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#6275 7 months ago

(to follow)

1 month later
#6794 6 months ago

so strange sensation... meet this pin again on a tournament this week-end, in the freezone, and again, i enjoy playing it as it
but in the same time, if i ask myself : would i have it home ? the answer is more to the "no" side... :/

about the secret mania : for those who knows, is this a secret skillshot ?

2 months later
#7200 3 months ago

Ghostbusters are reading the latest posts...

2 weeks later
#7256 3 months ago
Quoted from C0untDeM0net:

It's a fun game just not very deep. If you are a fan of 90's williams then this is a great machine. If you are a fan of the Stern Star Wars or Jurassic Park you will not like this machine as is. The game is hard and can take a while to master. We still enjoy it and play it pretty much every day even though I have a stranger things now. Especially given all the mechanical issues my stranger things has had. Munsters has been a rock solid machine hardware wise.

well, if i'm correct, your F14 is the best game you have home !

(take this as a joke of course)

#7260 3 months ago

Munsters is shooting well, and than yes, as their initial aim was to make a pinball more for the "lambda/mass" players, they succeed of course

but than, for all those needing more challenges/difficulty, pin is too deep, evbd agree

now, can code change this ? of course, even if some choices they have made will remain a prob, as the "single large targets" (dragula+lily)
how could you actually miss that shoot ???
with LILY, 4 stand up targets would have done the trick perfectly, and DRA GU LA could have been sliced in 3 drops


1 month later
#7484 61 days ago
Quoted from cabal:

I think the flipper codes depend on the programmer. And as chuck stated before normally they are like Charakters transform to Left button clicks. On the search i have done in the internet 3 letters seems to be the most common. Like the initals you put in highscore.
And on the Munster i only found with 3 letters.
It seems the code activates the "Secret Mania Trigger" in gameplay. Like when you are waiting for the ball to be kicked you can activate it.
Then the message "Welcome to the Munsters" appears to show it was sucesfull
I think there is a certain combination of gameplay that will then activate the trigger and the mode starts. So the next step happy playing and find the steps to start the mode.

not sure if this can help, and if there's a link to this but :

just watching (ok i'm late i know lol) the Stranger Things series, and on season 1 episode 4, El is in the lab, and must "listen" (for dad) a man saying words... one of these words is APRICOT


#7492 61 days ago
Quoted from cabal:

crazy its about 39 mintues into the episode. Well as german, it's even harder to connect. Its Aprikosen to Apritcot, but still the same words.

i'm naturally french speaking, and watching (+reading, else i'm missing too much) the series in english...

1 week later
#7600 52 days ago

cabal : remind me the "same" metal lane guide prob as with GB...
STERN did make an update (must be that one, i admit i forget since)
than if this became usual on Munsters, they will surelly think of it !?

gb (resized).JPG

1 week later
#7710 43 days ago
Quoted from Halfwasted:

One of the things I would like to see improved upon is the scoring. The whole game revolves around the kitty shot. If you don't have any multipliers, your score is meager.
Crossing my fingers that Dwight reads the forums!

as with DEADPOOL, the PF multiplicator seems to have to much importance, lower that would be a good idea to avoid unbalanced scores (but surelly some others may think its OK as it, adding a more tactic approach !?)

about Dwight, hope for you that he's reading more here than in the Ghostbusters topic...

#7732 43 days ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

What we may think is unbalanced is not necessarily how the programmers see it.

of course
and i have to admit that...
but in the other hand, its a fact, i'm a (far) better player... than finally, may be i'm not wrong !?

can i add : why are Lyman games so good from a code perspective ?
quite simple to answer : because he's a (very) good player & than "feel" the game, simple as that

#7874 38 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

So...my version of keeping the wire guide from bending...
I like 3d printed toys, but have never had luck when it comes to ball/ steel vs one. Steel always wins
There is a thin post back there already..switched to a star post ( not to hide anything ) then purple sleeve w 7/16 clear ring ( I'm using purple and glow Titans throughout). Couple dabs of hot melt on underside between the rubbers and they are positioned for life. Maybe a 1/64 gap between it and the rail...no way it lets it bend.
My rail was straight and not touching the opto to start...feel good this eliminates the chance ( just my take). Nice and tidy, and can't really see it when everything reassembled[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

very simple idea of course
but seems you still have some free place there, and while rubber is still a rubber (...), guide will bend :/

btw, tell us later to see how it works

#7880 38 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

I like simple, and no, it won't bend. Was starting to explain why, but too wordy. I'll post over time if someone wants an update.

ok let's hope you're right
give us some feedback

1 week later
#8078 26 days ago

29 new messages in the night !!!
i was sure to read about a new code was just dropped... but no

#8099 25 days ago
Quoted from guss:

Got mine today [quoted image]

this chair will be a very nice topper for Munsters !


#8105 25 days ago

lol guys

2 weeks later
#8384 9 days ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

Loving some Munsters pinball today Game is different and fun to play. Most of the negativity comes from people who do not own the game. The rest of us absolutely love it.[quoted image]

well, not sure about which "negativity" you're talking about
lots of very good things in this game, no doubt about it
but than, code code & code is way too short (for the "players")
and i still have a prob with the 2 bank targets in 1 big piece

than i agree with you, i like this pin, i like to play it, BUT what i wrote above is also why i dont want/have this pin home... :/

#8389 9 days ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

Owners clubs are for owners of the game to talk about their machine. Simple rule of pinside The code on the game has been talked about negatively on this thread mostly by people who do not own the game. A little bit of respect goes a long way.

and than, because i dont own the game, that should means i dont know it ?

can you show me where i was disrespectful ?

... have a goodnight

#8404 8 days ago

while we're talking about respect & club members (only), almost we're not talking about code !!! good point than

#8411 7 days ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

while we're talking about respect & club members (only), almost we're not talking about code !!! good point than

just forget : not only you (the OP) are talking about respect & club members (only), but you're also giving bad thumbs just because as JFH said above... this is childish

have a nice day

1 week later
#8456 6 hours ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

A few bashing our Munsters machine in another thread as usual. I defended saying, “Munsters is a AAA licensed theme from Universal Studios, using the classic Universal Monsters in a comedy family setting. It is well recognized around the world and is still enjoyed in rerun syndicated TV by millions. Just because a few on Pinside have berated it, doesn’t take away from Munsters licensing power.
The game is an underrated gem, just needs additional material added to the software, which Stern is rumored to be doing in the future. The mono targets on the game was an issue at first with me, but after playing it a lot, I’ve completely forgotten about them and it is a non issue now. Can’t say all games should be that way although. I prefer drop targets for sure.

in fact, the 2 banks targets are just to "easy" to hit as it, and most of the time you didnt have to aim for them, its done while in the gameplay
than again a good opportunity missed here in term of having something more to offer to the player : aiming for targets ! which let's admit is nice in pinball !!!

but i agree your overall com, another prove that i'm not bashing Munsters for just bashing Munsters

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