a pin. If you think the Rav4 is too small though, the Terrain isn't a heck of a lot bigger. The Acadia is a nice vehicle.

    You must have had the V6. The 4 cylinder is sluggish. I was reading the V6 was pretty hard on gas.

    #181 3 years ago
    Quoted from Deaconblooze:

    I did have the 3.0 v6. It was a solid engine, but just trying to remember, probably around 22mpg. So yeah, not great. I have also heard the l4 is quite sluggish, but I think it's a tall order to put that little engine in charge of pulling 4,000 lbs of mass.

    Yea, I just feel like all the auto manufacturers are doing weird stuff because of government regulations and mandates. I don't think a 4 cylinder engine in a 4,000 pound vehicle sounds like a good idea but manufacturers do it anyway because they have to meet the crazy MPG standards the gov't is demanding. Now it's 1.5 liter 4 cylinder engines with turbo - geez why not just put in a V6.

    I don't like what the manufacturers are doing with new vehicles, all the start/stop stuff, smaller weaker engines and so much technology I'm afraid of things breaking.

    I test drove a GMC Acadia, Buick Enclave and Toyota Highlander. I walked away feeling the exact same way with all 3 vehicles, they felt sluggish and underpowered for their weight even with a 3.6 liter V6. It was like driving a sluggish tank around. I think the Sienna/Odyssey/Pacific feel better to drive because they are not as heavy for their engines (more balanced). Just my take on things...

    #183 3 years ago

    I got my Sienna today!

    XLE Premium

    20180430_202423 (resized).jpg

    #188 3 years ago
    Quoted from TenaciousT:

    Please give us the fine details on why you went that way . What does it take to haul pin's , as in stow-n-go - seats come out ?

    We already have a 2010 Sienna and have had very few problems with it in 8 years. The 2018 looks to be about the same size. We purchased an XLE Premium which has all of the features Toyota offers on the Sienna - all the tech, heated seats, leather, blu ray screen for the kids, navigation, the list goes on and on. The limited and SE I believe is all cosmetic differences, nothing functional that I could tell so the XLE Premium was a better fit for us.

    You have to remove the middle row of seats and take them out of the van completely, same as my 2010. I could fit 2 pins easily into this van. Chryslers stow and go is cool, but the one thing I noticed is that to do that they had to make the seats smaller, thinner and they just looked cheaper to me, they were not as comfortable to sit in, just my opinion.

    The decision to go with Toyota came down to reliability. Any vehicle can have problems, no company is immune but I think I have the best chance of this van lasting long term with a Toyota.

    I ended up getting the van for $37K, the MSRP was $42K. Whether or not that's a good deal who knows. The van is for my wife, if I was buying it for me I would have just went with the cheaper LE with cloth seats. My wife wanted the leather and heated seats. I hate paying this much for a vehicle, but the bottom line is we need good, reliable transportation with a family and vacations (and pinball).

    6 years ago we bought a nearly 3 year old used 2010 Sienna that had 42K miles on it. I paid $24K for it at the time and a new one would have been around $30K. I wished I would have just purchased a new one, saving $6K doesn't seem worth it now to me to get a vehicle that someone has been drive for 3 solid years and put 42K miles on it. That's why we went new this time, just my 2 cents.

    #190 3 years ago
    Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

    Nice van. Payments would be a little high for my comfort but for a family vehicle and pin hauler it's perfect and hopefully will last a very long time.

    I used the 5k from selling my camry plus extra $$$ as a down payment so my monthly payments are pretty good, around $400. Most new vehicles are at least 30k or more, even mid size suvs, can't really get around the cost of them.

    #193 3 years ago
    Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

    Agreed. I really want a new Tahoe but I know I'll never get one Just for fun a built a Yukon Denali XL on GM's website and with options it came to $87k!

    Oh wow that's expensive. I know even the sienna can get close to 50k, but it's mostly cosmetic stuff above the XLE Premium that I got. I seriously considered a 2018 Chevy Traverse. Those are very expensive too and will cost a little more in gas so I decided against it. What a beautiful looking vehicle though.

    #195 3 years ago
    Quoted from PinMonk:

    Best deal I ever got was on a new Odyssey right after the crash of 2008. NO ONE was selling anything and they were desperate to get rid of inventory after months of no sales. We got a loaded $38k Odyssey for $27k out the door with tax, license and everything. I'll likely never get a deal that good again.

    That was a good time to buy, especially if you could just walk in and pay for the vehicle without having to do a loan.

    #199 3 years ago
    Quoted from stangbat:

    I tell people this all the time and they probably think I'm nuts. But hey, I'm a 48 year old married dad. I'm no longer sporty and driving something else isn't going to fool anyone other than myself. The advantages over a truck or SUV: Better gas mileage, lower initial cost, lower property taxes, lower insurance, cheaper tires. They handle fine in bad weather and snow even without 4WD. You have a lower lift height when loading and unloading pins. I can carry two pins and more with no worries about rain or them getting messed with. Pinball is my business and a van fits my needs for my family and business better than anything I can imagine.

    I have a relative that thinks it's funny I buy minivans. Meanwhile, his 8 year old Buick Enclave gets crap MPG, is sluggish when accelerating or passing (I've test drove plenty of them) and has much less room than my van. It also has larger and more expensive tires. The cost of his new was a lot more than my van and the cost of it used (he bought it when it was 6 years old) was more expensive than a minivan of the same year. This go around I really tried to find an SUV instead of a minivan just to see if anything was comparable - nothing was. My kids will be grown up and out of the house and I'll still be driving a minivan. People can keep their large SUVs, I'll stick with my minivan. Even the Toyota Highlander felt sluggish to me when accelerating or passing, it's heavy and has less room than the Sienna.

    Some SUVs are better for towing if that's what you need, I understand that (not the small ones). Both my Siennas can tow up to 3500 lbs, I've been towing my boat for 6 years with our 2010 Sienna. There could be specific reasons you need a large SUV and that's fine (4WD and towing).

    Put a good set of snow tires on in the winter and you don't need AWD.

    #201 3 years ago
    Quoted from dasvis:

    Same color as my 2018 Tacoma TRD Sport. Nice

    We really love the color, not silver, not black, somewhere in between!

    #204 3 years ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    Is that anything like a SuperLE?

    No, that would be like a Stern Premium. The Sienna limited would be like a Super LE.

    #207 3 years ago
    Quoted from twenty84:

    Not true we just bought a 2018 Odyssey Elite, Honda is offering 1.9% financing.

    I was in the honda dealership about 2 weeks ago. We had a long conversation about financing, when I was there they did not have 1.9%. Was that directly through honda or maybe something the dealership has setup through a local bank?

    #209 3 years ago
    Quoted from twenty84:

    We were in the dealership on Saturday and this is what they offered through Honda. Should pick up the car tomorrow. I just checked on their website and it is 0.9% for up to 36 months and 1.9% for up to 60 months. You have to put in you zip code to see what offers are available so it could be region specific.

    Just checked the honda site, looks like the offer started May 1st for 1.9%. Good deal. Enjoy the odyssey, I did like the vehicle a lot.

    1 week later
    #212 3 years ago
    Quoted from yzfguy:

    Too funny that this topic exists here...I am making the exact same decision. I ruled out kia after learning the middle seats are not removeable.

    Makes sense though because vans make such great pin haulers. We are really happy with our sienna, the XLE Premium is the one to get!

    #217 3 years ago
    Quoted from yzfguy:

    Glad to hear ya like it. Trading in our 2009 Odyssey and wow have things changed. We went with pacific pewter with mocha interior. I’m actually psyched to get a minivan, how sad is that?,

    Nothing sad about it. New vehicles are awesome, so many cool features. I'm going to buy another minivan again when mine wears out.

    3 weeks later
    #226 3 years ago

    It's been about a month since we got our Toyota Sienna XLE. So far everything is great, no problems. It is my wife's vehicle, she has only put about 700 miles on it. So many cool features. I test drove all 3 vehicles multiple times (Sienna, Odyssey & Pacifica) and I would say that you can't go wrong with any of them. They all had some unique features that each of the others didn't have. All 3 drove about the same, especially the Odyssey and Pacifica since they use the same transmission. I felt the Sienna had a little more power off a dead stop, but maybe I'm biased. This will be our 6th Toyota and the only one with issues was our Camry (bad air conditioner among a few other things.)

    2 months later
    #235 3 years ago

    Still loving our 2018 Sienna, wife drives it everyday. Has about 3,500 miles on it now. I still have my 2010 Sienna, no problems at all. Yes, it could easily fit 2 Sterns I believe. I had a MET Pro in it and it looked like there would be room for another, but I've never actually tried to do it. My vote is for the Sienna. The Stow and Go is great on the Pacifica but those seats are much smaller and thinner. My Sienna middle and back row seats seem larger and are more comfortable. I drove all 3 vans extensively prior to purchasing another Sienna.

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