$20 of Lyman Games

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$20 of Lyman Games

By FalconPunch

3 months ago

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    #1 3 months ago

    Just a bit of fun.
    You have $20 to make a Lyman collection.
    You are on an island etc so no access to any other games..... EVER. This is it!

    FB_IMG_1544674439161 (resized).jpg
    #2 3 months ago

    Tron, MM, MB, MET, GNR, BBH

    Also, please tell me where this island is because these are really good prices.

    #3 3 months ago

    How much can I get Wheel Of Fortune for?

    #4 3 months ago

    TWD LE, BM66 LE, Tron LE, MM & GNR

    #5 3 months ago

    Nice that some are LE's

    TWD LE, ACDC LE, Tron LE, IM VE, Avatar LE.

    Yep, that'l keep me busy for a while

    Thanks for the excellent Lyman interview.

    Lyman true champion, his code efforts are second to none !

    Only thing is I think he has made Metallica a little too easy now ?

    #8 3 months ago

    Pm sent. I will take them all for full asking price.

    #9 3 months ago

    Revenge from Mars was programmed by Keith Johnson I believe.

    #10 3 months ago

    I say everything $3 and below. 12 bangers for 20 bucks and I'll trade Lyman coconuts for code.

    #11 3 months ago

    B66, AC/DC Premium, Tron LE, MM, BBH and TRS

    Sounds like a pretty good island!

    #12 3 months ago

    Metallica @ $5
    Iron Man @ $4
    TRON LE @ $4
    Spiderman @ $3
    Avatar @ $2
    Rolling Stones @ $1
    BBH @ $1

    = $20

    #13 3 months ago
    Quoted from DNO:

    Revenge from Mars was programmed by Keith Johnson I believe.

    Yeah the 1 and 2 dollars ones where all listed
    On his pinside profiles page but I guess most of the $3 and up are the ones he did himself
    Iron Man and tron being with Lonnie .

    #15 3 months ago

    AFM + TWD, and then I’ll keep the $10 change for some coconuts & to pay for the power bill.

    #16 3 months ago

    AFM. The rest I'd rather not play

    #17 3 months ago

    If I add up all the ones I own:

    AFM $5
    Met $5
    ACDC $5
    MM $4
    MB $4
    SM $3
    Avatar $2

    Then subtract ones that aren't on the list

    Tommy -$8

    Then it equals $20

    #18 3 months ago

    I would like a discount for the pro version please.

    Metallica $5
    TWD $5
    Monster Bash $4
    Spider Man $3
    Avatar $2 My wife likes this game and if we are stuck on an island I better keep her happy.
    BBH $1

    #19 3 months ago


    #20 3 months ago

    16 BBH and 1 Tron

    #21 3 months ago

    This is funny since I own 7 Lyman of pins out of my 12 pin collection and I’ve never sold one of his games.

    I can’t figure how you value these pins since you have IM higher than SM and any of the tier 1 pins basically $2 above SM so basically SM plus Avatar is the same cost as AcDc. I see this as a clear indication that you need to fit SM into the lineup anyway it comes down because it’s too good of a value at $3 for a top 16 pin it’s like stealing.

    I think IM should be in the $3 class with SM.

    I love the teir 1 pins to bits they seem like they are spendy that I could not justify more than 2 of them. I love the top tier a lot but it’s almost as if I should just pick one and have more to spend on the lower. However I can not pass on AFM, TWD and hard to pass on Met.

    I’d say :
    $5 AFM simply the best.
    $5 TWD (could go Met but something about the code on TWD puts it over the top, I think Met has better layout but TWD is just so great basically I could flip a coin on TWD/Met both pro)
    $4 Tron (love IM but it’s a poor man’s Tron)
    $3 SM (I feel like IM should be swapped with SM in the cost so I’m picking SM all day)
    $2 Avatar (it’s fun)
    $1 CSI

    * if IM was to slip down to $3 I’d get that instead of Avatar and CSI

    I have $3 left and can’t decide if I prefer BM or Avatar I’ve never owed either and would like either or both. So I’ll say they are the same in my mind yet Avatar is less so I’ll pick Avatar and have $1 left over.

    I have honestly not played all of the $1 games and so I’m just picking blind will take a chance on CSI

    Alternate would be AFM, TWD, Met ($15) plus SM and Avatar.

    This would just swap Tron for Met but I’d have to give up CSI. I feel almost like Tron should be in top teir so I’m going to keep Tron over Met although that’s a marginal call.

    #22 3 months ago

    TWD PRO @$5
    ACDC PRO @$5
    BM66 @$5
    TRON @$4
    BBH @$1

    #23 3 months ago


    Sopranos should be on this list...

    #24 3 months ago

    Metallica $5
    AC DC $5
    Batman Dark Knight $3
    Guns N Roses $2
    Spider Man $3
    Rolling Stones $1
    CSI $1

    #25 3 months ago

    Does the island somehow have electricity? Else I'll have to go by the art work. But lets see...

    AFM $5
    MB $4
    Stones $1 (might not have any other access to music)
    RFM $2 (something a bit different for kicks)
    GNR $2
    MM $4
    Avatar $2

    #26 3 months ago

    Can I get TWD Pro for $3?

    #27 3 months ago

    AFM, MET, Tron, MB, GnR

    #28 3 months ago

    Kinda scratching my head on the values. BBH Pro brings more money than 24 in real life. 24 doesn't have a ton of depth to the code either so why is it worth 2x as much in this?

    CSI, BBH Pro, GNR, AV LE, 24, SM, Tron LE, MET LE would be my take.

    #29 3 months ago

    Met, afm, mm, mb, rfm

    #30 3 months ago

    TWD LE
    Tron LE

    Hard to resist the LEs at that price

    #32 3 months ago

    Can someone spot me an extra 20$

    #33 3 months ago

    TWD $5
    BM66 $5
    ACDC $5
    TRON $4
    BBH $1

    Many of the other games are obviously great. I feel these ones might have the best longevity if you are stuck on a island with no other options for the rest of your life.

    If you could spot me $4 I would take additionally take IM

    #34 3 months ago

    TWD, MET, IM, Tron, RFM

    #35 3 months ago


    #36 3 months ago

    BM66 $5
    TRON $4
    IM $4
    SM $3
    AVATAR $2
    BBH $1
    CSI $1

    Total $20

    #37 3 months ago

    I think TWD has been the most popular choice so far?
    With Metallica 2nd?

    #38 3 months ago

    give me all the 0ne dollars, all the 2, and both 3$ games. best bang for the buck.

    #39 3 months ago

    MET and MM. That's enough.
    Add ac/dc, Tron and 24 if I really need to spend it all.

    #40 3 months ago

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