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1971 Chicago Coin Twin Rifle - Restoration


4 months ago

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    Twin Rifle Sound Board (resized).jpg
    527CA2A2-8C89-4FD6-94FB-9155C5E71964 (resized).png
    87308C42-1ECF-4AB5-B512-741723696CB9 (resized).png
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    A95CC7C9-0912-4209-8D23-B7FA177E1847 (resized).jpeg
    31605CE6-AECB-4E17-AEDC-FC105C002F30 (resized).jpeg
    358EDDE4-6EC1-406F-A523-7FECCB2A0A23 (resized).jpeg
    D007B5FE-BA55-4CB4-9536-4397FE81EDE9 (resized).jpeg
    5CE0EEAE-D0AF-4C65-B477-B1B9AFA70556 (resized).jpeg
    163697E4-E021-41DD-969F-2ACDFE215EEC (resized).jpeg
    5CD008ED-CF34-4342-BB11-A2AD4A5D90D5 (resized).jpeg
    B9BD5459-45E8-4286-B062-2D01D2E4E020 (resized).jpeg
    2523CB87-EB0E-4680-A912-9152DBB32C9F (resized).jpeg

    #1 4 months ago

    Next project has arrived from Santa Maria, California today -1971 Chicago Coin Twin Rifle. This is the second one I’ve owned.

    7E8F7D13-B44B-4D3F-A93E-DF974309D441 (resized).jpeg

    Sold my first restored Twin 10 years ago and it’s taken me about that long to find another reasonably priced. Feel like it’s Christmas morn.

    Glad I have one back in my Arcade line up.

    Santa Maria, CA is approximately 2000 miles from there to Fort Wayne. Bought this from Mr. Kevin Keinert. He was extremely helpful with the shipment of this game. So a shout out to Kevin for his help.

    Used Beltmann Relocation Group out of Illinois. Cost a little over $500.00 to ship blanket wrap service. Again made this shipment easy. Extremely helpful with the process.

    Arrived unscathed. CRST was the carrier and the driver were extremely helpful.

    Game overall is in a much nicer shape than the Haunted House regarding graphics. Could probably use a new back glass as it’s faded quite a bit.

    Missing the 8 track player and tape. My last Twin Rifle had an 8 track player and a Duck Hunt 8 track.

    So definitely will have to figure out something regarding sound.

    Missing the trigger guard on one of the gun sticks. One of the deer look to be broken but with luck maybe I’ll find the piece in the game when I tear it down. Or have one to make a mold and replicate.

    Came with the original schematic which was a nice surprise

    1062F671-D05E-476E-8A7C-9C00899637E3 (resized).jpeg

    Gun stocks and barrels will need restored. But minimal issues. Finishing up Haunted House this weekend.

    F89F8E4F-0115-429F-BAEA-41E6D44C5E58 (resized).jpeg

    Then will start cleaning up the Twin. Not much more will fit in the family arcade here. Really need to restore what I have before I make another purchase.

    Couldn’t help but to jump on this one.


    #2 4 months ago

    Looks like some fun ahead!

    #3 4 months ago

    Following. Love em gun games

    #4 4 months ago

    Love me some EM shooting games, very cool.
    We have a Big Top twin rifle in our collection.

    #5 4 months ago

    So rarely I do this but while I’m in Haunted House graphics mode. I’m going to finish that up then jump into the Twins exterior graphics.

    Painted the bottom of the game and removed the leg level plates. This game saw some water at the bottom. Plates were disintegrated.

    20D2FDAA-3D5D-4862-8080-B66280E0DC1E (resized).jpeg

    My backdrop has water damage and I believe I’m going to have to clean it up and maybe repaint it. Will have to make a judgement call. once I have it broken down.

    Purchased wheels for the game and made the best match I could to the orange paint.
    Side panels looks like polished metal and I’m going to find a way to polish them again. May be able to flip them and reverse sides.

    I had a stroke of luck and found the other half of the deer inside the bottom of the game. So that will save me from finding one.

    75A736E9-EC1C-493A-A761-F58F69D6EEF2 (resized).jpeg

    These targets are extremely fragile. So will be inspecting all of them.

    Been looking for an 8 track player. May be a good opportunity to rig up a wave trigger. Will need to find some outdoor downloadable files.

    Trigger guards look to be Savage but having a hard time finding the exact guard. Really need two the Twin and the Super Scope.

    Well will keep pushing hard on completion of the haunted house and then all the focus will be on the Twin.


    #6 4 months ago

    I have one that we did a semi restore on. Looks nice, powder coated everything we needed to, repaint cabinet, etc. Still had an issue with the gun being super accurate. Not sure how good these can get but let me know what you end up with. Looking forward to following your work!

    #7 4 months ago

    Will definitely let you know. The last one I owned was fully restored when I bought it. Was extremely dependable. Never had to do one thing to it but play.

    This one is in decent shape. Everything needs cleaned, inspected, and adjusted. Guessing Gun alignment will also need to be adjusted.

    Thanks for posting! OHEMIO

    #8 4 months ago

    Following! Love the double gun games.
    Someone was making a modern sound board that could drop in to any Williams rifle game, should be easy enough to repurpose that or make your own to replace the 8 track.

    #9 4 months ago

    Following! There used to be a pinball museum (Shoot Again, Essen) about 20 miles from my home and they had a TR. The two-player competitive aspect makes it a really fun gun game.

    #10 4 months ago

    What are the thoughts on increasing the pad size of the gun contact so that way the slight alignment issue I have would allow for a larger buffer to activate a target? Thinking of doing this to have the guns hit a little more liberally and thus making it a little more of a fair game between player 1 and 2. I think it would make it about finding/hitting the target faster more so than having a slight alignment issue.

    #11 4 months ago
    Quoted from inhomearcades:

    What are the thoughts on increasing the pad size of the gun contact so that way the slight alignment issue I have would allow for a larger buffer to activate a target? Thinking of doing this to have the guns hit a little more liberally and thus making it a little more of a fair game between player 1 and 2. I think it would make it about finding/hitting the target faster more so than having a slight alignment issue.

    Not a bad idea. You'd likely need to fab up a new one with a larger tapered head. You need to be careful to use a soft conductive metal so it doesn't eat up the traces on the bakelite board.

    #12 4 months ago
    Quoted from dudah:

    Following! Love the double gun games.
    Someone was making a modern sound board that could drop in to any Williams rifle game, should be easy enough to repurpose that or make your own to replace the 8 track.

    Yeah If you recall I was considering electronic sound with the Haunted House.

    However it was the battle I wanted to win with that rats nest of an 8 track that pressed me to give it a go...I won thankfully...not sure I won the war regarding

    I’m finding that 8 tracks are increasing in value like everything else of nostalgia.

    #13 4 months ago
    Quoted from Pinslot:

    Following! There used to be a pinball museum (Shoot Again, Essen) about 20 miles from my home and they had a TR. The two-player competitive aspect makes it a really fun gun game.

    What I missed the most of not having this game in the family arcade was the competitive nature of the game play.

    I remember my daughters being young and letting them win just shooting off to the side of the target.

    They are all over 21 years of age now. Time has flown by quickly. Thanks for posting! OHEMIO

    #14 4 months ago

    Happy Sunday everyone. So decided to complete the cosmetics first on this Resto.

    Made a little progress thus far. Will spend some of the day today completing the first side with graphics.

    What a huge difference paint makes with smoked stained games.

    24F88B56-7959-4725-A3EC-CCAFE21267B5 (resized).jpeg034061E7-A77A-45FE-A052-0993FBA0169B (resized).jpeg

    Few other gifts from the 70s

    Nice rendition of a marijuana leaf and some gum probably from the same era.

    4C533EB8-EA1A-459E-BDA4-C4DF536360F7 (resized).jpeg3DE9B429-0B29-4E0E-BBBB-A2A9E8E709FC (resized).jpeg

    Have a great day everyone!


    #15 4 months ago

    Good morning...

    More of a cabinet update. Painted all white areas top, back, left side. Hope to wrap up the cabinet graphics this weekend. Then jump into the mechanical.

    Also need to start restoring the rifle stocks. Have to purchase a few trigger guards. Looking on the bay for those now. Possibly local gun shop.

    1DC316FC-17CF-41C0-ADBC-BB73DF9DD686 (resized).jpeg8CFC6CA9-0F49-4217-89BE-77AD5B4C9D2F (resized).jpegA762C607-8160-455C-AD39-8B1AB53496D7 (resized).jpegD9D4E041-2A27-47E7-A7C7-14550CDCD2E4 (resized).jpeg81285273-C7C5-4AFF-BEDD-D27718E07BC6 (resized).jpeg
    #16 4 months ago
    638AE16B-F80B-494A-8C10-930456F0B43F (resized).jpeg
    1 week later
    #17 4 months ago

    Happy Fathers Day to you Dads out there...update...Have spent the past several days off and on refreshing the graphics on the Twin.

    Pretty much down to the white portion of the front bottom of the game. Should wrap up tomorrow morning. Then install wheels and the will be jumping into cleaning everything from top to bottom.

    37CEBAA0-53DC-4F05-9A70-EABB14717906 (resized).jpeg223279C6-CEED-48F9-9B49-DE1FE2BC8DF2 (resized).jpeg14110A6E-EB1B-431E-8F20-04BC9E311155 (resized).jpeg

    Removed all the speakers and boards. Ordering a fresh set of speakers...looks like there are two 4 inch and one 2 inch.

    3C2ED783-5268-45A5-870E-1D8F23B05F98 (resized).jpeg

    Matched up Caps to Voltage. Here is what I’m going to swap out.

    6F8FAB8D-4F27-475C-A3AC-EEE8F0C7D862 (resized).jpeg

    Going to repaint speaker rings and screens along with the coin door and brackets.

    Restoration should pick up some steam. Will be off on vacation the week of the 4th and due to COVID not really going anywhere.

    #18 4 months ago

    Good evening...more cosmetics tonight. This is the first time I’ve restored cosmetics before mechanics and electronics.

    However I’m finding it’s more motivating to do it this way.

    Lower graphics and wheels on...

    357CF3C9-E81F-4CE4-943E-0AD21BF0AA51 (resized).jpeg76E830DB-8D81-45CD-AB31-C0A0E9A5FD16 (resized).jpeg

    Player 1 and 2 block...surprisingly this is wood not metal. Anodized red buttons are still in decent shape.

    3912BC24-46BC-4819-B0D5-135478F02016 (resized).jpeg

    Coin Door was in decent shape I didn’t want to mess with the door label. So frog tape and exact-o knife. Went with Rustoleum black hammer rattle can. Really happy the way the hammer paint on the coin door came out.

    25D95253-D5C3-4F9B-A85F-E62F64782648 (resized).jpegCB32729E-02E1-4B11-9C20-30957D17E8B1 (resized).jpeg

    Balance of the metal components. All came out equally as good. Believe I’m going to polish and clear the speaker grills.

    A0AE9547-84F2-4566-B821-F98B7EC9FC61 (resized).jpeg

    Also bought a can of Black Hammer brush paint to use on my bee hives. Used a foam brush. Again couldn’t be more happy with how well these came out.

    A5425389-99CB-4653-93D8-2F72D9E77718 (resized).jpegA4DD2B71-7F7D-4257-98EC-2A15FAF04159 (resized).jpeg94A6B2E1-E087-4E36-B187-DC2DF690C1CF (resized).jpeg

    Next up is restoring gun barrels and gun stocks. This game will have one major challenge cosmetically.

    All the Formica top components need to have the rust removed and polished.

    Ordered three trigger guards. These were not cheap 64.00 with shipping. However wanted matching Trigger Guards.

    Not sure how I’m going to get the background out of this game to restore it. The bottom of the playfield is not designed to pull out for cleaning.

    Anyone out there that has had to do this during their restoration open to any ideas.


    #19 3 months ago

    Good continues on the Twin.

    A lot of sanding, Dremel work, hand polishing, and rattle can spraying, and staining this weekend with the Twin restoration. Time consuming detail work...but necessary.

    Vinegar bath for all the top side metal components for a couple of days removed rust.

    3E33C9B2-D3A8-47AC-A782-409B76667AFF (resized).jpeg

    Initially painted the gun barrels Rustoleum gloss black. Didn’t really care for how they looked when they were finished.

    Decided to go with Rustoleum dark grey metallic and that seemed to give the barrels the look I wanted. Somewhere between gloss and flat.

    (As a side note the third barrel, scope and gun stock is from my CDI Super Scope pending restoration. Decided to restore with the Twin since I was in barrel and gunstock restoration mode.)

    7643DFEB-FCEE-4686-8314-C88984036EDE (resized).jpeg0D62A70B-4878-4D2B-A6C2-D90A26583A7C (resized).jpegF920BB4C-0373-471A-B2FE-70FCD05F5C1D (resized).jpeg

    Gun stocks were sanded carefully with a DeWalt vibrating tool and 120 grit sand paper, Varathane gunstock stain, and 4 coats clear Varathane polyurethane.

    B9EE7A0A-942F-4200-96D1-99068A3756FF (resized).jpegF50998F2-C98C-401C-8C8A-E8641837270A (resized).jpegC74DD154-E9EF-4084-ADDA-C27ABDC3E324 (resized).jpeg

    Plan going to make a big push this week as I’m on a stay-cation due to COVID.


    1 month later
    #20 80 days ago

    Good evening everyone.

    Many days since I posted. Will say that the Twin is up and running. Still have a few things to do. Think that is always the case when you have an EM collection.

    So started reviewing looking through the gun bake lights and discovered on player two three wires disconnected from the bake light.

    0CB65042-A339-4D4C-9104-0FC1C6EAC459 (resized).jpeg

    Also had to do some repair to the gun switch internals. Wires were damaged so spent a little time repairing and re-assembling. Picked up a bottle of liquid tape.

    5D3F31BB-3C1D-474E-A448-7331FEF06DB8 (resized).jpeg
    F0CBF47D-1E4C-452C-9B8D-C98CA97D8ED8 (resized).jpeg
    2523CB87-EB0E-4680-A912-9152DBB32C9F (resized).jpeg

    Reassembled the rifles and affixed to the gun deck.

    025E124F-98DF-41E5-AB66-35A76510F17A (resized).jpeg
    B9BD5459-45E8-4286-B062-2D01D2E4E020 (resized).jpeg

    The stylus pins are somewhat flattened. I have one original replacement that came with the game. One NOS I bought 10 years ago when I had my first Twin. However going to work with what’s installed then change out if needed.

    Moving onto the sound board. Replaced all the CAPs. More to come on this board later on.

    B701C67F-D6B1-4C42-AA06-473D38D7798C (resized).jpeg

    Cleaned every stepper unit, every switch assembly, every score reel (all frozen solid with oil. Repaired missing contact on Trigger relay.

    A95CC7C9-0912-4209-8D23-B7FA177E1847 (resized).jpeg

    Gently and I mean was very careful with cleaning the animals. Every plunger was cleaned and polished. Metal arms and pins they rode on cleaned and polished.

    5CD008ED-CF34-4342-BB11-A2AD4A5D90D5 (resized).jpeg
    5CE0EEAE-D0AF-4C65-B477-B1B9AFA70556 (resized).jpeg

    Found pieces of animals at the bottom of the which I hot glued back together. Deer, ducks, mountain lion all needed some TLC.

    163697E4-E021-41DD-969F-2ACDFE215EEC (resized).jpeg

    So now to what’s remaining...

    Backdrop at the bottom of the game needs cleaned and restored. Very gentle cleaning of the playfield will really go a long way. There is a risk of damaging the trees.

    Sound board. New speaker no sound in the small speaker after cap change.

    Checked pins for the board connector. Plugged board back sound. Found a post stating I may need an audio chip The cross/call out is LM380. Also going to order to 10k and 100k for the volume.

    The only thing this board controls is the gun sound for both rifles. The small board it to power the 8 track player for the larger speakers.

    Past that point. Missing 8 track or it wasn’t ordered. So will need to procure a new.

    358EDDE4-6EC1-406F-A523-7FECCB2A0A23 (resized).jpegD007B5FE-BA55-4CB4-9536-4397FE81EDE9 (resized).jpeg

    Sight adjustments will need some work especially on Rifle #1

    Twin has been nestled safely next to the Haunted House...

    31605CE6-AECB-4E17-AEDC-FC105C002F30 (resized).jpeg

    More to come in the near future...


    #21 80 days ago

    i *may* have some complete, unbroken targets - let me know if you need any.

    #22 75 days ago


    Thanks for jumping on the post. My targets are surprisingly in decent shape this time around. Owned my first Twin 10 years ago.

    Love your collection...really amazing. Just played a Centigrade 37 at Las Vegas Pinball museum. Really a great pin.

    Really appreciate the offer.


    1 week later
    #23 66 days ago

    Update. Changed the 10K, 100K pots as well as swapped the IC chip. Plugged the board back in. Like a kid that got the broken toy on Christmas morning. sound.

    Now going to look into the zener diode and possibly the transistors. Uncharted territory for this EM guy on board components. Good opportunity to learn.


    2 weeks later
    #24 49 days ago

    Game is coming along great!

    The sound boards on these games can be difficult to fix. The boards uses 2 separate voltages to run. One is on pin 14 of the amplifier chip and the other is on the cathode of the zener. When you turn the volume on full, do you get any sound at all, like a hiss, buzzing, etc ?

    #25 47 days ago


    Get a faint clicking noise when I engage the trigger but that is it. Replaced the chip. Replaced the pots.

    My next stop was going to be replacing the zener and the transistors.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have the right equipment to test this as I learn though this repair and that is part of the issue.

    So my thought was to swap components as I find them until it would correct the issue.

    Do you have a schematic for this board that you can share? It’s not on the original schematic for the game.

    Although I know they used internal numbers at CDI it may help me visualize better route of voltage.

    Appreciate you posting...OHEMIO

    4 weeks later
    #26 18 days ago

    Just starting the restoration of my Twin Rifle. Have you found any good way to "calibrate" the guns so they hit the targets they are aimed at? Thanks

    #27 18 days ago

    Good morning pinmster...congrats on the Twin.

    Wish this was easy. The right way to do this is with a sight bracket. Not easy to do without it. Pretty much a pain in the...

    The original bracket is mounted under the pin deck and I’m missing mine. Maybe yours is there but most are missing.

    I need to fab one of these would be helpful for any rifle arcade in my opinion when doing alignment.

    Mine is not 100% calibrated but I have it very close after toying with both rifles and rivet bake lights for a couple of hours.

    Here are the instructions if you do not have a manual. Snapped these off line on the iPhone as reference.

    25070E20-C9E1-47AD-A8D4-B0160F7308E5 (resized).png
    3FB86E17-1E98-46C7-939F-0FD2AFC5A1F7 (resized).png
    527CA2A2-8C89-4FD6-94FB-9155C5E71964 (resized).png
    690099C8-693B-4FE9-A28E-56464CB17BC2 (resized).png
    87308C42-1ECF-4AB5-B512-741723696CB9 (resized).png
    946043CD-87A1-44EE-91C8-FCBB097A2D3F (resized).png

    So I marked the key rivets using the instructions for calibration with a sharpie. Starting with the Buffalo walked through the instructions the best I could. Also used the schematic to identify the targets on the bake light.

    I used a small Irwin clamp to clamp the chain on the pin deck where it attaches to the U-Bolt. This was not a great method by any means.

    Adjusted, screwed the board down, then played a game. Played many many games for that matter.

    However it got me close for now until I make the bracket to adjust this properly.

    If possible and when you adjust yours post how you completed yours if you don’t have the bracket. Everyone utilized different methods and it would be interesting to see yours

    I’m searching for proper sights for the barrels if you would share a pic of yours. That would be helpful as I’m searching for a set.

    Also working on my sound board off and on and looking for someone that has a component sheet and values for this board that could share it.

    Not sure it exists...

    Hope this helps...good luck!


    #28 13 days ago

    What are the 2 adjustable pots on the sound board for?

    #29 12 days ago

    Jethro P

    Glad you brought this up. Just been distracted with work and family visits and get togethers. I just found manual online and downloaded it. They control sound.

    Twin Rifle Sound Board (resized).jpg

    These pots wear out. They are only good for so many turns up and down.

    If others need the Manual it is out there if you search for Chicago Coin Twin Rifle Manual. Schematic is also out there. Tough to see the small print in the attached.

    Although I know from reading some other posts that they did not use the actual values of the components but internal part numbers. My issue is I'm not an expert in the field of electronics. Don't have the proper equipment to test.

    This lends me to spend more money than needed at times. On the other hand these are components in most cases that are past their normal life span regarding use. So I don't worry to much about the cost. Replaced the IC chip, the pots, and I'm going to probable replace the zener diode, and transistors as these are readily available and I have saw from other posts these were issues when others tried to repair.

    Will post my board corrections and what I learn.


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