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1960 Williams Official Baseball question

By Seamlesswall

23 days ago

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#1 23 days ago

When we first got the game I know the "previous high score" was working. It took a 10 year old at some point
to sadly tell me that he beat it but it didn't register. My inner reaction - think W.C. Fields.
So now I'm sleuthing to figure this out. The schematic circuitry for the previous high score is extensive.
I do understand (believe) that the reset score stops at 20 when the reset button is pushed. I assume that this
on purpose so that the player has something to shoot for. I have not spent a huge amount of time
on this yet (other than to create a higher score than 20 which did not produce a higher score to beat on the red reels) but thought I'd ask here if anyone has an idea where I might begin looking. And yes, it is enabled via the plug choice.

#2 23 days ago

After looking at the schematic for a while I think I have an idea of how it's supposed to work. This I think is the interesting bit:
Official Baseball high score (resized).jpgOfficial Baseball high score (resized).jpg
You'll have to confirm my assumptions but here's a start.

At the top left is a wiper on the red high score 10 run score reel (or DU - Disk Unit). Below and to the right are switches on the 1st and 2nd Run relays. These I think are the relays that fire when player 1 and 2 score runs. The high score 10 run score reel picks which pair of switches are used to determine a new high score based on the current high score.

I think the high score on this game maxes out at 45 (is that correct?) so I'd expect to see 5 positions (0-4) drawn in the upper left, not just four. Maybe since the high score resets to 20 they optimized the drawing a bit.

To the right are two step units (1st & 2nd Run SU) - one for each player. I think this game has a step unit for each player to keep track of the number of runs up to 45, in addition to the score reels that show through the backglass. It's an expensive design choice. I'd have to look into it more to understand why but it might facilitate this high score feature.

As the game progresses the wipers on the 1st and 2nd Run step units advance to the right as players score runs. For the first 19 (?) positions/runs there is no way through the steppers. In the 20-29 runs range the wiper on either stepper can complete a circuit through the high score 1 run score reel if the high score 10 run score reel on the left is in the 2 position (indicating twenty something runs). Similarly for thirty something and forty something runs the wipers on the 45-step steppers are compared against the high score 1 run score reel position if the high score 10 run score reel is in the correct position (3 or 4) even though it's not completely drawn out on the schematic. You can't blame them for not wanting to draw out all 45 stepper contacts. It would have been too chaotic.

When a player does eventually match the number of runs on the high score runs score reels, the High Score Imp. relay fires the next time the player scores a run and closes the EOS (end of stroke) switch on the 45 step run stepper. This I think advances the red high score runs score reel. The high score 10 runs score reel advances if the 1 runs score reel is at 9, just like other score reels.

The schematic on IPDB.org is kind of rough in places. If you have a good schematic consider having it scanned and submitting a better copy to IPDB:
https://www.ipdb.org/machine.cgi?id=3474 (click on Submit Changes in the upper right).


#3 21 days ago

Mark - Triple thank you's! I assumed no one would chime in since it was somewhat obscure but you gave me specific places to look at. I owe you a beer if you ever venture to Pastime Pinball. Update, there is a possibility it is working on it's own as I went to the location (yes to have a beer) when customers where there and noticed it was at 22. I could have sworn I left it at 20. Possibly Willie Mays had a hand in fixing it somehow, you never know.

Official Baseball (resized).jpgOfficial Baseball (resized).jpg
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