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1970 Williams Strike Zone Start Up Troubles *SOLVED*

By KC_Masterpiece

9 days ago

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#1 9 days ago

Hey guys, I have been battling this machine for a while now, and despite every effort, I haven't been able to correct this issue. I got the machine in stored condition. Everything was pretty much frozen up and dirty. I cleaned everything, looked over every switch for decent action, and everything looked fine. Every unit now works freely and switches are adjusted to function properly.

It has a problem where it starts a 2 player game, and seems to get stuck in reset for a random number of score motor revolutions, then will start a game. Sometimes it will start a 1 player game just fine. Mostly though, it starts 1 player, adds the second player and just sits there resetting the main relay bank, decrementing the credit wheel, and adding to the playmeter until some mystery condition is met. I'll break down what it does in order as best I can:

Press start button
Decrement credit wheel
Add to play meter
Scores start resetting to zero
Reset main relay bank
1 player light on
Kick out a ball
Normal 1 player game.

When it does this, it doesn't reset or add a second player while you are playing. The main relay bank also resets only once at the proper times. Everything functions as it should.

Here is what is usually does:

Press start button
Decrement credit wheel
Add to play meter
Start resetting scores to zero
Reset main relay bank
1 player light on
Reset main relay bank
2 player light on
Kick out a ball...

Now the game may start normally, or it can get stuck in reset decrementing the credit wheel, adding to the play meter, and firing the main relay bank solenoid from 1 time, or up to as many times as it takes to satisfy it. Once again, after start up it plays normally and resets the main bank at the proper times without having to do it multiple times.

Looking at the mechanism panel, you can see the replay relay, reset relay, and coin relay energize. The reset relay drops out when the scores zero, but the coin relay and the replay relay stay energized. You can see that with every score motor revolution the coin relay opens like it should, but immediately re-energizes. The replay relay just stays energized. As far as I can see, the replay unit and coin unit both eventually de-energize at the same time.

My thoughts are the relay bank, credit wheel and playmeter are all being repeatedly actuated because the coin relay won't de energize, but I cannot yet figure out WHY the coin relay is energized! Every switch on the panel looks good. They all have been cleaned and I have made sure there are good gaps on N.O. switches and that every switch has good wiping action. All the M.B. switches also look good. The game over and tilt relay on the main bank has also been cleaned and the switches look like they make strong contact. I understand a switch may look clean, but maybe aren't making contact? I need some guidance as to what to do next. Thanks!

#2 9 days ago

That make/break switch on score motor cam 5 looks to make them drop out. I guess you have turned the score motor by hand and made sure that this make/break is operating cleanly as the score motor turns? If it sometimes works it could be marginal and need a bit of tweaking.

#3 9 days ago

Ah you see the coin relay drop out but then re-energize. Going for another gander at the schematic.

Seems to me the replay relay should drop out simultaneously with the coin relay. If it is not that would cause the coin relay to re-energize.

That is a bit of a puzzler...you could see if it can be replicated with the "Service Jack" in service mode and turning the score motor by hand. If on cam 5 the coin relay drops out but not the replay relay, time to start sticking fish paper in switches to see what is keeping it energized.

#4 9 days ago

Thanks Dr_Nybble. I have definitely examined the score motor switches and they appear to function perfectly. I will try this out and post.

#5 9 days ago

Allright, the results were very interesting. I pressed the start button, started slowly rotating the score motor. The reset bank energized, the coin, replay, and reset relays energized. The reset relay dropped out like it should, and as I turned it to the spot where the coin relay dropped out, the replay relay stayed pulled in--some of the times. Some times it worked right. So, I stopped the cam right where the coin relay drops out and slightly rocked it back and forth to energize and de-energize the coin relay. That would make the replay relay drop out. Sometimes I only had to do it once, and one time it took 17 times.

#6 6 days ago

Dr Nybble,

After messing around with the machine for a while in service mode, I finally realized the replay relay was physically stuck, not being energized. I had actuated it plenty of times by hand and it never stuck then, it was only when energized by the machine that it sometimes stuck. I cleaned all the moving surfaces on the relay and increased the leaf pressure just a little bit and that gave it the extra it needed to open up quickly when switch 5a opened. Slowing everything down was a great tool to see what was going on! Thanks!

The Machine is fixed.

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