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1954 Hawaiian Beauty Woodrail.

By treasurecove

10 years ago

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#1 10 years ago

Sometimes, after restoring 8 million (seems like it anyway) 1990's Bally/Williams, one needs to do something different for a change.

We found a Hawaiian Beauty (ruff shape ... ahem) and decided to restore it.

After many, many hours, the cabinet painting is just about done. When we got it, the cabinet had been completely painted solid red, but it was done in acryllic,... so we were able to remove it, and expose the outlines of the original artwork. Anyway, here's a few photos:





Now on to refinishing the wood trim.
We've already finished with the playfield, ... touchups and clear.

Once we've finished with the game, I'll prolly put it up on eBay, but if anyone is interested, by all means, drop me an email.


Here's a few playfield photos:




#2 10 years ago

looking good

#3 10 years ago

Wow! That looks really nice. Great job.

#4 10 years ago

That Gottlieb EM woodrail is in my all time "Top Ten" for playability and is on every woodrail collectors list too.
Nice game and quality work.

#5 10 years ago

Looks great!

#6 10 years ago

Look forward to seeing more

#7 10 years ago

More pictures please! Underneath playfield, coin door, inside backbox, etc.

Are you planning on installing a power switch? Will it get new cigarette holders?

#8 10 years ago

That is a beauty!!! Bought two games from Treasure Cove (Whitewater & CFTBL). Outstanding work

#9 10 years ago

thanks guys! All of the other assemblies are in various stages, so no more photos for now. THe hard work is done, so maybe in a few weeks we'll have her ready for "Show n Tell"!!!


#10 10 years ago

That's going to be beautiful once finished. Please update with more pix as you near completion.

#11 10 years ago

wow that look nice. I think the clear coat turned out great


#12 10 years ago

Allen, too much clear on the playfield. it just doesn't look right. when doing woodrails, a different approach needs to be taken, a minimalist approach is best. Other wise the game just doesn't look 'right'. you want to do the clear so when someone comes up, they ask, "is that cleared?" ... meaning they can't really tell. your surface is just too perfect. the games just never looked like that, even when new.

Gottlieb's "tough coat" was just a single coat of lacquer applied through a clear silk screen. It was pretty darn thin. So thin you could see the outlines of the prior silkscreened inks! so making the surface look like a skating rink, though good for 1990s and newer games, just isn't appropriate for this era of game. (Note in the 1970s Gottlieb's "tough coat" incremented the clear to *two* clear screens, but that's another story.)

anyway, hope that's helpful.
I do like the cabinet though, however i don't see any overspray on the colors (pictures aren't close enough though to really see that.)

#13 10 years ago

Hey man, thanks for the advice,...

The clearcoat is the normal stuff, and I scanned and made reverse vinyl decals to make stencils for the paint,.. but no, I couldn't reproduce the overspray on the cab. Considering what it looked like when we got it, .. We consider ourselves lucky to have gotten it this good,.. but perfect reproduction?,, ... far from it.
We're proud of it though, and like how nice it looks now.

#14 10 years ago

if you do the stencils with poster board or some similar material instead of vinyl you can easily get that original 'overspray' look. you can even buy stencil material that helps with this. It's a very good way to go. the lack of the 'overspray' is a dead giveaway of a repaint. but that assumes you're going for that, which you may not be... just don't try and make a 60+ year old game look like a WPC game. ha!

#15 10 years ago

I could not disagree more with cfh... It looks awesome. You guys are professionals, you know what your are doing and the look you want. Sometime its best to just say nice job, instead of you should have done this. Well done!

#16 10 years ago

I think Clay was trying to be constructive in how to achieve the factory look. Considering his body of work, he tends to restore to an as original appearance as possible.

The repaint as pictured does look very nice.

#17 10 years ago

I have to agree with Clay ... He is the resident wood rail expert in the community (or one of them).

I would want any restoration to be as close to the original look while providing protection to the PF. I don't want it so glassy smooth the the balls simply slide all over the PF rather than roll.

#18 10 years ago

As beautiful as this machine looks the clearcoat kills it for me. I am a huge EM fan and a huge fan of restored EMs. Most EM collectors are purists. I am only a purist when it comes to a clearcoat. I have to agree with Clay on this one. I hope that you guys happen to do more EMs in the future. Just ask for some pointers in the EM forums. We have like 30 guys in there that would tell you tips on how to get a factory webbing that looks amazing and just like they did in the 60's and 70's. Want a slight overspray? Ask the EM crowd how they do it. I am glad that you can take some constructive criticism because we just want to be as helpful as we can especially when it comes to old rare EM games where not many of a certain title exist in any given condition.


#19 10 years ago

The cabinet is fantastic, I have always thought one day I'll be "doing something different" too. It must be an exciting road to travel. Keep up the great work.

#20 10 years ago

Don't read it wrong, Allen's job looks great. just it doesn't look 'factory.' but i'm not entirely sure he was really going for that look. personally i want the old woodies to look like nice 60 year old examples, and not look like 1990s re-manufactured examples. but that's me, other's mileage may vary.

on the clear coat issue... it really is a big deal on woodrails to not have the playfield like a sheet of glass. why? it really messes up the game play in a big way. so much that you can easily max out the scoring on any particular game. That creates a HUGE problem where every score is 6 million 9 hundred thousand (that's as high as most Gottlieb woodrails go.) This happens because there's no ball roll resistance on the 'sheet of glass' and it just racks up the scores. on a 'normal' score reel EM this isn't a huge deal. Heck you 'roll it' and keep going. but on a woodrail when the score maxs, that's it, there's no more, there's no rolling it. Trust me on this, i've been there and done that, and it totally ruins the games. (Note not all Gottlieb woodrails will have this problem, but it really sucks when you play a game and max out the score consistently.)

The only way to 'fix' this is to make the game a lot steeper, and widen (the already wide) outlanes. but now you're messing with the game's design, and again, it doesn't play as it was intended or as designed. but there's really no choice, as you've effectively "ruined" the game with the clearcoat.

So having a sheet of glass as a playfield really is not a good thing on a woodrail (besides the obvious "boy that looks stupid" type thing when you first walk up to it.) this is years of experience talking in this regard. as in, "this ain't my first rodeo" type thing.

1 month later
#21 10 years ago

Playability aside, that sure is a beautiful looking finished game on eBay. Nice work!

New inspiration for me to get to my Hawaiian Beauty in storage awaiting restoration.

1 week later
#22 10 years ago

Wow - a high bid of $6,699 on eBay! And reserve price not met!

#23 10 years ago

Fantastic looking machine, and I'm sure it plays great. Appreciate the criticism of the methods used, but I don't agree that it "ruins the game". No big deal, OK to agree to disagree, as there is no paper so thin that it doesn't have two sides. It saddens me that in all likelihood, the guys who remember and/or appreciate the woodrails and wedgeheads are going the way of the woodrails and wedgeheads.

#24 10 years ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

Wow - a high bid of $6,699 on eBay! And reserve price not met!

north of 5K,


stunning machine Tho

5 months later
#25 9 years ago

I have one of these and it's in really great shape... backglass and playfield are pristine.... I'm interested in repainting the cabinet though - that's the only weakness. Can you give me some tips plus also do you remember what paint colors you used? I guess since the shapes are pretty simple I could make my own stencils.



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