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#3940 1 year ago

Getting an "overcurrent protection warning" on node board 9 for the white GI at the top of the upper playfield.

All 11 of the bulbs are stock and work on power-up. They will all go out together after about 5-6 games. If I go into the tech menu and run the overcurrent test on node board 9 the GI resets and all the bulbs come back on.

Not sure how to diagnose what is going on

1 week later
#4307 1 year ago

Got lucky and was awarded Enlarging Ray from Mystery on ball 1 in the lab. Had a good run from there to get the 3 Grandpa super jackpots lit right out of the gate (Mystery, Grandpa, Enlarging Ray.)

Ended up with 8 super jackpots at 6x playfield during Raven multiball on ball 3. (The game said "you have ALL the super jackpots lit" so I got really excited, but I definitely did not have the Spot or Marilyn super jackpots lit.)

IMG_20190521_210944391_HDR (resized).jpg
1 week later
#4485 1 year ago

Let's goooo

1559610031484-111314305 (resized).jpg
#4486 1 year ago

I don't yell at my games or tables but will definitely say "you've got to be kidding me..." which makes me feel really silly when Munsters says the exact same thing

#4531 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I try and trap the balls up on top and then play the lower playfield. It seems like that would be better than just blindly flipping away at both playfields right?

Yes, this. You have enough time to rip some Herman/Kitty shots before the ball saver ends, but once the mode switches to the Raven portion you should trap everything on the upper playfield.

FWIW, you can only do this the first time through to the hurry-up for Munster Madness 1. After that the lower playfield only activates when you hit the current area shot on the upper playfield.

#4565 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Yes it is, and can be very frustrating at times but even when it’s frustrating i still have fun and keep hitting that start button. I bet 90% of these people on here complaining about the code couldn’t break 100 million if their life depended on it. They would probably never see anymore code then they are seeing now even if Stern did add to the code.

I was wondering about this too. The easiest and most likely way that depth will be added is through Level 3s of the modes*. There is already a lot on the run to Munster Madness 2 and I find it hard to believe the haters are reaching it currently on a consistent basis.

(*I don't think this will happen either because it would involve redoing the UI and I have my doubts it was engineered properly to make that an easy art swap.)

#4566 1 year ago

That lighting is way too much and doesn't really fit Munsters. B&W tables look best with frosted warm white GI turned down to like 80%.

#4651 1 year ago

Hitting the Dragula shot during multiball with a lot of super jackpots stacked and Kitty stacks available makes for a fun situation... The game doesn't compute your total score until the very end of the super jackpot presentation, so you still have some time to try and get up to 6x playfield multiplier with the other balls in play.

#4705 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Robert you cant blame that on the playfield window, you blame that on the DUMBASS that put the lower playfield glass on wrong! Also the lower playfield if a hell of a lot more than a novelty, its a huge addition to the gameplay and the code. Its a whole nother mode added to the game.

Agreed. The lower playfield shoots really nice (if you set the flippers to medium.)

I have some small problems with very slow moving balls on the upper playfield being affected by the edge. I assume it is screwed in too tightly?

#4706 1 year ago

The only thing this game really needs is a few more modes like Enlarging Ray, which is awesome, but rare since you only get one Mystery per game for some reason.

#4718 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Pretty much everything that Cotton said is what you want to do to adjust the playfield glass. One thing that you need to make sure that you do is use a T-10 Torx bit on those screws and be very careful not to strip them out of booger them up. The playfield from my experience doesn't seem to be too hard to adjust though and to get level.
My apologies to everyone for being a dick in an earlier post calling someone a dumbass for having a unlevel playfield glass. I am working 3rd shift, dealing with a dying pet and going on 2 days of no sleep. Bad times at the moment for me.

I have a torx wrench but am unclear about the sharp credit card part.

Very sorry to hear about your pet. Hang in there dude.

#4726 1 year ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Take a credit card and cut the corners back so your corners are acute angles. Slide it back and forth over the window/ play field. If a corner catches the edge of either item then you are not adjusted correctly. You want free sliding action in both directions between the glass and the play field.
See post # 3564 on page #74 for a little more on the credit card.
[quoted image]

Appreciate the detailed explanation!

#4786 1 year ago
Quoted from jandrea95:

You assholes should be on commission. The last page of this thread has me ready to pull the trigger on one of these machines. Still on the fence pro vs premium though.

The lower playfield adds a lot and is really fun to shoot!

Still can't get over how solid my premium feels in general construction-wise. Who Dey mentioned it before but this thing is a tank.

1 month later
#5181 1 year ago

Starting to see a left flipper problem where it doesn't raise quite as high as the right flipper when activated. I assume this is from all of the dead bouncing I do out of Grandpa's eject off the left flipper and it is slowly ruining some spring or something.

Apologies for the dumb question, I am sure this is common as I already have the same issue on my AFMr as well from dead bouncing scoop ejects off the left flipper all the time(?)

#5187 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I dont think that dead flipping should hurt anything, good players are constantly doing it. Not sure what the problem is but i don't think that its caused by that.

I thought it might be the power of the scoop eject bending the flipper back slightly over and over again? Not sure but I have the same issue on both tables with that scoop eject setup launching to the left flipper and thought there might be something to it.

Quoted from chuckwurt:

If your flipper doesn’t raise as high as the right, it’s most likely lower than the right at rest. Need to get in there and adjust/tighten it. Or something is binding it from going full stroke. Either way, purely mechanical.

That is the part I don't understand. It looks perfect at rest but just does not raise as high Not sure I understand what I am looking for when I get in there. I am a moron for owning these things and having zero clue how to fix them

#5208 1 year ago

My only gripe with features is how disproportionately difficult Spot Level 1 is (both to start and to get the Super.) I end up trying to time it out most of the time now. The super jackpot isn't really worth gunning for versus progress towards Munster Madness.

My guess is around 75% of my 200m+ games involved starting Spot from Mystery and getting it out of the way immediately.

#5267 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Munsters theme isn’t for everyone thats for sure but it did seem to generate quite a bit of interest until a few assholes made it their job in life to give it a bad name.

Some of the people trashing Munsters are also praising Wonka for the same reasons "Too simple" morphs into "refreshing throwback." It's complete bullshit. This game rocks.

3 weeks later
#5566 1 year ago

Ugggggh. After closer inspection at out of the way places, it looks like both my Munsters Premium and SW Premium have this issue. Munsters is way more minor, but it's there

There is no way Stern is going to replace all of these playfields. It would cost them a fortune and appears to be widespread enough that the replacement playfields seem like they would have this problem too, right?


#5604 1 year ago

Those pictures make me want to barf. Ugh.

#5609 1 year ago
Quoted from gac:

I know it's been written about many times but I'm a bit gun shy about updating my Munsters code to 1.0 from .99 Im afraid I'll mess up the down load or it wont take and I'll be left in the dark. Can anyone tell me in layman's terms what usb stick should I use and how do I make sure I only down load the correct file and "don't put it in a folder" etc. etc. I'm probably making more of this than I should but I've read where people have had trouble with downloads and I'm not a computer guy by any stretch. Thanks for any advice.

It's really easy. You download the file, unzip it and copy it onto your USB stick. Any USB stick should be fine really. Should be at least 4GB and have nothing on it.

These directions are still valid, but you will be downloading a .zip file and have to extract the .spk file inside to put on your stick:


2 weeks later
#5719 1 year ago

That is brutal Sebastian. Very sorry you have to deal with this bullshit.

#5770 1 year ago

I see that people's hearts are in the right places with their game ideas, but mass-emailing developers is kind of not cool in general. Good to see you guys got some responses but try to take it easy on them

#5773 1 year ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

It is cool, as it helps show interest in their product. Any and all companies love interest in their product. That is very cool to them indeed. It results in more sales and that is the ultimate in making it easy on them.

If you want to send them "good job" emails, that's great. I'm sure they love getting fan mail. It's kind of silly (delusional?) to send John Borg advice on designing games though. Two reasons why: (1) All public idea submissions are instantly destroyed/deleted for legal reasons. (2) He is John Borg, I think he's got this one

#5783 1 year ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

This is an owners thread, where we discuss how we can make our games better.

There are other threads specifically for suggesting code improvements and Stern has a public form for feedback (which you should be using IMO.) Discuss whatever you want though as long as it's about Munsters

Was trying to be nice and let you know what general etiquette is here. Stern happens to be small and more accessible, that doesn't mean they want your ideas and certainly not sent directly to Gary Stern. No different from how Blizzard does it: https://www.blizzard.com/en-us/company/about/legal-faq.html

#5785 1 year ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Who is Blizzard and how does that relate to Munsters?

Clearly you're not a golfer...

My point was there is a good chance your game ideas are going directly into a cyber toilet when you send them to a game company. Doubly so when you send them to the head of the company. Triply so when the ideas aren't any good in the first place. It is kind of adorable though and of course Stern's mileage may vary

#5802 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Read this again and just aggravated me. So people bash code, designers, developers, and companies endlessly on here....then someone posts a kind, general interaction w a game designer and needs etiquette lessons? Give me a break. Robin clearly states the rules of this forum.
I, too, own a fairly large company who has a multibillion-dollar client (healthcare). Though I receive hundreds of e-mails a day, there are ways to get to me, and I (or my team) return quite a few if they are constructive and relative to our company.
Stern has always been very easy to communicate with. I e-mail, and yes, even talk to them when problems or thoughts/ ideas come up involving a game. I don't tell them how to do anything, just give my perspective as being an owner. Many of the bug fixes, mods, etc. come from feedback such as this.
Glad @thunderbird had some interesting info to share on something that would make the game better. Glad there was a team @ Stern that I was able to work with to identify some topper issues, which will now make the thing better for the rest.
Good grief. There was no foul in what he conveyed here......and I admire Sharon for starting Blizzard, but despise golf (whatever that has to do with anything).

In reverse order:

• It was a Big Lebowski quote
• I have no idea who Sharon is and don't think you are a golfer either
• I said I knew his intentions were good!
• It's an internet forum and I am giving my opinion. I never said I was moderating anything.
• Let's just say I have a somewhat different perspective on this with my job. This was the only point I was trying to make about "etiquette" and things spiraled out of control quickly:

Quoted from cottonm4:

Do you have any idea how many emails some corporate people have to wade through in their email box? What would you, or anybody, do to make your email standout from the flood of daily emails? In my busy, corporate, meeting filled day, what could anybody say to make me open an email from a complete stranger when I have 150 new emails flooding my email box?

• Good luck and happy flips to all!

#5803 1 year ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

You’re not an owner, so not sure why you troll this thread. Don’t consider you being nice at all with your constant BS.

I just got done playing my Munsters Premium 20 minutes ago. Put up 300 mil for the first time! The game is listed in my collection profile as well so not sure where you are getting the first part from.

Not trolling anything. I was legitimately trying to be helpful and things spiraled out of control quickly. I take full responsibility and blame myself. My tone was bad and I came across like an asshole.

Back to your regularly scheduled Munsters episode now...

#5809 1 year ago

The interview is from the Deadflip stream a few hours ago Was trying to ignore when he said that. There are clearly still Munsters beta testers out there somewhere. And Borg clearly told you guys otherwise. There are still enough timer bugs with the basement that at minimum we need a 1.01 IMO.

#5814 1 year ago

Seems not-completely-terrible?

IMG_20190919_242710238_HDR (resized).jpg
#5859 1 year ago

Had some work people over last night. All big video game fans and players, but none of them really play pinball aside from barcade outings. Was interesting to sit back and watch them play and then get rankings at the end of the night. Nothing real surprising IMO:

4. Ghostbusters. Last place by a lot. "Way too difficult" and no one wanted to play it more than a few times. I tried turning up the ball save to 15 seconds but it didn't help.
3. Star Wars. "Too complicated." No one understood the mode structure really and it was hard for anyone to make meaningful progress.
2. AFMr. Everyone got their ass totally kicked by this machine but they didn't really know or care. Attacking and blowing up just the first saucer made people feel like they did something awesome. Was cool to see their reactions.
1. Munsters. First place by a lot. This was all we ended up playing as it got later. When this machine starts rocking, it is quite the spectacle. Everyone felt like they understood what to do and while none of them started Munster Madness (lol Spot), everyone had some solid multiball experiences and felt like they were competitive. (I did turn on a 5 second ball save FWIW.)

Not really much of a point and kind of a boring post, but wanted to share. Munsters rocks!

#5904 1 year ago
Quoted from GamerRick:

Why on earth did this post get a downvote?

Stop caring about downvotes. They don't mean the post was reported or inflammatory or anything. Maybe it was a thumbs down because it wasn't working still? Maybe it was a misclick? Who cares?!? (Hopefully no one )

#5940 1 year ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Don’t like hearing you have issues with your PFs (think Stern will take care of you), but I don’t think this is a widespread issue as some suggest. Also don’t believe Mark and I are the lucky few. Know many friends that have zero issues with their Stern NIB PFs, including me. I’ve purchased 5 Stern NIB over the last year and no PF issues. I have a JPLE on the way and confident it will not have any issues, from all the reports I’ve heard and the fact that Stern remade all the JP PFs with no art around any post and a thinner clear coat.

Hmm. 1) No one is defining "widespread" as "everyone except you and your friends." 2) Who cares? Even if it's only 10% that is too high. 3) There is no evidence of anyone hearing back from Stern about playfields being taken care of. Your faith is inspiring though and obviously I hope you are right

#5942 1 year ago
Quoted from dashv:

I can confirm that the pooling on mine is only under posts where there is artwork there too.

Same here. Looks like the clear around the rail next to Grandpa scoop is about to crack as well on mine, similar to photos from another Pinsider in this thread.

#6006 1 year ago
Quoted from jfh:

Batman Premium sales didn’t start to take off until there were significant code updates. Sales were indeed abysmal after LE/SLE for a little over a year. But the difference between Batman and Munsters was significant.

Your comparison numbers are probably close because Munsters had almost double the number of LEs in the initial sales rush and almost all were sold before the “Munsters is done” announcement was made.

I think Ghostbusters is slightly different though I don’t know a lot about the title since I don’t have a lot of interest in it. However, it sold far more units than Munsters (so far)

I believe Munsters sales are pretty much done unless Stern revisits the code (and figures out the clear situation).

Do you have a source for any of this? I see all kinds of people throwing around sales figures, but it always sounds like people making stuff up. Not saying you are making stuff up... maybe you are a distributor or something? Just curious.

#6013 1 year ago
Quoted from jfh:

I have many sources ... most of which would no longer be sources if I revealed them. The information I have is mostly second hand or anecdotal but from people that have first hand knowledge. Sometimes it’s confirmation on an educated guess/range; sometimes it’s more specific. I also pride myself at reading between the lines and sensing when someone has an agenda. But, unless I rely on information from a published source, I don’t talk about sources.
(No, I’m not a distributor. Just someone who likes to ask a lot of questions and has been interested in the business of pinball for over twenty years).

OK, well your sources are bad. Your Munsters and Batman information are flat out wrong. (Source: three different distributors not counting the ones in this thread.) Sorry to burst your bubble. Also, when you use made up facts to prop up your code complaints, *you* end up looking like the one with the agenda.

#6080 1 year ago

All of the large colored flashers are tied to that character's scoring feature being "boosted" and worth more points (if you start it during the current ball.)

The Dragula shot will boost a random character and Mystery will award it as well sometimes.

1 week later
#6136 1 year ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Well gang, if Kaneda is to be believed, he just announced that he has heard that Stern is going to do a huge overhaul update for Munsters, after Dwight gets done doing GB. Wow, that will be soooo exciting! It supports what I’ve been hearing as well.

You were told a huge overhaul is in the works?

What is Kaneda's source? Not saying this isn't happening and would love any and all updates to this already great game, but Kaneda is batting an extremely low percentage on his rumors.

#6137 1 year ago
Quoted from sulli10:

So far I really like the game. The code is no where near as bad as I have read. Most likely because I did not start with super hi expectations. Granted this is not a super deep /difficult code game like WD/ACDC/Hobbit /JJP Pirates but it has plenty of code as is for more then 80 percent of the players I know. I am happy as is, but, will be ecstatic if Dwight takes this game anywhere near SW/GOT/GB.
Even thinking about getting the Stern Topper for this one!

The hate for Munsters came from a very vocal minority and turned into a trolling meme. It can't be taken remotely seriously if you play a Premium/LE for more than 10 minutes. The game is fast and smooth and quite challenging. (I have yet to meet someone who says the game is easy that has actually made it to Level 2 Munster Madness. Not saying you haven't... you might be a beast!)

Here is my impression of the dumb Pinside hate re: Munsters code:

"Not every game needs to have complex rules, Stern should make a new game like Iron Man or T2..."
**Stern makes a spiritual successor to literally Iron Man...**
"Stern should not be making shallow games anymore!"

edit: Want to be clear I think the hate is dumb, not
that Pinside is dumb as a whole or in general, nor do I think the hate was ubiquitous across Pinside.

#6199 1 year ago
Quoted from ozno:

These posts attacking the code critics are really misinformed. It’s not so much a code update that’s needed, but rather an imagination update. Some of us make our living in entertainment and recognize that Stern missed a dozen opportunities to make this game fun. That’s all. So, if you like the game, I am telling you will like it a lot more once they explore some more modes and clips.

I also make my living in entertainment and could not agree more about the clips and there being missed opportunities. There were many many many posts though to the effect of "simple code = bad game."

#6216 1 year ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

More than simple code equaling bad game, I think it is about the 2020 era of pinball. Meaning it is not about location play any longer, where simple code is sufficient. Home use only era needs to have more comprehensive game code to last in a home environment, with people whom play it over the years many times. Not just pumping in a few dollars for a few minutes now and again on location. Simple shallow code is fine there.
A good friend of mine just purchased MBr. After he had it only a day or two, remarked to me, “I’m going to have to make this game harder somehow, since I am now seeing all the game has to offer several times over, every time I play it.” “It is becoming somewhat boring with no real coding depth”, he remarked. Monster Bash is a great game, but was designed and coded for location play, not a home environment. Every friend I’ve known that has purchased MB, has usually on sold it. In this modern era, games have to have coding depth for staying power, for most people.

Nah. Pinball is about fun tables that people want to play over and over again, period. All of my friends kept their MBr and like them as a compliment to their deeper games. Same reason I like my Munsters and AFMr as compliments to GB and SW. This isn't difficult to understand.

#6227 1 year ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

What’s not difficult to understand is, these games cost $10k. People expect more for that kind of money. Many feel a simple easy game is not fun over the long haul and that’s the point you’re missing and at these prices, is not much of a compliment to anything. So we disagree.

"People", "many", get out of here with that shit. People expect a fun game. All three CGC games doing insanely well says there are lots of people who disagree with you about simple and easy games having longevity. Maybe Munsters isn't the style of game for you and you should consider selling it?

LOL @ "easy" as well. Feel free to post your videos of making clean runs through Munster Madness level 2.

#6255 1 year ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Stop with the vulgar language, insults and acting like a school boy. Grow up and act like a gentleman. Opinions differ and that is a good thing. But when you put down others posts that shows no class. You chose to apologize to me once already for your poor behavior. Maybe you posted drunk?

You are moving the goalposts because I said "shit"... LOL? Arguing in that bad of faith isn't very gentlemanly either.

This isn't even about opinions! You are making things up and pretending to speak for lots of people using really bad anecdotal evidence about your friends who "usually" sold MBr and your personal aspirations to design new modes for Munsters.

3 weeks later
#6614 1 year ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Just curious- what is an “awesome update” mean?
Complete overhaul?
Many additional modes?
Theme integration beyond our dreams?
Do tell - thanks.

Would like to know this as well. Like, let's hear some specifics.

Also would like to see evidence of games getting significant bumps in resale prices or sales for Stern after code updates. The latter would be especially hard to produce considering their large updates lately have been for games not in production anymore

#6702 1 year ago
Quoted from northvibe:

Received the plastic and metal guard for the left ramps right opto and the German arm wire. Installed today.
Unplugging the optos from underneath allows you to pull them up more to screw back into the plastic. Otherwise you’ll be trying to line it up forever.
No clear pooling, but stock balls are getting beat up. Game has almost 2000 plays.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Looks great. Did you get the opto guard from Stern or one of the mod sites? Need to do the same thing on my machine and have been putting it off because it seems like a huge pain in the ass.

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