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2016 IFPA SCS thread


2 years ago

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    #11 2 years ago
    Quoted from dmbjunky:

    Any info on Indiana's state championships? Place and date? If it's possible maybe I'll come to watch.

    Here's the calendar listing for Indiana:


    #14 2 years ago
    Quoted from Taxman:

    I'm a bit confused. This says "Scheduled to start on Friday Feb. 11". Start on a Friday? I thought everyone plays on the same day and it is a Saturday.

    Checking, the calendar and February 11, 2017 is a Saturday.

    Do you have a screenshot of where it mentions Friday?

    I'm seeing:

    "This tournament has yet to be held and is scheduled to start on February 11, 2017."

    #15 2 years ago
    Quoted from Boise_D:

    do you have any advice for using them efficiently to keep things moving?

    Turn off ball saves, turn off extra balls, jack the back legs up, open the outlane posts to the most open position . . . that'll keep it movin

    #18 2 years ago
    Quoted from Taxman:

    No, maybe I read too quick. The Feb 11 is right.

    What games also? Might be a couple of things to disable to stop random awards that could throw the game.
    With 8 games it might be a long day since people will have to wait. You might want to do as Pdxmonkey said and after round 1 the 8 people who didn't make it all tie for 9th if that's allowed. It sucks to have half the people have to stand around or leave, but we have had the things go many hours with over 40 pins to play.

    The actual SCS matches HAVE to be best of 7. For your situation I would have all the players eliminated in the first round agree to forfeit all the remaining matches and tie for 9th

    (That's what we do in Illinois)

    #23 2 years ago
    Quoted from Whysnow:

    Unfortunately, scs allows waiting for games. That means in every round, you could have people waiting on the exact same games. Makes for a very long day in most cases.

    Yep . . . when you institute a no waiting policy, it opens the doors to shenanigans with respect to the timing of when games are available.

    Between players having to take a nicely timed potty break, or cradling a ball waiting and watching for the game they want to choose next to open up, we want to make sure every participant has the right to play the exact games they want to play, when they want to play them. They've earned that right qualifying the entire year to make the cut.

    No waiting policies also put a priority on shortage playing games being open the most often, which if you have a diverse collection in the tournament can lead to an imbalance of classics games played over modern games.

    (and yes those kind of timing shenanigans have happened at major tournaments that have had a no waiting for games policy as part of their rules)

    Best of luck to everyone that makes one of the SCS cuts! Registration should hopefully be opened towards the end of the first week of January.

    #25 2 years ago
    Quoted from Whysnow:

    I personally think there is a better compromise like every round starts at the exact same time and highest seed gets first pick and then down the line.

    I think for PAPA style match play events this works great because every player plays the same number of games per round (usually 3 or 4).

    With head-to-head you have matches that finish in 4 games, and matches that can finish in 7 games. This leads to game availability inconsistencies based on how matches above your seed are going.

    You can also run into a situation where if you have 8 games, and 8 matches, the #8 seed only has the last game available for Round 1 (so really no choice at all). For game two all the other 7 matches leave that same game available for the #8 seed again, and now the #8 seed match can't continue because they've already played that game in the match.

    I agree in reality most players just want to keep the match going. I know Zach and I will often tend to gravitate towards the same pics, and I don't have a problem playing my 2nd favorite pick first if Zach just got going on his first game that I also wanted to play. 95% of the time this works itself out. Once you get through the first round it's pretty smooth sailing to the finish line (at least for IL).

    #27 2 years ago

    These 40 State Championship trophies aren't going to build themselves ...

    image (resized).jpeg

    #31 2 years ago

    Hoping to build up enough funds in the IFPA account to fly all the State Reps in . . . they can each then build their own trophy and save me way too many hours of manual labor

    #36 2 years ago

    One down!

    image (resized).jpeg

    #42 2 years ago
    Quoted from DNO:

    Actually, I think it is top seed picks, then alternating picks from there.
    Probably an often missed nuance of the format, but not the biggest deal.
    Josh can clarify if this is correct.

    Actually you need to text me, and I'll decide the next game in your match. It's going to be great with 320 matches going on at the same time

    Here's the verbiage from the official rules:

    "Each match will be a best-of-seven. The higher seeded player will have choice of machine or position for the 1st game, with the loser of each subsequent game having choice of machine or order, until someone has won 4 games. A machine may not be played more than once in the same match unless there are less than 7 machines available. If that is the case, only after all machines have been chosen can either player select that game to be played for a second time within the same match. Once a player verbally announces their game choice, or chooses position, that decision will be locked in and cannot be changed.

    Each player will have the opportunity for 30 seconds of practice time before starting every game of every match. This is to ensure that both players have a chance to get familiar with the machine."

    #47 2 years ago
    Quoted from DNO:

    By "choosing position", does that mean I would have to pick 1st or 2nd player, or would I be able to say "I pick position" and then wait for them to pick the machine, then decide 1st or 2nd?
    The latter makes much more sense to me, as some games could have things that would make you wish to go first. (powerball, locks, etc)

    You can defer the actual position choice until after the machine has been selected, however if you drop an "I'll go 2nd" when you choose position, and then the game gets picked and suddenly you realize you actually want to go first . . . You can't change your position choice.

    #57 2 years ago
    Quoted from GravitaR:

    I really hope a group of players gets together and chooses the game the high seed group plays each and every round just to prove how bad the waiting rule is.

    The only people that hurts are the group of players that do it to themselves? Lol

    My rule on waiting is that if you're waiting .... It means you're still alive! Can't wait once you're eliminated so enjoy the opportunity while you have it

    1 week later
    #62 2 years ago

    Qualifying for the 4th annual IFPA State Championship Series is now complete, and it’s now time for us to find our qualifiers for the 40 different IFPA State Championship finals. These finals will all be held simultaneously on February 11th, 2017, with 640 finalists competing for not only a State Championship title, but also a spot in the fourth annual IFPA US National Championship.

    View the final qualifying standings HERE - https://www.ifpapinball.com/scs/standings/

    IFPA State Representatives should be sending out emails to the top 50 from each state shortly. Important to note that if the IFPA does not have your email address on file, we have no way of being able to contact you. If you feel you should have received an invitation to one of the IFPA State Championships and did not, contact the IFPA immediately at ifpapinball@gmail.com, or Click HERE (http://www.ifpapinball.com/user-profile) to edit your profile.

    Registration for all 40 states closes on Saturday, January 14th at 7pm CST. Any player that has not accepted their invitation by that time will be ineligible to participate.

    Remember that no player is allowed to compete in multiple IFPA State Championships. Players that qualify for more than one IFPA State Championship will have to make their choice during this open period of registration. This will mean that many states will go far past the top 16 players in order to fill all 16 spots.

    Any questions about the SCS, or anything IFPA related, please contact us at ifpapinball@gmail.com

    As State Representatives alert us to who is attending, we will be updating the registration page HERE - https://www.ifpapinball.com/champseries/

    For our Canadian friends, the PCS registration page is available HERE - https://www.ifpapinball.com/champseries/canada.php

    1 month later
    #88 2 years ago

    I have to compile the list for Nationals invites so we'll post a complete list once I've gotten all the results in.

    Zach won Illinois

    image (resized).jpeg

    #110 2 years ago
    Quoted from Taxman:

    North Dakota is not registered on IFPA as having a state championship.

    There's a bug in our system because nobody in ND was actually "rated", the custom ranking wouldn't show up.

    We had the list on our admin version of the page.

    #114 2 years ago
    Quoted from Taxman:

    Funny stuff. Also FYI. "North Carolina" is not in Alphabetical order.

    Damnit!!!! Lol

    #118 2 years ago
    Quoted from Boise_D:

    Are there any write-ups on previous national championships, specifically which games were selected? There is a lot of first-timer excitement happening at my house. We're wondering if EM games might be used, if ball-saves are turned on or off, tilt settings, etc..
    btw there was an article about the Idaho finals on the Idaho Statesman newspaper webpage - http://www.idahostatesman.com/news/local/article132303289.html.

    Here's the tentative game list:


    While only 9 will be used for IFPA Pin-Masters, all 12 will be available for Nationals.

    Congrats to Aviana!

    #124 2 years ago

    The Zach PR Agency has been KILLIN IT this year with press. Anyone interested in checking out the coverage, we put it all in one nice place here:


    #128 2 years ago

    Just missing Arizona and Saskatchewan

    ALABAMA Alex Huffman
    CALIFORNIA Tim Hansen
    COLORADO Donavan Stepp
    CONNECTICUT Jerry Bernard
    FLORIDA Eric Stone
    GEORGIA Derek Miazga
    IDAHO Aviana Smith
    ILLINOIS Zach Sharpe
    INDIANA Tommy Skinner
    IOWA Dan Cubit
    KANSAS David Ziegler
    KENTUCKY Brian Shepherd
    LOUISIANA Preston Moncla
    MAINE Michael Haycock
    MARYLAND Justin Day
    MASSACHUSETS Mitch Curtis
    MICHIGAN Adam Peacock
    MINNESOTA Fred Richardson
    MISSOURI Chris Basler
    NEBRASKA Garrison Garza
    NEVADA Sean Stewart
    NEW HAMPSHIRE Leslie Kozloski
    NEW JERSEY Jason Zahler
    NEW YORK Sean Grant
    NORTH CAROLINA Levi Nayman
    NORTH DAKOTA Dan Stephney
    OHIO Don Johnson
    OKLAHOMA Brett Emerson
    OREGON Kevin Birrell
    PENNSYLVANIA Cryss Stephens
    RHODE ISLAND Dominic Nardini
    SOUTH CAROLINA Trent Augenstein
    TEXAS Colin MacAlpine
    UTAH Mike Lund
    VERMONT Steve Daniels
    VIRGINIA Austin Mackert
    WASHINGTON Chris Chinn
    WEST VIRGINIA Aaron Metz
    WISCONSIN David Daluga


    QUEBEC Adam Kiesler
    NOVA SCOTIA Andrew Harper
    ONTARIO Adam Becker
    ALBERTA Derek Thomson

    #132 2 years ago
    Quoted from Whysnow:

    lol, 1 Stern and it is CSI.

    Is nationals all about testing your knowledge of obscure or crappy games?

    Is this list a joke and the real list gets published later?
    GTB Flip A Card
    Bally Monte Carlo
    WMS Big Deal
    WMS Gorgar
    Bally Lost World
    GTB Cleopatra
    WMS Whirlwind
    Bally Elvira
    WMS Road Kings
    Capcom Pinball Magic
    WMS Flintstones
    Stern CSI

    edit: to add for those that dont know my taste in games/sarcasm. This is an awesome list from my perspective (could use some premiers, but that is another discussion), I am just amazed to see such a well rounded list which does not rely heavily on Sternament games. It will test the skill and strategy (lock stealing on some) of players, but also make for tough play to more junior players that done have experience or the ability to experience any of these games very often.

    In the history of the Nationals, our initial TENTATIVE game list has been at most 30% accurate. It's far more likely this list represents what won't be used by the time we get out there to play test and prep for the tournament.

    We always give our host the ability to pick whatever games they feel will run the best for us that weekend (Pin-Masters and Women's Championship as well). Our only stipulation is the 12 games span all eras, preferably 2 from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's, 10's if possible.

    This year there's an added wrinkle of game selection! For those that are worried about any of the games, this is the first tournament where a player has the full authority to veto a game pick!!! All games listed are currently for sale at FUN! and since we are using their inventory for the tournament, that inventory can change at any time based on what gets sold. So don't like a game . . . BUY IT . . . it'll be off the tournament game list that way

    #139 2 years ago
    Quoted from Frax:

    You didn't read the rest of his post, did you?

    LOL that's the first thing I thought

    Marcus - the games are currently FOR SALE. If I go in tomorrow and offer Craig $8995 for the CSI . . . that CSI isn't going to be in Nationals anymore because it'll be in my basement

    #141 2 years ago
    Quoted from Frax:

    You should buy it. Last time I was there I played it basically the entire time....it was easily the best playing game in the whole place by about a million miles other than the WWE or whatever it was that they were having a launch party for. Found out I actually kind of like CSI...centrifuge is fun.

    That explains a lot because I told Craig I far prefer game QUALITY over game title. We just want games to use that will be rock solid for us.

    Do you know him well enough to reach out regarding Metallica? Not having any games from the 10's decade is probably something I would have brought up with him by the time we arrived. If we can bank on your Metallica that would be an easy one to 'check that box'

    #145 2 years ago
    Quoted from Whysnow:

    Bring a wad of cash and negotiate a purchase when you are down after ball 2 on any game, lol.

    LOL love it. Can your opponent then offer an extra $1000 to buy it first, and agree to "pick it up" after the tournament is over?

    #169 2 years ago
    Quoted from Frax:

    I really wouldn't expect any kind of recording rigs or monitors. Nobody in D/FW has that stuff and unless they've got someone from Austin coming up with all of it, or IFPA is bringing something...


    2 weeks later
    #175 2 years ago
    Quoted from Pinball-is-great:

    What is the deal with 2017 IFPA SCS standings not being updated and results not posted for state championships for NH, RI, & UT?
    Just curious.
    Will be interesting to see how Natls plays out later this month.

    NH and RI are both part of the NEw England Pinball League, so those standings have to be updated manually (versus the other states that automatically update based in the State ID code). Once I receive a list of events to add for those states from the State Rep I'll get it updated.

    As for Utah ... No clue, let me investigate this one. (Looks like the results from the state championship haven't been submitted yet, so there aren't any results for Utah which is why it's blank)

    1 week later
    #182 2 years ago
    Quoted from Whysnow:

    anyone know how/where to see the final standings for 2016 SCS.

    my link on my PC auto updated to the 2017 standings, but I wanted to go back and look at some stats from previous WI SCS years (# of players, # of events, # of points to qualify, etc...). Yes I am a nerd.

    Just created a temp custom rankings for you Hilton:


    Remember that any changes made post lock of the 2016 season would now be included in these totals. For example any player merges, or results corrections, etc.

    #184 2 years ago

    Same URL updated for 2015 . . . go nerd out!

    #187 2 years ago

    Updated for 2014 . . .

    #192 2 years ago

    2013 is up . . .

    Promoted items from the Pinside Marketplace
    $ 7,499.00
    Pinball Machine
    Great American Pinball
    $ 229.99
    Lighting - Led
    $ 11,500.00
    $ 89.99
    Lighting - Led
    Lighted Pinball Mods
    $ 22.00
    Cabinet - Sound/Speakers
    ModFather Pinball Mods
    From: $ 19.99
    $ 94.95
    Cabinet - Shooter Rods
    Super Skill Shot Shop
    $ 36.99
    Lighting - Interactive
    Lee's Parts
    $ 87.95
    Cabinet - Shooter Rods
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    $ 84.95
    Cabinet - Shooter Rods
    Super Skill Shot Shop
    From: € 189.00
    £ 99.00
    Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
    $ 2.00
    Various Other Swag
    Project Pinball Charity
    $ 26.50
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    Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
    The MOD Couple
    $ 44.00
    Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
    $ 67.00
    Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
    From: $ 5,799.00
    $ 239.99
    Lighting - Led
    $ 14.95
    Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
    From: $ 99.99
    Cabinet - Other
    Lighted Pinball Mods
    $ 39.99
    Matt's Basement Arcade
    $ 24.95
    Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
    $ 67.95
    Cabinet - Shooter Rods
    Super Skill Shot Shop

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