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1958 Bally cypress garden

By Nuttycivicsi

1 year ago

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Upstepping odds (resized).jpg
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#1 1 year ago

I’m working on this unit and have everything working except the odds
All lights flash and stuff put a coin in and resets but the odds won’t step up ?
I can’t figure what triggers the odds coils to step them up if it’s switches on the control unit or the switches on the board when it moves up
And down ?
Any help
Is greatly appreciated

#2 1 year ago

Sorry it’s a Bally bingo cypress gardens

#3 1 year ago

If you only put 1 coin in the machine.......... the Odds will be set to the lowest settings, and you
only get 1 game to play.
Manually place more credits on the game and see if you can advance the Odds.
If they don't advance then, then you have to trace the circuits back from the 'step-up' units on the schematic.

#4 1 year ago

Yeah that’s my issue one coin does it light up the first odds and additional coins do nothing ! It’s like it’s not getting the signal to step them up !
But I can’t find exactly what triggers to step them up if it’s a switch on the control unit or the board that slides up and down cam ??

#5 1 year ago

I'd examine the score unit. Is the stepper advancing when you manually push the plunger into the step-up coil on that unit? Does the score unit stepper reset crisply to the index position when you manually push the plunger into the reset coil? If not, you probably need to remove the wiper arms and clean the unit. When you start a game, what happens if you manually step up the score unit? The odds should advance. I'd first make sure the score unit is physically in good operational order. The circuitry that controls odds advances is an interaction between the spotting disc and mixers.

#6 1 year ago

Yes I can step all three up manually and works perfect odds light up and pays out credits and then new game resets them to 0 positions
Something is just stopping what ever triggers the step up of the score units
So put in a nickel all resets and starts game ball comes out no odds show !
Then I manually click odds on the score units and play the balls it works as normal then resets new game but again no odds !
So I can’t figure out what actually triggers the solenoids on the score units to step up the odds !
I’m not sure what they call them on the schematics to follow it

#7 1 year ago

You're looking for something labeled "Score s.u. coil" (or similar wording) at the bottom of the schematic. s.u. means step-up.

#8 1 year ago

Ok I will check that when I get home tonight thank you

#9 1 year ago

Is this what I’m looking for ??

image (resized).jpg
#10 1 year ago

That is correct. I forgot that your game has triple-deck scoring. If there is a circuit to one of those s.u. coils, the odds for that color should advance.

#11 1 year ago

Read or Re-read the operation of the Bingo here. There are a lot of switches and mixers
to get to the 'ODDS' functions.......
**** Verify the Mixers and Spotting unit is turning. They are probably working; you probably
have a switch mis-adjusted preventing the 50Volts getting to the Red, green, and yellow
Score units.
You have to trace the 50v. thru the system and see where it goes. I assume you have the

ScreenHunter_145 Jul. 15 07.39 (resized).jpg
#12 1 year ago

Check the 'open at top' switches on each score unit. If they are open, this behavior could, possibly, be happening.

Another possibility is that switch stack 7 on the control unit has been mangled.

@baldtwit would likely have a better idea - in my mind neither of these things could happen and prevent the second and third steps of the odds - the open limit switch would get the game stuck in reset, I'd wager. The mangled switch stack 7 would prevent initial stepping of the odds units.

Is the game tilted, by any chance?

#13 1 year ago

Upon second reading, double check the limit switches on each of your score units. It sounds like it is not making the initial step either?

#14 1 year ago

Check CU cam # 7A, 7C and 7D
Check CU cam # 7B for closing every rotation

Check 50 volt on CU cam 7B (red line)

Upstepping odds (resized).jpg
#15 1 year ago

Right......... I took a snap-shot of the same path to the Red, Green, and Yellow Score units.
I didn't post it....... I wanted to hear from You and Baldbit to verify my thoughts.
***** Follow the 50V...... *****
***** I would suggest putting Credits on the machine, instead of constantly dropping
coins to cycle the Bingo....

#16 1 year ago

It's easy to start the CG by hand by pressing the startrelay.
Just find the 50 volt on the way from the top to the step-up coil, following the red line through the mixer 4 and/or through the score feature before 3rd ball re and score feature before 4th ball re (are they both closed?)

Upstepping odds (resized).jpgUpstepping odds 2 (resized).jpg
#17 1 year ago

Another addition:
I think the first two steps are guaranteed steps.
So if you only got one step check if there is 50 volt on wire 85-4.
For instance see picture of the red score unit

red score disc (resized).jpg
#18 1 year ago

I will let you know what i find this week

Thank you all

#19 1 year ago

The only switch that is common to all three odds at zero and one is the extra ball trip relay #1, position L2. It seems to be the most logical place to look. To check quickly, jump the 30 wire to the lug on the red score unit bingobeast shared above. If that fixes it, your problem is almost certainly in this switch. An easy place to access the 30 wire for testing is the extra ball unit, the yellow wire on the end.

#20 1 year ago

Agreed okorange. I (probably incorrectly) ruled that out because it sounded like his odds were stepping once. But then I re-read and I wasn't sure. The switch stack 7 seems most logical to me, but it totally depends on if they are stepping once or not.

#21 1 year ago

bingopodcast I reread it and it does sound like it's stepping once to 4/16/75 at the start of a new game. nuttycivicsi is that true? Please confirm. Thanks.

#22 1 year ago

********Where is 'Nutty" ???
We can't help you , if you don't give us feedback.....
I was taking data on my 'Beach Time' and I burned up a relay coil, now I have to T/S
my own bingo......

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