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1968 - Gottlieb - Four Seasons - various questions about repairs

By arthurl

2 years ago

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#1 2 years ago

Hi all,

This is a bit new to me. I've just a bough a 1968 Gottlieb Four Seasons, this is my first pinball. https://pinside.com/pinball/machine/four-seasons Four Seasons

The pinball is in pretty good condition and has been restored in part (paint job, some rubbers replaced, back glass secured, etc.)

The parts that don't work are as follows :

- the main problem is that the player wheel in the back doesn't turn so I have to turn it manually whenever a player looses (unless they have the "Same Player Shoots Again" lit up)
- A few light bulbs are out
- Missing glass on top
- The pinball is in free to play, but I'd like to be able to get the coins working for fun (and be able to switch between the two - no intention of for-profit there)
- I'm not sure if the 100 points when lit is correct
- Some shoot-out-of-hole (don't know yet what the term is) are a bit bet and probably should not shoot the ball in that exact direction
- I'm not sure if the "Credit count" is correct (so the Free Game when you reach a certain point isn't really in the game so far).
- the pinball didn't have the schematics in it, although there is a fair bit of documentation next to each relay and "programming" wheel

So my questions are as follows :

- do you have any recommendations as to where I can get or purchase the schematics (digital version is fine) ?
- do you have recommendations as to how and where I should buy the glass on top (in France) ?
- is there a recommended inclination ?
- how do you troubleshoot the player wheel not turning ? (more of what I tried in the 1st comment I'll do below)

Thanks in advance for you help, I'm having a lot of fun so far looking into the circuits and all. And keep in mind I'm totally new to the game...

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#2 2 years ago

So, the things I've done so far :

- I've tried to trouble shoot the player wheel not turning : there are two relays, one to turn it clockwise (next player) and another to turn it anti-clockwise (reset on multiple turns), I tested the clockwise relay with a multimeter, everything looks connected.
- I then connected it to the bell which seems to also have 30V, and it worked, the player would change everytime the bell would ring, so it's not getting current.
- I tried to follow the cable (mostly black with streaks of red) but couldn't find it in the bottom part of the pinball
- I tried to connect that cable with a few of cables coming from the "Motor switch positions" - in the best case scenario it switched player but the player is incorrectly selected at the start

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#3 2 years ago

for free play You have to shorten the 3rd and 4th contact of the credit relay in the backbox. See the black wires on my image. Just ignore the yellow ones.
You can install a switch there to toggle free play.
Just make sure, You remove any other helpers and adjust the relay switches properly, If You want to add credits.

The playfield glass ist standard size (21" x 43"x 3/16") tempered glass.


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#4 2 years ago
Quoted from arthurl:

- do you have any recommendations as to where I can get or purchase the schematics (digital version is fine) ?

Pinball Resource in the USA, is the sole licensed supplier of Gottlieb parts, and Schematics. You might find a used schematic for sale some where.

For the glass there are a few options. First, if you can find the correct fitting used glass, possibly on a pinball ad site in the UK or in Europe. You can also have a local glass shop cut, edge, and temper a new sheet of glass. The dimensions of the glass will be in inches. You will have to decide on which is the best money spent on your game, New or Used. You could make a template with a large piece of cardboard.

Gottlieb EM incline is built into the game. Get under the game, better with a friend, take a level, and check the level along the edges of the cabinet sides.
The feet are called levers, there will be a nut, and the foot with the threaded shaft rotate up and down. Some times they will be rusted and stuck. When the bottom is level the playfield will be set at an incline. Most people will raise the rear of the game 1 to 2 inches higher than the factory setting, for more speed, which can lead to quicker ball play.

#5 2 years ago

fuegi thanks for the info, I'll be looking into adding a switch there, right now the pinball is on free to play. Thanks for the dimensions of the glass

Darcy thanks for information about the schematics and the glass suppliers I'll look into it. For the incline, great to learn about that, the levers are in good shape and the threaded shafts do correctly rotate, so I'll have to find a level to check it. Thanks for the info about the "extra incline" which can do a quicker ball (it did cross my mind that would be possible)

Today I managed to get the player changing bug by finding the faulty switch : 1A on the motor control would not close, so a simple bending of the switch got it working! I'm so happy! It's a game changer for the play-ability. I can enjoy the game for a bit before going onto the next repairs. (and especially other people can play without me putting my hands in the electronics every time the player needs changing).

Thanks everyone for your advise and tips, this feels like a very welcoming community.

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