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1977 Gottlieb Big Hit Starts Game before Score Resets

By wildinindiana

3 years ago

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#1 3 years ago

I picked up this Gottlieb Big Hit quite a while ago. It was in nice physical condition but had not been used in years, which means obviously, it needed to be completely gone through! No problem, right? Wrong! I started on it 6 months ago with long breaks between because if not, I would have made a bon fire with it.

First off I went through all the switches, cleaned and adjusted them, with special attention to the score reels. After quite a few adjustments to get all the switches exactly where they need to be and all cleaned up.

Booted the game after complete strip down of playfield, for cleaning and waxing, new bulbs, dropped in a new ball and away we went. Motor spins, reels reset, game starts, ball shoots out, and we are playing. Start another game, plays great... Start a third game and the 100 score reel, 10 and 1 run reel dont reset all the way... Hmmm... thats odd.

So I put in another coin and those three reels go down only one number more, and the game starts again. So I played the game. Put in another quarter and the 100 and 10 score reel, and the 1 run reel dont reset all the way.

What is odd to me is that the game starts and plays without those reels tripping the zero switch. I checked, rechecked, then rechecked the recheck!!! The switches are set up correctly, everything scores correctly, but sometimes those don't reset all the way.

Another weird thing, they will only completely reset as long as the 1000 or 10000 reel is still resetting. Once the 1000 and 10000 score reels have reset the rest stop where they are and the game starts. How screwed up is that. I have gone through the complete startup sequence and checked all switches in line with it.

The only place that I can think of to narrow it down would be 1A and 4A motor switches, but again I have checked, rechecked, and so on... Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, there could be something that I am looking right past since I am so frustrated with it and not thinking clearly...

Thanks to all you wonderful folks in advance.

#2 3 years ago

I had that problem on a similar vintage Gottlieb multi-player machine. It turned out to be the score motor switches 1A and 4A (the hardest to get to or even see). All I had to do to those switches was file them.

#3 3 years ago

On Big Hit, the score and run reels are reset via their 'runout' switches (at the reels), a separate switch on AX (each), and either a switch at score motor 4A or 1A (they're split three on one, three on the other).

Motor 1A has the 10,000s, 100s, and 10s runs.
Motor 4A has the 1000s, 10s, and 1s runs.

So there are a few possibilities:

- As Ken notes, the 1A and 4A score motor switches are marginal (cleaned, gapped).
- The AX relay isn't latching fully, and/or the six switches that govern the score reel reset aren't fully working.
- AX is unlatching early. The AXR (AX reset) coil should only energize when all six score reels reach 0, so this seems least likely.

#4 3 years ago
Quoted from DirtFlipper:

- The AX relay isn't latching fully, and/or the six switches that govern the score reel reset aren't fully working.

That happened to me on a game last year. After I figured it out, was an easy fix to re-gap the offending score reel switch?

#5 3 years ago

I will go over the motor switches again, as well as the AX (the bane of Gottlieb) and I will report back with any findings. Thanks

#6 3 years ago

Sorry its been a while, Labor Day with the family, you know how it is... So I got a chance to go through the AX Relay as well as motors 1A and 4A, inspected all gaps, recleaned all of them and still no go... I'll upload a video to youtube tomorrow of it doing it and link it here... Any other ideas?

#7 3 years ago

If you watch AX while it does this, what does it do? Does it latch and stay latched, or does it unlatch early?

#8 3 years ago

It unlatches early before the 100, 10, runs 1, 10 finish zeroing.

#9 3 years ago
Quoted from wildinindiana:

It unlatches early before the 100, 10, runs 1, 10 finish zeroing.

OK, so then the question is whether that's due to AX not having latched fully in the first place, or whether AXR is energizing to release it.

So one experiment to try is to manually activate AX, making sure it's fully latched (but don't over-press on the switch ladder and let switch blades pop out of their slots). If it works OK, then that suggests AX isn't able to fully latch on its own.

But if the game still doesn't reset fully, and AX unlatches early, then the thing to investigate would be the zero position switches on all six score reels. They all need to be closed in order to complete the path to AXR. It's possible that several are out of adjustment, allowing them to close before the reel reach 0.

#10 3 years ago

Update: Upon the manual activation, which I have done before, but just to check again, I manually latched it and it fully latches. It seems as though the AXR is releasing early. The game starts and goes through the balls as a normal game. Funny part is that if you trip the AX relay manually or insert coins to reset the reels, the 4 problem reels will only move down one digit until it reaches zero... Then it wont move anymore. Which means it is reading the zero switch, but bypassing and starting the game before its finished...

#11 3 years ago
Quoted from wildinindiana:

the 4 problem reels will only move down one digit until it reaches zero

Can you post a picture or two of one of the reel's switch stacks while it's not on 0?

#12 3 years ago

No problem, Ill get one in a few and post it...

#13 3 years ago

So, I found the problem, so silly. Thank you to everyone for forcing me to go back over everything as I missed it multiple times.

When I was taking pictures, I looked at the photo I just took to make sure it came out well. Thats when I spotted it!!! The center switch leaf and the zero switch leaf that are back to back had slipped into the same slot on the 100 point reel. The game would start and play fine but the 100 point reel zero leaf was grounding to the center (1-9) leaf and causing the rest of the reels in sequence to add wonky as well. I pulled the zero leaf out and put it in the correct slot and regaped everything. What do you know? It works great. If I can I will post a picture of what it looked like when I noticed the problem so everyone can see my mess up. Funny how I have looked at it a hundred times and only noticed it when I took a picture.

Again, thank you to everyone and Dirtflipper for forcing me to take the picture that figured it out...
Hopefully this will help someone else as well!

#14 3 years ago

Awesome, it seems the pictures did not show up. Ill work on it.

#15 3 years ago

Pictures are worth something (or so I'm told).

Glad you got it sorted!

#16 3 years ago

What it actually looked like... I just grabbed one of my random reels to demonstrate... First picture

// Error: Image 449793 not found //

What its supposed to look like... Second picture

// Error: Image 449795 not found //



#17 3 years ago

Such a stupid little thing to miss... lol... but it happens, thanks again to all!

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