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1st EM game to work on. Need help to get it working.

By Brewchap

1 year ago

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Cherry Bell Schematics.pdf (PDF preview)
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#51 1 year ago

Here are my bonus steppers switches at the zero position

20170923_202547 (resized).jpg

#52 1 year ago

Brewchap. I think we are going to solve this

You need to adjust your switches so that in the zero position that bottom switch is closed

If you are not sure what to do here then as per your PM I'm happy to call and talk you through it tomorrow.

#53 1 year ago

Though I get the dumb joke from post #4 I love using my Dremel with a small wire brush for polishing switch points without taking as much material off as a file would.

#54 1 year ago

I think you are in track to solve your problem.

My general recommendation for all people new to em machines is DON'T waste your time with the schematic to start. You can waste hours looking at one and get no where when you are new to em pins.

I would suggest starting at one end of the pin and work your way across, looking at every switch. Does every switch open, close, or change contact points when you actuate it? If yes move on.

It seems like a lot of switches but the process is pretty fast and you will often spot a broken wire, missing switch contact, or obviously bent out of alignment switch. I do this process on every new to me em that does not work.

Once you do that process you can also start through with a business card dragged between the closed points to do a gentle cleaning.

#55 1 year ago

That worked!! It will now kick the ball out of the outhole at the start of game play. Going to start a game and see what happens.

#56 1 year ago

Great news. Similar to yours, my pop bumpers and sling shots did not work when I purchased mine. It was just corrosion on the switch contacts. I had to file them down..it was very difficult to get the corrosion off.

#57 1 year ago

Oh man.... now I can not start a game. *****

#58 1 year ago

What is happening? Basic start up...hit start button...score motor turns, reels set to zero, ball count moves to zero, bonus resets to zero..ball gets kicked out. I'm skipping some stuff, but maybe you can describe whats happening..or not happening.

The zero position switch issue is classic em pin issue/repair. It is likely that your other issues can be fixed just as easily.

#59 1 year ago

I hit the start button with 17 credits and nothing happens. It is like the machine is turned off, but will all the lights on. I can cycle the relays by hand. I'm a bit flustered, so I'm going to walk away and have a beer. Come back later and bang my head on the pin.

#60 1 year ago

Good idea...take a break. When you come back, here is something to try:

With the game turned on, grab one of the white plastic cams on the score motor and turn it clockwise. Note that it takes a bit of effort to manually turn the cam. Hopefully when you do this, the motor starts to run by itself. The score motor should make 1/2 a revolution and stop. Then try to start your game.

#61 1 year ago

If you've been drinking beer, be very careful not to accidentally touch anything else if you are working with the game on. Once I was working near a flipper coil and my hand made contact with the coil as my body hit the flipper button...it stings. Oddly enough, the shock and rush of adrenaline made me laugh and changed my mood. Maybe there is something to electroshock therapy.

#62 1 year ago

And barefoot on a concrete floor isn't good either. How do I know this?

#63 1 year ago
Quoted from bonzo71:

Good idea...take a break. When you come back, here is something to try:
With the game turned on, grab one of the white plastic cams on the score motor and turn it clockwise. Note that it takes a bit of effort to manually turn the cam. Hopefully when you do this, the motor starts to run by itself. The score motor should make 1/2 a revolution and stop. Then try to start your game.

A break was a what I needed. I tried what you suggested but that didnt work.

#64 1 year ago

Thought that I had the start up problem fixed. I advanced the Player Unit Disc a few times and was able to start a game.
After the button was push the score reels advanced to zero and the score motor stopped. I played the ball but the score reels were not showing a score (this is a new problem.) Pop bumpers worked as well as the kickers. The ball played fast and the coils were very strong. Then the ball drained. Nothing took place after the ball drained. No bonuses, player advances. like the ball was still in play.

I shut power off to the game and powered it back up. 3 or 4 times I would start a game were everything seemed to reset, but the ball would not kick out at start. After that the start button went dead again.

#65 1 year ago

Ok, I believe that I fixed the problem trying to use the start button to start a game. I believe that it was the coil switch on the door. I'm back to the score motor continuing to run with the out hole firing along with the pop up post firing up and down.
I'll post more later after I get back.

#66 1 year ago

Read Clay's em guide top to bottom ten more times. Believe me it works...

#67 1 year ago

What I thought that I knew in the above post is not true now. I found that when the start button will not start a game, that I can make the start button work again by tripping the coin switch on the coin door. As soon as I trip that switch, the Kicker will fire and add a credit to the credit reel. The score motor turns over and stops, something else resets and stops.
Now, the start button will take a credit, resets the score reels, puts into motion the start reel and the 1-2 player relay and 3-4 player relay keeps firing over and over as if it is trying to reset. The only way to stop the relays is to reset the reset relay.
When the pin starts a game its try to start as I described here or the post above....

#68 1 year ago

LOL!! This pin is possessed! Now I can start a game, score reels and etc. reset but no ball is kicked into play from the outhole. But, now if I hit the left flipper button. the outhole relay kicks as if to kick a ball into play while cycling the the Ball counter unit.

I wonder what it will do tomorrow?

#69 1 year ago

It may be worth rechecking the make break switch on the bonus unit. The flipper might be causing enough vibration to activate the switch. Clean the switch contact with a file.

#70 1 year ago

Thank you Bonzo, I readjusted and cleaned again while setting the gap a bit farther out.

The pin is now back to why I first started this post.

After starting pin, the score reels will reset then goes into a loop with the score motor running, the out hole kicking (out hole relay opening and closing), the Ball count disc steps forward each time the out hole kicks, while the bonus unit goes from zero position to forward one (out hole kicking) back to zero position.

Does this sound like I am describing this correctly?

What steps take place in order to start a game? Maybe this will help to point out what is not resetting in order to start a game.

#71 1 year ago

Hi Brewchap
I do not really like the feature in late-70ies pins - the feature "EVERY new ball given starts with ONE bonus given" --- this "giving for free one bonus" makes the pin (more) complicated.
In a fully running pin: Start up ... Outhole-Relay pulls-in - makes the Ball kicked over to the Shooter-Alley AND makes the Bonus-Ladder step-up one step.

See the JPG, "encircled rosa / pink": If the Switch on the Outhole does not open when the ball is kicked --- the brain of the pin believes: A ball has been played, lost - there are bonus on the bonus-ladder - must count down --- then the Outhole-Relay pulls-in (again) - kicks and adds the free bonus ... this sequence again and again.
I would investigate on the switches "encircled rosa / pink", greetings Rolf

0Cherry-Bell-pinside-02 (resized).jpg

3 weeks later
#72 1 year ago

Schematics for cherry bell have been scanned (Staples) and uploaded to IPDB for approval.

#73 1 year ago

Cherry Bell Schematics.pdf

#74 1 year ago

Things that must happen to start most 4 player Williams games

1. Score reels must reset to zero AND all 3 switches on each reel must be open at the zero position
2. Ball count must reset to ball 1 (check lamp on backglass for position)
3. Coin unit must reset to player 1 (check lamp on backglass for position)
4. Bonus unit must reset to zero and advance up to first position(sounds like this is already happening)

Sometimes a closed switch on the coin door will keep the score motor running..

Does the ball count reset to ball 1 and number of players reset to 1 when you attempt to start a game?

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