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1313 Mockingbird Lane ~ MUNSTERS Club.

By Monte

1 year ago

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#65 1 year ago

Agreed,JJ at Game Exchange in Denver had 1 on the floor today....flipped it a few games,was alright !!..............that green stood out like a sore thumb though.

#68 1 year ago

Thinking about joining the 1313 club,The Munsters were kooky and fun for me back in the day for !! Loved want to bring back the carefree and no worries that you enjoyed in your youth...............this has that potential for me.

#69 1 year ago

The Pro today at GEX was sporting fluoro green--not too becoming at all..............The pics/flyer you are showing above are from a Premium.

#70 1 year ago

Current Stern website does not have that Purple shown on the Premium............probably still getting that all sorted for when production actually hits the line for each model ??

#73 1 year ago

Oh yeah....played the Pro mostly at GEX Denver today-JJ nice and chill like usual............they have a HELLUVA pinball selection right now !!!!! New,Used,Remakes...all titles-all brands-Good job JJ and crew !!!

Munsters Pro played fast and flawless,the LCD was very clean and clear...............liked the metal ramps/ball return guides,so much better than those clear plastic troughs.

SPIKE system on all these new Sterns ??

#75 1 year ago

Sorry man,did not realize that......does look good !!!

#109 1 year ago

My first NIB Stern should be here in a couple weeks !!! Munsters Pro coming to 1313 Happy Ass Blvd.

#143 1 year ago

Been getting primed and watching/buying/renting a few episodes on my Comcast cable.On Demand offering for $1.99 an episode.

pasted_image (resized).png
#253 1 year ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

I am starting to wonder about a cliffy to put on the shooter when the game gets to me.
Is there one on the LE I wonder

Something like this ??? Available from most quality pinball parts distributors---

#272 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

No Cliffys needed.
Best shooter lane protector is thin self adhesive felt from Hobby Lobby.
Mylar will pull up any paint striping in the shooter lane.
You can protect 100 games for $1.50. Scoops as well

Iceman44 can you post pics of your above method ? or PM them to me-Thanks alot

#295 1 year ago

Welcome KLR2014 !! Congrats on receiving a machine already...….what part of the country are you in ?? Are you the first USA private owner/homeowner to get 1 ??...……..Still seems like these ones popping up are at Dealers/Route machines.

#296 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

No Cliffys needed.
Best shooter lane protector is thin self adhesive felt from Hobby Lobby.
Mylar will pull up any paint striping in the shooter lane.
You can protect 100 games for $1.50. Scoops as well

Ice are your pics still coming ??……………...or shoot them to me in a PM ?-- Can't visualize or understand your method here.

Thanks,Kirk in Colorado

#344 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

So they just posted .91 code update for Pro only......guessing the LE's and Prem's will have this latest version already installed (really hope no machines left Chicago on a semi-truck today watching the weather.)...yikes!!!!

Am hoping mine left from Chicago...…...bring it on thru rain,sleet,snow-nothing slows us down !! Lol

#345 1 year ago
Quoted from MattElder:

I just got my Pro home a bit ago! What a beautiful game. I’ve only had time to put in a couple games on it so far, but I’m loving the lightning fast ramps and orbits. Herman toy is cool and the music is great! Looking forward to putting a lot more time in on it.
[quoted image]

Great looking line-up !! Congrats on receiving Munsters.

#462 1 year ago

Pro shipped yesterday from GAP in Chicago----Headed to Denver-If we're lucky it should get here mid to late next week.

#464 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Congrats Mike is a good guy. Weather here is now clear for departure so your game should get there quick.

Thanks for the thumbs up-I felt confident with contacting and purchasing thru him from his history here on Pinside.

Great American Pinball/Mike has been easy to deal with.
GAP (resized).jpg

#497 1 year ago

Parts is parts.....getting primed and ready for MP-Munsters Pro to arrive !!! Various things to do when assembling this machine.

#535 1 year ago

Sneak peek of what arrived today at about 5PM,moving it into house now !!

#660 1 year ago

I got the fluoro green peeled off the backbox and replaced it with black t-molding, it's just all black everywhere-kinda bland,but went for it anyway and since it is now installed with super glue gel I better just leave it alone and get on with the Titan rubber installation and mylar install where the ramps drop to the inlanes and the shooter lane.

#674 1 year ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

Whoa - that sounds kinda permanent! Hopefully you like it in the long run.
I've switched out t-moldings on a number of my games (some more than once), but have never found the need to glue them at all.

Quoted from hassellcastle:

Agreed. Anytime I’ve used glue for T-molding, hot glue does the trick. It’s thicker which holds the t-molding better and much easier to remove.

Roger on that you guys,good tips and it will be alright for now. Keep on flippin !!

#713 1 year ago
Quoted from thebosson:

Does anyone have a shooter lane protector in their Pro or know where I can get one? Thank you.

I cut a piece of adhesive backed mylar ( I got the mylar from JJP back in my WOZ days-fwiw ) about 5 inchs long and maybe an inch wide with a slot to straddle the microswitch wire in the shooter lane.Did a quick alcohol clean and wipe and laid down the aforementioned piece of mylar. That is what I am trying-Machine not in use yet as I am doing a few things to it before it is all set up.....probably sometime this weekend.

#715 1 year ago

So this Munsters Pro is my first NIB seasoned are these playfields ?? You hear and read about all the playfield concerns on Pinside.

How long ago do you think they were made and is all the clear and processes used on these playfields had time to cure and harden properly before shipping them to us guys and operators fortunate to afford such a nice " Luxury Toy "

#718 1 year ago

Mods...…….So who has the SPOT green eyes mod coming out or already for sale ??

PS-I get that the SPOT flashing light is not in the code yet-Am asking if we can perhaps remove him or perform an on machine LASIK procedure to make them green-Lol

Spot (resized).png
#720 1 year ago

No concern whatsoever about dimples,bring em on.Just asking about curing and processes used now with new production machines.
Pinball is meant to be played,I don't buy them to be museum pieces.

Quoted from Bundy:

If you are concerned about dimples you should put a playfield protector on it because it will dimple. Or just enjoy it as is, I would.
Last week a played a Pro on location that had not been out more than a week or two and it was dimpled quite heavily. I think that is just the nature of the game now days with the environment friendly clear coat used. Also the clear seems to be thicker now than before which also makes the dimples deeper and more visible. I do not think it is the wood which is the problem.
Please not that this is just my personal theory which I have no proof of being true.

#786 1 year ago

Hi all,
So doing my first software update to .91...………….Did the "Full" install, Seems to have went OK-Game now says Munsters Pro Version .91 on start-up etc, etc.
1) It gave me the option for "Quick" install
2) Or "Full" install......Which is what I went with

How do you discern or know when to do either the "Full" or "Quick install ??

#792 1 year ago
Quoted from Sethman:

9 times out of 10 you’ll select “quick”.
If the code update fails, or the pin acts strange or weird, you can try a “full” install to see if it helps clear up the problems. Full definitely takes a lot longer to run through.

Thank you sir...… took like 10 minutes......enough time to run the trash out and put clothes in the dryer !! - Lol

#793 1 year ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

Looks good ViolinSteve!
For all those who are having ball launch and wireform strikes try filing down the leading edges of the fork on the metal transition ramp. My game did the same thing, then after working on the ramp a bit it cured the problem. I did add one washer to raise the wireform just a tad, but really don't think I needed to do that after working on the ramp. Ball runs up the ramp fine now.
[quoted image]

1956 I may try your method,will look at it later today...………….day off from work for Presidents Day-but need to go out and shovel a little snow right now.

#800 1 year ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

Removing the metal ramp is pretty straight forward. Once its out I filed the leading edges to almost razor sharp, the photo I posted was my initial filing, I ended up filing it more than what is showing in the photo. If you take a look at the dragula metal ramp you will notice that the play field has been routed out to allow that fork area to nest into the wood, my bet is that there were repeated ball launches from that ramp until they sunk that fork down into the playfield. So to that end and not wanting to cut into the wood on the shooter lane I jsu kept filing the metal fork area until it stopped kicking the ball upward.
Have fun shoveling that snow!

Went for it full tilt....pardon the pun !! ) Marked and scribed the lower ramp fork and took my Dremel tool and routed out that area of the playfield clear coat and down into the wood of the playfield so the ramp now sets all the way flush !!! Filed down the sharp leading edges as you did and then polished the ramp with Scotchbrite before re-installing---pics later or if anybody wants to see them LMK - Kirk

#854 1 year ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Picture Please, and Thank You.

Will do,been super busy since the posting-at work non-stop since I had Presidents day off and got it all back together at midnight that night. Have about 5-8 total games on machine......need to close up that right outlane- Lol - Though the ball launch is very sweet >>

I am a mechanic by trade,enjoy fabrication and problem solving.....Much more than screwing on a few mods-right down my alley to do this sort of minor outpatient surgery.Turned out great and I was confident in what I was doing and how to execute it.

Laters-my boss is coming,gotta go.

#903 1 year ago

OK,Full disclosure first-Big fan of this somewhat dated sitcom-Old guy here-Watched the Munsters as a kid-So that makes me like 57 now-

I play the easy way and what is just fun for me in this busy crazy world and pretty serious days at my job...………..gotta admit to being a chimp flipper ...…...a brew close at hand,5 ball games,ball save timer 12 seconds,closed up outlanes,just keep the pinballs alive !!

Less than 20 total games since new-Up way too late last night for a work night...gotta get up at 5:45 AM-Ugh--Reason being--Played Midnight Madness----Very Sweet-No reset at end of it-Video and Munsters table scene announcing the mode-cool as sh*t !!--16 millionish game--

Tonight like an hour on it-Got thru the levels-reached Munster Madness and got to 42 Million...………..extremely cool when all the newspaper articles drop in the video on the LCD...…….then the balls fly and the sweeping light show is just phenomenal !! No regrets on my 1st-NIB Stern Pinball Machine--Keep the code,video and call-outs coming for The Munsters !!!

Once you get deeper into the game and mode levels......most of the laugh track and repetition of the theme music disappears as you try to just play pinball and keep alive for the next ball !!

#970 1 year ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Picture Please, and Thank You.

OK-Able to get back to this as promised from last week-Short explanation and pics of my launch ramp revamp on Munsters Pro-Oh well-Did it.Everything great-Pretty much had alot of the playfield plastics and wireform ramps removed/loosened to install all the Titan rubbers and Cliffy's post sleeves and ULEK inlane plastics on my 1st new NIB Stern machine and decided to just do this launch ramp re-work.After reading about a few of these new Pro's having the ball bounce and/or scrape the wireform it goes under on the ball launch from the shooter lane...….maybe/possibly overkill-but did it within my abilities and all turned out great.

#971 1 year ago

First marked with a Sharpie around the ramp forks area.....then scribed deep into the clear coat.

Munsters #1 (resized).jpgMunsters #2 (resized).jpg
#972 1 year ago

Put down masking tape......could see the sharpie mark/have the tape go down into my scribe marks.....cut it out with my X-Acto knife and I have the area ready to Dremel tool what I want to grind into the clear coat and down like 1/8 inch total.Masked everywhere around the area.Old towels to cover up the rest of the playfield.
Vacuum cleaner hose up in there....and fire up and get er done

Munsters #3 (resized).jpgMunsters #4 (resized).jpg
#973 1 year ago

How it looks after clean-up and the ramp-filed,deburred,shined up with Scotch Brite and re-installed on my sweet new Munsters Pro.

Munsters #5 (resized).jpgMunsters #6 (resized).jpg
#1284 1 year ago
Quoted from snaroff:

There is a setting for this, but I tried it and it didn't work. I imagine it will be fixed in an update...

Worked for me to turn off "Spot" in attract mode

#1431 1 year ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

How long are you all setting the ball saves for? .... 30 sec lol? I really don't think it needs one if you play it safely. If you go for short plunge to left ramp or regular skill shot you sld be fine for 5-8 seconds. . Its when u go for the super skill on the fly that usually gets you quickly but that's the risk/reward part i love about the pin..... just like the zap and canceling out the supers while waiting on the multipliers.

12 Seconds here...a bit more than 10 seconds...……… setting my alarm clock for 5:47 AM instead of 5:45 Am-Lol

#1432 1 year ago

Titans here on 95 %,Cliffys post sleeves---4 of them I believe.....and I like all naturale rubber for my flipper rubbers as a reply/FYI to what us dudes are doing to our new Munsters machines !!

#1467 1 year ago

Munsters schwag at keep my new beauty ) and Invisiglass covered at all times unless being played.

#1468 1 year ago
Quoted from 1956PINHEAD:

To follow up on my last post, and for those whom are interested, see photos. These photos are showing the post locations after re-setting them to the optional hole location in the playfield to close down the gap. You will note that the left gap between the rubber bumper and the lane wire form on the left is 1-1/4", and the gap between the rubber bumpers on the right is 1-1/2" of an inch, the right having the larger gap. Not sure of the thought process or design methodology behind building in a biased setting between left and right, but it bothered me, so I corrected it. To each his own as they say. It was just one of those things with this game that really bugged me, I can say after making the mod I find the game plays better and more enjoyable. Sure I still get drains when I deserve to get them, just eliminated the cheap ones on the right.
I just wanted to share this info with the community in case anyone else might find it beneficial.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Good job on your post mod !!! Thumbs up.....I had similar somewhat snarky remarks from a couple members about me doing my launch ramp mod/surgery.

#1723 1 year ago
Quoted from amkoepfer:

New code is good, but the spot spotlight really shows off the bracket only. Seems like it needs a better placement

Time to do some mods.....Spot needs to be seen !!!

#1788 1 year ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

I’ve finally today spent some significant time playing this game because it’s my birthday
(Dinner my choice movie my choice-I picked Munsters ha ha)
Put the new code in better overall as has been stated
Did they take out the “Darn Darn Darn”
I liked that
So I am actually trying to play the game and pay attention
This thing is sweet!!

Man this theme is so damn good
Have a great night everyone!

Happy Birthday !! Now go have a couple brews and play Munsters…………..we expect you to be well rested for work in the AM !!

#1789 1 year ago
Quoted from hockeymag8:

Can't wait to try this bad boy tomorrow - going to make sure it is nice and warmed up. Nice to see the thoughts on the new code as well. This nut was in bottom of the cardboard box - anyone know where it goes off hand?

Man that is a tough one !!....Gotta look over everything top and bottom...........put it in your pin tool kit and enjoy flippin that beauty of a new machine !!

4 weeks later
#2867 1 year ago

Hi gang,Sounds like most are enjoying their machines !!!
Got my Munsters Pro really thumpinnnn last night-I finally got my new Sub and Amp installed that I got from a great new seller here on Pinside-Dan and Pinwoofer.It sounds tremendous !! I posted a couple pics on the Pinwoofer thread.
Take care and happy flippin-Kirk

2 months later
#4737 1 year ago
Quoted from C0untDeM0net:

ok, yeah I saw that metal bar and on mine there is not a lot of space for movement of it and can see why Herman doesn't move much. Good to know it's tied to the magnet. There is a loose nut that looks like it's connected to the magnet. I didn't touch it as I wasn't sure what it adjusted if anything. My magnet is quite strong and I regularly get both balls stuck and have to wait for the timeout to start multiball. Maybe some kind of adjustment is needed.[quoted image]

The balls are probably already magnetized and stick to each other.-
Balls included with new machines are "Builder Grade at best" you need to get "Quality Carbon Balls" cannot remember the best source.......Ball Baron maybe ??......Pinball Life used to have some nice "Shiiiny" balls that were the bomb.

6 months later
#6950 11 months ago

Talk to Chas Siddiqi in tech support-for that arm wireform----you have had a couple stuck balls up there and need to get a warranty/upgrade from Stern---

Also ask for/get the Herman plastic protector kit-Comes with a small alum. piece and new "Flat Herman" plastic that sits at Herman entrance....."the ball can bounce and break that plastic"

1 month later
#7181 10 months ago

Munsters have been airing on COZI TV the last couple months out here in the Denver area with Comcast/Xfinity

1 week later
#7225 10 months ago
Quoted from cabal:

I just had to replace a broken Grandpa Hole Protector on Munster Pro Pinball. One side looks like it would not have last much longer, the other side fell off some time ago. now it looks better with replacement. This was the second think i had to fix. The other one was the Grandpa upkicker switch. Machine is third hand so i can not say if this was from original or from former owner. Have now about 2000 Games on it.
Had somebody else a problem with the Hole Protector?[quoted image][quoted image]

Received from Cliffy today-a Munsters Grandpa hole/scoop protector-prototype-made the way they should be....In Cliffy's shop....not cheap mass produced "knock offs" that are Cliffs IP anyway.

Will be installing it on my Munsters Pro (With about 800 plays-and mine is getting bent up and starting to crack at edges also)

1 week later
#7297 9 months ago

Cliffy's hole protector installed a couple weeks ago-Mod/grinding needed with my Dremel tool,as it is not made specifically for Munsters-It is made for Ghost Busters I believe...…... what Cliff said-Dimensions same as this Munsters scoop.
Kirk here in Colorado-Munsters Pro-Love it-Early and direct buyer/drop ship from GAP pinball-2/5/2019-About 500 plays,My protector was getting bent up and cracking at edges.
Now only about 10 plays since install-doing fine at this early stage-Cottons observations as to bending/braking of edges are true/relevant to Cliffs line of thinking about these mass produced and knock-offs of his proven products...…….
….Disclaimer-I know nothing of this area of expertise.....but have been Super Pleased with Cliffy's products over the last 10 years and 6-7 machines where I have used his stuff to varying degrees.
Time to flip a few games and have a couple adult beverages and a cigar.

20200209_062045 (resized).jpg20200209_062110 (resized).jpg20200209_062210 (resized).jpg20200209_112048 (resized).jpg20200209_185825 (resized).jpg20200210_184041 (resized).jpg20200210_184056 (resized).jpg20200210_184414 (resized).jpg20200210_185016 (resized).jpgBlue Moon (resized).jpg
#7298 9 months ago

Bootz likes Munsters too !! Here chillin with an EM-COSMOS I fixed up and sold...…..Hesus Christie those EM's are s l o w-this Munsters is fast......don't blink when going around "a loop" or the Herman magnet....darn,darn,darn-Lol

005 (resized).JPG
#7299 9 months ago

Bootz too-....they "find" you-animals are great and they pick u !!

1 week later
#7342 9 months ago

See my post about this pg 146
Post 7297

#7343 9 months ago
Quoted from splitcms:

Whenever I start a game, something is triggering the spot target and he is coming out immediately. Has anyone seen this or know a fix for this? Thank you

My SPOT pops up at game start...………… thought has gone into this for me...………..just took it as you started the machine and it is acknowledging a game being started with a nice fire breathing hello from let's battle it out !! )

#7347 9 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

I want to make sure I am reading you correctly. You are saying I can buy a Cliffy made for Ghostbusters, make a couple of mods and it will fit right in as a replacement?

Yessir that's it,
Cliffy not sure if he will make "one specifically for Munsters"....demand,cost,already has one with the correct specs.-end user can get it fitted just fine-A guy can get his GB scoop fitted with minimal and easy Dremel massaging.

#7351 9 months ago

The toppers are listed on Sterns accessories on their website-$425 bucks I believe,I clicked add to cart to see what happened-it went to payment options-Good luck with it !!

#7367 9 months ago
Quoted from Braindance:

My Grandpa scoop is getting pretty beat up, but the main issue I'm having is it doesn't always collect whatever is lit when you hit it. It will detect the ball and shoot it out, so I'm not sure what the problem is. Once in a while it sits there until ball search. Anyone had this happen?

Did the wire break off at the switch yet ?? A known problem-Contact chad s. at Stern if you need a new microswitch.

#7368 9 months ago
Quoted from Braindance:

My Grandpa scoop is getting pretty beat up, but the main issue I'm having is it doesn't always collect whatever is lit when you hit it. It will detect the ball and shoot it out, so I'm not sure what the problem is. Once in a while it sits there until ball search. Anyone had this happen?

Page 146,post # 7297-What I did to replace my thrashed Grandpa scoop playfield protector-Cliffys-

1 week later
#7422 8 months ago
Quoted from JimB:

Lots of working from home might turn into new code updates sooner.

I was thinking the opposite.....not going to work if they close Stern means little gets done-IMO
Working from home at my job is called a "Flex"day and the office people tell me it's a Fuk Off day.I work as a mechanic/tech building Colorado State Patrol vehicles...………..they said it is unlikely I can bring a cruiser home to work on if we get a quarantine...………...Darn,Darn,Darn that really hurts my feelings Lol

#7432 8 months ago
Quoted from ramegoom:

We make wiring harnesses for the municipal upfitters who install LEDs in police cars. Ha! North of Denver as well. Our products make it to the CDOT vehicles and every surrounding state. You probably saw some of the wiring products in your journeys.

Good to have you here my friend-WAC ??

#7434 8 months ago
Quoted from ramegoom:

Yep. We supply all of their wiring.
And that V8Torino...Your summer ride? I had a 70 Merc. Cyclone 429, back in the day. The Mercury version of the Torino. Current summer ride, replica Cobra.

10-4 on yer reply about wiring etc...……...lets get that new rumored Munsters code re-dux-Happy with my PRO,budget allows 1 machine currently (

Just rolling with my 2019 Ford Ranger,Cars,cars,cars have been my go to and how I used to be defined-25+ years drag racing at Bandimere and chasing points in NHRA Division 5-Super Street and Super Gas,building,rebuilding,rebuilding my V8 Vega-was a good time then !! Building my buddys Cobra-Factory 5 replica from a "donor"mustang project.....V8 Torino Convertible after all that.....about the time the internet took off,so I went with that at yahoo mail and about every where I still do internet....Here...and my general yahoo internet mail with family and friends-Thx for asking-Kirk....Ooops obligatory girl shot-Lol-to lighten things up-- a modern day Lily )

2017 Focus 2 (resized).jpg2019 Ranger (resized).jpg85668401 (resized).jpgBurnout 001 (resized).JPGDSC00217 (resized).JPGDSC00218 (resized).JPGLaunching,Bandimere Speedway (resized).JPG
4 weeks later
#7849 7 months ago

See my posts # 7297 on my Cliffy Scoop Install and mods as needed for it on my set-up.

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