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#1018 7 months ago

Stern makes great games and probably the best in the business. Glad we have them.

Stern certainly have acquired the best IPs in the business. Munsters included as one of the best titles ever. I’d say it has stood the test of time well. At least Sterns IPs will and do hold value.

I haven’t played Munsters yet, but the more I see comments here and hearing from others, it doesn’t look boring at all. Stern will fix any code issues and make it “deeper” if that’s the right word to use, so everyone will be happy that owns one. For the prices of today’s pinball machines, people expect a lot and rightly so.

#1044 7 months ago

Some people get quite grouchy and rude don’t they?

#1112 7 months ago

Really like the lighting with the lower playfield attached.

#1177 7 months ago
Quoted from pyramidschemebar:

Is there a way to turn off the GI strobing on this thing? I just looked through the adjustments and didn't see anything.

Still looking at buying, but this is a big issue to me. How do we turn off that seizure inducing strobing if desired?

3 weeks later
#2206 6 months ago
Quoted from Flippingr8:

re: Shaker motor issue on my LE...
so I played the newly set up LE at Flippers of Cheyenne today. Their shaker motor works perfectly well - strong, but doesn't rattle the cabinet and turn it into a big sounding board. I wish mine worked like that. Couldn't figure out what the problem was when I tried two weeks ago. Any ideas? I'm going to email Stern about this tonight.

The fix is simple and probably why the OP works fine and yours doesn’t (because they already did this). Here is the fix:

I just took mine off, because the shaker motor literally shook the right flipper solder joint apart. I’ve now solved the issue and can again enjoy the shaker motor without fear of my motor ruining my game elsewhere.
Removed it from the table: remove two top case screws. Then remove four bolts holding unit to table cabinet base.
Also tried using an Allen wrench, only to strip it. Attempted torque wrench and broke head. Wishing I hadn’t started this project, lol. Used Vise Grip Pliers to finally loosen 1/32nd screw nub. Destroyed screw nib getting it off. Purchased new screw and put it in the 90 degree angle hole to retighten. 90 degrees position offset it to the other side weight. Putting only a drop of lock tight on the screw before inserting.
Real issue with original screw is that it had tons of lock tight, so it was not coming off without brute force. Had to finally clamp screw nib into bench vice and then used a screw driver inserted through weight hole to turn entire weight till it came off all the way. Probably should have put heat on it.

Now at 90 degree offset position to opposite side weight, it works perfectly as a shaker motor and doesn’t shake the table glass any longer, but keeps the fun effect of the shaker motor. I left the other side untouched. You could move it 90 degrees also, but then they’d be 180 degrees opposite of each other and diminish shaker effect too much.
I’ve included photos below to see exactly how I positioned weights and where screws were placed. Have fun adjusting! It would have been a simple process without the heavy dose of lock tight. It is worth the effort as now shaker motor adds to the experience instead of being too violent.
48D13839-F00E-4BE4-9C05-623579D46457 (resized).jpeg9AD572B5-51D1-47FC-9983-B8D695497AC8 (resized).jpegB772E913-F4A8-4CAE-8334-E8886B348350 (resized).jpeg

3 weeks later
#3097 6 months ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

Love playing my Pro. Have a shaker installed. Its from Cointaker but not the red tremor. Shakes to hard and really rattles the glass. I just installed the power board mod on my Tron and it made the red tremor perfect. I know for Munsters you can add the little board. Anyone else have a shaker or what can I do to tone this one down a little.

It’s easy to tone glass rattle down. Buy anti rattle tape and install on underside of glass on left side and right. No more rattle. I did on mine and it’s soooo much better now.

1 week later
#3334 5 months ago

Does anyone have the link to Jack Dangers new Munster Premium stream, done this week?

2 weeks later
#3878 5 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

It will probably even fall well below 50. That doesn't matter though, what matters is if YOU like it or not. Pinside ratings are very biased and unfair anyways so i wouldn't put too much into them.

Totally agree with Pinside rating system. It is more a bashing system than a rating system. Most all people give high ratings to the games they own and low ratings to the games they don’t or want to bring down, so their game will be on top. Only games far removed 20 or 30 years) from current day games, get the love ratings wise. It’s an almost worthless rating system, even though Pinside has tried to make it relevant, it just isn’t. In its current form, don’t pay any attention to it. Only the Club forums have some relevance, imo.

#3949 5 months ago

Was waiting for the color version to come out from day 1. Almost anyone that thought about it, knew Stern would release a premium color version too. After all, the color version artwork had already been completed. To my understanding, color was done first, then Chris tuned it for B&W.

While the B&W looks good, my biggest issue has been the lighting reflection eye strain of the large white background reflecting from the table lighting. Seen numerous people comment on this being an issue. The color version mostly absorbs this effect with no eye strain.

IMO, big benefit and like premium artwork even better now. Just please add show clips and modes to the code.

#3961 5 months ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

These days, buy the pin you want.
The LE business model ain't worth much anymore.
Both Stern and JJP will make as many games and different versions as they can get away with.

Stern doesn’t ever dump on their LE owners from what I’ve seen. Meaning that they will never offer a similar package to the LE. The premium is not close in value to the LE. LE’s offer a great deal more.
For example, I’d love to buy the Batman LE topper, but Stern will never sell it. JJP on the other hand is not in any way limited, that we agree.

#4258 4 months ago

Feeling like if everyone jumps in and doesn’t wait this out, Stern will have no motivation to better the code. If everyone were to email them and tell them that’s what they’re waiting for, they’ll be plenty motivated.

It is good now, but for the price we’re paying it should be classic, with plenty of TV series related modes and content. There’s seventy shows, but it feels like they’ve selected parts from only a couple. Yes, Batman has set a standard that most expect from Munsters too. They are contemporaries after all. Shallow code just doesn’t cut it for this beloved show.

We’re all paying plenty for this title and deserve some depth or rather enough to keep us satisfied for years to come and not just our friends that visit occasionally. We just can’t buy for them. Stern needs to know we have their money waiting...

#4308 4 months ago
Quoted from lschmidlin:

Exactly. Here is what I did. Triple stack rubbers, 2 slightly larger than original.
Looks like the poop icon but works great![quoted image]

What’s the size of the two lower rings for ordering purposes? Want to do this as well.

#4405 4 months ago

Batman and Munsters go hand in hand. Both awesome ever green themes. Let’s face it, famous good TV themes have staying power. Much more than a single movie.

#4429 4 months ago

Hello Munster fans,

Ode to Munster’s club: Today I woke from a dream and in it was standing a hypnotist named Houdini or was it Who-Dey???

Who-Dey: “Come forth from the audience Thunderbird and I will hypnotize you.”

Thunderbird comes forth and is told, “you will buy a Munsters and like it like I do.”

I awoke from the dream and began dialing my phone. My wife asks, “dear you look like you’re in a trance, what are you doing?”

I replied, “I don’t know for sure, but for some reason on the phone to our Stern distributor buying a Munsters Premium...”

She replied, “but I thought you think the code is somewhat shallow?”

I told her, “Stern will use our money to further deepen the code...”

She maniacally laughed!

(But we now own a Munsters Premium and mainly because I needed something to put the rubber scoop piece on that 1956Pinhead was kind enough to make for me.)

Now emailing Stern to deepen Munsters code on a daily basis. Lol. I succumbed...

#4431 4 months ago
Quoted from Wotto:

Lol. Ya beat me..... but hey I recently threw my cash at a BM66
You order one o them whizz bang new colour things or the stunning BW number?

Lol: Whiz bang color all the way! Batman is the best!!

When are you going to jump in? Who-Dey will put you into a trance...Keep up emailing our friends at Stern. Go more code!!

#4445 4 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Oh my Lord Thunderbird! If you get this no code good for nothing game and hate it im probably going to have you hunting me down wanting to kill me now! Im not too worried about that happening though because once you learn the rules and what you are doing you wont be able to quit hitting the start button.
And speaking of being in a trance, thats what you will be like when you unbox this beauty. Your jaw will hit the ground and you will just stand there looking like Herman Munster for a minute or two and then start jumping up and down with that Herman Munster grin on your face yelling Who Dey....Who Dey!!!
Congrats buddy you are going to love this game i guarantee it. I still love mine as much as i did when it was new. Let me rephrase that, i actually love it more than i did when i first got it. I was just telling 1956PINHEAD last night how much i love this game and he feels the same way about his. Pinball is not all about depth of code and this game here proves it.
If you don't like this game i will eat my shorts on a Youtube video for the whole world to see! Now excuse me i must be going, i gotta call Gary about that commission check that he owes me for selling this game to you.

Looooooooool! Seeing you eating your shorts on Youtube might be entertaining, but pretty confident it’s not going to happen. After all, seeing Herman jumping daily on the pinball screen saying, “darn, darn, darn”, is entertainment enough - not to be missed.

(I must still be in that trance......)

1 month later
#4904 3 months ago

Does someone have a link to Munsters topper demonstration in action?

#4913 3 months ago

Yes, Marilyn played a very important role as a contrast. Without her, we would have gotten used to the Munsters and their look, but she was there to provide important contrast and keep it humans versus monsters. Wish they had her on the topper too, but she is all over the table, so no worries. If the topper is interactive, with taunting from the raven, that will be awesome!

#4944 3 months ago
Quoted from BeeGeeMtl:

I'm in the market for a NIB machine, and have narrowed it down to MUNSTERS (B&W premium) and METALLICA (Pro) - I don't like the hammer in the Premium and not much else about the premium interests me.
I'm looking for some opinions from folks who have owned/played them both.
I realize I'd save a few grand on the MET pro, but MUNSTERS is obviously the newest machine around, and I love the B&W art, and the shots! (the lower playfield is cool as well) I'm NOT really a big "deep code" guy, I just play for fun and enjoy shots, sounds, lights, etc!
I've played them both and like them both and realize that it's a "personal choice" but let me know if you know of reasons to buy one over the other. For example, I imagine that it would be easier to trade/resell MET if I wanted to switch up in a few years?
I realize that if I posted this in a general forum, most Pinsiders might laugh at this question but hopefully nobody in here does.
And if this has already been asked/covered, please send me a link to the discussion. Thanks!

While MET is a good game too, it doesn’t hold a candle to Munsters. Munsters is an all a-rounder and think it will actually be easier to sell in the future, since it is more family oriented away from just being a music pin. Certainly, Munsters will get more code, but that is not your concern, from what you’ve said anyway.

Stern is going all out on an evergreen title like Munsters with more elaborate topper and it should have more code in the years to come, since it is so new and should have more updates (not to be judged by GB, just because the programmer is the same - this is about time being given by Stern - dollars speak and they will listen).

#4986 3 months ago
Quoted from J85M:

Bravo! Bra......vo!! Now that’s a topper!! Easily the best topper Stern have made next to BM66, the fact this one is mechanically interactive and not just interactive lighting might put it ahead of BM66 topper but this is nice and I will be grabbing one I just need Dwight to push the code and theme integration so I can buy a colour premium!

You’re right, if it works the way they bill it, it will be one fun topper and the only one I would be interested in buying. I’m not a topper fan and think most look like junk, but if this is interactive as they say, telling you modes you’re in, with taunting and such, should be fun!

#5018 3 months ago
Quoted from ShinyBall:

I can't believe I'm saying this...but, I'm not all that impressed with the topper, that strobe looks to be too much also....I like the clock, wish the characters were as like....(modeled) am I all alone here?
Congrats to those who like them and are getting one.

You might be all alone here, as this topper fits well with the table art and looks good to have the emphasis on the clock which appears to be nicely done. Of course we all would like it to cost a little less, but out of all the toppers out there, name one that is better?

Munsters topper has: Callouts, mode music, character lights, clock spinning, Raven pops out, etc., from what I can tell from some video I’ve seen. Fully yet to be confirmed as to what all it does. This is coming from a person that does not like toppers usually at all. I think most toppers serve little to no function, with just a bunch of plastic and a few lights and no game interactivity. Unless I don’t understand it correctly, Munsters topper appears to be the icing on the cake of an already great table. That airplane landing light behind Raven has to be toned down somehow, although.

#5024 3 months ago
Quoted from ShinyBall:

Well, actually we are on the same page to a point. I said I like the clock (so do you) so we are in agreement here. I would have liked the characters to be more like my MBR-le topper...not just some flat cut-out pics...but, we can't always get what we want. It is what it is.

Yes, we probably are in agreement, except, I think molded plastic figures look old school and don’t look as good or modern as the flat cut out pics, that allow better light to be shown through the image. Light and color looks better to me than a glob of plastic like on the MB topper. You can’t get a crisp look from the molded plastic figure. It can be pulled off under glass, like Herman figure is, with light shinning on it, because the glass gives it the crisp look. Plus molded plastic figures on top of a pinball machine are huge dust collectors. Cutouts don’t have that problem.

#5048 3 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I have my second one on the way.....I'd be lying if I said that i wasn't worried. Its almost like they just throw them together and ship them out without testing them. Theres no way my first one was tested or it would have never left the factory. Even for the ones that work i am skeptical about how reliable they are going to be in the long run and honestly that is bullshit for a 425.00 dollar topper.

Fortunately the game itself doesn’t have these issues and works well.

#5049 3 months ago
Quoted from Magicchiz:

Ok here is my topper take.
This is my second topper. I am not wanting to throw stern under the bus. But I just learned there are a few more bad toppers. So here is my take.
My first topper, made a buzzing noise and the clock did not move. The raven popped ok and was good.
Second topper when plugged in first time, clock moved and everything good. Except raven door hit top of front plastic. Came down to game room today to take the videos from the Videos in the post above. Clock did not turn until I started it by hand.
My take is the clock gear is problematic. There is a opto at the top and a gear that travels thru it. If the gear is not perfectly straight then it rubs and slows down the clock or stops it all together. See video

So I have taken the time to rebend every arm of the gear to get it to run as smoothly as I can. Should I have to do this? Most will not be able to. So it's going to be a issue or burned up motors.
Then the raven door and clearance opening and closing. But the coil that opens and closes is the loudest thunk I have every heard, louder then spot popping up in the game. Plus the blinding flasher behind the raven that blinds you.
I like the topper and the feature, but theyare questionable issues. I hope stern can figure them out.

Thanks for the video. Your clock gear turns like its been in a wreck. Lol

#5073 89 days ago
Quoted from Truent:

Yeah I did all that. I unhook the topper and everything was normal again. Plugged it in again and everything went haywire. Seems like the topper has some sort of issue. I’m going to take it apart and check for any pinched wires otherwise it looks like I’ll have to send it back to Stern for a replacement.

It’s part of the new game code. When you plug in the topper, new mode “clock madness” begins on your table...

#5099 87 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Well, postman didn't bring mine today (rescheduled for Monday)....the suspense continues.....

Can’t wait to hear your report. You’re going to do what I’d do, namely take it apart and ensure everything is lined up and able to rotate properly to begin with. If the gear is flat and rotates on a solid spindle, think that would be the beginning of it working properly. Ensure coil firing properly on the Raven. You know the drill, some QC that should have been done by whomever made the clock to begin with. Hoping that a third party did this and not Stern. They have upped their QC game so can’t imagine they’d let these leave the factory this way, knowing what the blowback would become. Look of the unit is there and coding will be there, now just mechanical items...testing at assembly point is not hard and a must! Unless (if) 3rd party company did not have a machine to test on...

#5122 86 days ago

Once it works as billed it’ll be worth it. Yes price could be $50 to $80 lower.

#5135 85 days ago

Very good mechanical sleuth work MK6PIN and I can’t wait to buy one once they’ve got rev2 done. Munsters is turning out to be a class AAA title/machine. Sounds like Stern factory workers got overly excited to get this out the door without proper testing. Your field testing should be invaluable to Stern. Wish you could have taken some video showing what was working.

Also, on another topic, let’s set the record straight by someone who owns the SWLE and has drop down targets. They are nice for sure, but they complete on their own as if they were a mono target. No one has to aim at them. The sling action completes them whether you need to or not. Munsters mono targets are not “garbage”, it works better for the Munsters game the way they are in the rule set. Drop targets would not make as much sense in the rule set and make the game any more fun. The targets are first class and do get unwarranted flack. SWHE has a mono target, that works the same as the drops. No fun in gameplay is diminished, but people are calling mono target in SWHE garbage and equating them to Munsters targets. At first felt they should have been drops, but now feel mono target is as good for the game and doesn’t detract from the fun. I wouldn’t have wanted something else left out to achieve price parity, in order to include drops. Lily could have been, but would look unbalanced with Dragula, which word is way to long for drops in that area.

#5198 80 days ago

Agreed! Munsters art blades finish the inside look of the mansion. Plus the portraits on the wall are also the portraits that are key in the game GUI as well. All matches.

#5241 77 days ago

My Munsters saga:

It all started with a dream that Who-Dey appeared in and told me to buy a Munsters in no uncertain terms. So I ordered the first Munsters color premium to come off the Stern factory line some months ago (so long ago now, I cannot remember exactly when).

Fast forward to mid last month: Both my awesome distributor AMD in Sydney and I planned on me receiving the table a few weeks ago. It finally does arrive at the Sydney port and I was excited steeped in giddy anticipation...

...I received a call from my Stern distributor...your Munsters table is here, but sad to say...it is being held onboard the incoming ship, behind a dock workers union picket line. We don’t know when it will end. When it does we will on-ship it to you. He said he would call me from time to time with the latest report.

Meanwhile, I eagerly looked at the newspaper everyday, reading reports of when the strike might end. Each day it was fueled by more ports joining the strike. It begins to become more intense and even becomes a nationwide dock workers union strike. Ironically, they’re striking against rumored automation, which has fueled the resolve by management, to ensure even more that automation will happen. Go figure, but I still didn’t have my tables, that were sitting onboard a ship from America...

...Today, nearly 3 additional weeks in, I finally get Munsters, one of the best tables ever made in my home and guess what? My wife who has had very little interest in playing pinball Up until now, steps over and begins playing. I’m surprised! Her face is lit up like a Christmas tree and she is having a ball! She remarks to me, “I like this one, it is awesome!” She keeps playing and then invites my two daughters into have a girls tournament with Munsters. They also, have had little interest in pinball till Munsters...now they’re all hooked and loving it. My wife said, she likes looking at our other tables, but never plays them. She loves Munsters and was giddy when she hit Herman and he stammers “Darn, darn, darn”!

This table is absolutely a blast! We are loving it!! The only issue now is; “may I have a turn too?”
D9A62FF0-74C4-4768-9D47-B630B9A34FC2 (resized).jpeg

#5251 76 days ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

LE ( or Premium ) owners with lower playfield.... any installed a Playfield protector? Inputs...?

Yes, I installed a playfield protector upper and lower. Munsters really has some powerful flippers and balls fly all over at times. My playfield still looks brand new. Use to not put them on, but now, put them on all my tables. Keeps your table looking good all the time. Think it also plays better too, because they even out all the inserts and keep the magnets looking new without dimples all over them. Worth the time and effort to install, IMO.

#5258 75 days ago
Quoted from Amused_to_Death:

How long did it take for Munsters? And how much disassembly was required?

It was not as difficult as SWLE PF protector installation. Multi stacked ramp levels, DS and hyperspace ramp/habit trail removal. That took 2 of us near 6 hours.

Munsters with 2 of us going at it; about 4 hours. Would have been longer, but my friend is quite experienced doing this. We were not mapping things out, so might have been faster that way. There were moments of, now where does this left over piece go? Lol

Here is what we took off:
3 yellow pop bumper lanes
Lower flipper return lane assemblies
Right lane wire form and right ramp completely pulled out. Left right lane ramp in and only raised bottom to allow PF underneath.
Removed lower PF. Then flippers, plastic layers all around lower PF. Wire form lower PF and right lane lower PF.

Did not touch left lane and wire form up top. Made a cut underneath the left ramp at the back orbit loop and spliced PF together there, in case need to pull up for any reason. Also, removing all the gear under that ramp would be a nightmare. Left all mechs related to Herman and Herman alone (figured he’s been taken apart by Dr. Franky too many times already, lol). Cannot even see the splice on the very narrow area at the back. Installed tape underneath the two splice sides and it is smooth on top.

Game plays fast and smooth with PF. Gives it another level of shine. No dimples on PF, even though Munsters is quite a powerful game and does get air balls from time to time even being tuned right on the money. Imo it is totally worth the effort, since this is a game worth keeping. The game plays awesome! Baffled why anyone puts this game down and I’m very picky about code and depth. Would like more Munsters show content, but think Stern will surely add it.

After playing the game a bunch now, think the complainers mostly have either played pros (although the pro is a very good machine too) or not much at all. I know until getting my Munsters color premium, I had no experience on the lower PF, which is a very unique complex mech and a blast to play. Don’t think there is another mech to it’s equal in all of pinball. No it’s not Stewie pinball, I’ve played that too and not even close. Tired of AC/DC lower PF fast, but not this one. It adds to the game fun and intensity big time. Without it, you’re only experiencing a little over half the game, imo.

Have fun putting on your PF protector, you’ll love it on one of the best shooting games ever!

#5265 74 days ago

Greatly prefer Munsters over any of those themes as well. What a satisfying shooting game this is. It does have multiple ways to go after it. Best super skill shot in all of pinball. Munsters is a party animal. Everyone loves playing it.

#5269 74 days ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I agree it definitely rocks! I love mine and it never gets old. Its not the best game in the world by any means but its hella fun. Its my favorite game of my collection, not because of gameplay and rules but just because its the complete package......for.me personally of course.

Agree with what you’re saying Who-Dey, except maybe it’s still because of the honeymoon, but I do think it is all around the best game in the world. It’s the complete package. Yes, I would like Dwight to put more into it like my Batman, then it will be a classic and top rated like Batman has become. I’d like someone to name a better complete package that’s fun for everyone than Munsters? Maybe JP might become that too. Spoken with John B. about this several times and he told me it is selling like hot cakes. Another friend of mine in the mod business said it is a blockbuster title and only MET has sold as well.

Actually, I’m surprised I feel this way about Munsters. With all the negative here on Pinside, I thought I’ll try it for a while and then sell it later. Later is never coming, it will never leave my collection. It also looks so good, that it is the first table I don’t want to mod, except couldn’t resist the ramp purple light going in, with the green exiting ooze light, with 3D pipe; all from Mezel Mods exiting Grandpa’s lab. So cool!
60439472-4AB5-4AF3-AA8A-D2940A9C98B1 (resized).jpeg

#5298 73 days ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Well we are Back In on Munsters! With the game room expansion and a few Must have trades I traded off the Munsters Pro and I'm personally glad we did. Had to have the total LE experience. Such a beautiful game and definitely fun. More so then the BKLE we had. Just did Not click with the family and guests didn't touch it. Sooo with all of the positive vibes #Who-Dey laid down and of coarse the fact that J Borg the man lives on the same Block as me we knew this was the game Had to return home! lol Even gave it an end cap position as that cabinet is pure beauty! Going to give it a good work out with many guests coming over this coming weeks. Glad to be Back in the club!
[quoted image]

Glad to see you’re back in. Was surprised when you were out for a wee while since knew you’re a big fan of the show like the rest of us. It doesn’t get any better than Munsters and Batman lined up together!! Big thanks to Stern for making childhood dreams come true. Can you imagine if we would have had this machine to play back in 1964?

#5303 73 days ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

You're making that crap up and should apologize for that to the people you're flaming.

Just so you know, I know Cooked71 and he doesn’t make stuff up and is a positive pinball enthusiast. Glad he is here. Think there might be a misunderstanding going on here.

#5307 73 days ago
Quoted from Budman:

Also, tell him to make a Jonny Quest pin !!!

I would so be in on a Johnny Quest pinball machine. How fab would that be?

Count me in for an LE right now!!

#5316 72 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

( that zap button particularly hard when on lower pf...Whew)

I hit it with my knee and keep on flippin at the same time. Lol

#5321 71 days ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Thanks for asking that question. It is a strange end of ball sequence.

I get the sequence although...because the exploding car, is your ball blowing up ending the round. Fun sequence, I just wish they had a few more varying endings, like Dwight did for Star Wars. Plenty of material for that.

#5328 70 days ago

Has anyone figured out the secret mania mode yet? Also, does anyone know what the dot pattern does on the bottom right of the screen? It changes patterns as you press flipper buttons...

#5347 69 days ago
Quoted from Squizz:

well one can only hope!
Just dont take 3 years to do it.

Have it on a very reliable source it is happening with more love for Munsters in the vain of what we are all looking for. It was not told to me as sales hype, as I’m already an owner. They don’t need to sell me, because I’m sold. I’ve always known Stern will not let one of their top IPs stop at 1.0 and say it’s essentially done. Only Dwight said that in defense of so many blasting him about GB. He made a statement to get people off his back about Munsters too. Don’t worry, there is more awesome code coming for sure on an already fun and exciting game. It’s my family and friends favorite already. Come on, they’re not going to do a big update on 2 (GOT & GB) games not even being sold now and forget one of their top ones in their current stable for the next 3 years.

#5371 64 days ago

Munsters continues to amaze me how good it is on all levels. Happy now that it has been confirmed more love for Munsters is coming too! With the new code, sure it will become the classic it has always been destined to become.

#5376 64 days ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Did I miss an announcement or something?

No official announcement yet, because they don’t have a timeline for when it will be done.

#5384 64 days ago

...Agreed, take negative posts out of owners thread. Don’t want to read or see negative comments here, jfh. Negative comments are best, posted in the worse code ever thread. No one will care there.

So silly that people all want to love such a great table as Munsters, which hits on all cylinders for sure. No one really understands or knows that until they own the machine. I’ve come to the point of playing it enough to say that it stands as my family and my favorite game of all time. It’s the only game my wife goes back to again and again. All of our other great games, she has played only a couple of times ever. Our children and guests pick it over all our other tables as well. Go Munsters!

#5404 63 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

I think jfh is fine too, and never bought anything from him..just lots of interaction. Munsters and BM66 are different games, but doesn't make one or the other bad. My analogy - I could go into another owner's club thread (say DI, a game I despise and has many "disappointing misses") and constantly talk it down....I'm a nice guy, but would be ripped apart.
Difference - jfh wants this game, I know it.....I don't want a DI, so I stay out of the club thread. Nothing they could do to that one that would make me buy it. He's voicing his hope that the code moves a bit because he wants one. This is why he still engages in the thread (just my opinion).
Venting is a fine line in a club thread, so I understand people getting pissed. Fortunately, most in this one love the game (me included) and rightfully so...
Point - Club threads are generally supposed to be positive in nature, but they'll always be a bit of this. He gets a bit harsh, but I'll bet a decent bottle of bourbon he eventually owns one....

Understand jfh frustration, as I too want the code to be improved with lots more show material content and character modes, not just at the end of a ball sequence. I’ve spoken directly with the powers at be and convinced they will do this, even though Dwight made a comment it was mostly done, to get people off his back about having another game unfinished (GB).

With over 70 shows and so much comedy content to be added into our fab Munsters game. I too believe sales are now sluggish, because of this issue (although I have no evidence). I’m sure to entice many more buyers (have numerous friends waiting to buy), Stern will do the right thing and add more to the code. The game deserves it unlike most others. I was told that people always cry for more code on every game, but this is not just any game, it’s a highly desirable IP (Monsters never get old), that deserves the best treatment like our Batman table has received.

#5429 62 days ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I think Thunderbird just wants to see a few more movie clips to keep things from getting stale. The code needs a couple of small changes to improve things like the Lilly mode but it DEFINITELY does not need a major code overhaul like many people suggest because like you said, this game is freakin awesome already.

Who-Dey, you read my mind. Love the game as is, but if Stern added what all the holdouts want, as in more game related TV clips mode character related content, like Batman, it would become an all time classic pin. Current Munsters code is not simple, like MB is simple.

For the few people that don’t look up at the screen, a DMD era table is probably sufficient. The new modern LCD pinball tables, put us right into our favorite themes action, immersing us into the game play. Just like TV or movies are able to captivate their audiences.

#5461 61 days ago
Quoted from jfh:

I wasn’t thinking of Timeshock, but that concept would certainly fit.
In Batman 66 the more times you hit the Commissioner Gordon target before you hit the to the Batcave shot, the longer the flip is. That’s a very simple example but you get the idea. That works because the game is holding the ball in the VUK but it doesn’t have to be a length thing. Doing Eddie loops? Show Eddie doing different things after x loops or combos or whatever.
I don’t usually worry about video sequences slowing this down as they can usually be cancelled with a simultaneous flipper button push if you want.
And ... no dig at you ... if you are a Munsters owner and haven’t watched the show spend $40 and buy the series on DVD. Watch the episodes and see the absolute gold mine of clips and sequences of the key characters that could add so much to the game. If you haven’t seen the show and don’t know what you’re missing you can’t understand the frustration of those of us who have or why we had such high expectations for theme integration and use of the show’s incredible A/V assets. (Heck, I spent my first few games just wanting to hear the theme music!)

Agreed on the gold mine of great material to include in our Munsters code. Everyone, please keep emailing Stern requesting this great material to be added. Other themes don’t even come close to the stock pile of great Munsters comedy to add, with TV show modes to an already great table. It wouldn’t be too difficult to add the material/modes and keep the rest of the game just like it is.

#5465 60 days ago

Let’s face it, the reality is, Pat Priest was the real Marilyn, as she was in the overwhelming majority of the TV series (57 episodes). That’s why she is featured on our pinball machines and not Beverly, which was in only 13 episodes. Pat’s portrayal of Marilyn was the definitive one and why she is on all the artwork.

#5470 58 days ago
Quoted from BowlingJim:

Changed a couple of settings on my game to make grandpa harder to start and also Herman . I really like the game it’s just plain fun to play. I got a LE for a trade with just about every mod made for it and it is absolutely gorgeous he had also installed pin stadium in the top and lower play field.[quoted image]

The guy that traded this table, got the raw end of the deal. He jumped ship too soon and you made an amazing trade, no matter which game you traded with.

#5482 57 days ago
Quoted from dashv:

I figured Mylar would take care of it. Didn’t know the window was an easy replace but glad it is! Thanks for the tips.
Now my biggest problem is the fam played this and WoZ this weekend and loved them both. Wife read about Wonka and wants the CE.
Don’t have infinite money, so of the three what to get. What to get!
Are the official toppers still available?

Being an owner of both Stern and JJP: Stern wins hands down in the department of I can play this without mechanical or playfield issues department. As far as shooting goes, again Munsters wins. Far better experience than either of the other two you mentioned.

Never talked with anyone that actually put time into playing it, that disliked the lower playfield. Nothing there to hate. It is fantastic and the most unique experience in all of pinball. What a rush to be playing upper and lower play fields in multiball at the same time! Great strategy in playing the lower playfield and is unlike any other, because it is a full-fledged pinball table in and of itself. Right and left ramp/wireform. Vuc upkick. Bash toy. Right orbit, left orbit. Full RGB LED lighting with mystery scoop. Separate set of flippers for lower playfield control. Timer with multiball experience. Add time light. What rockin fun it is!

#5525 56 days ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

You are going to need this tool to retrieve stuck balls in the lower playfield dashv so get one now before your game arrives. Always turn your game off before sticking this in there. You can raise the playfield up on its rails and stick the magnet in between the fins of the lower playfield and retrieve the ball. It doesnt get stuck often but when it does you need this. I got mine at Pinball life.
[quoted image]

Haven’t ever had one stuck ball after installing the right lane EZ install lane protector on the right lane. With that installed, I’m able to use factory flipper settings too and it makes the playfield work well on standard settings in my opinion. Soft setting was needed before installing the lane protector, because the ball would fly above the optos and not register. Here is the link to buy one, if interested:

Also, have the two posts installed in the other two areas for potential stuck balls, which comes from the Stern factory now. Zero issues with stuck balls. Has never happened even once.

#5535 55 days ago
Quoted from dashv:

Can you please post a picture of your post placement so I can see if mine comes that way or make the adjustment myself if needed?

Sorry this photo has lots of reflecting light, but can still see areas. If you’re getting new machine, should have all this except the right lane top plate to purchase from Pinball Life.

E8704462-989F-4EB7-839A-1F0F9500A72D (resized).jpeg
#5538 55 days ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Mine always gets stuck behind "the machine". It has that little plastic piece back there from the factory but it doesn't do a damn thing. I can't really see the cover that you habe behind the machine. Is it a factory cover or aftermarket?

Factory cover.

#5539 55 days ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Earlier in this thread someone showed how to fix, bend this in - so you never get a stuck ball there - FYI

Where in this thread is that? Do you know how far back?

#5588 50 days ago

I own them both and think they’re equally a thrill ride. While I think they both shoot well, Munster edges out Batman in the shooting department. The reason they get compared is because they are contemporaries of each other. Although Munsters code is quite good now, many of us would like Munsters to have more of a Batman like story/modes in the game. If Stern did that, I’m convinced it would become a best seller of all time. Munsters has everything else going for it, it just needs more show based material included.

We just had a party last night and Munsters was hands down the favorite of all our guests. I asked them why they liked Munsters over all the other great tables we have and they said:

1. Munsters shoots well and is easy to get into and get results with a Herman MB right close to the start button.
2. Lighting is superb and exciting music changing with each new ball or mode. 60’s Venture’s style music.
3. They also said, look at this table, there is stuff everywhere and it looks loaded. They walked over to our Star Wars and said, it looks a little empty by comparison. Lol (I totally disagree with that assessment, as Stern did a fabulous job on my SWLE conveying the feeling of the last battle scene in the first movie.) Wonder what they’d think about empty if they saw a SWPro, lol.
4. They thought it is the best party machine of all, because loads of fast ball movement, with rockin music, along with great light show and rewarding jackpots, along with zaps. The games has it all. I set the midnight madness to come on at 8pm right during our tournament. Everyone stopped playing the other games and immediately came over to see what it was all about. They went wild. What fun Munsters is for our home!

People that don’t have a Munsters are missing out on the best part of pinball ever, imo.

#5592 50 days ago
Quoted from dashv:

@thunderbird what do you mean?
“I set the midnight madness to come on at 8pm right during our tournament”

Instead of setting the internal clock to the real time, I set Munsters internal clock to be midnight, while the actual real local time is 8pm. That way at 8pm Munsters machine thinks it’s midnight and goes into the Midnight Madness mode.

#5611 48 days ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Mine looks identical.

So sorry to hear this. Have you contacted Stern or your distributor and what did they say?

2 weeks later
#5672 34 days ago
Quoted from J85M:

Wood!? Are you sure that playfield is made of wood that scoop hole looks like it’s made of layers of melted wax (not sure whether to insert laughing face here or head hitting the wall at this point) easily one of it not the worst playfield cut out I’ve seen, the issues with playfields and subpar quality/workmanship at the moment is ridiculous, I’m out of NIB until this shit is sorted and I wanted a Coloured Prem Munsters and a JPLE.

Don’t hold off the fun. I just purchased a Munsters color premium and it’s perfect build quality. Zero issues. My family likes that machine more than any of the rest. Also, ordered JP and confident it will be good too. Stern stands behind documented issues is my experience. The guy above should submit his case to his distributor. For example: had a bat66 turntable that had issues. Stern replaced the whole thing, which was even out of warranty, no issues. That is the mark of a good company imo.

#5685 33 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Ditto...mine arrives Friday....a nice weekend project.
(side...I've used a magnifying glass looking at all areas on my playfield, game has 100's of plays on it ...still looks great. Mine is good)

Would you please take some video of it operating showing game play topper integration? Really want to see this in action and how well integrated into the game itself. Could be revolutionary for toppers, which I normally don’t care for, but this one has me intrigued and I’ve ordered one too, but it won’t get here for a long while. Lol

#5702 32 days ago
Quoted from Truent:

Yes, you have to have all the latest updates in order for the topper to work correctly. All of the topper effects were added in version 1.0 of the game code.

Thanks for video, but can someone take a close up video of mainly just the topper? Can hardly see the Raven in action for example.

Also, is the raven opening and closing overly loud? Anyway to tone the loudness down?

#5705 32 days ago
Quoted from Truent:

Well bad news. I came home and played a couple games and the clock started spinning non stop. I shut the game down and rebooted and as soon as the clock hand advanced the motor kicked on and started spinning non stop again. I really thought all the bugs had been worked out this time but it appears not. I’m very disappointed.

Will be interesting to see others, as I too would think it would spin.

#5731 32 days ago

There are tons of fans still waiting to buy the Munsters pinball table and just waiting for more show content to be added. I’ve added these ideas to the other thread, but wish to post them here too, since this thread is really the only active one. I sure hope everyone is still emailing Stern about this and not just getting bogged down with PF issues, that Munsters has not really had issues with. I know, there are a few that have them and need to be addressed, but this game is a winner and just needs a little more TLC for super stardom.

Quoted from cottonm4:

I did not buy mine to watch the show. I bought it because it is a fast playing pin. With nice artwork and music. The entire video screen could disappear and would not bother me one bit; I realize I am probably a minority.

You’re definitely a minority. Most of us want Munsters to be given the same or similar treatment its contemporary was given, namely Batman 66. The game does play well now, but does not fully capture the 70+ episodes with fun Munster humor the way that it should. If Stern were to do that, it would become a blockbuster seller. We just need more show mode content to make a good machine, great! And not just at the end of a ball, but actually part of the game. Will really elevate this title when that is done and is the missing key ingredient.

For example:
1. Who doesn’t want to see Grandpa and Herman scheming in an actual dragula mode, with supporting scenes from the series.
2. Marilyn mode with her boyfriends afraid to knock on the door of the mansion only to find Herman, the big bash toy in front of them and they either bash him or run.
3. Many different Lilly modes, like in the kitchen preparing weird food items that are to be collected at different points on the table, so the family can sit down to dinner and eat.
4. Herman visiting Dr. Dudley Paul Lynde for a checkup with loop shots and ramp shots target hits to complete the checkup, all the while Dr. Dudley is performing the checkup on the screen.
5. Spot missing somewhere in the neighborhood and then family returning home, only to find spot had been under the stairs the whole time. He is bashed 5 times for being a bad dragon.
6. Raven has so many gags that could be done with him and in conjunction with the topper, it would be huge fun.
7. Zambo cereal ads showing at different times throughout the ball being trapped just before going into Grandpas lab basement.
8. Herman singing with Russians aboard a fishing ship, when he is discovered out at sea. With the family at home going up the stairs to get ready, then looping on the 180 ramp to get out to sea, with dragula, racing to the shipyards. All the while making loop shots to get out far enough on a boat to pick Herman up on the fishing trawler. The Russians and Herman singing is a real treat.

There are so many cool show intergrated things that could be done, it is a shame it hasn’t been done yet. But I have confidence that Stern and Dwight will do the right thing by Munsters, since it has everything else going for it. Now we just need theme integration similar to the many Batman episodes on Batman 66. Munsters will never get old in our homes if Stern puts this effort in, as they just did for GOT, GB, DP, and even more Batman 66 is still on the way. Come on Stern, give us fans what we’ve always wanted, please.

Let’s all email Stern about these things to keep the fire burning.

#5732 32 days ago

A fellow pinsider asked me for email addresses of people to email. Here is a list of people to make the request. Please be nice and complementary of the game (catch more flies with honey than vinegar). Thanks for sending. Here is a list of people to email, for requesting more Munsters code show related material. Please be specific requesting Munsters show related material, since the game code is already quite good. Ala, Batman 66 type show material. Who doesn’t like the way Batman show material was included? It’s one of the best all time coded games ever. Why shouldn’t Munsters be that way too?


#5741 31 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

AND a 7pm update:
a) Chimes (or callout from Raven) are not consistent on the hour.
b) not sure what clock is supposed to be doing, but can't really witness any specific rhyme or reason.
Might be a programming thing, but not going to screw w it . No desire for using a meter for voltage at the motor, check switches, etc.
Looks gorgeous, Raven and character cues working, but dammit, I want the whole thing to function. Node board checks fine in menu.
Not going to take it off, but e-mail getting sent to Stern (I also got this one through Kurt @ Hemispheresamusements. He said whole team is interested in the situation.)
Will still go for some video shortly...why can't anything work the way it's supposed to anymore?
This is what I get for posting "everything works fine" after installing this morning..."nevermore" will I do that again...good grief....

Excited to see your videos. Please take close up shots as well, so we may see Raven doing his thing better. Like during Grandpas basement activity with call outs from Raven.

#5749 30 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Replaced defective micro switch, complete teardown, reseat all connectors, reassembled.
Everything appears fine now..Clock shows the hour hand, Raven comes out and announces on the hour.
Need to understand interaction w clock in gameplay...Raven taunts the hell out of you...

So is it now working 100%? Awesome you made it work right. Would you please submit what you did to Stern for correction on all the others?

Time to do some closeup videos of Raven taunting, clock proclaiming the hour, etc.

#5769 29 days ago
Quoted from Squizz:

Good luck in getting a reply mate
Tried over the years, and mainly fall on deaf ears.
tho Dennis N normally replies
From what I was told, Munsters is what it is. Code complete.
Tho I hope I'm incorrect as I also feel the code is way under sub par.
I own the game, Love the theme but will not last the way the code sits.
Note: Cannot wait to the the new code update for GB tho, only 2 days to go

Thanks for your concern mate, but I just received a reply from John Borg this morning. We will in fact receive more code and love for Munsters. Timeline only has yet to be revealed. So that is good news for such an awesome theme!

#5771 29 days ago
Quoted from tpir:

I see that people's hearts are in the right places with their game ideas, but mass-emailing developers is kind of not cool in general. Good to see you guys got some responses but try to take it easy on them

It is cool, as it helps show interest in their product. Any and all companies love interest in their product. That is very cool to them indeed. It results in more sales and that is the ultimate in making it easy on them.

#5774 29 days ago
Quoted from tpir:

If you want to send them "good job" emails, that's great. I'm sure they love getting fan mail. It's kind of silly (delusional?) to send John Borg advice on designing games though. Two reasons why: (1) All public idea submissions are instantly destroyed/deleted for legal reasons. (2) He is John Borg, I think he's got this one

These are not just “good job” emails or fan mail. You might think you’re in a different thread? This is an owners thread, where we discuss how we can make our games better.

#5781 28 days ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

I have a couple of questions:
1) When Borg replied to you, was he under any kind of impression that his and your communication was any kind of confidential?
2) If Borg is saying "new Code" to you in an email, why wouldn't Stern make a proper announcement publicly instead of running under the cover of an email. It makes no sense for Stern to not shout it from the rooftops if it is going to be happening.

Look I don’t want to make a big deal of this. Nothing more was said than it will get more love. May we leave it at that? I’m sure until they have a timeline, they won’t have any official announcement. Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned it here, but tired of all the bashing Munsters code gets. I did not betray any confidences as you suggest. It’s not ready for an official announcement, so leave it to them. Just be happy that there is hope, not dissatisfied. There is nothing “undercover” of an email. I simply asked if we may get more Munsters code love. He was considerate enough to tell me yes.

#5791 28 days ago
Quoted from tpir:

There are other threads specifically for suggesting code improvements and Stern has a public form for feedback (which you should be using IMO.) Discuss whatever you want though as long as it's about Munsters
Was trying to be nice and let you know what general etiquette is here. Stern happens to be small and more accessible, that doesn't mean they want your ideas and certainly not sent directly to Gary Stern. No different from how Blizzard does it: https://www.blizzard.com/en-us/company/about/legal-faq.html

Do you think you’re a moderator here? You’re becoming quite annoying at your condescending manner. I believe we all know here what etiquette is all about and don’t need the likes of you trolling our thread telling us who we can or can’t talk too, nor how small or big Stern is or isn’t. I run a worldwide company in 40 countries and far bigger than what you’re bringing up here, yet till now I’ve never mentioned it. But you’re getting on my nerves now and I’ve noticed you do this frequently, with others as well. Stop you’re nonsensical trolling. You’re not an owner, so not sure why you troll this thread. Don’t consider you being nice at all with your constant BS.

#5805 27 days ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Not to rain on anyone's parade especially mine, but Dwight just said there is no plans to do a code update on Munster's. Here is a link to the video go to 1:09:10 it starts there.

How old is that interview? At that time there were not any plans. Things have changed since then is my understanding. Of course Dwight is not going to say anything different as he has had everybody on his back about GB for years now. He doesn’t want to add anything else to his job slate, until Stern allows him more time. I have full confidence that Stern is going to allot more time to be spent on Munsters. The topper alone needs more love, not to mention adding much need theme integration. Think there are those on pinside that don’t want this to happen for whatever their reasons. I happen to be in the camp that wants it to happen and have been told it will, so I believe Stern’s best interest is to give Munsters more code and don’t look to old interviews. I recall Gary saying in an old interview that they will not make tables with subways where the ball gets lost from the view of the player. Well, they just changed their stance on that interview as well, cause guess what machine now has a fully functioning subway system? If guessed 3lvira, you’d be right.

#5807 27 days ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

That was said tonight at the GB code update review .

If that was tonight, then can only surmise that Dwight is not in the loop yet. Surely he knows there has to be code update for the topper alone? Not sure why he makes statements like that, because I didn’t hear the interview.

#5810 27 days ago
Quoted from tpir:

The interview is from the Deadflip stream a few hours ago Was trying to ignore when he said that. There are clearly still Munsters beta testers out there somewhere. And Borg clearly told you guys otherwise. There are still enough timer bugs with the basement that at minimum we need a 1.01 IMO.

Agreed. Stern never stops at 1.0 code. I like Dwight as a coder and think he is top notch. Love my SWLE that he coded. Deep and fun, but Stern gave him the time. Again, pretty certain Munsters is going to get what we are all wanting. With that killer topper and some more integrated theme material, it’ll rank right up there with the top pinball machines imo.

Quite excited with what Mk6pin shared with us about his topper findings.

#5842 25 days ago
Quoted from oldpins:

That is strange, my machine (Premium) does not have a switch fitted?[quoted image]

I think it’s because our machine’s are Australian and we have an extra outside button called tournament. USA machines don’t have that button. Personally, I like the tourney button. Friends and family use that button all the time in our tournaments.

#5863 24 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Stern will not abandon such a beautiful, fun game....

This is the key for all the code doubters to let sink in. Stern has never nor will ever abandon an evergreen property like the Munsters, which they will be selling for the next 3+ years, to an abandoned state. Plenty of Stern history confirms otherwise. Regardless what Dwight says publicly. He makes those kind of statements to keep people off his back. He’s carried GB and GOT on his back, because code update announcements were prematurely made way before they had the time to devote to both machines.

#5880 24 days ago

Just wow, had more people over and hands down they love Munsters. Yes, for us in the know, we want more show theme integration material just like Batman received, but it is energizing fun as it is, just needs some more to keep it a fresh HUO. When Stern does that, it will go down as a top five machine, imo.

People love how full of toys it appears to have; with full lower table playfield and great game flow. John out did himself on how this pin plays.

Looking forward to the topper integration as well. Have ordered mine and I normally don’t like toppers, because they do nothing except light up a little. Munsters topper is a new level of fun game integration. This is the first topper I’ve ever purchased for any game.

#5930 21 days ago
Quoted from BowlingJim:

Most clear plastics
ship with film on them to prevent scratches it may be that there is a film on it.

Mine appeared frosted till I removed the protective wrap off front and back, then became clear.

#5935 21 days ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

That was two of the best decisions you ever made I guarantee it. I'm in no hurry to buy another game. May never get another one if they dont take care of my issues that I have now.

Don’t like hearing you have issues with your PFs (think Stern will take care of you), but I don’t think this is a widespread issue as some suggest. Also don’t believe Mark and I are the lucky few. Know many friends that have zero issues with their Stern NIB PFs, including me. I’ve purchased 5 Stern NIB over the last year and no PF issues. I have a JPLE on the way and confident it will not have any issues, from all the reports I’ve heard and the fact that Stern remade all the JP PFs with no art around any post and a thinner clear coat. Hoping it all stays this way, but think it will. I’m also a big believer in using playfield protectors. I didn’t on my first 2 NIB, but have since started using them and my PFs look brand new. Also, have not noticed with the new PFs out of Germany any difference in play, over not using one. The new very thin Vivek material is quite good.

“The Next Generation Playfield Protector is made of Vivak (PET-G), which allows us to reduce thickness and improve the edges by using CNC lasers instead of CNC molding cutters. The new surface is now even more transparent while still being glossy.”

Have ordered and installed on every machine now, with great success. The old PF protectors affected game play, clouded or created a swarf, and were too thick. The newly created ones, work extremely well and keep my PFs looking brand new. They look just like another clear coat layer. Some will shoot down PF protectors and I would normally agree, but the new one’s coming out of Germany are better now. Don’t know why everyone doesn’t use these to protect their machines most important asset, the PF. Don’t know why Stern just doesn’t install them on all their machines. Would cut the issues PFs have to zero, but maybe they don’t want to have a bunch of new looking HUO machines for people to on-sell to the second hand market. Lol

#5938 21 days ago
Quoted from jfh:

A playfield protector is good for protecting the playfield but won’t stop pooling or chipping.

Agreed. Only thing to stop that appears to be: no artwork under any post and a thinner clear coat. Pressure points above cause printed layers to slide on wood and thicker clear coats to pool at those pressure points, because all the different chemical compounds combined over wood, do not properly adhere to each other.

#5943 21 days ago
Quoted from tpir:

Hmm. 1) No one is defining "widespread" as "everyone except you and your friends." 2) Who cares? Even if it's only 10% that is too high. 3) There is no evidence of anyone hearing back from Stern about playfields being taken care of. Your faith is inspiring though and obviously I hope you are right

I think at the prices we are paying, any bad PF is too high. They should all be near perfect, plain and simple. I only think Stern will fix and make right because they wish to stay in business. Any company that won’t take good care of their customers will soon be gone. Stern has been doing this too many years to not provide solutions to problems. I’m a fan of Apple, because they take care of their customers. Stern and all pinball companies must do the same or lower prices significantly to also lower customers expectations.

#5966 19 days ago
Quoted from jfh:

New code 1.01 released
LE/PREMIUM V1.01 - September 23, 2019
- Added a Topper test in the diagnostics.
- The plus (+) button will move the hand to the next hour first going
around a couple times and then stop.
- The ENTER button will make the raven come out for a couple seconds and
say the current hour.
- Improved the Topper clock. The hand will spin around a couple times before
coming to a stop on the desired hour.
Moved to SYS 2.34:
Updated to nodeboard firmware v0.51.0
Using LEFT+START to end a game during bonus count could leave game graphics
on screen while in attract mode. This has been corrected.
Added Service Menu selection UTIL->ENDGAME. This selection is only
available when there is an active game. When selected the operator will
be prompted to confirm that they wish to end the current game. Once
confirmed and upon exiting the Service Menu, the game will be in attract
Added Standard Adjustment "ALLOW LEFT+START TO END GAME". Values are:
"NEVER", "FREE PLAY ONLY", and "ALWAYS". Default value is "NEVER".
During an active game, if the LEFT FLIPPER+START BUTTONs are held for
two seconds, the game will be ended.
Added Standard Audit "TOTAL PLAYS ENDED", which will track the number of
times a game is ended via the Service Menu or FLIPPER+START BUTTONs.
Added Standard Adjustment "CREDIT FORMAT". Values are:
FRACTION". For a USA coindoor when inserting three quarters:
"REDUCED FRACTION" would display "1/4", "1/2", "3/4"
"ACTUAL FRACTION" would display "1/4", "2/4", "3/4"
Update Italian translation of "ENTER INITIALS" to "INSERISCI LE TUE
Coin door interlock switch support for Spike2.

...funny and Dwight said no more code updates were planned...lol...there will be even more yet to come...a good game will yet become awesome! Stern would be nuts to leave it with only 1.01 and they know it.

#5993 19 days ago
Quoted from jfh:

I agree 100%. Look at Batman. But Munsters apparently so underperformed that Stern apparently isn’t willing to take that gamble.

I disagree with your assessment. What numbers do you have to ascertain that Munsters underperformed? Please share your findings???

I have numbers from a different source and they tell me and others that Munsters was a blockbuster title out of the gate. It may have slowed down a little, because those left wishing to purchase, want a significant code addition of show material. Stern knows this and since they will be producing the game for the next 3+ years, definitely has a vested interest to oblige us with more love in the way of Munster show material code. We have many examples of Stern doing this to other less popular games. A friend of mine in the mod business stated that no title has sold as many mods and could be considered block buster like Munsters.

#5996 19 days ago
Quoted from jfh:

I believe Munsters sales are pretty much done unless Stern revisits the code.

There, we agree. To get sales moving they must significantly incorporate Munsters show material into the game, like they did with Batman. Sales are done if they don’t do that. A lot of effort for not much return if they don’t give us what we all want. More show material and call outs in the game. There are 70+ shows from which to take great gags and material from and I don’t mean just at the end of ball sequences. End of ball sequences are cute, but in reality, lazy programming. Dwight is better than that. Just look at Star Wars to know.

#6022 18 days ago

Even though my topper hasn’t arrived yet, noticed that the backbox now flickers with certain PF progress goals achieved.

#6043 17 days ago

Well, we all think the raven clock rocks...Dwight, will you just add more of us to the game please? Here’s lookin at you Stern...

2152BB7B-89CB-4673-8BE6-620BF25DEE8D (resized).jpeg
#6097 11 days ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

No thats not it but thanks anyway. Someone showed the lower playfield with a big piece of plastic I think that wrapped all the way behind “the machine” in the lower playfield that wouldnt allow balls to get stuck there anymore. I cant find the post now but ill look again tomorrow. Surely i didnt dream this did i? Lol

You were not dreaming my friend Who-Dey. Here it is just for you (post #3047):


Hard to find because it was posted nearly 6 months ago now. I just happened to bookmark it.

Edit: I see you said that was not it, but that is the only post that showed plastic wrapping around the back of the machine on the lower PF, so the ball would not get stuck there. Unless it is the very bottom of the Lower PF like Cotton is showing above.

#6127 6 days ago

Well gang, if Kaneda is to be believed, he just announced that he has heard that Stern is going to do a huge overhaul update for Munsters, after Dwight gets done doing GB. Wow, that will be soooo exciting! It supports what I’ve been hearing as well. It will propel Munsters up to Stardom where it should have been all along, if true.

Munsters has everything else going for it, so why not finish the code by making it massively appealing. It already is a good game, but not appealing to enough people. With proper show theme integration, it will put it in the top 5 in my book. It has everything else: art package, toys, uniquely fun lower PF, great ramp shots, music, classic universal monster theme, general appeal to most all people, great show cast and that one more game feel. The only thing lacking has been show code theme integration from 70+ TV shows.

Let’s face it, it has little to only a small smattering of the show and really at the end of ball sequence for only a minute. That is not much in the way of show material. It has been the one single thing holding this game back and I’m sure sales have been reflecting that fact. Great out of the gate, but has slowed substantially, is what I’ve been hearing. Here’s to exciting times for Munsters, if Dwight in fact does what we all want: a massive code overhaul like Kaneda said he’s heard is happening.

Keep the good elements that are already there, but add many needed missing show theme modes. With this, Stern could sell more Munsters than most any other game to date, judging just by friends that have never been exposed to pinball. They all love Munsters and have commented, that there is not much in the way of show integration in the game is there; they query. Hopefully that is about to change.

#6194 3 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Not sure it would be bright enough...could be amazing if Raven was painted w some ink that reacted to it though......
I've actually thought about buying a spare head, and putting LED lights in his eyes....if I added some UV paint touches, your idea could kill!!!
Anxious for them to finish the code for this thing.......an extension of the game, not just a topper, imho....

What is the bayonet bulb number needed for ordering the bulb?

#6196 3 days ago

Thanks Mark! Can the glaring white bulbs behind each character be changed also with the same bayonet style numbered LED bulb?

#6198 3 days ago
Quoted from NoQuarters:

I like the game as is. A few more video clips would be nice. Minor tweaks would be ok. Overhaul - no thanks.
I like the way the game is set up to play.

For the minor few that like things the way they are, just don’t update your code when the code is greatly improved.

I purchased the game based on the beloved series period and I think most have done that for the same reason. The current iteration plays fine, but has very little of the show in the game. It is a travesty that there is not much in the game from the show. Look at any other similar game in the LCD era and they are loaded with material. Batman 66 comes to mind. There is no reason that Munsters needs to be simple and lack the same depth and polish Batman has in spades.

Stern didn’t discount the price of Munsters because of it having only a very minor amount of 70+ Munster’s show material included. There is only one few second ball save sequence for example. If there isn’t a major overhaul for show material, there won’t be any big sales volume for Stern for this game and it will not ever be considered one of the great’s like Batman is thought to be because of its awesome show material content and coding.

The reason Batman ranks so high in the rankings is because of show content and coding period. It shoots nice, but not near as well as Munsters. Greatly overhaul and improve the code and Munsters should rank even higher and sell even better than Batman. Again, the minor few that didn’t buy this game for the beloved Munsters show, just don’t upgrade your game code. It is proven that themes sell games. Games without popular themes in this day and age, don’t sell very well at all. Don’t need to look any further than Cosmic Carnival for that proof or Oktoberfest or even Dialed In.

#6200 3 days ago
Quoted from tpir:

I also make my living in entertainment and could not agree more about the clips and there being missed opportunities. There were many many many posts though to the effect of "simple code = bad game."

More than simple code equaling bad game, I think it is about the 2020 era of pinball. Meaning it is not about location play any longer, where simple code is sufficient. Home use only era needs to have more comprehensive game code to last in a home environment, with people whom play it over the years many times. Not just pumping in a few dollars for a few minutes now and again on location. Simple shallow code is fine there.

A good friend of mine just purchased MBr. After he had it only a day or two, remarked to me, “I’m going to have to make this game harder somehow, since I am now seeing all the game has to offer several times over, every time I play it.” “It is becoming somewhat boring with no real coding depth”, he remarked. Monster Bash is a great game, but was designed and coded for location play, not a home environment. Every friend I’ve known that has purchased MB, has usually on sold it. In this modern era, games have to have coding depth for staying power, for most people.

#6209 3 days ago

Stern like any company is quite motivated to increase sales of Munster’s. All the R&D, licensing, design, etc. has been paid for on Munsters and now, just needs new paint, front and rear redesigns, accessories: all sell cars and pinball machines of the same model. Just so happens that code overhaul and more depth is the new “paint, redesigns and updated accessories” of pinball. They just did the same thing for GoT, GB, Bat66, DP and SW. It will be done for Munsters, make no mistake, because that is the only way of increasing sales.

#6217 2 days ago
Quoted from tpir:

Nah. Pinball is about fun tables that people want to play over and over again, period. All of my friends kept their MBr and like them as a compliment to their deeper games. Same reason I like my Munsters and AFMr as compliments to GB and SW. This isn't difficult to understand.

What’s not difficult to understand is, these games cost $10k. People expect more for that kind of money. Many feel a simple easy game is not fun over the long haul and that’s the point you’re missing and at these prices, is not much of a compliment to anything. So we disagree.

#6232 6 hours ago
Quoted from tpir:

"People", "many", get out of here with that shit. People expect a fun game. All three CGC games doing insanely well says there are lots of people who disagree with you about simple and easy games having longevity. Maybe Munsters isn't the style of game for you and you should consider selling it?
LOL @ "easy" as well. Feel free to post your videos of making clean runs through Munster Madness level 2.

Stop with the vulgar language, insults and acting like a school boy. Grow up and act like a gentleman. Opinions differ and that is a good thing. But when you put down others posts that shows no class. You chose to apologize to me once already for your poor behavior. Maybe you posted drunk?

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