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1313 Mockingbird Lane ~ MUNSTERS Club.

By Monte

1 year ago

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#672 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Those rules posted before ARE the rules for Munster Madness. I’ve played the mode a few times already. It’s in there. Outside of some scoring bugs with the multipliers, it seems to work just like Dwight’s rulesheet says.
When you play all the modes, the scoop lights for Munster madness. It starts with a bunch of news headlines, then you’re off.


Quick question regarding Munster Madness, on my Munnsters unless I am miss understanding what is going on when I start Munster Madness it also always starts on Marilyn before any shots are made on Madness the right ramp is lit yellow and the LCD shows Marilyn as flashing. I can never really figure out what the hell is going on because of this, it never really seems like I complete any individual character no matter what I shoot.

#679 1 year ago

I have had my Munsters for a few weeks now and have held back from saying much about because as of right now I am not a big fan of the current code. The modes seem pointless at this point, none of them are really that interesting or fun to play and I find myself trying to just time them out after I get the jackpot lit for the mode. Spot for example you just bang away at him then hit a few shots to bring him back up again for very few points and it is a long mode. Why keep shooting at a dangerous shot for no points when you can just shoot a loop then trap up and wait for the timer?

Dragula shot is pretty pointless also imo, you get dragula lit and then shoot it in the Dragula shot and it kicks it back out nothing more nothing less?

So I really just play the modes to get the jackpots lit for the mode and to get to munster madness. Then after that you have a second round of the same. Also there are too many times when the playfield is basically black, I can't play my Munsters without some ambient lights on in the room to light up the playfield so that I can actually see the ball.

I know the code is only at .91 and I really hope something changes with the code to make the modes more interesting and enjoyable to play because right now they aren't and there is really only one way to play the game to get points on it from what I can tell. The only problem is that I think that the modes need such drastic changes to make them fun and worth playing out that I just don't see that radical of a change happening.

#687 1 year ago
Quoted from Puffdanny:

I found it in mine and helped reduce air balls on launch and i turned up my draguala

Where is the ball launch setting at? The only setting I can find is the ball eject power. That is the power to kick the ball out of the trough into the shooter lane.

#697 1 year ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Correct.. also the zap button /building up the jackpots is key along with the multipliers.

I guess that is what I am mainly getting at, the game is about the Jackpots and kitty multipliers. Modes are a means to build jackpots, individual modes are not really worth any points by themselves you need to stack the jackpots and collect with a good playfield multiplier. Why shoot endless if dangerous shots at spot when you have already qualified the super jackpot? The likelihood of qualifying multiple jackpots is pretty slim, the risk vs reward is just not there to justify it.

The rulesheet comes right out and says there really isn't any difference between the different levels of mode play so you have more of the same.

Even if you play a mode really well it isn't worth squat unless you collect those playfield multiplied jackpots at some point.

I have played Munsters a lot in the few weeks that I have had it and just don't feel there is any other way to play it and really don't want to even play the modes on it past getting super jackpot qualified. The shots on the game are pretty fun but fun shots don't carry a game for a super long time if there isn't anything code wise to draw you in and make you want to keep playing.

Compare this to Iron Maiden for example, on Maiden you can blow up basically any mode in the game if you play it well and come out with a good score out of that single mode and if you do well enough you come out with a soul shard shot that you can collect right then and there. The modes on Maiden are worth playing, are unique and you are rewarded for a well played mode both when you play the mode and again later in the game if you progress far enough. Sometimes I play Maiden and focus on playing modes with the mutliballs secondary because the modes are fun. TWD is another one with good mode scoring ability, double scoring on shots etc.

The only gripe I really have playfield layout wise is the shooter lane has serious issues with the ball hitting the metal "ramp" and kicking it up into the bottom of the right ramp wire form it is a really bad issue and the ball will only launch successfully about 1/3 of the time with the auto launcher. I am not sure why they didn't route a pocket into the shooter lane for the V portion of that ramp to fit flush to the playfield like they did on the dragula side of the playfield. I thought I may be able to adjust the position of that metal ramp on the shooter lane but when I took the two screws out to see if I could adjust it there were already three sets of screw holes under the metal so it appears someone at the factory tried to adjust it to no success evidently. But because of the three sets of holes already there I can't really do anything to adjust it. I did take the wireform lose and put several washers under it to raise it up away from the shooter lane and that has helped to keep the ball from slamming into the wireform but is not a permanent fix. I spoke with my distributor about it today and he had already contacted stern regarding this because he has had the same issue on the other Pro's he has sold.

I am just telling it how I see it, I just checked and my Munsters has 269 plays on it in just under 2 weeks most of those plays were put on it by myself so I think I have played it enough to get a feel for the game.

#704 1 year ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Don't know what to tell you... guess its not for you so maybe sell it? I just enjoy playin pinball and when i get tired of a pin i sell it. My favorite pins are the more simple 90s pins so it works for that imo. Sorry your not digging it. ..

Fingers crossed it will get better.

#762 1 year ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Yep, for not a lot of money, you can get some nice effects.

Looks nice,

Even the stock lighting the PF isn't really dark normally but a few modes pretty well shut off all the lights on the PF that is my complaint about it. For example dragula kickout darkens everything along with spot and some other modes.

#798 1 year ago
Quoted from Indypin:

Just got my Munsters pin. Couple before and after pics of the pin with and without the mods. Okay, I really like this pin. Smooth ramps and a cool zap button feature that really adds to the pin. Thank you mod couple for the excellent mods. They really make the pin and totally worth the money. Waiting on the Mezel mods dog can. Now, if someone could just make the Little Eddie werewolf toy mod to go over the Eddie lane. Hhmmm!
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Now you just need a new shooter rod.

IMG_20190131_2236548 (resized).jpg
#803 1 year ago
Quoted from Flippingr8:

Anyone seen this Herman Munster shooter rod on eBay? Looks like Ronald Reagan’s head on a stick! link
[quoted image]

I will be doing a Herman shooter rod pretty soon, it will resemble Herman much more than that example :O)

#804 1 year ago
Quoted from v8torino:

Went for it full tilt....pardon the pun !! ) Marked and scribed the lower ramp fork and took my Dremel tool and routed out that area of the playfield clear coat and down into the wood of the playfield so the ramp now sets all the way flush !!! Filed down the sharp leading edges as you did and then polished the ramp with Scotchbrite before re-installing---pics later or if anybody wants to see them LMK - Kirk

It is a pretty big oversight by stern to not recess the shooter lane ramp and expecting people to take a dremel and grind on the ramp of their new pin is pretty ridiculous. Like I mentioned when I decided to try to move the ramp a bit there were already three sets of screw holes in the wood under the ramp so it's not like they didn't know it was an issue.

#808 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Ive only heard of two people having a problem so far and ive played two different games that were just fine so i doubt this is a widespread issue.

The distributor that I got mine from said all his had this problem, I have played one other besides mine and it also had the issue. I ended up raising the wireform that is above the problem area with several washers and it has for sure helped but the ball still catches air when hitting the beginning of the ramp.

#809 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

I would agree. Seems like they could have possibly made the "V" notch wider however with the ball riding the left and right rails the bottom diameter of the ball should never hit the fork area of that ramp and lowering it into the playfield would add no value if the "V" was wide enough. It will always ride up the center of the fork.

I see what you are saying and agree, but if you look at other machines that have this same style ramp in the shooter lane and even on the munsters on the dragula eject ramp they route a pocket into the playfield to make the entrance of the ramp flush with the playfield so it's not an issue. It's one of those things that you look at it and scratch your head wondering wtf were they thinking especially since they did it on the dragula ramp.

#847 1 year ago
Quoted from thebosson:

Has anyone reached out to Stern about the issue? If so, what was their response? I will contact them also, but wondering what’s been said by them already.

Yes my Distributor spoke with stern about it and they told him to take a dremel to the ramps to taper the edges. Just what I want to do to a new pin.

#853 1 year ago
Quoted from thebosson:

Seems a bit overboard to ask an owner to go that drastic with a repair on a brand new machine. And, I don't have a dremel so that's great answer for me.

I agree, my distributor did offer to get a new metal ramp modify it and send it to me. But to me it just seems like a pretty crappy fix for the problem. But I guess the only real fix for it would be for Stern to replace the play field with one that was routed in that location like it should have been in the first place and without a ton of pressure I don't see that happening.

Maybe they should include a dremel with the ~$6k msrp of a pro and surely on the $9k LE they could throw one in the goody bag if they haven't fixed the problem on those already

#939 1 year ago
Quoted from JMK:

Thanks for confirming f3honda. Do you recall hearing the clanging sound frequently?
On my example, it’s heard every time the magnet is activated.

It clangs every time the magnet actuates, it is what causes Herman to move. There is a small metal rod that goes up through the playfield and that metal flap pushes on that rod to make herman move.

I took mine apart when I first got it because I thought there was something loose or missing that was causing the clanging noise but it is by design oddly enough. The other shoddy thing about Herman is that they are relying on a playfield plastic to provide "spring" tension to Herman by pushing on his right elbow.

#1113 1 year ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Agreed 7.2 seems like a good setting from my experience. I love the lighting effects and i play in darkness... sometimes its really difficult to see anything during certain modes but it makes things very interesting lol.

Yeah there are several times where you really can't see the playfield during certain modes. Spot and Dragula kickout are especially dark, I pretty well have to play it with a light on in pin room.

#1171 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Yep that’s definitely a big positive for Munsters. MB has some really great interactive toys so that is a plus for it. It also is beautiful, a great shooter, and in my opinion it has a fun rule set too. So you got:
Both games have equally great themes
Both games are equally gorgeous
Both games shoot really well.
Munsters has a lcd screen +1
MBR has great toys +1
So that leaves us with
Best rules?

I have had Munsters for almost a Month now and I would put my vote in for Monster Bash at this point in time. That may change as the code matures on Munsters but overall to me at least right now Monster Bash is the more fun to play pin.

#1201 1 year ago
Quoted from tmntrule999:

I am in the same situation of having such a hard time deciding between Munsters or Monster Bash. The one and only thing making me lean slightly towards Munsters is if I go with Monster Bash, I need the Premium, the screen just makes the game so much more amazing. If I go with Munsters, I will be perfectly happy with the Pro. So have to decide between a $5,800 purchase or a $7,300 purchase.

You can upgrade the display on the MB remake without having to buy the Prem.

#1203 1 year ago
Quoted from Puffdanny:

I guess I could I just figured I needed some other things and Marcos would be quick but I just got off work early so I will contact stern as suggested.I'm new to nib I'm not used to having support.

Probably would be quicker to get a hold of your Distributor.

#1368 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I have seen people talking about this but ive played 2 pros on location and i never noticed any problems with the shooter lane or the auto or manual plunging.
Is this a problem or isnt it? Im close to ordering a pro but if there is some type of design flaw id rather wait.

Was/is an issue on my pro.

#1417 1 year ago
Quoted from hockeymag8:

Thanks to all of you early adopters jumping on these things, posting here and calling Stern so they can address!
Thank you Stern for listening and making these adjustments!
Good game!!

Nice that someone is positive about the reports of problems instead of calling us all complainers :O)

#1418 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Enable ball save when you get yours, then put about a dozen games on it in your home environment... You'll love it!!

Yep turned on ball save after the first day, too rough of a shooter for no ball save. The Family was boycotting it until I turned it on.

#1438 1 year ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

How long are you all setting the ball saves for? .... 30 sec lol? I really don't think it needs one if you play it safely. If you go for short plunge to left ramp or regular skill shot you sld be fine for 5-8 seconds. . Its when u go for the super skill on the fly that usually gets you quickly but that's the risk/reward part i love about the pin..... just like the zap and canceling out the supers while waiting on the multipliers.

I think I have it set to 8 seconds just long enough to keep you from getting a house ball basically.

#1453 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

For me. The difficulty comes in scoring big. That’s what keeps a nerd like me coming back. No quick way to points. Have to be methodical about it.

Same here, I am hoping that they make some adjustments to mode scoring so that you don't always have to go the super jackpot route if you want points on this game because right now that's it as far as points go. I am not sure how many spot shots it takes to light special but I have done it several times and only came out of the mode with ~2million points. As dangerous as that shot/mode is it should be way more valuable, same with other modes IMO.

#1457 1 year ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

Ya I get it, not for everyone, like I said to each his own. I was certain I would take some heat for doing this and posting it from some folks, and that's OK, I can take the heat. To your point I did consider alternatives like installing a larger diameter rubber on the right posts, but in the end I did what I did, it's a Pro and not a Premium or LE, if it was one of those I may have opted for the larger rubber.

You shouldn't take heat for anything it's your game.

I agree that the right outlane is a bit hungry with quite a few drains "cheap" off of herman to the right outlane. I have heard a few choice words spoken by my Wife while playing Munsters, not something that I normally hear when She plays pinball. Me on the other had I always have a few words for the pin.

I haven't adjusted anything on ours yet other than adding a short ball save and replacing the shooter lane ramp with a beveled one.

#1570 1 year ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

And boom grandpa is down tab broke clean off that didn’t take long must have been hanging by a thread [quoted image][quoted image]

Must be something up with these newer switches as I have seen quite a few of them break on recent sterns in the exact same way and it's not like they are moving around or anything that would cause them to break.

#1583 1 year ago

Musters not getting much love at the Stern Pro Circuit event today.

#1586 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Haven't played the pro, but LE is is a different approach from some other current Sterns I own or have played...I like it alot....fortunately, I'm not a pro...

After owning a pro for a month I wouldn't pick it in competition. I hope that the lack of play it has gotten at the event makes stern take a serious look at the code and it's current state.

#1588 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

What’s the feedback?

It has only been picked for play a few times.

#1595 1 year ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

I am not a pro
Why are these games picked?
For what? A competitive game?

Stern Pro Circuit finals

#1597 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

It’s probably a bit new. I wouldn’t pick a new game that I haven’t had a lot of experience on. Need time to figure out strategies for scoring.

There's only one strat for Munsters right now. Stack jackpots, boost your multiplier and try to collect.

#1602 1 year ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Munsters sld be a good comp pin ... great risk vs reward

Why pick a game with so much risk and very little options of scoring points? So many dangerous shots and you don't get squat out of well played modes unless you can collect stacked jackpots, why pick it?

#1606 1 year ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

Head lamp WTF
Munsters is hard
There is no ball save
The scores are low
I would not play that game if I was ahead in a competition
Part of me wants fixed AND added code but part of me hopes Dwight releases a FU code and tells everyone to suck it
Takes all of the rules out
Like if I worked for him part of me would want him to do that
I would be like “man tell them to eat a dick”
All modes removed
One rule don’t drain
Only way to score is by charging your zap
Suck it


#1647 1 year ago
Quoted from amkoepfer:

Not sure if its a bug or not, but twice in the same game, once on monster madness and once on raven i believe, add a ball was lit, hit the shot to add the ball, a few seconds later but well after i hit add a ball the other ball drained and no ball was added.

I have noticed the same thing, it is definitely a bug. I thought I used to have a link or email address to report code bugs to stern but can't find it anymore.

#1697 1 year ago
Quoted from Jpp718:

Watching these guys on the pro circuit finals have a hard time with monsters just shows that this game is going to be a winner people aren't liking it right now but it's going to be a lot like ironman it's going to be a tournament favorite without a doubt I'm having a blast playing it at the house

It is a rough/fun shooter but there needs to be more possibilities to score points on the game other than stacking and collecting jackpots. I can't think of another "new" pin that has such one track path to points.

#1708 1 year ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

New code fixes a lot and gives you more flexibility
The next one will add some stuff Dwight is the man love it

Maybe something I didn't notice in the notes but what flexibility are you thinking of?

#1717 1 year ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

Changing hits to Herman for one
You want it harder there you go

Ahh I was thinking more along the lines of flexibility in game play, scoring opportunities other than stacking jackpots etc.

Was wondering if I had missed something in the notes. I did load the new code and played a few games haven't dug to deep into it yet though.

#1785 1 year ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

Is it me or is it harder to turn the big man blue in Herman Multiball?

I think it is the same as before, or at least I haven't noticed any difference since updating the code. Everytime you hit herman in herman multiball you add a "green dot" in front of him for each three you bump up from white to blue to red. This is also how you re-lite the jackpots after you collect them in each level.

#1859 1 year ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

I think taking Herman out is the best option for the right side the lefti think maybe just a plastic
Kinda waiting for someone else to chime in who has put it back
I will tackle it one day but it will take some time

You can get to the right side with a short screwdriver. I had to put mine back in yesterday mine fell out the first day I had it over a month ago now and I just figured out yesterday where the screw came from.

#1896 1 year ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

It don't really... but people are just ungrateful and starting hate threads is jusy annoying. Its a small hobby and we sld all stick together and be grateful that new pins are still being made. Its usually the same group of people that start the same bs... they sld all join together and start their on pinball company and try make something they all enjoy.

I am not really sure I have seen many people "hate" on the game though I am not out there looking to find people who hate it, but to be fair if you have people spending close to $6k for a pro and more than that for Prem and LE's then it doesn't make much sense to say that the consumer should be grateful to buy something. It's the manufactures who should be grateful for us spending our money on their machines and do the best that they can to make them enjoyable and reliable for the consumers. If you have everyone out there raving about something it will never get any better. Pinball is not an inexpensive hobby and I personally don't want to spend thousands of dollars on something and be tired of playing it in a month.

I think Munsters is a good shooter and well laid out but I am not a fan of the Munsters Code at this point in time, why? Because there is a single path to points and it forces you to play the game the exact same way every time you push the start button so, it's all or nothing points wise. After I play a few games on mine I am done with it for the day, it's not like it's so good that I must play another game. It's like I play a few games get to Munster madness and then "ok I am done". It really is crazy how much code influences the how much you enjoy a game but the good thing is code can be changed so hopefully that happens with the Munsters because I like just about everything else about it besides the current code.

Don't let others influence your love for the game, if you like it you like it if you don't you don't. But you can't expect others not to discuss their feelings toward something just because it doesn't match your feelings towards it. Just because your thought don't agree with each other it doesn't make either person more wrong or right in this situation. I like most of the system 80 and 80b gottliebs and most out there hate them but that doesn't at all bother me because they don't have to like them. So I guess I would say it doesn't make me unhappy that they are unhappy with what I like.

#1912 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Are you collecting coo coo clocks or pinball machines?!? Haha.


#1958 1 year ago
Quoted from lasermel:

Curious, is the somewhat flamboyant voice heard throughout the game supposed to be a Grandpa voice impersonation? If so, OMG, I'm gonna watch every episode of the Munsters and use the Pinball Browser to overwrite whatever makes sense. Enjoying the game so far, even tho there seems to be a large number of haters building up. It was the same for Batman. In the beginning you couldn't give one away, but now things have changed for the better and it's a pretty fun game despite the basic layout. (I know, Lyman makes a big difference, but we'll see) My fingers are crossed, cause it's a great theme and beautiful thing to look at.

It's not supposed to be Grandpa it's supposed to be Dr. Dudley

#2053 1 year ago

Just curious if anyone has come up with a fix for the right lower PF ramp not registering shots? Turned down the flipper power to soft and still on that machine it doesn't register the ramp shot most of the time. Pulled the lower PF glass and checked the opto and it registers every time but when the ball is moving fast it just doesnt get it.

#2135 1 year ago
Quoted from JMK:

@ chuckwurt: do you know if the LEs you played were both updated to .96?

I have a pro but help a friend with an LE. He had issues with both versions of the code with the right ramp on the lower pf not registering most of the time. Pulled the glass to access the lower pf and the opto seems to work fine but just doesn't register fast shots to that ramp even with the lower flippers set to soft. I also replaced his shaker motor and node board for him because whoever installed the shaker at the factory had the wires routed so that the counter weight on the shaker would hit the wire. It shorted out the power wires for the shaker and let out some magic smoke.

But no problems with the flippers not working with either code version on his.

#2156 1 year ago
Quoted from Magicchiz:

I fixed my dust under lower playfield glass with a can of spray air. The straw fits between layers so you can get in there a blow away. Without having to remove the playfield glass.

Just be sure you hold the can upright. If you turn it upside down it will spray out an oily liquid that is a pain to remove.

#2281 1 year ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

I think it’s great BK is dropping so the doom and gloom can stop here on this great game

Doom and gloom won't stop until open issues are taken care of and the code gets updated imo.

#2313 1 year ago
Quoted from Wotto:

See- I find this hobby hilarious at times.
We accept that on the new BK the ONLY ( real ) difference between PRO and Premium is the upper PF and 95% of BK droolers will HAPPILY pay the extra for that upper PF and not mention how its is XX$$ and you only get that for the extra coin. Yet, on MUN this extra charge for ONLY the lower PF has been a contestable issue from day one.....and yet the lower PF ( albeit mini ) on MUN has a shite-load more going on down there than the ball lock mech on the BK upper. Not slamming anyone ,and I am sure they will be bot good games in all thier forms , I just cant understand the triple flip hypocrisy demonstrated in this hobby at times....

I think probably the reason people are up in arms about the missing upper playfield on BK Pro is because an upper playfield is what BK was known for on both versions. That is what was special about BK in the past.

#2402 1 year ago
Quoted from Flippingr8:

Regarding the Dragula "Race", can anybody tell me what the "Race" refers to, other than seeing the two cars on the screen going down the dragaway at what appears to be the same speed, and the ball getting ejected into the orbit loop. It doesn't really seem like a race to me. Nothing seems to change in the video. Possible missed opportunity by Dwight to create a real race of some sort on the video? I just don't get it. Am I missing something here?

There is no race it is the same every time.

#2416 1 year ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

I bought the wolfie from stern
It comes with the same spring
3 screws out/new shooter/3 screws in
Easy peasy right ?
Hell no don’t line up
They tell you “do not touch the adjustment screws “ ha ha
Ball still won’t make the playfield ridiculous I’ve “adjusted “ it 20+ times
So not worth it should have just left well enough alone

The Grandpa shooter rods that I have made I just replace the rod itself so you don't have to remove the complete housing. I did have to turn down the shooter rods because stern doesn't use a standard size. I still have one grandpa left and will probably make up some Herman ones in a week or two.

#2437 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Seems to me that Spot, that little blue guy under the ramp, would make a good shooter rod character.

I may be able to come up with something on that.

#2523 1 year ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

If you have code idea say them.on here and email dwight or stern... they listen and good ideas may make the next update

At this point in time I would be happy if they would release a bug fix for the bugs introduced in .96

#2537 1 year ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

The pro is great with the .96 code... must be the premium/le lower playfield bugs happening.

The pro also has issues. Off the top of my head.

1. Sometimes when the ball drains the machine will just sit there with a blank screen and not start the bonus countdown until you flip the flippers once. The machine knows the ball drained and is in the trough but just doesn't do anything.

2. Sometimes it will not give you your add a ball when you shoot dragula when it is lit, it also doesn't give you dragula or jackpots when this happens. It just kicks the ball back into play. This only happens in multiball when the add a ball is lit.

3. Sometimes it will not auto launch the ball that was ball saved during multiball, it puts the ball in the shooter lane but you have to either manually launch it or hit the zap button and it will launch.

#2671 1 year ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

I actually like no ball save... makes what skill shot u go for more interesting and a nice risk vs reward .

In all honesty the skill shots on this game are worthless.

#2756 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I remember hearing Dwight say that when younstack the jackpots that they actually increase in value and then you can also hit kitty and the 5 times dragula to increase them that way also. Where is Chuckwurt when we need him??

I think 5x dragula only increases the dragula value.

#2777 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

The game definitely gets intense at times and when its not intense its fun as hell. Its a good mix of fun and intensity. Most of the people complaining obviously dont understand the rules or havent played the game enough. I mean look at Chuckwurt, he's the biggest rules guy out there and he enjoys the game so that is saying something right there.
I know one thing, spot can kiss my ass. If you don't backhand him its drain city! This game definitely has that one more game feel to it. Stern knocked it out of the park with Munsters. I was going back and forth between Munsters and MBR and i still hope to own a MBR one day but after playing this game for three i know i made the right choice.

I have hundreds of games on our Munsters, I understand the rules and am really not a fan of the code. I want to be able to play a game more than one way and that isn't possible on Munsters, if you want a good score the only way to do that is to stack jackpots and collect them with a good playfield multiplier. IMO for a game to last in a home environment it needs to have some variety to it, something that makes you want to keep playing it and something that keeps it fresh and Munsters just doesn't have that for us right now.

#2787 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Not a bad opto. On fast balls it’s jumping over the opto. My suggestion is to try and put a roof on the right ramp so that the ball stays down when going really fast. Haven’t tried this though.

Stern needs to do something about this instead of telling people they haven't heard of the problem. You shouldn't have to cobble something up on a $9k machine.

#2794 1 year ago
Quoted from Wotto:

Added 2 lamp effects.........
Not what I would call a significant update.

Yep no mention of bug fixes other than the tilt bug.

#2795 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Even if they come up with a fix, you’ll have to open up your game and do it. Sucks but should be something fairly easy to fix with some experimentation I would think. Now if the window was like the original ACDC, that would be a pain to get to. Haha

Yeah you will still have to remove the glass to fix it but IMO they need to come out with a cover for the ramp instead of people having to make their own.

#2915 1 year ago
Quoted from noob-a-tron:

Sick of listening to haters and Sick of listening to hyper's can not escape it in pinball.

Yep it is super hard to get an "honest" opinion on a game.

#2953 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

6 SJPs at 6x is around 40mm if I remember right.

I think 6 at 6x is about 37 million. I think my highest collect has been ~43million.

#2954 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinzap:

Seriously can’t see how this can be 0.99 and not 0.98.1 instead.
Come on Stern... please don’t take away our hope that new code features might be added prior to getting to 1.0. But in the end, I’m probably just being selfish. I enjoy the gameplay and play-ability quite a bit already. I’m not hoping for a compete structure change... just some enhancements (and not just fixes) to add some wow factor!!

I really would like to see some code changes to balance scoring and give you more options to score points, right now Munsters is a one trick pony, get your jackpots stacked and collect them with playfield multiplier.

Maybe some way to take a large instant collect off of a well played mode instead of taking the super jackpots from it so for example you blow up spot and you can then shoot the scoop or dragula and take an instant large payout and not get the super jackpot stacks from that particular mode. It would at least give some other scoring options than the super jackpot collects. I also wish there were some multiballs that weren't considered modes that would allow you to bring spot or enlarging ray in with one of the multiballs.

#3092 1 year ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Anyone else on the occasion getting a double ball feed into the shooter lane? I think it's happening mostly when you drain just after playing Grandpa lab.

Yes I have it happen during multiball when you drain a ball it will sometimes eject it into the shooter lane but doesn't auto launch it. If you drain another during ball save it will kick another out into the shooter lane. This bug has seemed to appear for me in .96, the odd thing is that if you hit the zap button it will auto launch the ball so the game knows that there is a ball in the shooter lane.

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#3247 1 year ago
Quoted from gac:

I heard the same thing. Something about a problem with the lower playfields?

Maybe they are adding a protector over the ramp so the mini balls will stop jumping over the opto?

#3309 1 year ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

I am tired of explaining to people that want Munsters to be LOTR or any other game that it’s not and that’s ok
Can’t wait to crank it up and play tonight

People are probably tired of having you explain it to them too :O)

#3353 1 year ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

Grandpa scoop rejections are primarily due to the fact that the depth of the scoop is to shallow causing the ball to pop out. Adding some foam as Who-Dey did will help take some energy out of the ball when it makes contact with the scoop. But in my opinion the scoop rejects are mainly due to the depth being to shallow.

Was just going to post the same thing. Stern doesn't really have "scoops", I am sure it is less expensive to not manufacture it deeper.

#3355 1 year ago
Quoted from wtatumjr:

Funny I haven't had any problems with the shallow scoops on Aerosmith. Even GB has a shallow left scoop and a deep right scoop - the deeper one doesn't work any better than the shallow. Unless Munsters has a really, really shallow scoop It must be something other than depth.

On munsters it is a direct fairly close shot to the scoop, so what happens is the ball actually goes into the scoop but pops right back out if it were deeper I am sure the ball would settle and stay in.

So unless you bounce it off of the metal rail next to the scoop or backhand it it just doesn't want to stay in the shallow pocket. It is better with flippers set to soft but still has issues with the ball popping back out.

#3449 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Anyone got any ideas about Grampas Enlarging Ray mode? Have only ever got it from Mystery. Can it be earnt outside of Mystery and what is it? Is it new in current code? Didn’t see it on the old code.

You have to hit enough standups to qualify enlarging ray then shoot the scoop to start it.

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#3664 1 year ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Sterns SOU basically says stay tuned for a code update later this month

Fingers crossed, been holding onto ours in hopes for a major update "rewrite hopefully" in the nearish future.

#3743 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I hear DP is really good now but so is Munsters so you did well and i would guess at your age that you like the Munsters theme more than Deadoool also right? The theme alone on Munsters still has me smiling and always will.

I enjoy Munsters shots more than DP but DP has munsters beat hands down when it comes to ruleset. Hope that changes code wise.

#3869 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

It will probably even fall well below 50. That doesn't matter though, what matters is if YOU like it or not. Pinside ratings are very buased and unfair anyways so i wouldn't put too much into them.

Yep in the end all that matters is if you like it or not.

But at this point in time there are currently 220 ratings on Munsters as a group "Pro, Prem, LE" so It is hard to say that people are just being unfair to the machine. I know you are a staunch supporter of the game in it's current state but from the ratings I think a lot of people "including me" feel that the code on Munsters needs a bunch of work to make it a real gem.

I knew going in that I generally don't care for Dwight code but Munsters is one of those themes that I bought anyway based solely on the theme, game designer and artwork with hopes that Dwight would deliver something that I enjoyed. I just find it a rinse and repeat code that I play a game on here and there but can't say I think to myself "hey I want to go play Munsters". I am still holding onto it with hopes code changes despite Dwight saying it was done basically on release, I hope that someone at Stern will make it happen. Maybe we will luck out and Lyman will step in from the shadows and knock it out of the park.

I can with 100% certainty say this will be the last Dwight coded machine I ever buy before it is proven to be a well coded game, no matter what the theme is.

#3872 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Yeah but out of all of those ratings how many of them do you think come from actual owners? How many of those ratings came from people that flipped it for 2 or 3 games at a barcade not having a clue about the code and being a 30 year old guy that doesn't like the theme and said ...meh this sucks? How many people rated this game low just because they are a f'ing Dick and wanted to give it a bad rating on purpose? Some games are rated very inaccurately trust me.

So why would Munsters be rated any differently than any other game on the list? No reason for anyone to hate it more than any other game out there, you don't see many new games released that drop that quickly unless it is somewhat warranted. I have had mine for over 100 days now and waited quite a while before I rated it, I ended up at a 7.67 I think on my rating.

#3916 1 year ago
Quoted from Blacksun:

$$$$$$$ or to try and resurrect slow sales... Pun intended on
that one too... LOL

If they would do something with code I would upgrade from my Pro to a color Prem but no way I would until I see it, the proof is in the pudding as they say.

#3917 1 year ago
Quoted from NevadaNutJob:

It was disingenuous at best . The title is so new that this had
to be the plan from the git go - which means they withheld
information that affected buyers decisions .
It doesn’t sour me on Munsters but it sours me on stern . Buy
another NIB stern on release ? No , I’ll let their sales
for 6 months to a year so I can see all
My options before I hand over that much cash .

IMO LE's are silly to begin with, literally all you are paying for over a prem is a few cosmetics/glass and a plaque that say it is limited.

#4265 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

If they answered all the emails that they get they never would get any work done i bet. I wouldn’t put too much into that honestly. Stern is notorious for not sharing any info with the public. I dont like it either but its nothing new. I played the game quite a bit last night and i love it. I do hope we get more also because this pin could go from great to one of the best ever with some more code. The code may be shallow but it kicks my ass game after game still.

Everyone has an opinion and not everyone likes the same thing thankfully, but I would have to disagree with you regarding the code.

Musters looks good, the play field layout other than the one piece stand ups is good, sound is pretty good and I don't even mind the animations. But the code on this game is absolutely destroying it for us. I picked up the pro as soon as it was available from my local distributor and we have quite a few plays on it but it pretty well just sits there now only getting a few plays per week out of a family of four. It just doesn't have anything that makes you want to play it code wise, when I do play it now it is just a single game and I am done with it. It needs modes that are fun to play that are worth completing other than just trying to get jackpots stacked out of them, it just needs something to give it more variety. I think the home market has changed what people expect out of a pin for sure and it is a tough pill to swallow spending thousands of dollars for something that you are going to be done playing within a few months. Money wise it just doesn't make sense to spend that much on a game with shallow code when I could go out and buy several other pins for that amount of $$

As I have mentioned in the past I will not buy another pin that is coded by Dwight until I see how it turns out because in general I just don't enjoy his style. There are some exceptions but in general I just don't care for the style. The code is at 1.0 now and he pretty well said at launch that the code was "done" so unless someone comes behind him and saves the game it is what it is.

In the end it is my fault for buying it before playing it but I hope not to get lured in by another theme again only to find out that the fun factor isn't there.

#4348 1 year ago
Quoted from JayLar:

Who-Deys wife out shopping?


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#4530 1 year ago
Quoted from JayLar:

So are there any cool shooter rods out there? Considering Sterns Wolfie-rod but maybe there are better ones?

I have made some Grandpa ones and will be making some Herman ones sometime soon. None on hand right now but I can cast some more, here is the Grandpa one.

2 weeks later
#4803 1 year ago

It is 110% profit margins.

The prices of games continue to increase and what goes into the games gets whittled down as time goes on. As long as they keep selling there is no reason for them to change how they are doing things.

Quoted from pinnyheadhead:

STLE is a thing of beauty and the last true LE stern has made.
I don’t know who’s fault it is for pinball taking a little, not huge , step back in some areas over the last few years? Stern taking a little out of games each year as the years go by? Is moving forward raising prices to $8500-$12500 price point games now? Spooky not getting games out the door? New folks coming in and not knowing what the old schoolers know about what is good pinball?
Maybe we are a little spoiled by such great titles we have had over the last 10 years? Instead of complaining of little pinball, we complain about not having perfect code or BOM we have no idea about? We want perfect pinball.
I do think it is good to take a step back from our own personal opinions and views of what we like or whatever we think we like and try new stuff. I did when I finally dug into MUN after putting it off for months with my narrow minded thinking and was rewarded with a game I like and would pick up. Now that I think about it, I also did it about 6 months when I traded one of my sterns for AFM. Should have picked that one up long ago.
Thanks for posting Sleepy

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#4961 1 year ago

You may wait to see if others have the problem before sending it back, you never know it could be a code issue.

Quoted from Who-Dey:

Not sure just yet. Im going to look into it again here in a bit. The Raven door doesn't want to shut which i believe to be a mechanical issue but i am also hearing a motor running or a coil energized or something that i dont believe should be on....but i really dont know either. My clock is also not spinning either and i think it should be. I wish that i could see a video of one so i could see how its suppose to work exactly. Im sure yours will be ok, just a fluke that i got a bad one probably. Thats my luck pretty much with anything that i buy.

3 weeks later
#5254 1 year ago
Quoted from C0untDeM0net:

I took the glass off mine and just tested spot to see how many hits and if it would go away with a certain number. You can see from the video I just kept hitting spot and I only came out with 10 million from that mode. Not worth it at all. I hope spot is adjusted in a future version as it is just not worth the risk

Unfortunately none of the "modes" are worth anything, the only real path to points is to stack the jackpots and collect with max PF multiplier.

#5261 1 year ago
Quoted from C0untDeM0net:

You can easily get over 100 mil going thru the modes without munster madness. Raven can be very lucrative if you get the multipliers up and it's a ton of fun too. So can Herman multi ball. Get the multipliers up and get lily going at the same time. But Spot... I honestly can't find a good reason to shoot at it when it's such a dangerous shot. If it was worth more points maybe but not worth that extra super jackpot. The duration is also such a pain. I really hope they address spot in a future software update. These days I tend to go for the orbits or shoot grandpa as that is a safe shot so you are tripping switches.
All points on this machine happen when you have that 6x playfield multiplier. Get that up and keep it up and you will make some good points even without munster madness.

You have to complete several areas before you can even qualify kitty enough times for 6x PF so it leaves you playing "modes" for little to no points other than getting your jackpots stacked, qualifying kitty and getting to MM. Out of the modes raven and enlarging ray are imo the most fun to shoot but still you are stuck playing the game the same way every time if you are looking to get points. If you just walk up to it with no concern about points then play the modes in whatever order you want and don't worry about it.

Musters is a fun shooter, the theme is great but the code just makes it stale after a while, for us anyway.

3 weeks later
#5543 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Yep and i dont want to get any crap started but there is already a thread of a Wonka with chipping clearcoat like the POTC games and they aren't standing behind these games. I played a Wonka the other night and it was fun but i still like Munsters better and no way would i spend 10-12k on a game with known problems where the manufacturer isn’t standing behind their product. Jurassic Park is another game that i would look into if i was wanting a game for the family.

To be fair there are some Munsters games with chipping clear and Stern won't stand behind them either.

#5558 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

This is the first time I have heard of this. Where are you getting this information, please?

IMG_20190304_1904400 (resized).jpgIMG_20190304_1904448 (resized).jpg
#5579 1 year ago
Quoted from Aflacjack:

A couple of things about my munsters that I wanted to check to see if anyone else is having these.
1. when the magnet releases from Herman, it hits the little target and goes straight to the right outlane. I put a small piece of double sided tape on it and it stopped
2. the Eddie loop from right to left. It hits the spinner and changes trajectory just enough to send it between the flippers every time.
3. 7 out of 10 Grandpa mysteries are friggin Lite Kitty
4. The slingshots go back and forth moving the ball upward and then shoot it into an outlane about half the time.
I love this game but these things make it brutal!

I am sure you have already checked it but it sounds like leveling issues to me. Other than the slings that is, you have to nudge to get it up and out of there.

1 month later
#6045 1 year ago
Quoted from lpganhao:

Had Munsters Pro for about a month and finally hit Midnight Madness for a score of over 105 million for first place, but did not break my Grand Master score of over 110 millions without hitting Midnight Madness. Which brings me to this question. Is Midnight Madness a random thing that happens or is it a sequence you need to do to activate it?

Midnight madness only happens when the game clock hits midnight. If you set the time on the clock in the settings it will happen every night at midnight if you are playing a game..

3 weeks later
#6280 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Well said, you had about 5 assholes that just wouldn't stfu about how bad the code is and lots of people bought into their BS and missed out on a killer game and probably hurt the games sales as well unfortunately.
Munsters pinball is awesome and one of the funnest games that I have played. Obviously me loving the theme and the pin being possibly the best looking game ever made helps but even without all of that, this game is sweet and it will never leave my collection ever.
Bolted to the floor forever 100% at my house!

Not having much luck selling mine, so you can probably unbolt it from the floor for now at least. Hopefully the rumors of code updates are true and it will create some buzz about the game and it will turn into a classic.

#6282 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Not a rumor, but won't be officially announced until it has been finished, according to Stern (unless they are lying to me, which has never happened prior). What the new code contains? I have no idea, but definitely one in the works.....fwiw....

Sounds good thanks for the confirmation..

#6285 1 year ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Archives show in $4300-$4500 range.
Dropping price might sell it quicker if interested in selling.

Yeah I guess that I am not used to loosing that much on a NIB purchase in such a short period of time. When I put it up for sale the range was I think ~$4500 to $5200.

I have it listed at $5k or make offer and have only had a few offers in the low $4k range, there has to be some reason that the value on this pin is down compared to some other newer sterns. There are even a few LE's for sale in the mid $7k range right now so it's a buyers market.

I guess I will either hold onto it and wait for code improvements in hopes that either I will want to hang onto it long term or that a code update will drum up some interest in the game again.

3 weeks later
#6644 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

You were worried about the game losing value because the code isn't any good. I just gave you some friendly advice to not buy games before you play them and get an idea if the code is any good or not. No offense but it's just a rally bad idea to buy a game not knowing anything whatsoever about it. I just love it when people buy a game before they even see it and then later get pissed and say it sucks.

If he has an LE sometimes you need to have a horse in the race before it starts, not sure how difficult it is to get your hands on an LE in that area "Was thinking the guy who mentioned this was from Australia, there are so many people in this thread it is hard to remember".

But yeah not buying until you play is the safest bet for sure.

#6645 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

I've let it rest a bit too, as we confirmed it was code, and they responded twice with " working on it". Turned my OCD off as the rest of it functions fine and adds so much to the game. I'm sure they'll sort the code at some point..

I have also heard from a reliable source that code is going to be worked on, no timeline though.

#6665 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

I am talking about Australia Cotton, not sure about the USA. When TWD came out there was LEs available new for at least a year after released. Was hard to sell pros and premiums too. New and used could not be sold for ages. Fast forward 5 years and now all versions are one of the most wanted games in Australia. Same thing may happen with MUNLE. Only difference is there are a lot more MUNLE in Australia than TWDLE.
You guys in the USA have access to a lot more pinball machines and parts than us in Australia.

The reason was that TWD when it was first released had unfinished code and eventually Lyman knocked it out of the park code wise. I had an early TWD and nobody wanted them and honestly it wasn't that fun of a game, but once Lyman went back to work on the code it became an incredibly fun pin. Hopefully the same happens with Munsters but Dwight hasn't done Stern or us Munsters owners any favors by repeatedly saying "the code is done".

#6666 1 year ago
Quoted from Jackalwere:

I guess I really didn't state what I was thinking clear enough. I want the game to be considered an all-time classic. In high demand, excitement, buzz, and valued, including monetarily. Instead there's a consensus that the game is crap or a joke and it's become a punching bag. I mean, it's rated #70 in the top 100...that's bs! This should be a consensus top 20 pin. Yeah, I know, don't ever expect sanity in Pinside ratings. Still, I want the game to be recognized as one of the best ever. Not because I want to feel better about my purchase, but simply because that's where it *should* be.
Unfortunately I don't think the perception will change without a big code update. Right now that is the main complaint of the game. A massive code update removes the biggest criticism.
This was my first NIB. I bought a LE because I wanted the lower playfield and color. There was no opportunity to play before I committed to buy. I don't regret the purchase and love the game. I just wish the narrative would change and that more people love it as much as we do.

Everyone should hope for great code up dates no matter what pin they are taking about. Munsters is a great shooter and has great art, but could be a "classic" with great code.

2 weeks later
#6802 1 year ago
Quoted from AdeptJR:

Is there a mod that can be connected to the stern shaker to control the intensity?

That would be nice but not that I know of. The only way I know to adjust the intensity is to move the counterweights on the shaft.

3 weeks later
#6903 11 months ago
Quoted from ShinyBall:

A scary picture.[quoted image]

That's just a reflection on Herman but if you look at the post to the left of the grandpa scoop you can see the clear and artwork bubbling up around the post.

1 month later
#7113 10 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I figured all of you guys would have way more plays than me. I just played a few games on mine, i still love it!

As much as you love yours I would have thought you would have quite a few plays on it...

#7119 10 months ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

I don’t think so and think he has hit the nail on the head on this one. Munsters is a good game, but should be epic. Lyman, even Tim Sexton, would make this game epic. There would be no extra inventory and even the factory would be busy making a boatload more Munsters, if the code had many more modes, with the Munsters beloved show content included and much needed polish.

I am currently on a NIB strike because of play field issues but if I do buy another NIB it will never be a pin coded by Dwight. He seems like a likable guy and I am not saying he has never done a good job on code but I am not going to risk the $$ again on the "hope" that he finishes the code.

#7171 10 months ago

IMO long term sales and machine value of newer pins is determined largely in part by code. There are quite a few pins from the last 5 years or so that were poorly received on launch because of poor code. Sales were sluggish, 2nd had market values were down etc. But several of those games were saved by a knock it out of the park code update. Enjoyable, engaging code is pretty important in the home setting where you can play the game over and over and over. Variation in game play is key for me, I want different ways to score points, engaging modes, attainable wizard modes etc. Right now I feel like when I play Munsters there are so many shots in the game that just don't feel like they are worth shooting. There's so much that could be done code wise to make this game a classic.

Dwight did a pretty huge disservice to Munsters by publicly commenting that the code was complete. Hopefully the rumors from Stern are correct and there's a good update in the pipe for Munsters.

Quoted from Jackalwere:

Didn't you say this?
"...sales will be even greater, because the coding of this game will continue to get better and better"

In the quotes above you said Jurassic Park will sell more because of code. Maybe the theme will sell regardless of code updates? You said there's no Munsters sales growth based on Pinside data. You said code sells more than any other factor - more than theme, age of license, layout, dislike of lower playfields, art, sound, etc. Is it possible Munsters could have sold more LE's because people who would have bought premiums didn't want black and white?
I'm not disagreeing with you that more code would be awesome. But I'm less sure that code is the determining factor for sales of any given machine, especially outside of Pinside.

#7191 10 months ago
Quoted from Rozeks:

Quick question for the group: What's your level of confidence on whether or not this update is actually happening? Do we have actual inside knowledge of this, or is this speculation?

I was told by someone from Stern that an update is going to happen so I am pretty confident that an update will come. But what type of update will it be? I doubt anybody knows except for Stern.

4 weeks later
#7330 9 months ago
Quoted from splitcms:

Whenever I start a game, something is triggering the spot target and he is coming out immediately. Has anyone seen this or know a fix for this? Thank you

It takes more than one ramp shot to start spot so that's odd. Is spot mode actually running when it comes up?

#7333 9 months ago

I would do a switch test to see if one of your ramp optos are stuck on or going on and off.

1 month later
#8042 7 months ago
Quoted from sulli10:

I heard same rumor about Dwight finishing up on TMNT. I agree with you on John’s designs. I have a few myself.

Hope he's not on TMNT, I have been waiting on some news on it but absolutely will not buy it if he is on the code.

#8045 7 months ago

Well saying code is done vs code actually being done are two different things, just because you say it's done doesn't make it true. It's not just Munsters look at how long it took him to finally come back to Ghost Busters to update the incomplete code on it.

There is one reason Munsters isn't selling and values are down and that is the code pure and simple. At this point in time I won't gamble more $$ on a machine he codes. I mean hell they have released code updates for Iron Man and look at all the updates for more recent machines, it's pretty frustrating to sit back and watch all these updates that are adding content to the pins while Munsters just sits there and looks pretty.

Quoted from hd60609:

I understand many people's reservations about coding, especially from Dwight. But kind of a pickle for Dwight and Stern. They came off some games that launched with code in its early stages and some may say should not have even been released. Stern took a beating from many people for this exact issue. So whether Stern asked Dwight to say it or Dwight said it on his own, they took the opposite approach with Munsters in saying the code is "finished" in hopes of avoiding further harsh criticism.
Well that seemed to make many, or maybe just the wrong individuals upset, proving further that no one can really ever make everyone happy. It parallels our society right now. Say "Good morning" and many people will smile and say "Good morning" in return. Others will be upset and say "Why? Did I have a bad morning yesterday?"
Seems like in hindsight, the best thing Dwight could have done was say something like the code would be considered finished as compared to the fun codes of the classic 90's pinball games, BUT we at Stern are always looking to make improvements, so you may see some further code polishing in the future.

#8051 7 months ago
Quoted from cabal:

first, everybody to his own.
I think it's not easy to create a pinball machine that will suit everybody. Maybe because i am simple minded in case of pinball machines or just a novice.
But for me the Munsters is just pure fun. It's the only machine i have and ever played for longer time. For me it's nice to play the rules are easy to understand.
On the other hand it's quite fast and unforgiving. This mixture just wants me to play just another game, at least get munster madness, or just one step more.
Sometimes i get a lot of balls and only about 5-10 Million points, on the other game i get with 1st ball over 100
I like that.
Maybe if i would play other machines it would get boring from the rules, but never from theme.
on the other hand i don't want to get a diploma on rule sheets. Sometimes i read the threads of other machines and what i read there about rules just sounds very complicated. I just want to play some games in the evening, without much thinking and thats what the munsters pinball gives me.
But i can understand that people that have more experience want deeper code and more challenges.

Sadly the code issues have been discussed over and over, Munsters really isn't a newbie friendly pin the shots are hard the out lanes are hungry and it plays fast. That doesn't make for a very fun game for new players and from what I have seen locally people just don't like playing it in league, tournaments or on location in general.

Mine has been sitting folded up in storage for a bit now waiting for some code love. I tried to sell it and other than giving it away nobody wanted it so I will hold out for new code and hopefully it will become a more desirable pin as it should be.

#8057 7 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

This is a perfect example of why nobody should ever buy a game hoping for code updates. Never ever buy a game that you dont like!

So you are saying never buy a NIB stern because none of them have finished code upon release, that would be rough for stern because they wouldn't sell a singe game upon release as there isn't a single pin I can think of that they have released in recent history that had complete code.

Stern has set the precedence of having bare bones code upon release and completing the code as time goes on, they have conditioned buyers overtime that this is going to be the case. Most of the time the code gets updated, polished etc in a reasonable amount of time with most of but not all of the Programmers at stern.

So unless you never want to buy a NIB stern my advice is to only buy the ones who have the complete package designer, programmer, artist etc that you trust will complete the project and avoid the ones who have a poor track record of completing things.

#8058 7 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

It’s really this simple.

Yep never buy a NIB stern because not a single one is complete on release.

#8059 7 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I think this is a perfect pin for tournaments because you pretty much earn every point that you get. You have to make your shots to score big and theres no just getting lucky and scoring big points.

IMO huge scores on Munsters are all about luck otherwise there wouldn't be such a disparity be "average" scores and the GC scores on them. Look up some league scores for The Munsters and I think you will see what I am talking about.

Here are some scores from local STL leagues just scroll down until you see the Munsters.

#8070 7 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:No I'm not saying that at all. I'm saying if you think a game sucks do not buy it. You can play games at barcades and see them on TV etc to know if you like them or not before you buy.
Everyone hopes more code comes down the line obviously but theres no guarantee of that as we have seen on Munsters and other games. I played munsters before I bought it and I enjoyed it and I loved the theme also so to me it was a must buy. I still love Munsters and it's always going to be a keeper for me even if the code never gets another update.
Most games are pretty good at launch and they need a little bit of polish afterwards which they usually get but if I played a game and thought to myself that the code was severely lacking I would wait until it got some updates before buying.

It's not always an option to play a game before you buy and sometimes you take that chance. I like Borg designs, I liked the art and I like the Munsters.

In the end none of it really matters, everyone has an opinion and people aren't going to agree. It would be pretty boring world if everyone agreed on everything. There are some polarizing games out there and Munsters happens to be one of them.

#8074 7 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

When I had my play field flipped up today, I noticed an engineering oversight.
Up on the back box are two black rubber strips that the apron rests against when you flip the play field back. I have highlighted these rub strips with masking tape so you can see what is being talked about.

Those two rubber strips are for when the head is down and being transported so the side rails don't get beat up.

#8179 7 months ago
Quoted from J85M:

Munster fans I need some info please, I have the chance to pick up a great deal on an LE and although I’ve played quite abit on a pro I’m curious how the prem/le plays especially on newer code.
I know there was a mode where you had to play both playfields at the same time, is that still the case with newer code? And are there any modes that switch between upper and lower playfields? Like a shot to both ramps needed then shoot the scoop to switch to the lower make the required shots down there and then back up to the top?
Overall how is the current code compared to the older code? Thanks

The code hasn't really changed since it was released, mainly some bug fixes.

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