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1934 Major League (44) Pamco

By Shoot_Again

3 years ago

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#1 3 years ago

Looking for info. Schematics, manual and possibly parts.

I picked up one recently and would like to try and get it going. Original dry cells were coroded. The rest looks pretty complete.

07F67A2F-5A6D-4B4D-8B60-452576BE5472 (resized).jpeg466F64D9-0729-4919-84FF-40F71F505DBC (resized).jpeg46CC7A9B-5F04-4D1E-859A-DA4CC3C0550F (resized).jpeg8335881E-D8FF-4FA4-ADCC-82FA5EDB9A17 (resized).jpeg8FEC45B3-ED75-4D4D-8D40-8343FB44F14F (resized).jpegCA2DAC58-EB39-4DF2-8172-9045492D7694 (resized).jpegCCF45DD2-41D0-4F70-B7C7-4CC0CAA57547 (resized).jpegF0BEC0DB-6D44-4337-82C3-97972BE075AB (resized).jpegF52606CA-72A1-41A8-8D99-30B7F546774E (resized).jpegF69D1F5E-D6D8-4AED-9864-120CBE1E44DD (resized).jpeg

#2 3 years ago

Nice pickup. Keep us posted on restoration.

#3 3 years ago

To get this started does anyone know the current output of a 1.5V dry cell. Brand name was Bond.

I need to apply power to test.

#4 3 years ago

I converted mine to line voltage. I tried 6V, but it was too weak. A 12V 5A worked much better.

226EC123-8E44-4B44-A010-CDCE31232B09 (resized).jpeg
#5 3 years ago

Sweet great info thank you very much!!!

Also these ceramic marbles look to be about 20mm.

I found white ones online 20mm and they have lines imbedded to make them look like baseballs

#6 3 years ago

Could you share a link for those....

#7 3 years ago

These are 1” so more like 24mm
They sell all sizes and shapes here.


#8 3 years ago

Measured the 2 marbles i have

Aprox 1.003937 inches

I believe these should work.

They do not have enough stock for 10 baseball style but maybe in plain white...

I just ordered 10 white 1” marbles if anyone is seeking a source. They had the plain ones in stock.


Ran me just over $15 for 10+shipping and handling

1 week later
#9 3 years ago

Good news and bad...

Bad: I still need to rewire cabinet

Good: some stuff came in the mail today! The marbles will work perfectly. Ledmo transformer also has wire screw down adapter.

Zoom on none white marble for discount code

10660FBA-1550-4CD8-A8DC-0EB8B2779C01 (resized).jpegA9FCA258-6B42-4A23-85AF-4FE52F833F41 (resized).jpeg

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#10 3 years ago

If anyone can take a few pictures of wiring for me or point me to a schematic that would be great. I have attached pictures of my current wiring... or what is left of it.

19D47DD7-3A2F-496D-8EFD-2EF66784E923 (resized).jpeg78696903-4686-4939-B25D-A46FAE247FEE (resized).jpeg8DADDFDD-F8B9-498B-B101-A1756310FB8E (resized).jpeg9F38EC99-5525-4FFA-A050-57B4B418AED3 (resized).jpegA5AF6871-9DBB-437E-8662-AF3B788C4BA1 (resized).jpegBD5EF78B-4772-4FFE-89C4-CA94F1B72BBE (resized).jpegD8C1F47F-AF10-4E11-97D5-BF452E1F9146 (resized).jpegF3574A0E-BCD6-4463-B355-F506D7F1A28C (resized).jpeg
#11 3 years ago


Any owner willing to take some pictures of wiring for me?

#12 3 years ago

Wish I had one to help you out. Hope you find another owner willing to help. Nice game.

#13 3 years ago

Thanks you sir. I think it will be a cool novilty game for guests.
I can probably figure it out but we be easier with more info.

#15 3 years ago

Yes - I’m going to snap some pics of mine! It’s on my weekend todo list.

#16 3 years ago

I utilized an existing hole in the cabinet bottom for the power connector:

FA62B794-B77C-4890-BA4F-BED38C3DBBE7 (resized).jpeg

the positive lead runs to the silver power switch:

88B22CC6-2C88-4DEF-8B04-7DF844E849E4 (resized).jpeg

the other lead on the silver power switch runs to the right terminal (as viewed from the front of the game):

F9BCC885-CED4-4D96-B57C-3278681C3AAB (resized).jpeg

the negative lead runs to the middle terminal.

For the playfield contacts, the right contact leads to the right terminal and the left contact leads to the left terminal. Here are a few more misc pics - it’s not possible to get solenoid connection pics as it would require some disassembly.

6897046D-AD93-429A-BEDE-C1A9598D4461 (resized).jpeg59294616-A2B9-424B-A3F5-968736B99223 (resized).jpeg375E537E-6859-44D8-B623-586448F094EF (resized).jpeg1B241B8B-D85C-4BAE-A601-ABF41C136F98 (resized).jpeg

#17 3 years ago

Thank you very much Damonator
That will get me a great starting point!
I appreciate your help!!!

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