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2016 Hobbit Update Thread

By labnip

4 years ago

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#266 4 years ago

Hate to see TH lose another feature, but perhaps it's for the best. Hopefully the powdercoated wireforms slowed the ball (like Jack says) and this wasn't a cost saving measure. Jack giveth, and Jack taketh away. Regardless, the thing looks stunning.

#268 4 years ago

Tempted to get the playfield protector just to cover me until all the Cliffy's are available.

#351 4 years ago

Why should anyone care if people prepay? It's their money and their choice to roll the dice. Might crap out might not. Just don't see what the fuss is all about.

#368 4 years ago
Quoted from lowepg:

I personally think pre-paying for game 2 and beyond is counterproductive

Interesting, how so?

#374 4 years ago
Quoted from lowepg:

OK, here goes:
I get the attraction of asking for prepayment for JJP #1. I still challenge the narrative that "it was the ONLY way" to fund the project, but that aside, I get the desire (on both sides) for JJP #1:
JJP needed to develop a completely new platform and build a factory from scratch.... big undertaking.
Funding and building WoZ should have accomplished that and been enough of a proof-of-concept that JJP #2 would be less of an unknown. Platform was developed, factory built, lessons learned, etc. Taking multi-year prepayment for TH was a different story. There wasn't this great story to tell about "helping to launch a new pinball company"....
Why the need for prepayment AGAIN? Well, one disturbing theory is this:
JJP didn't have the funds to build the machines it has pre-sold. So, prepayment on TH was diverted to cover completing WoZ. Yes, this is conjecture, but I think there were signs to support this (vendors not getting paid, JJP seemingly unable to inventory parts efficiently, breaking promises and shipping new orders ahead of old ones, etc). This scheme obviously can't go on forever and eventually "stealing from Peter to pay Paul" would catch up unless....... yes, cash infusion from outside investment.
Yes, I think this quickly turns into a bad scenario for pinball. Why? Well, we may have been one last-minute cash infusion away from a repeat of the other boutique failures.... But beyond that, it sets this bad precedent of over-promising and under-delivering. When the manufacturer has all (or most) of the revenue already in hand, one of the biggest incentives for delivering a high quality product (in a timely manner) goes out the window. To repeat, this is not solely a JJP issue, it goes for Stern as well!
The "JJP effect", while having given pinball a very cool, innovative machine has also driven price points up and re-verified the appetite to pay years before delivery....
Answer honestly:
If Jack had gone to the bank for a loan (or dispassionate investors) to fund TH, do you think it would still be a year (and counting) late? I'd say "no."
Anyways, lots of opinion and conjecture there, but you asked....
Fair to say WoZ was a great success, eventually.
I just feel THAT should have been the milestone to wean JJP off the prepayment model. Instead, all the risk is AGAIN sitting with the prepayers and the issue is exacerbated with Jack's continued rocky relationship with the truth when it comes to production.

Wow! You've definitely made your argument loud and clear. Now that it's done hope you can move on to other issues. Pretty sure you've covered your bases on this.

#376 4 years ago
Quoted from jeffgoldstein2:

Just curious with the latest code on the Hobbit, does the third flipper serve more of a purpose now?


#450 4 years ago
Quoted from jackofdiamonds:

Thanks for clearing the whole thing up.

But not unless you have a pre-order.Otherwise you're just bashing, and trolling and hating.

Especially if you've been on Pinside for 6yrs or more and haven't donated recently

#452 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Grey heart club is the best!


2 weeks later
#595 4 years ago
Quoted from PACMAN:

Looks like they are making some real progress. Is the code done, or are they shipping the games as-is ?

Code is completely done and they'll never issue a single update.

1 week later
#627 4 years ago

at this point it's obvious THLE/Smaug at best, like WOZLE, will be only an OK/slightly good game

Obvious??? Please, do go on. I'd love for you to expound on this.

#636 4 years ago
Quoted from emkay:

I have and I agreed with him, but it's never informative to me when people argue over subjective things.

Since you're in agreement please tell us why it's obvious, at best, it will be only an OK/slightly good game. Still waiting to hear PBInTheSouth's explanation.

#638 4 years ago
Quoted from emkay:

Uhh, because I wasn't crazy about it when I played it? Wtf dude, back your scrawny ass up.

Suck it up Big Dog! How bout some details? What specifically made it obvious it will only ever be OK/slightly good??

#643 4 years ago

Not looking for a dissertation or anything. What is this obvious thing that will keep TH from ever being good?

#647 4 years ago
Quoted from SilverBallz:

The upper flipper!

I was expecting the first reply to be "Jersey Jack"!

#649 4 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Bozemarlin and emkay: please continue your discussion/debate via pm and not on the public board. Thanks.

Good grief. Guy post that it's obvious TH will ever only be OK and another guy said he agreed. I just asked for an explanation/specifics as to why it's obvious TH will never be good. On topic no? No debate by me. I simply asked for an explanation. If someone states TH will never be good and that it's obvious it won't ever be good what's wrong with asking for them to explain a statement like that??

1 week later
#842 4 years ago

Anyone actually know how far along the code is considered to be at this point? Don't expect it to be finished, but curious where it stands as of shipping.

#937 4 years ago

Wonder what the modding community will come up with for TH? Hope Mezel Mod, Modfather, etc have some cool things in mind.

#941 4 years ago
Quoted from lllvjr:

I have something in the works...

Awesome! Can't wait till your reveal!! Be sure to keep me on any short lists.

1 week later
#1078 4 years ago
Quoted from Jarbyjibbo:

Unfortunately, it just isn't doing enough to inspire me to carry through with the purchase. Looks like a beautiful pin but it just feels as if I am forcing the purchase because of how much of a Tolkien/LOTR fan I am and not because I truly like the pin.

Ever get a chance to play one?

1 week later
#1208 4 years ago

So is this officially the longest unboxing ever?

#1212 4 years ago

Congrats! Happy for ya & glad ya didn't have to fight with it all night to get it up and running! Be sure and play a few games for me!!

#1272 4 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

Be sure the shooter rod is lined up to hit the center of the ball.
LTG : )

LTG - Could you suggest a replacement spring, from this list, that might give the shooter rod a little more oomph. Thanks!


3 weeks later
#1414 4 years ago

Ok, so how do we get Back Alley Creations to do gold covered flippers?

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