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2018 FIFA World Cup

By Blitzburgh99

10 months ago

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#51 10 months ago
Quoted from Blitzburgh99:

I’ve been watching on Fox app through my iPhone at my work desk. Haha! Exact same as the TV broadcast

Me to, poor Messi he will never win a world cup.

#52 10 months ago

Sorry, I should've added more after my earlier post ... I was watching live and that was all I could say after Caballero's howler.

Poor Leo. ARG as a country must have at least 11 world-class players but they can't seem to come together like a team. Aguero disappears. Otomendi omg wtf. Pep must wonder if they're the same players.

Croatia looked like a club team that plays together all the time, esp on defense. Lovren continuing to play well after it looked like he was gonna be laughed out Liverpool a few months ago. Croatia could go far.

#53 10 months ago

We’re rooting for Costs Rica. Going for the underdogs.

#54 10 months ago

Costa Rica stayed tied until extra time..after watching Argentina yesterday and Brazil today, wow! Either Brazil is really really fast or Argentina is really really slow.

Iceland-Nigeria on deck!

#55 10 months ago

Doesn’t look like Costa Rica is going to make it. Maybe Mexico

#56 10 months ago

Kroos looking way too casual with his giveaway and lack of energy to compensate for it.

Second half should at least be exciting with Germany pressing for some offense.

#57 10 months ago

Whoop whoop! Germany's never say die attitude comes through again!

Kroos makes up for his earlier misplay, well done!

#58 10 months ago

#59 10 months ago

Germany pulled out a win today last minute extra time, Sweden you blew it big time with Germany only having 10 players

#60 10 months ago

Helluva week coming up! Every day has meaningful action.

Hard to believe that Brazil, Germany, and Argentina are all vulnerable.

My sleeper pick is Nigeria. They're feeling it now and have real quality, and it's going to be awful for Messi but Argentina don't deserve anything better this year. Imagine if Ronaldo goes out too against Iran tomm, which could realistically happen -- Iran has momentum too.

But the biggest shocker IMO would be Australia. They started out looking so bad, but they could pull it off.

#61 10 months ago

#62 10 months ago

^^^^ LOL! I have never seen a bigger bunch of fakers and cry babies then I have in watching the world cup soccer matches. Every time they "fake" being hurt they should be yellow carded!

#63 10 months ago

I get it to some degree that it might be worse than it appears. I know how bad it hurts to crack my shin on a chair or twist my ankle. Having spiked shoes stomp on the top of a foot can’t be pleasant either. But some of these flailings are a little over the top.

I can’t recall which game it was early in this years cup, but one guy went down and laid on the ground for a while. Stopped play to help him up. And then literally within 30 seconds of the play resuming, the guy blasts a goal with a hard kick from about 18 yards out. Really? Haha!

#64 10 months ago

All I know is I need to get my hands on a bottle of that magical spray the trainers use on an injured player.

It's amazing how it cures all injuries. Lol

#65 10 months ago

I wish they would fix the diving in the game. But they do use the reply’s to make sure the calls are correct I like. Happened today to get Iran a penalty kick and Goal for Spain to tie.

#66 10 months ago

Wow what a game (both)! How likely was that to end both games. Spain and Iran score to put Spain thru as #1.

#67 10 months ago

Mexico will play Portugal in the final match ...
Dont belive me ?
Check out the simpsons , it was in an episode
simpsons-confederaciones (resized).jpg

#68 10 months ago

And of course Mexico will win it....sorry Brent

#69 10 months ago

Some pleasing Fans!

pasted_image (resized).pngpasted_image (resized).png
#70 10 months ago

I do not like this VAR replay one bit. Just my two cents

Also, I wonder what the odds of Luis Suarez biting an opposing player at this World Cup are. I'm being serious...


#71 10 months ago

More Argentina goodness to follow this World Cup.....

2A78D916-3D28-43EE-8D8D-E5DC424F69F4 (resized).jpeg3C75978B-B2EB-43BB-8045-57CFA3FEC02B (resized).jpegA164A71B-5ECB-499A-8678-2329AA2A2DEA (resized).jpegD5B284F1-E8B8-47A5-8100-029A9E436EFE (resized).jpegF9265CE8-9BA0-46D3-BE10-100B163C0189 (resized).jpeg
#72 9 months ago

Geez...pics of hot Argentinian women can’t get more buzz going in this thread?!? Aye Carumba!

732001D4-44BA-4C00-AEF7-E53E1D4C19BF (resized).jpeg
#73 9 months ago

That is the chopped stadium, view from the inside.

Love the 1980s Rollerball movie type lettering...

95935F95-D22A-405D-9CF5-C2F36E360C24 (resized).jpeg
#74 9 months ago

I had a bad feeling MEX was going to get eliminated today. KOR gave them the lifeline. Germany finish 4th in group. Who saw that coming?

#75 9 months ago

4th of last 5 defending champs sent home in group stage....

3CEEB621-CFDC-4E42-B560-C7741A03F957 (resized).jpeg
#76 9 months ago

Sweden wins the Group!

25A72E09-EA3E-42E8-ADC5-A05912D71AFB (resized).jpeg
#77 9 months ago

Thank you, Korea!

DAE6075B-2691-4F2E-A448-A6F4CC52A23D (resized).jpeg
#78 9 months ago

You’re Welcome, Mexico!

0F666E29-E4AA-46C7-B0F8-1484B4979F06 (resized).jpeg
#79 9 months ago
Quoted from Blitzburgh99:

4th of last 5 defending champs sent home in group stage....

Does anyone know her name?

#80 9 months ago
Quoted from Bork:

Messi and Argentina for the win.

Right on brother!

#81 9 months ago

48E1521F-449C-4E34-9C0D-B5408272B2C8 (resized).jpeg
#82 9 months ago

Glad to see Uruguay beat Portugal. (Not a fan of Suarez the vampire though)

#83 9 months ago

Russia didn't deserve to win but I'm glad Spain is out.

#84 9 months ago

Great finish on the Croatia & Denmark game! My favorite part of all this is the shots of the fans, boy are they passionate about the game.

#85 9 months ago

0-0 at the half!

346C773E-BDB8-4A30-819F-94F1ACF15F95 (resized).jpeg36CD1F88-1127-4606-9288-39840C6D22F4 (resized).jpeg
#86 9 months ago

I really like the head referee Malang Diedhiou's style of officiating. He's not afraid to let the players go rough and tumble and seems to have a keen eye for floppers.

#87 9 months ago

3 goals for Belgium!

5CE8B683-3262-40BD-9F66-54BFC9C4FC4F (resized).jpeg74C49685-FC9F-43E7-BEC3-591DF127597E (resized).jpeg
#89 9 months ago

Those are 3 Croatians.

#90 9 months ago

And those are two, umm, two… uhhh…

#91 9 months ago
Quoted from gambit3113:

Those are 3 Croatians.

You pass the tests. 1) to see if anyone is actually reading this thread and 2) I’d anyone truly follows the World Cup teams/fans themselves!

Here are the 3 for Belgium’s 3 goals.

544052DE-27B5-4A35-B346-4AF3AACC5213 (resized).jpeg811EB607-3AD6-4D85-905A-CE375959B5FB (resized).jpegB360FA28-4230-4CA8-83BC-3AC7C1741160 (resized).jpeg
#92 9 months ago

How many goals did Japan score today?

74E571EB-F2AF-41DD-8F89-EDF17B5A53E5 (resized).jpeg9FD9266F-FAF9-4E7F-91D4-B2BD915EB957 (resized).jpeg

#93 9 months ago

Russia still celebrating today!

25BE3E88-24E1-4EDC-B558-B51E86289D61 (resized).jpeg6ECD8610-16E3-46DA-898B-2BB577E425DB (resized).jpeg7B39BE9C-7609-4F03-9F66-6E66D41E8B40 (resized).jpeg
#94 9 months ago

After Mexico and japan losing, losing $25 on each, Ive moved onto betting for Sweden and England tomorrow so keep the sexy pics coming lads

#95 9 months ago

Sweden wins no matter what happens on the pitch today.... Someone throw some
cold water on me!!!!!

00BD4A6B-FF14-44E3-99E4-3A734945DF6E (resized).jpeg59344792-9034-4DCA-BDE9-4FDD4DF1534A (resized).jpegA5FC641E-C247-4649-B213-ABB7A108648B (resized).jpegDCB2F477-5244-486D-ACD6-5A3EBDD305A5 (resized).jpegF0A8CBAF-EB29-4E31-90BF-459E29D2592E (resized).jpegF8960A7F-2434-4370-8EE0-83683DE635FF (resized).jpeg
#96 9 months ago

Next match:

1F4A363F-4E2C-4679-9D60-6729D979803B (resized).jpeg3C335D1D-AE9D-4663-900F-2DAC8C4F6B1C (resized).jpegD8C7FE1F-3B01-4261-866A-0F9C26153E79 (resized).jpegDD5E2033-3897-483D-8918-DB62C6A1E7F3 (resized).jpeg

EA747813-1627-4DCE-B371-664851EF2EE2 (resized).jpegEB44DA6E-FFE2-40F9-AB35-CA1B0EAD7AE4 (resized).jpeg
#97 9 months ago

Well we're through to the quarter finals but I don't think I can take another match like that!!

When Henderson missed the penalty I thought we were out for sure. We have 1 out of 7 wins previously when games have gone to penalties


#98 9 months ago
Quoted from Andy_B:

Well we're through to the quarter finals but I don't think I can take another match like that!!
When Henderson missed the penalty I thought we were out for sure. We have 1 out of 7 wins previously when games have gone to penalties

My father is from Bristol, England. It brings a smile to my face to see that he finally has something to cheer about when watching the World Cup.

#100 9 months ago

France is going to take the World Cup 2018! They look pretty much unstoppable this year.

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