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2015 Hobbit Update Thread

By PanzerFreak

3 years ago

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#224 3 years ago
Quoted from fordtudoor:

Why do folks think that "Game of Thrones" is the end all/be all cure for pinball? It takes a lot more to produce a successful and highly regarded pintable than the theme. Yet everyone thinks GOT is the Second Coming. This is the reason I would never buy a WOZ - it may be the greatest playing pin ever but I just can't get past the theme. It takes a complete package and you can't judge that until the game is produced. Until then it is all meaningless conjecture.

I agree with you (but I love my WOZ...).

Anyway, the reason for all the irrational exuberance:
-GoT is a hot, hot, license right now.
-Stern has had some experience at this point with the new platform, so maybe they're ready to push the envelope.
-People frustrated awaiting fantasy-licensed Hobbit want to see something fantasy-themed, to see if it scratches that itch.
-SR design (confirm?).
-Stern's first LCD definite possibility.

But who knows? It could be that it comes out at same time as Hobbit, and Hobbit blows GoT away? Hot licenses make it hard to predict, because, as much as some people will hate this, the truth is that the presentation of the license might be more important than gameplay for sales volume. And so jjp's lcd might therefore be the deciding factor (assuming stern doesn't have a monster lcd presentation itself).

But then again, stern might have some radical ways of presenting GoT license footage that no ones ever done before, and that would sell alot of people without ever seeing the playfield.

Sad but true.

#286 3 years ago

Jack surviving the Shark Tank!

Well done, my man!

2 months later
#432 3 years ago
Quoted from meSz:

Agree as ever video I have seen thus far the game-play has been slow. When I played it at the OH show it was slow. To say it's due to the "power at the shows" is an asinine statement. If this was the case it wouldn't affect one game....all games would be slow. Not to mention TH is supposed to have the ability to turn the power up.

Exact same drama as with WOZ when it was at this stage of development as well, and WOZ has NO problem with power.

I strongly suspect it is because the expo machines are going to get a LOT of play while on display, and now is NOT the time JJP wants a highly visible and public mechanical failure. Doesn't mean the machine is poorly built or designed, just that this is not supposed to be a field test, just a reveal/demonstration.

I'd probably do the same thing if it were me at this stage, presupposing I would ALSO eventually have one on location for field durability testing. Which I am certain JJP is going to do.

#484 3 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

I never got to play this pin. Huge crowds all weekend. But come on Jack, bring more than 1 pin to Expo! Here's a breakdown of the hot pins and how many they had:
GOT PRO: 7-10 (not sure exactly, but there were a lot)
TBL: 3
Kiss: 4
Lexi Light Speed: 2
Full Throttle: 3
Hobbit: 1
WOZ: 2
It seemed that 3 was the magic number to keep a decent line moving. Stern really showed up in full force and had GOT's everywhere. Thank you Stern. It was the pin everyone wanted to play and they made sure you could. Jack, come on now! You can't just bring one game to shows like this. Maybe you want the crowd, but TBL was getting 10x more people on it and let's face it, it's gonna be a race to take people's 8K soon and you want as many people on your machine as possible.

Same here re: lines too long for me and Hobbit.
But I'm impatient and I thought the lines were too long for Lebowski too.
But it was fun enough to watch others play.

Two observations:
-the finishes for both LE and SE are SWEET!!!!! Images can't convey the TEXTURE which is great. Feels like "antiquing". Not remotely like anything out there.
-the ring button appears to be very multifunctional. At end of ball, I noticed that the screen was showing some kind of minigame on the left margin of the big lcd wherein a marker was moving up and down and one had to press the ring button when the marker was in the red zone. Kind of reminded me of timing the MM catapult launch. It was brief, I only caught a glimpse, but you get the gist. The main player didn't notice at all. Which I don't consider a problem, but rather a good thing. This pin will have a ton of surprises, and you'll want to be aware of what's going on all around! Challenging...

I got to feel the heft of the suspended play field... it is impressive. But handles nicely with hinge system.

Oh, the ramps do NOT appear colored at all on the engineering sample at expo, fwiw. I think it's just color artefact from internet photos, and I confirmed that with Jack.

Matt's work looks great in person. And Matt's a great guy, too, and was there showing off his wares. (If you haven't gotten his spider man buildings for your pin, get them, especially with hemis light mod, btw)

#496 3 years ago
Quoted from Pinchroma:

A couple of people's games I have done have that effect on them. . But very few and absolutely none in that color scheme.
Hiltons Fish Tales for example uses it with a fade.
Pretty sure this one went on either a Circus Voltaire or a Monster Bash. Can't remember.

Beautiful stuff, Alex!

Hard to describe for everyone until they've had a chance to actually run their own fingers across the surface. It's remarkable!

#503 3 years ago
Quoted from mountaingamer:

Its definitely been a rollercoaster waiting for this, but it was for WOZ too. Ive just accepted that JJP doesn't crank out product like stern does, but JJP's pins are so much better I accept it (although it still sucks waiting).

I think we as pinball fans generally uderestimate how much time it takes to really, REALLY, integrate media assets into the JJP platform, which is a "burden" that Stern does not have to contend with (nor can Stern demonstrate the fruits of that labor).

#508 3 years ago
Quoted from John1210:

The fruits of their labor is in most guys games rooms (which all of us are thankful for) like mine when i walk in and look at the stern games that are good players. Jjp does a stunning job and produces an excellent final product albeit painstaking for the consumer
No need to bag out one manufacturer to promote another. Like most Stern games, jjp games speak for themselves

Not bagging on any manufacturer. Just saying that the product development time is longer on JJP, at least PARTIALLY because they do a lot of multimedia asset integration, which Stern isn't doing. The advantage with JJP is when the pin finally arrives, the integration is dramatic. The advantage with Stern is it takes less time for the pin to arrive. Like a LOT less time.

Just saying when people compare product development time between Stern and JJP, they probably underestimate the time it takes to develop on the JJP platform, but the payoff is in the multimedia presentation. Stern doesn't have either that advantage of dramatic presentation nor the disadvantage of longer product development.

That's all.

1 week later
#631 3 years ago
Quoted from Goronic:

They have made a ton of changes since the expo for the better. I'll put it like this...if they shipped TH on time (last December) I would NOT have bought it. No way. Now I will. So it is hard for me to get mad about the year slip in dates, because it went from I don't want it to I want it and will buy it.
So some want to bust their ass on slipped ship dates - I get it. But I won't - I like the current package much more and think JJP had to do this to complete TH in a fashion that people will want to by the product.

Smartest thing I've read on this thread.

2 weeks later
#837 3 years ago

It's all a matter of perspective.

Don't look at it as a three-year and counting wait until TH is produced.

Look at it as TH as already being produced on a very, very, very, slow assembly line.

Like "ice age glacier" slow assembly line.

3 weeks later
#1416 3 years ago
Quoted from dirtbag66:

Latin Americans. There's no proof they are from Mexico.

Or simply "Americans," as there is no proof they are not from Jersey, either.

#1458 3 years ago
Quoted from Phantom1911:

But we have these!
17_jos_louis.jpg 20_butter_tarts.jpg crush cream soda.jpg

And Tim Horton's FTW!

#1511 3 years ago

Canada is a metaphor for the third flipper:
it's located up north, starts on the right but shoots left, and is aiming for SOMETHING but no one is entirely sure at what.

#1518 3 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

Again you better do your homework on who is polluting the world and actually how much pollution comes out of the tar sands. Go pick on China, India and yourselves. Get the real facts. Also pretty sure if you had the third biggest crude oil reserves in the world you Americans wouldn't take advantage of it would you!

2014 Environmental Performance Index ranks Canada #24 and USA #33 (#1 ranking is best ranking, held by Switzerland).
Methods: http://epi.yale.edu/our-methods

China #118.
India #155.

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