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#6012 3 months ago

Just picked up A B/W premium HUO. Thank you to all who trash this game as it helps those of us who buy after the first owner.
All kidding aside this may be one of the most beautiful games I have owned. Thinking about the topper.
As far as code, Mr Sullivan is one of my favorite software designers. GOT is an unheralded master piece and will be the last game to leave my collection. Sold my SW pro but I will replace with a prem/LE someday and even thinking about bringing back GB.
Munsters is a far better shooter then all those games and I will love it even more after some additional Dwight attention.

2 weeks later
#6132 3 months ago

Owned this game a few weeks now. Bought the game after seeing it at flippers in NC this past September. Flippers always has the new games. Played several games for the first time: Munsters,DP, GOTG,Stern JP, Willy Wonka,Beatles,BM66 and interesting for me, the one game that impressed me the most was Munsters. Flippers had a B/W Premium Munsters and I really like the package and overall feel of the game. Granted , maybe played 3 to 4 games on each but I came away impressed with Munsters (not really a fan of the show as a kid even).

Push forward a couple of weeks and a nice priced super low HUO B/W prem comes up for sale. I read all the negatives about code ( and I really like code deep games), but, I like Dwight games. GOT is nailed to my floor, had SW pro and will replace with a premium/LE someday, hear really good things about recent work on GB so I decided to take a risk.
So far I really like the game. The code is no where near as bad as I have read. Most likely because I did not start with super hi expectations. Granted this is not a super deep /difficult code game like WD/ACDC/Hobbit /JJP Pirates but it has plenty of code as is for more then 80 percent of the players I know. I am happy as is, but, will be ecstatic if Dwight takes this game anywhere near SW/GOT/GB.
Even thinking about getting the Stern Topper for this one!

#6142 3 months ago
Quoted from tpir:

The hate for Munsters came from a very vocal minority and turned into a trolling meme. It can't be taken remotely seriously if you play a Premium/LE for more than 10 minutes. The game is fast and smooth and quite challenging. (I have yet to meet someone who says the game is easy that has actually made it to Level 2 Munster Madness. Not saying you haven't... you might be a beast!)
Here is my impression of the dumb Pinside hate re: Munsters code:
"Not every game needs to have complex rules, Stern should make a new game like Iron Man or T2..."
**Stern makes a spiritual successor to literally Iron Man...**
"Stern should not be making shallow games anymore!"

LOL no “beast” here! I have made it to Madness once!

#6170 3 months ago
Quoted from jfh:

Bingo. It’s not that Munsters isn’t a good game. It’s that Stern couldn’t be bothered to make it great, especially since it was Borg’s dream theme. They should have known that Munsters theme integration would be compared to that of Batman 66 and the current comparison is not kind.
Unfortunately the attacks are easy to understand. Some on Pinside are so polarized and can’t acknowledge that there is nothing other than fanboy or hater. What is mind boggling to me is how defensive some get. Some owners have blinders on simply because they bought the game and feel the need to pump it up or ignore issues. This is just silly. No one should buy a game solely on someone else’s opinion or review. If you love the game, what difference does it make if someone else doesn’t share your opinion? If you like the game what’s wrong with wanting to see it better?
If Stern does release an “imagination” update worthy of the theme I’ll bet current owners and many sitting on the fence will love it. Those that don’t shouldn’t update their code or buy the game.
I don’t think such an update is going to happen, but really hope it does. I thought Elvira was going to knock Munsters out of contention but it seems a little too dark at the moment where Munsters is lighter in tone and I happen to prefer the latter. Munsters will probably never have the depth of a Lyman game, but more imagination and theme integration could go a long way to make it the blockbuster it should have been in the first place.

I think saying Stern “could not be bothered” to make the game great is not a fair statement based on past performance at this point. How long did it take to make Walking Dead, BM66 and Met to where they are presently? Dwight just put out outstanding releases on GB and GOT. His SW is also excellent in my opinion from a code stand point. Munsters may be a better shooter then all of the above. Give them a chance. I doubt it will ever get to the immersion level of say a Hobbit, but none of those great code games got there over night.

#6174 3 months ago
Quoted from jfh:

Maybe. But you can’t really compare Dwight to Lyman. Lyman games typically take a long time before they are “finished”.
The difference with Munsters is Dwight stated publicly that the game was supposed to be simple and that it was essentially done. This seems to be true since the code is now past 1.0 which in the new numbering scheme means feature complete.
Stern management had to know he said this yet has done nothing to make it clear this isn’t true (if indeed it isn’t true).
Contrast to Batman 66 where Stern stated publicly, multiple times, that Batman wasn’t going to be considered done until Lyman and George said it was. And we know more Batman code is coming (though I suspect it’s mostly a Spike 2 upgrade and minor polish)
Stern knows there are a lot of potential sales for Munsters sitting out there that are waiting on two things - (1) Confirmation of new code (and Kaneda doesn’t count) and (2) Confidence that the playfield quality issues are fixed.

True, Dwight is not Lyman. I am fortunate enough to own AC/DC and TWD , which I consider best in class coding wise. Understanding their codes can take some work however , and can give one a headache to read / digest sometimes .
Dwight’s GOT, SW, and now GB are no coding slouches themselves , and for me anyways, a little more intuitive.
I was referring to your “could not be bothered” , comment . Looking at history, both GB and GOT were past 1.0 when they got their recent updates. Dwight had also at onetime said GB was done much to the ire of that games loyal followers ,yet , it finally was taken to a more positive place. GOT was updated (much thanks by the way) out of nowhere. No mention at all about GOT by Stern publicly.
Take into account Munster’s supposedly is a Borg dream theme (which he did a beautiful job on). He knows there is some negative on the code. I bet he has some pull inside Stern and is asking to get the game some help code wise. There have been some people that have referenced his desire ,as such, on this site.
I believe Dwight would like to polish the level two and beyond modes in MUnsters. Nothing of his recent work shows that leaving the mode levels the same but with more points is his style. Watching the man’s enthusiasm on the GOT and GB code releases shows me he is a pro that has a tremendous amount of pride in his work..
Considering Stern has hired more coding help and the recent GOT and GB releases, Borg’s supposed tie to the game, Munsters in my opinion still has a chance for more code. The game has been out only 9 months or so, which as we all know, is still early in the code release process. If say two years from now, Stern has done nothing with the game, I could agree on your comment. Until then I feel the “could not be bothered” position is premature. That being said, I really like the game , as is, and with the money I payed, will have no regrets.
Best wishes ,

2 weeks later
#6348 89 days ago

I have a topper question. I do not have the topper yet. I do hear the raven talking during the game. Is the software such that the Raven talks more if the topper is connected?

#6362 87 days ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Hearing very strongly that this is being addressed as we complain ummm I mean speak.

That would be excellent. Ordered a topper today.

#6406 83 days ago

Just got word that coin taker is shipping my Munsters topper today. They received a shipment from Stern yesterday.

#6426 81 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Admit, it's fun to see new members coming in...Starting to ( slowly) get a club vibe to the thread ....

Yea, these types of threads help! People see what is stated in the more positive threads and can use that to offset The negativity in the code sucks thread. The game is out less then a year, has a lot to offer as is, and if you see what Dwight has done recently with the new coding talent Stern has hired, one can see a Hugh up side. The game is selling at a discount now due partly to the negative hype. Great opportunity to get a future winner like GB and GOT.

#6489 79 days ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Hence new code is coming............

Hope you are right bro!

#6588 74 days ago

Installed the Munsters topper today. Pretty straightforward and no issues with mine. Understand why people want to change out the light behind the Raven. Definitely more callouts for the Raven with the topper. I am not a bigger buyer of toppers but this one adds a lot to the game.

#6633 72 days ago
Quoted from Jackalwere:

Good for you. That doesn't exist right now, everyone loves to shit on it.

Lol. Which means it is a perfect time to buy it!!

Stern games like Tron, Avatar, Iron Man, Ghost Busters, Star Wars, etc all got Shit on till people figured out they were pretty good. Munsters is fun now. The topper does make a difference in this game. Do not know why but I am seeing a lot more clips, hearing more Ravin callouts since it went on. A GOT/ SW/GB update to this game will make it a mega hit. Good things come to those who wait. I have faith in Dwight.

#6635 72 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

+1....though the topper still needs code to tweak the clock, I swear I've heard more callouts and see more clips after installing...maybe I'm just more aware, who knows. This game "feels" like 3 pieces, both playing and tinkering with it....main pf, lower pf, and topper. To see coils, switches, and motors in a topper is just cool....and once you pull the mini pf out to tinker on its own, you kind of marvel how much is really going on in this game.
Couldn't agree more w this post...

I agree this game is cool at three levels with the topper. The clock running all the time would be cool also.

Do you think it is possible installing the topper could somehow trigger more assets like call outs and scenes? I played the game like 10 times after installing the topper and I know I have seen/ heard alot more.

2 weeks later
#6845 52 days ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

Still no reply from cointaker?
Could you send me a PM about the topper order I placed almost a month ago!

Interesting. When I ordered mine, I got one response on a text but got no responses on two more texts to Melissa. In the past she has been very responsive. I did get my topper however. Direct from Stern. So the good news is you should get your topper eventually.

4 weeks later
#6982 23 days ago

On the lower play field, when I make the right ramp shot, most of the time the opt switch does not register. I believe it has to do with the speed the ball is traveling. When slow and in test works fine. When going fast does not seem to register. Any one else have this problem? Fix?

#6989 21 days ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

I used a piece of 3/4" wide black velco (softer side of the two) about 3" long and stuck it in the ramp on the outer wall that the ball rides against to slow it down through that turn. I started it at the beginning of the hairpin turn. Now it registers more then 95% of the times, but you still will get the occasional speed demon through.

Thanks, I tried this over the weekend and a big improvement. Not perfect as you mentioned, but much better.

#6992 21 days ago
Quoted from locksmith:

Mine does the same thing.Do you think the ball is flying to high on the ramp. Will try what you guys said ,but I want it to be reversible.

Definitely reversible. Just peal off the Velcro. I think it is a speed versus ball height thing but if there is a cover , I would try it

#7001 19 days ago

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg

B and W Munsters plus colored topper

#7025 12 days ago

Played the Midnight Madness yesterday. What a super cool multi ball!!!! The count down was exceptional and I really like the tie in to the Munsters seance scene. A really nice touch.
This is definitely a game , the more I play it the more I appreciate the overall pin layout and strategy.

#7027 12 days ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

The game is fantastic, dont believe all the negative BS that you read about it. Do you know about canceling the jackpots out and saving them up for a big cash out and your Kitty multipliers yet? That's the best part of the game.

Oh yea!!!! Love pushing that cancel button! .

Actually , negativity on this site has helped me get big discounts on the secondary market many times in the past on several really good games.

1 week later
#7085 2 days ago
Quoted from AdeptJR:

Each person is going to have their likes and dislikes. The B/W was my second NIB, also the first to buy without first playing it. I am not great at playing, I just enjoy pinball. When I heard about this game prior to the release I loved the concept. I held out for a bit, mainly cost, not rolling in the $$. And just as I was getting ready to purchase they came out with a color version of the premium. After a few extra weeks to think it out I felt it is best in B/W. Now after having the machine for a few months bottom line, I am just not feeling it. It seems it is designed to easily lose the ball, without any effort. Example, the ball just makes a straight shot down the center play field. At this point, I will most likely going to put it up for sale this time next year.

I am not a very good player either and yes I have games where Munster's is a drain monster, but, I have also had a few really good games where the Magic of this pin comes out. Some pins are designed that way. Some good examples of that design for me are Iron Man, Tron, and Avatar. Oh by the way, all of those three pins were mechanically designed by the same guy as Munsters (Borg). Yes the game needs some more software love and hopefully that happens. I think waiting to sell it over the next year is a good idea. It will give you a chance to play it some more and who knows? As you build / change out your collection, you may want to look for games that are known to have longer ball times like LOTR and Hobbit.
Best wishes

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