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#4 1 year ago

I’m in. LE on order.

1 month later
#888 1 year ago

Waiting for notice on my LE arrival (Ordered on reveal morning). Super excited, can't wait

On a related note, thought I'd share these with the group. My wife found some cool vintage Munster character keychains to use with the new machine.

IMG_0497 (resized).jpg
#1008 1 year ago

Looking forward to my LE delivery (whenever that will be, but I’ve been thinking about the threads re: depth of code.

Is it possible that this game, because of its theme, was expected by the community to be the next Batman 66 (deep, mode-based play), but in reality it’s really a themed response from Stern to TNA (challenging score-based play)?

Looking at it From that perspective, it all starts to make more sense.

1 week later
#1414 1 year ago

Still waiting for a (hopefully soon) notification that my LE is ready to ship, but in the meantime my wife and I found an LE at a somewhat local location to play.

Notes after about a dozen games:

* With all the talk Dwight did about moving the fun closer to the plunger, I was expecting this game to be approachable. It is, but only kinda. While the shots are smooth, the game is *brutally* difficult at times (drains galore) and quite frequently unfair. They didn't make a Munsters version of Monster Bash. They made a Munsters version of TNA. I'm totally fine with that, but that's really how this game feels.

* It's very close to not being fun with no ball save enabled. I remember Dwight saying that the game was designed to not need it, but that's absolutely not my experience. Lots of disappointed faces after 2 second ball 1 times that wind up in the right outlane. I'll be turning ball save on as soon as it's set up. The game needs it.

* The. Right. Outlane. Is. Brutal.

* The ramps are gorgeous, and may be the smoothest I've ever shot. Awesome that they are so unique and both work exceptionally well.

* Lily/Dragula are fine. With the speed of this pin, standups would likely be overkill, and drop targets might slow the game down unnecessarily.

* The lower playfield is a fun addition, and I looked forward to the time spent there. Shots are makeable, and *just enough* is out of your control there to make it interesting.

* I *really* wish that there were a different cabinet option for this color playfield. The LE cabinet is fine, but it's my least favorite of the 3 (I would prefer a pro cabinet/art with this playfield).

Overall, it's an impressive machine and we're really looking forward to adding it to the collection!

#1540 1 year ago

Received our LE today. Haven’t had much time with it yet, but my buddy Baxter approves. It really is stunning.

E8412EC6-8F33-4576-A071-78034DEB28F4 (resized).jpegFB3BDC0A-3C64-462F-BE6C-1B6FD69069F8 (resized).jpeg
#1776 1 year ago

You get a 2 ball Multiball if you don’t hit it, a 3 ball Multiball if you do. This is as designed.

#1828 1 year ago

It’s still there. On Jack’s stream yesterday, it can be heard post code update.

#2138 1 year ago

Add me to the list of folks experiencing the occasional issue after .96 upgrade:

* Lower playfield "ends"
* Control is placed back on upper playfield, but the LCD is still stuck at the machine.
* Ball eventually moves to Dragula, isn't ejected.
* Machine goes into ball detection mode.
* We wait. A couple of mins.
* 2 balls are ejected (at the same time) from shooter lane. 3 total in playfield at that point (one Dragula, 2 playfield).
* one ball drains, flippers go dead, end of that "ball".

I've seen it once, but I haven't been playing a lot this week. Was going to turn off the lower playfield until addressed.


2 weeks later
#2620 1 year ago

My scores haven't even approached those levels yet, but we're still having a ton of fun with this one, and we play it daily.

One observation my wife and I both made re: The Munsters is that it's the kind of pin that has made us better players in general. Our BM66 scores have skyrocketed in almost all areas since we started playing The Munsters. That's both unexpected and cool, and both of us feel it's directly due to our Munsters play.

3 weeks later
#3493 1 year ago

Has anyone else seen a Midnight Madness bug after the latest code update? Have been playing at midnight for the past few days, and the seance and mode no longer start. It kind of flashes real quick and then states that the “midnight madness” mode point total is 100,000 without having played any multiball.

2 weeks later
#3941 1 year ago

The only thing this news has caused me to realize is that I'm going to sell my Munsters LE.....to immediately buy another Munsters (*love* the artwork on the premium). Absolutely love this game.

#3997 1 year ago

For those looking for a super clean LE, and a chance to meet the coolest bulldog ever (he'll give you a high five if he likes you).

4 months later
#5984 10 months ago

Hey all. While preparing my Premium for the code update/topper install tonight, I discovered 3 tech alerts (Check node boards 1,8, and 9 as not responding. Ran the node board bus tests, which returned the same. Any ideas on what to check? The game has been playing perfectly, so I doubt that there has been any gameplay impact, but would like to sort out before attempting the code update. I don’t know if it’s related, but I have noticed that the right flipper on this machine is underpowered on ‘hard’ when compared to 2 other Munster machines that I’ve had extensive time on. Basically, on those machines, on ‘hard’ you can backhand the right ramp from a right flipper captured ball (and my machine cannot, even on conservative playfield angle).

Thanks in advance for any help!

#5988 10 months ago
Quoted from jfh:

I believe you will get this error if the coin door is open. If you have an interlock switch on the coin door pull it out and i’ll bet the error goes away during test. Also - update the code to 1.01 and see if error goes away.

Yes, this was it. Thanks so much!

#6065 10 months ago

Installed the topper on our premium color Munsters. It's a lot of fun! I'm not certain that my clock is functioning as intended, however. I saw on one post/video that the clock is supposed to advance by 1 hour for each press of the right flipper (and/or in the test options that showed up w/1.02). Mine seems to stop on random times after spinning a few times. Each time isn't separated by an hour, it may be 6:00 one spin, 11:00 the spin right after. The clock doesn't seem to be aligned with either the real time or the clock in-game.

Is this functioning as intended?


1 week later
#6112 10 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Topper should work, just not completely right... Unfortunately, the code is not in finish state yet. I emailed them last night for an update . Hoping this wasn't shelved as they are close... I'll be pissed...

MK6PIN, do you know specifically what is expected to work/what isn't? I get all lights, raven pops out during game/attract mode/etc. The clock is never correct, however, and all the methods I've read that are supposed to advance the clock by an hour don't (the hand spins 4-5 times completely and then lands on a random time). Just not sure if this behavior is what everyone else is seeing as well.


1 week later
#6225 9 months ago

Hi all. Quick question for fellow Munsters owners

We've had 2 Munsters machines (an LE and a Color Premium), and no matter how the color premium is set up, the flippers are noticeably weaker than they were on the LE. For example, with the LE, we were consistently able to backhand the right ramp from a captured ball on the right flipper. It was close, but it was consistently do-able. We have *never* been able to do that even once with the color premium, regardless of playfield angle or flipper strength setting.

I think the question is: Were my LE flippers too strong, or are my Color Premium flippers weak? Are you able to consistently backhand that shot on your machine? If the latter, any guidance on what I can check/adjust?


3 months later
#7187 6 months ago
Quoted from BigJoeCincy:

Haha interesting. I would trade my munsters prem for a iron mad prem in a sec.
Ill say it again though. This Munsters update is going to mean everything

Quick question for the group: What's your level of confidence on whether or not this update is actually happening? Do we have actual inside knowledge of this, or is this speculation?

3 weeks later
#7314 5 months ago

Question about a bug that I'm assuming everyone is dealing with re: the topper: The clock on mine will occasionally start spinning and never stop, requiring the machine to be turned off/on to stop it. I'm assuming this is something that we're all dealing with while Stern works on code updates, but I was wondering if anyone knows how to stop it once it starts without power-cycling the machine. I've tried the tests in the menu and they have no effect, the clock keeps spinning.


1 month later
#7786 3 months ago

Installed and played the new code last night. Didn't notice any difference other than another suspicion that the UI was cleaned up a bit. (To me, at least, the display looks more crisp/less like a Sega Genesis UI. Would be interesting for someone to take a before/after to see if it's just a placebo

Continuing to love this game and play it daily. Finding Secret Mania was a treat (If Stern could find a way to incorporate 5-10 more of these additional modes into the game, I'd be happy for a long while).

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