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1967 gottlieb super score reset/ball play unit confusion

By Jacktsai24

3 months ago

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#1 3 months ago

Ok ive been reading and studying the forum posts and the whole “troubleshoot” guideline. Firstly. Thank you to everyone that had contributed to that because it definitely helped me diagnose so many things!

So ive gotten literally everything to work however im stuck on this problem

I hit the start/replay button Ball 1 lights up. Game play everything functions. And when the ball drains. It triggers the ball drain switch. Score motor whirls and it kicks into the ball return then it triggers the chute trigger and ball is back in the chute. It stays at ball 1.

Now i checked to see if power goes to the selenoid to advance the ball player unit. Nothing. If i advance the ball play unit to 2/3/4/5. When i hit the replay button the upper reset selenoid for the ball play unit triggers and it resets to ball 1

The add a ball relay clicks(relay B) however when it does the score motor whirls and the control bank resets.

So everytime the ball drains. The score motor whirls and the whole control bank resets.

I bought the whole schematic for game. I have used schematics before but wow. Apparently im not used to this complicated of a schematic.

Im wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction? When the ball drains is the score motor supposed to whirl and the control bank supposed reset?

From reading the schematic i saw that the control bank has a first ball relay. Would that trigger after first ball drains or when the chute switch is triggered via the first ball served?

But after the first ball drains the whole control bank resets so wouldnt that render the first ball relay reset again and thus why it keeps playing on ball 1?

#2 3 months ago

Normally the control bank only reset at the beginning of a game.
At end of ball the motor should spin.
Motor 2C control both the control bank and add balls played unit.

I would need to see the portion of the schematic for the add balls played unit to help any further.

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#3 3 months ago

So picture one is the motor switch position and the other is where i see the balls played unit

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#4 3 months ago

So knowing the information ArgosySK told me. Stack 2B also has an issue then cause its triggering the U relay to reset the whole control bank when the ball drains would that be correct?

#5 3 months ago

The reset of the control bank is controlled by the switches highlighted in green. I suspect that the "zero pos. balls Played" is closed instead of open.
(This switch is in the back box).

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#6 3 months ago

So went to town today to check the zero pos ball played. That switch if the balls played unit advances to 2 the reed switch switches over and as long as i trigger the first ball relay on the bank it will allow the balls played unit to function normally. I split the wiring harness apart so i can start tracing.

#7 3 months ago

Can you post the first ball relay portion of the schematic (and what coil letter that relay is).

#8 3 months ago
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#9 3 months ago

I didn't see ZB on the snippet you sent.

#10 3 months ago

Sigh sorry. Maybe this is why im struggling and barking up the wrong tree. Ill go to my garage and snag a picture of the right area tomorrow. I legit thought i was pointing to zb.

#11 3 months ago
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#12 3 months ago

No problem. My old eyes go buggy if I look at the schematic too long.

It looks like the 1st ball relay is triggered when a pop bumper or single point is scored. Can you confirm that it does?

If not, I suspect this contact maybe need to be cleaned.

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#13 3 months ago

So ArgosySK i was checking and i sourced the stem of this ball issue.. this all stems cause the sequence bank doesnt reset. If i manually reset the sequence bank everything functions like its supposed to. The first ball relay triggers and game play goes through normally
Im going to jumper test to see if the solenoid works and trace backwards. The reset solenoid has a plastic sleeve which from reading up on here means that it has been serviced. Am i correct? The wiring that is also updated

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#14 3 months ago

Pull and check the fuse, then the motor switch. The RB armature can be trick (It is under the control bank).

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#15 3 months ago

Yeah. Im going to start tracing back. Its strange. Sometimes the control bank resets. Sometimes it does not and score motor spins. I definitely was not paying attention to the sequence bank cause it was on the playfield and so i was too busy staring into the cabinet. But the sequence bank definitely does not. I have a good fuse at both. Also want to check the 120volt hold relay there also. Ill keep you posted and see where i trace this back to

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