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1973 williams jubilee scoring issue

By monks0141

5 years ago

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    #1 5 years ago

    i just bought a 1973 williams jubilee the owner said it did not work but when i got it home i pluged it up and it started to work. i think it has a few issues i just ordered a scematic for it to check switch positions and when the coils fire, voltage and other information. when i started checking the coil on number one player controlling the 100 score stays energized all the time and buzzes, i have checked for frozen switches on the playfield have not found any . the advance relay stays locked on all the time and buzzes its a m-29-1100 coil as does the change relay z-28-1200 that controls the lights changing on the lanes at the top of the playfield to extra advance, the advance unit under playfield has a coil a22-550 that stays energized all the time it gets hot and looks burnt so i figure its been doing this for a while,i think it should only be energized when it adds score when the unit steps down it controls the score lights in front of the horseshoe with the balls in it the small chime coil stays energized all the time sometimes the score adds points and sometimes it takes them away i switched the coil on the scoring real with another and it does the same . i think a switch is stuck some where trying to add 100 points at all times, i took the scoring reel apart to check for frozen parts but its free this is the only one that stays energized on the scoring reel i will tru to post some photos later i would be thankful for any help as i am just getting started in the hobby

    #2 5 years ago

    It really sounds like a stuck 100pts switch on the playfield or a problem with the 100pts relay. Sometimes all switches seem to be open when the playfield is up or leaned against the backbox, when you put it down gravity may close a contact.
    Check also the Switches in the horseshoe because they trigger the advance relay when you got more than 3 balls on one side and you loose your ball, it changes the red light to the side with less than 3balls.

    #3 5 years ago

    P.s.: ALWAYS clean all the jones plugs in the machine!

    #4 5 years ago

    Ok thank you. I will try that.

    #5 5 years ago

    i got a few minutes to check things and the 100 point relay or coil stays energized all the time even when you play 2,3,4 player am checking all switches on the playfield tonight . sometimes it adds points on another player or it takes them away i am going to clean the player unit and check for broken or naked wires thanks to all that try to help me hopefully the scematics get here in a few days

    #6 5 years ago

    The advance relay when energized pulses the 100 pt RE. The advance relay is energized by:

    1. Left or right top rollovers when not lit
    2. Left and right bottom rollovers
    3. Left and right rollover button switch
    4. Left and right captive ball switches
    5 "3 Advance" relay

    One of these maybe keeping the Advance Relay energized. I would check these first to be sure none of them are stuck.

    #7 5 years ago

    thank you kickout and crjfan i will check the ball captive switch and rollovers when i cleaned and lubed the stepers the advance unit works like it should most of my problems are gone now but sometimes the 100 bumpers at the top don't score and the coil for smallest chime on the right of cabnet is sticking half in and out in the middle . the left kickout beside the flipper chimes but the right one does not i am thinking this maybe a start i will have to check it tomorrow if yall can think of any thing else i would be thankfull i know my kids are looking forward to playing the machine

    #8 5 years ago

    Hi monks0141 +
    I once have put together parts of the schematics --- if You are interested in the schematics: Look here https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/darling-same-ball#post-4211806 . Greetings Rolf

    #9 5 years ago

    thank you rolf that is helpful almost everything is working like it should i was wandering if it should score points or the chimes sound when you bump the balls over the switches in the horseshoe advance the right kickout chimes now sometimes at the start of the game the 100 point bumpers score when the chimes work but when the chimes dont sound it does not score thank you to all thats trying to help me

    #10 5 years ago

    Flipping a ball over the switches in the horseshoe will score points and advance bonus by 1 step.
    The kickout will also score points and ring a chime. Check the open contact below the kicker arm. should be open, when the kicker is activated contact will be closed and that will score the points.
    In Jubilee WMS introduced DC bumpers. The bumber will score Points through an normally open switch below the bumper that closes when the bumper is activated. Could be dirty or out of adjustment.

    #11 5 years ago

    thank you i will try that when i go back to work thats where i keep the machine. i have a few others that we did have there on free play so my customers could play them while we fixed their cars.

    #12 5 years ago

    i think i found the problem with the 100 point relay being on all the time any advice or help i would be thankful, in the horseshoe only one of the switches cause the chimes to ring and score. it only does this on the first ball once it goes through the lanes at the top with the lights or it hits the 100 point bumbers it scores the chimes ring and then if it hits them again it does not score or chime if it touches the advance roleovers or goes down the bottom ball drains marked advance after this i hear a buzzing in the cabnet its the coil or relay on the smallest chime it stayes energized after this and nether one scores any points after that sometimes it changes the advance in the horseshoe after three balls instead of 5 you can turn the machine off and start a new game it will work the first time it touches any of the objects mentioned above then it does the same thing i found two wires undone in the back cabnet i believe to go to what i think is a credit unit it looks like a feriswheel the 2 coils or relays are missing one wire on each the wire colors are red with white dashes and black with white dashes i am still learning to read the scematics so thank you for any help jason

    #13 5 years ago

    thank everyone for the help i found and fixed the problem it was a advance relay or coil under the playfield the switch was not making contact when the circuit needed to be reset thats why the chimes only worked and bumpers only scored once the advance at bottom of playfied now works as does the scoring and advance on the horseshoe now the fun part comes playing it with my kids jason


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